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April 3-5, 2007

03 April, Tuesday
World Trade Center
(12, Krasnopresnenskaya Naberezhnaya)
Congress Center, Entrance 4

09:00–10:00 Registration of participants of the Conference
Hall, 2 floor

10:00–14:00 Plenary Meeting

Moderator – E.G. Yasin – Academic Supervisor, SU – HSE

A.D. Zhukov Deputy Chairman, Government of the Russian Federation

G.O. Gref Minister of Economic Development and Trade, Russian Federation

Report (Russian)

А.L. Kudrin Minister of Finance, Russian Federation

  Report (Russian)

А.А. Fursenko Minister of Education and Science, Russian Federation

S.V. Stepashin Chairman, RF Accounting Chamber
Report (Russian)

E.G. Yasin Academic Supervisor, SU – HSE

Report( Russian)

11:00–11:20 Break


P. Mitra World Bank, Chief Economist, Europe and Central Asia Region


E. Berglof European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Chief Economist

O.V. Viugin Chairman, Federal Financial Markets Authority

Ya.I. Kuzminov Rector of the SU – HSE


A.V. Ulyukaev First Deputy Chairman, Central Bank of Russia


A.N. Shokhin President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs




Questions and Answers


13:00–14:30 Break

14-30 - 18-00 Round Table
«Modernization of Economy and Society»

Moderator – A.N. Shokhin - President of the Russian Union
of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

А.А. Auzan
National Project Institute “Social Contact”


V. Tanzi Inter-American Development Bank

J. Broadbent
University of Minnesota, USA


L.D. Gudkov Levada-Center

Report (Russian)

E. Maskin Princeton University, USA


Ch. Ruehl BP Trading



I.Yu. Yurgens “Renaissance Capital” Bank

Report (Russian)

K. Georgieva World Bank


D. Wilson Goldman Saks, USA



Section Programme
April 04-05 2007
20, Myasnitskaya Ulitsa

10-00-11-40 Section A
”Macroeconomic Problems and Tendencies”

Chairman - E.T. Gurvich (Economic Expert Group)
04 April 2007, Wednesday

10:00 – 11:40 Session А-01 Lecture Hall № 101
Scenarios of Development in Russian Economy
Chairman – A.V. Dvorkovich (Executive Office of RF President)

А.N. Klepach(RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade)
“Prospects of Economic Growth, Challenges to Competitiveness and Macroeconomic Risks”

Е.Е. Gavrilenkov (SU-HSE, Troika - Dialogue)
“Transformation of Russian Economy Growth Model”

P. Sutela (Bank of Finland, Bofit)
“The Economic Future of Russia”

Е.Т. Gurvich(Economic Expert Group)
“Challenges to Budget Policy”

Discussant – J. Litwack (World Bank)

12-00-14-00 Session А-02 Lecture Hall № 101
Economic Policy: Lessons and Recommendations
Chairman – W. Tompson (OECD)

Т. Кenyon (World Bank)
“Reforming Investment Climate: Lessons for Economic Policy”

N.I. Suslov (Novosibirsk State University)
“Institutional Development and Efficiency of Energy Consumption: Comparative Analysis of Different Countries” (Russian; report)

B.E. Brodsky (CEMI RAS)
“Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth in Russia” (Russian)

N.S. Ivanova (CEFIR)
“Real Exchange Rate and Economic Growth in Russia” (Russian; abstract)

Report (Russian)

V.N. Sokolov(SU-HSE)
“The Currency Rate Policy and Economic Growth: is the “Fear of Free Floating” a stimulative policy?”(Russian; abstract)

Discussant – М. Dabrowski (CASE, Poland)

15-30-17-00 Session А-03 Lecture Hall № 101
Chairman – V.S. Avtonomov (SU-HSE)
Honorary Report


V.M. Polterovich (CEMI RAS)
“Economic Policy, Quality of Institutions (Russian)

Victor Meerovich POLTEROVICH

Outstanding Russian economist who made a significant contribution into the interpretation of institutional reforms in transition economies. Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2003), Fellow of the Econometric Society (1989), Member of the European Academy (1992).

Since 1966 V.M. Polterovich has been working at the Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of RAS; at present he is the head of the laboratory of mathematical economics. Professor, first vice-chancellor and chairman of the Academic Board of NES. From 2000 to 2004 was a Board member of the Global Development Network. In 2005 was elected member of the Executive Committee of the International Economic Association.

Main academic interests: theory of reforms, institutional dynamics, theory of economic development.

17-20-19-00 Round Table А-04 Lecture Hall № 101
“Model of Growth for Russian Economy”
Moderator – Е.Е. Gavrilenkov (SU-HSE, Troika - Dialogue)

Issues for discussion:

  • What will be the driver of economy in conditions of falling oil prices?

  • What tendencies in the government and business policy will be determinative in the near future?

  • What role should the government play at present and in future?

  •  What may be Russia’s place in world economy?

  • How will the globalization process tell on our economy?

  • Where may chances for transition to a new growth quality stem from?

