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April 2, Wednesday
Radisson Slavianskaya Hotel and Business Center
(2 Berezhkovskaya Nab.)


10:00-14:00 Plenary Session (Conference Hall)

Moderators: Y.G.Yasin, A.N. Shokhin, Ya.I. Kuzminov (State University - Higher School of Economics)


  • S.M. Ignatiev (Chairman, Central Bank of Russia)
  • K.A. Bendukidze (General Director, OAO "Integrated Mechanical Engineering Works")
  • S.D.Shatalov (First Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation)
  • Ya.I. Kuzminov (Rector, State University - Higher School of Economics)
  • A.A. Fursenko (First Deputy Minister of Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation)
  • Manuel Kastells (Open University of Catalonia, Spain)
  • Johannes Lynn (Vice-President, World Bank)
  • A.N. Illarionov (Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation)
  • John Odling-Smee (Director, European II Department, International Monetary Fund)
  • R.K.Vardanian (President, ZAO Troika-Dialogue Investment Company)
  • A.V.Dvorkovich (Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade of the Russian Federation)
  • Y.G. Yasin (Academic Supervisor, State University - Higher School of Economics)

Questions and answers


14:00-15:30 Lunch ("Glinka", "Mussorgsky", "Tchaikovsky" Halls)


15:30-18:00 Round Table "Reform of Government" ("Tolstoi", "Pushkin", "Chekhov" Halls)

Moderator: A.N. Shokhin (President, State University - Higher School of Economics)


  • D.A. Medvedev (First Deputy Director, President Administration)
    "Public Service Reform"
  • I.I. Shuvalov (Director, Government Administration)
    "Administrative Reform"
  • D.N. Kozak (Deputy Director, President Administration)
    "Local Governance"
  • G.A. Satarov (President, "INDEM" Foundation
    "Corruption in Russia"


A.A. Auzan, S.R. Borisov, M.A. Krasnov, N.B. Kosareva, Ya.I. Kuzminov, G.V. Kurliandskaya, I.A. Nikolayev, O.N. Sysuyev, L.I. Jakobson


April 3, Thursday
State University - Higher School of Economic
20 Myasnitskaya Ul.

Section 1 "Macroeconomic Modernization Policies"

Chairman: (Y.Y. Gavrilenkov (Troika-Dialogue, SU-HSE)

9:30-11:45 Session 1.1 "Economic Growth and Modernization of Economy" (Room 101)

Moderator: V.S. Avtonomov (SU-HSE)

  • Arnold Harberger (University of California, USA)
    "Economic Growth and the Real Exchange Rate"
  • V.A. Salnikov (Institute of Economic Forecasting, RAS)
    "Medium-Term Industrial Growth in Russia: Environment, Potential and Major Sectors"
  • Christopher Ruehl (World Bank)
    "Diversification of Russia's Economy"
  • Y.Y. Gavrilenkov (SU-HSE, Troika-Dialogue)
    "Problems of Economic Growth in Russia"
  • Pekka Sutela (Bank of Finland)
    "Does Russia Need a Large Financial Sector?"
  • Wolfram Schrettl (German Economic Institute, Germany)
    "Growing Capitalism with Shrinking Profits?"

9:30-11:45 Session 1.2 (Room 513)

Moderator: Ye.T. Gurvich (Economic Expert Group)

  • Marek Dabrowsky (Center for Social and Economic Studies, Poland)
    "Barriers of Economic Growth in CIS Countries"
  • Rudiger Ahrend (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)
    "Main Challenges for Russian Macroeconomic Management"
  • A.G. Granberg (SU-HSE)
    "Spatial Aspect of Economic Dynamics"
  • Juan Carlos Sanches Arnau (Ambassador of Argentine)
    "Macroeconomic Modernization Policies: Experience of Argentine in 1990s"
  • Franz Hubert (Humboldt University, Germany)
    "Reform of the Russian Energy Sector"
  • Masaaki Kuboniwa (University of Hitotsubashi, Japan)
    "Growth of Trade Sector in Russia"

11:45-12:00 Coffee Break (Cafeteria, ground floor)

12:00-4:00 Session 2.1 "Fiscal and Investment Policies" (Room 101)

Moderator: Marek Dabrowski (Center for Social and Economic Studies, Poland)

