For participants with a report

Key dates

  • Registration


    by November 24, 2022 (inclusive)


    by November 24, 2022 (inclusive)

  • Results of expert reviews

    by February 10, 2023 (inclusive) 

  • Confirming one’s participation

    by February 20, 2023 (inclusive)

  • Submission of applications for visa invitations

    until February 12, 2023

  • Uploading presentation slides

    by March 13, 2023 (inclusive)

  • Paying participation fee

    by March 31, 2023 (inclusive)  

How can I submit an individual proposal to present a report at the Conference?

How can I submit a group proposal?

Please note that proposals for the presentation of a single report with co-authors are individual and not considered group proposals.  

Expert reviews of proposals

Expert reviews of results and confirmation of participation

Publication of conference reports

Paying registration fees