Participants: А.R. Belousov (RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade), Е.Т. Gurvich (Economic Expert Group), S.М. Guriev (NES), J. Litwack(World Bank), P. Sutela (Bank of Finland, BOFIT), W. Tompson (OECD)

10-00-11-40 05 April 2007, Thursday
Round Table А-05 Lecture Hall № 101
“Economic Aspects of Energy Development:
Forecasts, Structural Aspects, Reforming Issues”
Moderator – L.M. Grigoriev (IEF)

L.M. Grigoriev (IEF)
“Demand for Energy Resources and the Energy Strategy of Russia”

V.I. Feigin (IEF)
“The Reforming of the Russian Gas Market”

S. Kondratiev (IEF)
“Russian Power Sector: Current State and Prospects” (Russian)

P.К. Katyshev (CEMI RAS), Е.Yu. Maruhkevich (NES), S.Ya. Chernavsky (CEMI RAS), О.А. Eismont (NES)
“Influence of Natural Monopolies’ Tariffs on Russian Economy” (Russian)

А.V. Kosygina (SU-HSE)
“Problems of the Present-Day Russian Energy Sector Development”

Discussant – V.S. Milov (Institute for Energy Policy)

12-00-14-00 Round Table А-06 Lecture Hall № 101
“Natural Resources in Economic Development: Benefits or Risks?
Analysis of Historical Development”
Moderator – L.I. Borodkin (Lomonosov MSU)

Issues for discussion:

  • Abundance of natural resources and control of the natural resource rent: strategies of political and business elites

  • Economic reforms in the traps of resource wealth

  • Resource wealth and the “Dutch disease”

  • Resource factor in the processes of political democratization

  • Resource wealth and demand for educational services

  • Financial aspects of resource wealth

  • Economic situation, natural resources and system crises

Participants: V.A. Mau (Academy of National Economy under the RF Government), А.А. Igolkin (Institute of Russian History, RAS), Yu.P. Bokarev (IE RAS), S.V. Roginsky (Institute of World Economy and International Relations, RAS), А.D. Kuzmichev (SU-HSE), Yu.P. Stragis (Ural State University)

Section В
«State Governance»
Chairman - А.V. Klimenko (SU-HSE)

Session B – 01 and В - 02
are held with the support of the EU Commission
(TACIS Project «Public Sector Institutional Reform»)
and the Embassy of France in the Russian Federation

04 April 2007, Wednesday
10-00-11-40 Session B – 01 Lecture Hall № 116
E-Government and New State Governance - 1
Chairman - А.V. Klimenko (SU-HSE)

О.V. Byakhov (RF Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications)
“Development of Information Technologies Market as a Condition for the Formation of Information Society” (Russian)

E. Somerling (TACIS, Belgium)
“E-government, the Belgian Approach”

P. Sucevic (Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industries, France)
“E-government: Concept, Introduction, Results” (Russian)


12-00-14-00 Session B – 02 Lecture Hall № 116
E-Government and New State Governance – 2
Chairman – А.V. Klimenko (SU-HSE)

M. Pirog, S. Kioko, C. Johnson (Indiana University, School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
“The Expanding Role and Efficacy of E-Government Innovations in US Social Services”

M. Vandelle (Bourgogne Regional Council, France)
“Public Services On-Line”

P. Dezendorf (Western Carolina University)
“Comparison of US and Russian E-Government Education”

Discussants: М.V. Parshin (RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade), N.А. Skorovarova (RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade), S.А. Ivanov (RF Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications), А.V. Petrov (RF Federal Agency for Information Technologies), М.Yu. Braude-Zolotarev (Academy of Public Economy under the RF Government)

15-30-17-00 Round Table B – 03 Lecture Hall № 116
“Conceptual Issues of Civil Service”
Moderators: А.G. Barabashev (SU-HSE), V.А. Yanvarev(SU-HSE)

Issues for discussion:

  • Results of the implementation of the Concept and Programme for the reforming of civil service: outcomes and problems

  • Aims, conceptual directions and priorities in the development of the civil service system

  • Development of civil service as an integral civil institution and a major mechanism of state governance

  • Priority directions in the organizational improvement of civil servants’ activity

  • Enhancing the level of control over civil service and its transparency for the society

    Participants: S.V. Pchelintsev (Executive Office of RF President), S.D.Savchenko (Executive Office of RF President), А.S. Karpenko (Executive Office of RF President), V.А.Kozbanenko (RF Ministry for Healthcare and Social Development), А.S. Petrov (Executive Office of the RF State Duma), А.I. Turchinov (Russian Civil Service Academy), О.B.Bekasov (RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade), А.V. Surin (Lomonosov MSU), R.I. Kortava (SU-HSE), Р.Gray (London Metropolitan University)

17-20-19-00 Session B – 04 Lecture Hall № 116
Integration of Assessment in State and Corporate Governance
Chairman: D.B. Tsygankov (SU-HSE),
А.I. Kuzmin (Process-Consulting Co)

S.V. Tvorogova (SU-HSE)
“Changing, Improving, Controlling: Application of Activity Assessment Methods in the Sphere of Science and Technology in Russia and the USA» (Russian)