  • M.Y. Kulikov (Economic Expert Group)
    "Towards Budget Optimization"
  • Willem Buiter (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)
    "Globalization and Transition Economies: Problem of Taxes"
  • E.T. Gurvich (Economic Expertise Group)
    "Fiscal Policies for Russia in the Post-Post Crisis Period"
  • G.O. Kuranov (Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Russia)
    "Taxation Policies and Dynamics of Investment Resources"
  • Jacqueline Coolidge (World Bank)
    "Adminsitrative Barriers to Investments: A Regional Perspectives"
  • L.A. Strizhkova (Institute of Macroeconomic Studies)
    "Fiscal Policies and Shadow Economy"

12:00-14:00 Session 2.2 "Macroeconomic Models of the Russian Economy" (Room 513)

Moderator: V.S. Avtonomov (SU-HSE)

  • A.V. Dvorkovich (Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Russia), D.S. Shmerling, I.N. Viger (SU-HSE)
    "Multi-Level Strategic Modelling of Large-Scale National Projects"
  • N.A. Magnitsky (Institute of System Analysis, RAS)
    "Cycles and Chaos of Market Economy"
  • A.D. Smirnov (SU-HSE)
    "Stochastic Seniorage and Public Debt in Transition Economy"
  • A.I. Sotskov (TEMI)
    "Basis, Analysis and Calculations of Stationary Paths in Sidrausky's Open Model"
  • B.Y. Brodsky (SU-HSE)
    "Macroeconomic Models of Social Differentiation Processes"

14:00-15:00 Lunch (Cafeteria, Ground Floor)

15:00-16:30 Round Table "Russian Economic Miracle: Utopia or Reality?" (Room 101)

Moderator: Y.G. Yasin (SU-HSE)

Opponents: V.S. Avtonomov, S.A. Afontsev, A.R. Belousov, Y.Y. Gavrilenkov, Y.T. Gurvich, M. Dabrowski, A.V. Dvorkovich, A.A. Dynkin, P. Sutela

16:30-16:45 Coffee Break (Cafeteria, Ground Floor)

16:45-18:30 Session 4.1 "Modernization of Banking System" (Room 101)

Moderator: A.R. Belousov (Institute of Economic Forecasting, RAS)

  • A.N. Klepach (Development Center)
    "Banking System Modernization and Economic Growth"
  • A.A. Peresetsky (RES, CEMI), A.M. Karminsky (Gazprombank), A. Van Sust (Netherlands)
    "Modelling Reliability and Ratings of Russian Banks"
  • M.Yu. Matovnikov (Interfax)
    "Banking System: Quantitative Growth and Qualitative Changes"
  • Selcuk Caner (University of Bilkent, Turkey)
    "Efficiency of Banks in an Emerging Market: the Case of Turkish Banking System"
  • A.A. Kozlov (Central Bank of Russia)

16:45-18:00 Session 4.2 "Monetary Policies and Financial Markets" (Room 513)

Moderator: Y.T. Gurvich (Economic Expert Group)

  • A.L. Vedev (VEDI)
    "Current Situation and Prospects of Development of Financial Markets in Russia"
  • O.V. Dynnikova (Economic Expert Group)
    "A Cure for Dutch Disease in Russia"
  • A.G. Vdovichenko (SU-HSE, Economic Expert Group)
    "Inflation or Stronger Rouble: the Lesser of Two Evils"
  • V.G. Voronina (Economic Expertise Group)
    "Liberalization of Capital Flows (Level of Openness) and Economic Growth: Theory and Experience"
  • A.A. Frenkel, Ya.V. Sergienko, N.N. Raiskaya (Institute of Economy, RAS)
    "Pricing Policy Implications for Dynamics and Structure of Production"

Section 2 "Institutional and Structural Reforms"

Chairman: A.A. Yakovlev (SU-HSE)

9:30-11:45 Session 1 "Corporate Governance and Stock Markets" (Room 102)

Moderator: T.G. Dolgopiatova (SU-HSE)

Opponent: A.D.Radygin (Institute for Economy in Transition)

  • Pradeep Mitra (World Bank)
    "Some reflections on Russia's transition since 1998 crisis"
  • Yu.A. Danilov (Center for Stock Market Development)
    "Stock Market Role on Macro- and Micro-Level (Or Stock Market Myths)"
  • Timothy Frye (Ohio State University, USA)
    "Slapping the grabbing hand: credible commitment and property rights in Russia" (Property Rights and Governance in Russia)
  • T.M.Medvedeva, A.V.Timofeev (Stock Market Development Center)
    "Aspects of Demand for Corporate Governance Institutions"
  • S.M. Guriev (RES)
    "Corporate Governance in Russian Industry"

