Proposal Requirements

The papers presented at the Conference should analyze the results of original research based on up-to-date research methodology. Presentations should come to around 20 minutes.

Proposals for presentations must include:

  • Information about the candidate (last name, first name, patronymic/middle name, academic degree, place of work, and position);
  • Area and topic of the report;
  • A detailed abstract of the report in either Word or RTF format with 2,000 up to 7,000 symbols; for reports written in Russian, abstracts must be written in both English and Russian; for English-written papers, only abstracts in English will suffice.

Abstracts must clearly state the problem or issue under investigation, articulate its parameters and the extent to which it has been previously examined, as well as describe, with precision, the research methods, key findings, their validity and novelty.

Proposals may be submitted online by filling out an application via the HSE University registration system. You will need to enter your username and password. For those who are planning to take part in the conference for the first time, it is necessary to register

One author may present one individual paper and no more than two co-authored papers at the Conference.

Groups of authors of the individual proposals, which have been registered online, may inform the Conference Programme Committee that they wish to present their papers under one session, by November 25, 2021. Please send such requests to and include in your e-mail the session name, the authors and papers’ topics (up to four papers that have been already registered as individual presentations), as well as last name, first name, patronymic/middle name and contact details (telephone and e-mail) of the session leader. Each session may not feature more than two presentations from the same organization. The duration of each session shall come to 90 minutes. Recommendations for organizing sessions may be considered by the Programme Committee when proposals are reviewed and the Conference programme is being drawn up. 

Proposals will be selected in three stages:

  • At the first stage, those proposals that fail to meet the above-specified requirements in regards to candidate information, topical areas and/or the size of abstract, shall be discarded.
  • Furthermore, at the second stage, an expert review of abstracts will be conducted to verify the novelty and validity of the results.
  • Finally, at the third stage, based on an expert assessment by the Conference Programme Committee, final decisions will be reached on the inclusion of papers in the Conference Programme.

Decisions on the inclusion of papers in the 23rd Yasin Conference Programme, or a rejection thereof, will be announced to applicants by February 1, 2022.

Authors of papers, which have been included in the preliminary Conference Programme, will need to confirm their participation by February 14, 2022, via their personal account in the registration system, and then, by February 28, 2022, upload their paper’s presentation in English to their personal account (please note, this is a prerequisite for including papers in the final version of the programme).

Proposals to present reports at the Conference’s sections shall be accepted from October 12 until November 25, 2021. The procedure for submitting and reviewing proposals is outlined below. Information about proposal submissions for other Conference events will be provided in future.