V.P. Balakirev (Process-Consulting Co), S.V. Ivchenko (RUSAL Co)
“Assessment of Corporate Social Programmes”


V.L. Rimsky (INDEM Foundation)
“Assessment of Corruption Potential of Legal Norms and Acts” (Russian; abstract)

Presentation (Russian)

D.V. Vizgalov (“Institute for Municipal Economy” Foundation)
“Assessment of Municipal Programmes” (Russian; abstract)

Presentation (Russian)

Discussants: D.V. Sobol (ANO ICC Business-Thesaurus),
М.N. Gladkov (Institute for Assessment of Policies and Programmes)

05 April 2007, Thursday
10-00-11-40 Session В – 05 Lecture Hall № 311
Application of Formalized Procedures in Institutional Projection
Chairman - А.Е. Shastitko (BEA)

V.L. Tambovtsev (Lomonosov MSU), А.Е. Shastitko (BEA)
“Reforms of State Regulation and the Budget Process: Forms and Means of Interaction” (Russian)

S.B. Avdasheva (SU-HSE), A.E. Shastitko (BEA)
“Assessments of the Regulatory Effect of Modifications in Corporate Legislation” (Russian)

R.А. Kokorev (BEA)
“Protection of Property Rights in the Equity Market: Application of Institutional Projection Instruments”

P.V. Kruchkova (BEA)
“Assessment of Social and Economic Effects of the Adoption of Technical Regulations” (Russian)

Discussant - А. А. Blokhin (Executive Office of RF President)

12-00-14-00 Session B – 06 Lecture Hall № 311
Chairman – М.Gilman (SU-HSE)


Honorary Report
V. Tanzi (Inter-American Development Bank)
«Complexity and Systemic Failure»

Vito Tanzi – one of the leading international experts on the issues of fiscal policy and its effect on economic development, including the shadow business activity. He received his doctor’s degree in economics at Harvard University, and before joining the IMF in 1974 he worked as a professor and dean of the economics department at the American University. He taught at George Washington University and served as a consultant for the World Bank and the United Nations. From 1990 to 1994 Vito Tanzi was President of the International Institute for State Finances. For many Years Vito Tanzi served as the head of department for fiscal issues at the International Monetary Fund in Washington. After retiring form the IMF he worked as a councilor for the Government of Italy.

Vito Tanzi is the author of numerous books, such as “Individual income taxes and economic growth”, 1969; “Inflation and individual income taxes”’ 1980; “Taxation, inflation and
interest rates”, 1984; “Taxation in the integrated world”, 1995. He is also the editor of many books (the latest one – “Distribution of revenues and efficient growth”, 1998) and the author of numerous articles in the leading professional magazines.
At present Professor Tanzi works as a senior consultant at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Main spheres of interest: state finances, monetary theory and macroeconomics.

Section С
“Self-Governance and Development of Civil Society”

Chairman - L.I. Jakobson (SU-HSE)

04 April 2007, Wednesday

10-00-11-40 Session C – 01 Lecture Hall № 522
“Development of Civil Society: Quantitative Characteristics”
Chairman - L.I. Jakobson (SU-HSE)

N.А. Zorkaya (Levada Centre)
“Insider Attitude and the Problem of Social Participation”

I.S. Berezin, V.V. Pratusevich, D.N. Taganov (ROMIR Research Holding)
“Non-profit Organizations in Russia: Key Indicators of Activity, Problems and Prospects” (Russian)

I.V. Zadorin (ANO “Zadorin’s Sociological Workshop”)
“How Can We Measure the Third Sector: Analysis of Data Bases on NPO”

F.Т. Aleskerov, N.Yu. Belyaeva (SU-HSE)
“Quantitative Analysis of the Civil Society’s Degree of Development (Adaptation and Application of International Methodology to RF Regions)” (Russian; abstract)


Discussants: Е.V. Vinogradova (Institute for the Management of Social Processes), I.V. Mersiyanova (SU-HSE)

12-00-14-00 Round table C – 02 Lecture Hall № 522
“Social-Economic Development at the Local Level
and Federal Reforms”
Moderator - А.S. Puzanov (SU-HSE, “Institute for Municipal Economy” Foundation)

Issues for discussion:

  • Introduction of new and transformation of old local self-governance institutions (Assemblies of Deputies, indirect elections of Mayors, city-managers)

  • Interaction with citizens on local development issues: development of grass-root democracy or bureaucratization of the municipal governance system?