11:45-12:00 Coffee Break (Cafeteria, Ground Floor)

12:00-14:00 Session 2 "Structural Changes and Performance Dynamics of Manufacturing Enterprises" (Room 120)

Moderators: Y.G. Yasin (Research Director, SU-HSE), Arnold Harberger (University of California, USA)

Opponents: A.G. Svinarenko (First Deputy Minister of Industry, Science and Technology, Russia), Yu.V. Beletsky (Deputy Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Russia)

  • A.B. Kosygina (SU-HSE)
    "Structural Changes and Financial Position of Enterprises"
  • S.B. Avdasheva (SU-HSE)
    "Efficiency of Using Resources and Structural Changes in Industry"
  • V.A. Bessonov (SU-HSE)
    "Factor Productivity Studies"
  • T.G. Dolgopiatova (SU-HSE), B.V. Kuznetsov (Interdepartmental Analytical Center)
    "Adaptation Factors of Industrial Enterprises (Based on Results of Top Managers Polls)"
  • E.N. Askerov (SU-HSE)
    "On Bevavioural Models of Enterprises in Manufacturing Sectors"

12:00-14:00 Round Table "Institutions for Innovation" (Room 102)

Moderator: Ya.I. Kuzminov (Rector, SU-HSE), B.V.Kuznetsov (Interdepartmental Analytical Center)

Opponents: V.V. Preobrazhensky (Club 2015), S.A. Obozov (Deputy Plenipotentiary of President Administration in Privolzhsky Federal Region)

  • L.M. Gokhberg (SU-HSE)
    "Modernization of National Innovation System in Russia"
  • E. Kuznetsov (World Bank Institute)
    "Scan Globally, Experiment Locally: lessons of "Best of the Worst"innovation support organizations"
  • I.B. Gurkov (SU-HSE)
    "Innovative Development of Russian Enterprises: Results of 1999* and Short-Term Prospects"

14:00-15:00 Lunch (Cafeteria, Ground Floor)

15:00-16:30 Session 3 "Business and Society" (Room 102)

Moderator: L.G. Ionin (SU-HSE)

Opponent: D.V. Dragunsky (National Project Institute)

  • V.M. Polterovich (TEMI RAS)
    "Civil Culture, Institutions and Economic Policies"
  • A.A. Yakovlev (SU-HSE)
    "Groups of Interests and Their Political Influence on Economic Reform in Russia"
  • Yu.V. Simachev (Institute of Comprehensive Strategic Studies)
    "Arbitration as Corporate Dispute Settlement Tool: Factors of Corporate Demand, Scale and Efficiency"
  • L.I. Polischuk (University of Maryland, USA)
    " Demand for Transparency Standards in Private Sector"

16:30-16:45 Coffee Break (Cafeteria, Ground Floor)

16:45-18:00 Session 4 "Social Adaptation and Development of Private Enterprise" (Room 102)

Chairperson: Silvana Malle (Head of Non-Member Economies Division, OECD)

Opponents: A.A. Auzan ("Social Contract" National Project Institute), S.R. Borisov (All-Russia Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business)

  • V.V. Radayev (SU-HSE)
    "Adaptation Strategies in New Competitive Environment (Case Study of Russian Retail Networks)"
  • V.V. Buyev (National Institute of Systemic Business Studies)
    "Problems of Adapting Small and Medium Companies to the System of Public Regulation of Business Under Reform: After Two Years of Debureaucratization (Based on Company Polls in Russian Regions)"
  • A.Yu. Chepurenko, T.A. Alimova (Russian Independent Institute of National and Social Problems)
    "Business Potential of Russian Society: Assessment and Shaping Factors"
  • G.A. Yermilova (Small Business Resource Center)
    "Varying Role of Small Businesses * Legal Entities and Individual Businessmen * in Solving Social Problems (Based on Random Surveys and Public Statistics)"
  • A.Mattey, F.Hubert (Humbolt University, Germany)
    "New Strategies to Finance Small Enterprise in Russia"


Section 3 "Social Policies"