  • The problem of local-level implantation of new institutions in the sphere of land and housing relations

  • Changing the motivation for local level decision-making in new budget-finance and social-political conditions

Participants: L.S. Smirnyagin (Lomonosov MSU),
I.V. Starodubrovskaya (IEPP), О.V. Kuznetsova (MSU),
А.L. Aleksandrova(“Institute for Municipal Economy” Foundation),
N.V. Zubarevich (Independent Institute for Social Policy)

15-30-17-00 Session C – 03 Lecture Hall № 522
Civil Society and Municipal Economic Development
Chairman – L.S. Smirnyagin (Lomonosov MSU)

А.S. Puzanov (SU-HSE, “Institute for Municipal Economy” Foundation)
“Progress of Local Self-Governance Reform”

J. Hegedüs (Hungary)
“Opportunities and constrains in social housing in transition countries”

S. Gächter, B. Herrmann (University of Nottingham)
“The Limits of Self-Governance in the Presence of Spite: Experimental Evidence from Urban and Rural Russia”

N.B. Chuvilina (Bashkir Academy of Civil Service and Administration)
“The Limits of Self-Governance in the Presence of Spite: Experimental Evidence from Urban and Rural Russia” (Russian; abstract)


Discussant - I.V. Starodubrovskaya (IEPP)

17-20-19-00 Session C – 04 Lecture Hall № 522
Public Policy as a Condition of Modernization in Russia
Chairman – N.Yu. Belyaeva (SU-HSE)

N.Yu. Belyaeva (SU-HSE)
“Public Policy in Russia: Interests of the Subjects and Modernization of Institutions” (Russian)

S.P. Peregudov (Institute of World Economy and International Relations)
“Social-Economic Modernization and Modern Russian Tri-Partism” (Russian)

R.F. Turovsky (Research Institute for the Cultural and Natural Heritage, SU-HSE)
“Strengthening of the Authority Vertical and the Problem of Political Modernization in Russia” (Russian)

А.Yu. Zudin (SU-HSE)
“Horizons of Institutional Imagination: Images of Political Future in Mass and Elite Groups” (Russian; abstract)

Discussants: S. Lindemann - Komarova (Independent Expert and Consultant on Civil Society, Novosibirsk), О.V. Gaman-Golutvina (Russian Civil Service Academy, Moscow State Institute of International Relations), Е.B. Shestopal (Lomonosov MSU), I.М.Dzialoshinsky (SU-HSE), I.А. Khaly (Institute of Sociology, RAS), S. Fortescue (New South Wales University, Sydney, Australia), S. Charap (Oxford University, Great Britain); T. Remington (Emory University, USA), О.V. Aksenova (SU-HSE), А.S. Titkov (ANO “Institute for Regional Policy”, SU-HSE)

Section D
“Social Policy”
Chairmen: B.L. Rudnik (SU-HSE), S.N. Smirnov (SU-HSE)

04 April 20
10-00-11-40 Session D – 01 Lecture Hall № 124
“Institutional Changes in the Educational Sphere
Chairman - B.L. Rudnik (SU-HSE)
07, Wednesday

B.L. Rudnik(SU-HSE)
“New Organizational and Legal Forms in the Educational Sphere” (Russian)

S.B. Batkibekov (RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade)
“The Role of Target Capital in the Institutional Changes of the Educational Sphere”

I.М. Remorenko (RF Ministry of Education and Science)
“The Effect of a National Project on the Modernization of Regional Educational Systems”

Discussants: V.P. Kolesov, L.S. Grebnev (Lomonosov MSU)

12-00-14-00 Session D – 02 Lecture Hall № 124
Universities in Conditions of Transformation
of the Higher Educational System
Chairman - N.L. Titova (SU-HSE)

V.I. Sergienko (Verkhovnaya Rada, Ukraine)
“The Bologna Process: Attestation of High Qualification Scholars in the Post-Soviet Space (Problems and Solutions)” (Russian)

G.А. Yakshin, А.G. Maksimov, О.V. Poldin, А.S. Tsarkov (SU-HSE, Nizhny Novgorod Branch)
“Integration of University Economic Education in the Bologna Process through the Introduction of a Quality Assurance System. Experience and Prospects of a Regional University” (Russian; abtract)


D.Yu. Faikov (Sarov State Physical Technological Institute)
“Model of an Innovative Educational-Research Territorial Complex” (Russian)

N.L. Titova (SU-HSE)
“Results of Russian Universities’ Strategic Development in 1999-2005” (Russian)

Discussant – А.G. Efendiev (SU-HSE)

15-30-17-00 Round Table D – 03 Lecture Hall № 124
“Problems and Directions of Institutional Changes
in the Educational Sphere of Russia”
Moderator - А.G. Gryaznova (Finance Academy
under the RF Government)

Issues for discussion:

  • Development of new organizational and legal forms in the educational sphere

  • New financing mechanisms for educational organizations

  • Methods of state incentives for institutional changes in education

    Participants: I.I. Kalina (RF Ministry of Education and Science), N.V. Tretyak (RF Ministry of Education and Science), G.А. Balykhin (Rosobrazovanie), V.А. Bolotov (Rosobrnadzor), Т.К. Ershova (RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade), А.I. Adamsky (Eureka Institute for Educational Policy) I.V. Abankina (SU-HSE), Т.V. Abankina (SU-HSE), V.P. Kolesov (Lomonosov MSU), Е.V. Markina (Finance Academy under the RF Government), I.Yu. Belyaeva (Finance Academy under the RF Government), S. P. Soliannikova (Finance Academy under the RF Government), М.А. Fedotova (Finance Academy under the RF Government), Т.L. Kliachko (Academy of Public Economy under the RF Government), А.А. Klimov (Academy of Public Economy under the RF Government), I.D. Frumin (World Bank), N.Ya. Osovetskaya (SU-HSE)

17-20-19-00 Session D-04 Lecture Hall № 124
Economic Problems of Healthcare Modernization
Chairman - М.G. Kolosnitsyna (SU-HSE)

S.V. Shishkin (Independent Institute for Social Policy)
“Transformation of State Guarantees for Providing Free Medical Care” (Russian; abstract)

I.M. Sheiman, G.А. Shirokikh(SU-HSE)
“Paid Services or fixed co-payments by the population for Medical Care?” (Russian)

N.А. Kapitsyna, А.А. Ponomarenko, I.М. Stepanov (SU-HSE)
“Market Relations Models in the Hospital Sector of the Healthcare System” (Russian)

М.G. Kolosnitsyna, N.V. Rakuta, I.М. Stepanov (SU-HSE)
“Voluntary Medical Insurance: Effect on the Behavior of Economic Agents beyond the Healthcare Sphere” (Russian)

L.S. Zasimova, N.А. Khorkina (SU-HSE, MAC)
“Specificities of Demand and Problems of Availability of Medicines in Russia” (Russian)

Discussant - V.О. Flek (RF Ministry for Healthcare and Social Development)

05 April 2007, Thursday
15-30-17-00 Session D – 07 Lecture Hall № 102
Russia’s Social Resources - 1
Chairperson – S.N. Smirnov (SU-HSE)

L.I. Jakobson (SU-HSE)
“Social Policy, Civil Society and Federalism” (Russian; abstract)

L.N. Ovcharova (Independent Institute for Social Policy)
“Effect of Social Security on the Population’s Standard of Living and Quality of Life” (Russian)

T.Yu. Sidorina (SU-HSE)
“Social Policy without a Contract: a Referendum or a Decree…” (Russian)

Xu Zhengzhong (China’s Governmental Society for Economy Research, China National School of Administration), Lin Yueqin (Chinese Academy of Social sciences, China Foreign trade-economy University)
«The Opportunities and Challenges for China’s Social Multiple- complex Transformation»

Discussant: G.Ya. Rakitskaya (International Institute of Management, Arkhangelsk)

17-20-19-00 Session D – 08 Lecture Hall № 102
Russia’s Social Resources - 2
Chairperson – L.I. Jakobson (SU-HSE)

L.S. Rzhanitsyna (Institute of Economy, RAS)
“Social Protection of Children after Parents’ Divorce” (Russian)

V.А. Bragin (SU-HSE)
“The Concept of Revenues Distribution Stability: Applications to the Study of Social Stratification Dynamics” (Russian; abstract)


Е.S. Kotyrlo (Syktyvkar State University)
“Is Social Contract Efficient in the Regions of Russian North?” (Russian; abstract)

N.I. Isaev, S.N. Smirnov (SU-HSE)
“Social Aftereffects of the Housing and Communal Services Reform” (Russian)


Discussant: B.V. Rakitsky (Russian Civil Service Academy)

Section Е
“Demography and Labor Market”
Chairmen: А.G. Vishnevsky, V.Е. Gimpelson (SU-HSE)
04 April 2007, Wednesday

17-20-19-00 Session Е-04 Lecture Hall № 513
“Pluses” and “Minuses” of Flexible Labor Markets:
Continuation of Discussion
Chairpersons: Т.Ya. Chetvernina (SU-HSE),
M. Bienefeld (Carleton University, Canada)

M. Bienefeld (Carleton University), Т.Ya. Chetvernina (SU-HSE)
“The Real “Price” of Flexible Labor Markets” (Abstract)

O. Mehmet (Eastern Mediterranean University, North Cyprus, and Carleton University, Canada)
“Race to the Bottom»: Foreign Direct Investment and Flexible Labor Markets. A Review of Evidence from Selected Emerging Economies” (Abstract)

J. Schmidt (Aalborg University, Denmark)
“The Thirdworldization of Global Labor Markets” 

R. M. Lo Vuolo (Centro Interdisciplinario para el Estudio de Políticas Públicas, Argentina)
“Argentina: Labour Markets, Life Chances and Growth in the Post-Convertibility Years” (Abstract)


Discussants: Е.V. Vinogradova (SU-HSE), I.V. Soboleva (SU-HSE and IE RAS)

05 April 2007, Thursday
10-00-11-40 Round table E-05 Lecture Hall № 513

“Demographic Policy and Demographic Science”
Moderator – А.G. Vishnevsky (SU-HSE)

S.V. Zakharov (SU-HSE)
“Real Family Policy and Academic Perceptions about the Object of Impact: Insurmountable Disparity?”