Section Supervisors: L.I. Jakobson (SU-HSE), S.N. Smirnov (SU-HSE)

10:00-11:45 Session 1 "Social Policies: Results, Challenges, Prospects" (Room 124)

  • S.S. Artobolevsky (Institute of Geography, RAS)
    "Mandatory Social Examination"
  • A.G. Vishnevsky (Institute of Economic Forecasting, RAS)
    "Russia*s Demographic Problems in Global Context"
  • Y.S. Gontmakher (Office of Russian Government)
  • B.V. Rakitsky (RAGS), G.Ya. Rakitskaya
    "A Case for High Methodology for Studies of Practical Social Policies"

11:45-12:00 Coffee Break (Hall, First Floor)

12:00-14:00 Session 2 "Modernization of Social Policy Institutions" (Room 124)

  • B.B. Alexeev (Troika-Dialogue)
    "Pension Reform: Investment of Pension Assets"
  • V.E. Gimpelson (SU-HSE)
    "How New Is the New Labour Code?"
  • L.N. Ovcharova (NISP)
    "Myths of Social Support"
  • S.N. Smirnov (SU-HSE)
    "Resources in Social Sector: Assessment of Performance"
  • V.I. Starodubov (Central Research Institute of Information and Organization of Health)
    "Priority Problems of Health Reform"
  • Judith Shapiro
    "A dramatic global health modernization problem for Russia: an international perspective on the economics and politics of HIV-illness"

14:00-15:00 Lunch (Rooms 236, 238)

15:00-16:30 Session 3 "Priority Areas of Social Reform" (Room 124)

  • I.V. Abankina (SU-HSE)
    "Interbudgetary Relations in Russian Education"
  • A.S. Puzanov ("Urban Economy Institute" Foundation)
    "Social Aspects of Transformations in Housing and Utilities"
  • P.M. Shulgin (Likhachev Institute of Natural and Cultural Heritage)
    "Investment and Tourism Potential of Russian Regions"
  • L.I. Jakobson (SU-HSE), E. Vinogradova
    "Social Policy Imbalances"

16:30-16:45 Coffee Break (Hall, First Floor)

16:45-18:00 Round Table "Social Implications of Economic Transformations" (discussion of viewpoints of participants in sections "Social Policies" and "Modern Russian Society: Process of Transformation") (Room 124)

Moderators: N.I. Lapin (Institute of Philosophy, RAS), L.I. Jakobson (SU-HSE)

Opponents: V.N. Bobkov (All-Russia Center for Living Standards), N.A. Volgin (RAGS), I.E. Diskin, L.G. Ionin (SU-HSE), N.Y. Pokrovsky (SU-HSE), O.I. Shkaratan (SU-HSE), A.G. Efendiev (SU-HSE)


Section 4 "Modernization of Government and Law"

Section Supervisor: Yu.A. Tikhomirov (SU-HSE)

10:00-11:45 Session 1 "Regulation of Social Sector" (Room 311)

Moderator: A.N. Kozyrin (SU-HSE)

  • E.P. Gavrilov (SU-HSE)
    "Guarantees of Freedom of Research and Protection of Intellectual Property"
  • Yu.V. Drugova (SU-HSE)
    "Social Aspects of Budget Law"
  • G.S. Limansky * Head of Municipal Administration, Samara
    "Social and Economic Functions of Municipalities: Implementation Problems"

11:45-12:00 Coffee Break (Room 300)

12:00-13:30 Session 2 "Market Economy and Protection of Labor-Related Rights" (Room 311)

Moderator: G.V. Maltsev (SU-HSE)

  • A.F. Nurtdinova (SU-HSE)
    "Labor Code of Russia and Development of Labor Legislation"
  • L.I. Jakobson (SU-HSE)
    "Civil Service Reform and Social Guarantees of Civil Servants"
  • V.M. Zhuykov (Supreme Court of Russia)
    "Judicial Opinion in Labor-Related Cases"

13:30-14:30 Lunch (Room 300)

14:30-16:00 Round Table "Social Focus of Administrative Reform" ( Room 311)

Moderator: Yu.A. Tikhomirov (SU-HSE)

Opponents: Professor Karl Eckstein (Switzerland), O.V. Krasnykh (Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Russia)

Issues to be discussed:

  • Social need in administrative reform
  • Ensuring rights of individuals to participate in public governance
  • Public governance and interests of entrepreneurs
  • Information openness and public control

16:00-16:15 Coffee Break (Room 236, 238)

16:15-18:00 Round Table "Social Aspect of Election Campaign" (Room 311)

Moderator: A.Y. Postnikov (Institute of Legislation and Comparative Legal Studies under the Government of Russia)

Opponents: V.N. Lysenko (State Duma, Federal Assembly of Russia), A.V. Ivanchenko ("Election" Institute)

Issues to be discussed:

  • New election legislation
  • Political parties and their programs
  • Who is worthy of a mandate?


Section 5 "Modern Russian Society: Processes of Transformation"

10:00-12:20 Session 1 "Dynamics of Socio-Economic Structures in Modern Russian Society" (Room 125)

Section Supervisors: Yu.A. Levada (VTIOM), O.I. Shkaratan (SU-HSE)

  • Manuel Castells (Open University of Catalonia, Spain)
    "Information Society: Comparative Analysis of Models of Silicon Valley, Finland, Japan, Singapore and Soviet Unions"
  • Arvidas Matulionis (Institute of Social Studies, Lithuania)
    "Towards Social Market Economy (Social Priorities and Mechanisms of Economic Transformation in Baltic Countries)"
  • Yu.A. Levada (VCIOM)
    "The Problem of Homo Soveticus"
  • O.V. Kryshtanovskaya (Institute of Social Studies, RAS)
    "Business Elites and Olygarchs: Ten Years After"
  • L.M. Drobizheva (Institute of Social Studies, RAS)
    "Ethnic Social Fragmentation of Today*s Russia and Potential for Intergration"
  • A.V. Tikhonov (ISEPN, RAS, St.-Petersburg)
    "Problems of Shaping Social Governance in Russia Today"
  • O.I. Shkaratan (SU-HSE)
    "Early Results of Comparative Analysis of Social Stratification of the Rus sian Society: 1994*"

12:20-12:40 Coffee Break (Hall 1)

12:40-15:00 Session No. 2 "Socio-Cultural Basis of Transformations in Russia" (Room 125)

Moderators: N.I. Lapin (Institute of Philosophy, RAS), A.G. Efendiev (SU-HSE)

  • A.G. Efendiev (SU-HSE)
    "Socio-Cultural Basis of Institutional Transformation in Russia: Sociological Analysis of Results and Prospects of Transformation of the Russian Society"
  • N.I. Lapin (Institute of Philosophy, RAS)
    "Hierarchy of Values and Governance Priorities"
  • A.F. Filippov (SU-HSE)
    "Territorial Identity of Russian Institutions from the Perspective of Social Networks and Flows"
  • L.D. Gudkov (VTIOM)
    "Level of Popular Condifence in Social and Political Institutions in Russia Today"
  • A.I. Prigozhin (NEA under the Government of Russia)
    "Governance Culture in Organization"
  • N.Y. Pokrovsky (SU-HSE)
    "New Forms of Functions of Knowledge in Russia Today"
  • A.G. Zdravomyslov (Institute of Comprehensive Social Studies)
    "Interpretation of Transformations in Russia: Three Approaches"

15:00-16:00 Lunch (Rooms 240, 242)

16:00-17:30 Round Table "Russian Management Model: Characteristics, Problems, Prospects" (Room 125)

Moderator: S.R. Filonovich (SU-HSE)

Opponents: A.I. Prigozhin (NEA under the Government of Russia), L.I. Evenko (NEA under the Government of Russia), A.N. Dyatlov (SU-HSE), V.V. Karacharovsky (SU-HSE), G.N. Konstantinov (SU-HSE), I.V. Lipsitz (SU-HSE), V.V. Scherbina (SU-HSE)

16:45-18:00 Round Table "Social Implications of Economic Transformations" (discussion of viewpoints of participants in sections "Social Policies" and "Modern Russian Society: Process of Transformation") (Room 124)

Moderators: N.I. Lapin (Institute of Philosophy, RAS), L.I. Jakobson (SU-HSE)

Opponents: V.N. Bobkov (All-Russia Center for Living Standards), N.A. Volgin (RAGS), I.E. Diskin, L.G. Ionin (SU-HSE), N.Y. Pokrovsky (SU-HSE), O.I. Shkaratan (SU-HSE), A.G. Efendiev (SU-HSE)