М.B. Denisenko (SU-HSE)

“Key Issues of Migration Policy” (Russian; abstract)


В.А. Khalturina (Russian Civil Service Academy), А.V. Korotaev (Russian State Humanities University)
“The Role of Academic Research in the Development of Alcoholic Drinks Policy in Russia and abroad” 9Russian; abstract)


Discussant - V.V. Elizarov (Lomonosov MSU)

12-00-14-00 Session E – 06 Lecture Hall № 513
Institutional Specificities of Labor Markets
in Transitional Economy
Chairperson – S. Yu. Roschin (SU-HSE)

N.Т. Vishnevskaya (SU-HSE)
“Enforcement of Labor Legislation: Regional Differentiations” (Russian)

V.Е. Gimpelson, R.I. Kapelushnikov (SU-HSE)
“Demand for Labor in Industry: between Deficit and Excess” (Russian)

М.А. Kartseva (CEFIR)
“Health and Employment in Russian Families” (Russian)


I.А. Denisova (CEFIR) Report
“Hard to Study – Easy to Fight? Success in the Labor Market of Elite Universities’ Graduates”

Discussant – I. Е. Shulga (World Bank)

15-30-17-00 Session E-07 Lecture Hall № 513
Wages in Transition Economy
Chairpersons: V.Е. Gimpelson, R.I. Kapelushnikov (SU-HSE)

H. Lehmann (University of Bologna, Italy)
“Wage policies of a Russian firm and the financial crisis of 1998: Evidence from personnel data – 1997 to 2003”

А.Yu. Oschepkov (SU-HSE, DIW - Berlin, Germany)

“Interregional Differences in Wages” (Russian)

S.Yu. Roschin (SU-HSE)

“Non-monetary Remuneration in the Wage Structure”

Discussant – V.V. Osakovsky (Independent Researcher)

Section F
“Transformation of Institutions”
Chairpersons: R.М. Nureev, О.I. Shkaratan (SU-HSE)

04 April 2007, Wednesday
10-00-11-40 Session F – 01 Lecture Hall № 125
Economic Causes and Aftereffects of the State Power Strengthening in the XXI Century in Russia
Chairperson - R.М. Nureev (SU-HSE)

R.М. Nureev (SU-HSE)
“Competition of Western Private Property Institutions with Eastern Power-Property Institutions in Russia in the 1990-2000s” (Russian)

S.Yu. Barsukova (SU-HSE)
“Party Corruption in Russia in the 2000s” (Russian)

S.N. Levin (Kemerovo State University)
“A System of Administrative Corruption in the Region” (Russian)

Discussants: О.S. Belokrylova (Rostov State University), Abstract; Russian

V.V. Dementiev (Donetsk National Technology University), V.V. Volchik (Rostov State University), М.V. Kurbatova (Kemerovo State University) Abstract; Russian


12-00-14-00 Session F – 02 Lecture Hall № 125
Russian Economic Culture
as a Prerequisite for Institutional Corruption
Chairperson - R.М. Nureev (SU-HSE)

I.V. Rozmainsky (St. Petersburg branch of SU-HSE)
“Rationality Specificity of «Homo Post-Sovieticus»” (Russian; abstract)

Yu.V. Latov (SU-HSE)
“Regional Differentiation and Prospects of Change in Russian Economic Culture (Ethnometric Approach)” (Russian; abstract)

А.L. Temnitsky (Moscow State Institute of International Relations)
“Patriarchal Traditions and Institutional Innovations in the Behavior of Russian Citizens in the Labor Markets” (Russian)

Discussants: N.V. Latova (SU-HSE), Т.Yu. Sidorina (SU-HSE)

15-30-17-00 Session F – 03 Lecture Hall № 125
Russia in the Context of World System Development - 1
Chairperson - О.I. Shkaratan (SU-HSE)

D. Lane (Cambridge University)
«USSR and Russia in the world system” (Abstract)

V.А. Krasilschikov (Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS)
“Russia on the Way to World Periphery (in the Light of the Developing Countries’ Experience)” (Russian; abstract)

S. Mizobata (Kyoto University, Japan)

"The Consequences of the Transformation on the Third World" (Abstract)


О.I. Shkaratan (SU-HSE)
“Social Order in Modern Russia: a New Form of Soviet Etacratism?” (Russian)

W. Teckenberg (University Heidelberg)
“What Can be Learned from the Lessons of Eastern European Societies in Transition about Streamlined Social Change in the “new” Capitalisms?”

Discussant - V.I. Ilyin (St. Petersburg State University)

17-20-19-00 Session F – 04 Lecture Hall № 125
Russia in the Context of World System Development - 2
Chairperson - О.I. Shkaratan SU-HSE)

H. van Zon (University of Sunderland ,United Kingdom)
“Russia`s development problem”

G.I. Musikhin (SU-HSE)
“Pluralism and Corporatism as Institutional Models of Interaction between the State and Society” (Russian)

О.D. Kutsenko (Kharkov National University)

“New Dependency Relations? Value Solidarities and Divergences Demonstrated by Different Models of Post-Socialist Capitalism”

V.I. Ilyin (St. Petersburg State University)

“Class Formation in the Post-Communist World: the General and the Specific” (Russian)

Discussants: V.V. Karacharovsky, Т.L. Polyannikov (SU-HSE)

Section G
“System of Values and Modernization Processes”
Chairpersons: Е.G. Yasin, N.М. Lebedeva (SU-HSE)

04 April 2007, Wednesday
10-00-11-40 Session G – 01 Lecture Hall № 513

Culture and Social Capital as Factors of Society Development - 1
Chairperson - N.М. Lebedeva (SU-HSE)

А.G. Zdravomyslov (Sociology Institute RAS)

“Interaction of Interests and Values in the Process of Modernization” (Russian)

N.I. Lapin (SU-HSE)
“Basic Values, Social Awareness and Trust to Authority Institutions” (Russian)

N.М. Lebedeva (SU-HSE)
“Culture and Economic Development: is there a Relationship?” (Russian)

N.V. Latova (Sociology Institute RAS), Yu.V. Latov (SU-HSE)
“Is the Mentality of Young Russians getting Westernized?” (Analysis by the G. Hofstede Method)” (Russian)

Discussant - Т.G. Stefanenko (Lomonosov MSU)

12-00-14-00 Session G – 02 Lecture Hall № 513
Culture and Social Capital as Factors of Society Development – 2
Chairperson - N.I. Lapin (SU-HSE)

А.N. Tatarko (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology RAS)
“Psychological Studies of Social Capital in Modern Russia” (Russian)

Т.А. Nestik (Institute of Psychology RAS)
“Social Capital: Social- Psychological Analysis” (Russian)

К.L. Lidin (Irkutsk State University of Railroads)
“Emotional Economics. Image as a Linking Concept in Interpreting Economic, Political and Social-Psychological Processes” (Russian)

N.L. Ivanova (SU-HSE)
“Modernization of Economy and the Problem of Subjective Quality of Life” (Russian)

Discussant: Т.G. Stefanenko (Lomonosov MSU)

15-30-17-00 Round Table G – 03 Lecture Hall № 513
“Culture and Modernization: Opponents or Allies?”
Moderators: V.А. Yadov (Institute of Sociology RAS),
N.Е. Tikhonova (SU-HSE)

Issues for discussion:

  • Does culture effect modernization of society?

  • Do basic cultural values transform in the process of modernization?

  • What Russian cultural values can be considered “productive” for the development of economy and democracy, and which – “non-productive”?

  • Can there be targeted “influence” on cultural changes?

  • Possibilities of different directions in cultural changes: will they go through social institutes of society or through personality values?

    Participants: J. Broadbent (University of Minnesota, USA), V.P.Zinchenko (SU-HSE), А.А. Susokolov (SU-HSE), М.А. Kozlova (SU-HSE)

05 April 2007, Thursday
15-30-17-00 Session G – 07 Lecture Hall № 309

Virtualization of the Mode of Life in Modernizing Society
Chairpersons: N.Е. Pokrovsky, G.V. Ivanchenko (SU-HSE)

N.Е. Pokrovsky (SU-HSE).

“Theories of Virtualization: Old – New Approaches”

G.V. Ivanchenko (SU-HSE)

“Addition, Multiplication, Complication: Needs and States of the Consumer” (Russian)

V.L. Rabinovich (Russian Culture Studies Institute)
“Will the Computer kill the Book? Can Scientific-Technological progress do anything?”

Т.I. Chernayeva (Volga Civil Service Academy, Saratov)
“Virtualization Trends in Modern Tourism and Regional Development” (Russian)

Е.V. Nikolaeva (Institute of Social Engineering)

“2 in 1” as a Format of Everyday Culture in the Epoch of Developed Consumerism” (Russian)

Poster Presentation

D.S. Popov (SU-HSE), N.V. Kharlamov (SU-HSE),
I.V. Konovalova (SU-HSE), Е.Sevak (SU-HSE)

17-20-19-00 Round Table G – 08 Lecture Hall № 309
“Dream Factories and Reality”
Moderators: N.Е. Pokrovsky, G.V. Ivanchenko (SU-HSE)

Issues for discussion:

  • Identifying a criterion for “virtualized” worlds. A criterion distinguishing the real life world from the “virtual” life world

  • Developing a methodology of studying virtual images. Virtualization processes, emerging “worlds”

  • Analysis of basic virtual worlds

  • Development of models for the presentation of worlds in everyday life

  • Mass Media and virtualization of modernizing society

  • Consumption as a prerequisite and context of virtualization

    Participants: Е.V. Nadezhdina (SU-HSE), I. Vorobiev (RSHU), I.V. Sorokin (Saratov State Radischev Art Museum), Zh.V. Vasileva (State Institute of Art Studies), А.N. Ryleva (Russian Institute of Culture Studies), G.N. Gamaleya (Humanitarian TV and radio broadcasting Institute), О.А. Balla (“Znanie-Sila” Magazine), V.А. Manykin (Primavera Tourist Company, Saratov), Е.V. Slastikhina (Volga Civil Service Academy, Saratov), D. А. Krylov (SU-HSE)

Section Н
“Entrepreneurial Activity and Social networks”
Chairpersons: A.Yu. Chepurenko (SU-HSE),
L.I.Polischuk (IRIS Center, Maryland University)

5 April 2007, Thursday
10-00-11-40 Session H – 05 Lecture Hall № 309

“Global Monitoring of Entrepreneurship and Russia”
Chairpersons: А.Yu. Chepurenko (SU-HSE),
V.К. Dermanov (St. Petersburg State University)

О.I. Obraztsova (SU-HSE)

“Global Entrepreneurship Monitor” in Russia: Some preliminary results” (Russian)


Е.V. Zhuravskaya (CEFIR).
“Entrepreneurship in China, Russia and Brazil: comparison” (Russian; abstract)

О.М. Shestoperov (NISIPP)
“Assessment of the Share of Shadow Turnover in Small Business and Factors Influencing it (by the Results of Small Business Polls)” (Russian)


Т.А. Alimova (RNIS&NP / SU-HSE)
“State Policy in the Entrepreneurial Sphere: Lessons Learned and Ignored” (Russian)

Discussant: I.М. Bortnik (Foundation for Promoting Small Business in Science and Technology)

Poster Presentation

А. Alieva, D. Naumov, V. Lobachev, L. Mulukova, I. Chirikov,
М. Denisova, Yu. Filatova, А. Shipilova, Е. Murzacheva (SU-HSE)

12-00-14-00 Session Н – 06 Lecture Hall № 309
Social Networks and Social Responsibility
Chairperson – L.I. Polischuk
(IRIS Center, Maryland University)

S.G. Krasilnikov (Ulyanovsk State University)
“Social Networks of Small Businesses: Social Capital and Socio-Cultural Aspects of Entrepreneurial Activity” (Russian; abstract)

B. Butler (Curtin University, Perth), S. Purchase (University of Western Australia, Perth)
“Benefits and Risks of Capital for Russian Entrepreneurial Networks”

О.Е. Kuzina (SU-HSE)
“Motives and Mechanisms of philanthropy in Russia” (Russian; abstract)

А.А. Moskovskaya (SU-HSE)
“The Return of the System of Social Guarantees and Benefits at Russia’s Enterprises – is it a Sign of Archaism or Modernization?” (Russian; abstract)


L.I. Polischuk (IRIS Center, Maryland University)
“Corporate Social Responsibility in Russia: Motives, Forms, Assessment” (Russian; abstract)


Section I
“Competitiveness and Innovation”
Chairpersons: А.А. Yakovlev (SU-HSE), К.V. Yudaeva (Center for Strategic Studies)

04 April 2007, Wednesday
10-00-11-40 Session I – 01 Lecture Hall № 102
“Factors of Competitiveness”
Chairperson – К.V. Yudaeva (Center for Strategic Studies)

F. Agion (Harvard University), Е.V. Bessonova (CEFIR)
“Market Entry and Economic Growth: Theory and Facts” (Russian; abstract)


I. Taitel (IMF), К.V. Yudaeva (Center for Strategic Studies)
“New Channels of FDI Influence on Domestic Companies” (Russian)


S.М. Kadochnikov (Ural State University)
“Vertical Effects of Foreign Investment in Russian Economy”

B.V. Kuznetsov, М.G. Kuzyk, Yu.V. Simachev, А.А. Chulok (Interdepartmental Analytical Center)
“Demand of Russian Industrial Companies for Research and Development, Key Problems and Obstacles in the Development of their Cooperation with Russian Research Organizations, and Assessment of Possible Trends in the State Innovation Policy” (Russian)


J. Svejnar, Y. Gorodnichenko, K. Terrell (University of Michigan, USA)

«Effects оf Foreign Direct Investment on Domestic Firms in Transition»

Discussant – К.R. Gonchar (SU-HSE)

12-00-14-00 Round Table I – 02 Lecture Hall № 102
“Long-Term Development of Russia:
Overcoming the Barrier of Competitiveness”
Moderator – D.R. Belousov (Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasts)

А.R. Belousov (RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade)
“Economic Strategy of Russia: Shifting to Long-Term Management of Development”

А.G. Makushkin (Center for National Competitiveness Studies)

“Long-Term Trends in World Economy and Strategies of Power Centers” (Russian; abstract)

D.R. Belousov (Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasts)
“Realization of Competitive Advantages – Basis of Economic Growth in the Long-Term Prospect” (Russian; abstract)


Participants: S.B. Pereslegin (Encyclopedia Foundation), B.V. Kuznetsov (MAC), К.V. Yudaeva (Center for Strategic Studies), V.М. Sergeev (Moscow State Institute of International Relations), М.N. Uzyakov (Institute for Public Economy Forecasts RAS)

15-30-17-00 Session I – 03 Lecture Hall № 102
”Competitiveness in Global Market Conditions”
Chairperson – А.N. Klepach (RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade)

V.V. Golikova (SU-HSE), К.R. Gonchar (SU-HSE), B.V. Kuznetsov (MAC), А.А. Yakovlev (SU-HSE)
“What Prevents Russian Companies from Becoming Competitive?”

C. Gianella, C. Chanteloup (OECD)

“Assessing Russia ,s Non-fuel Trade Elasticities: Does the Russian Economy React Normally to Exchange Rate Movements?”

R. Frensch (Osteuropa-Institut Munchen)
“Product variety and technical change” (Russian)


Yu.V. Ovchinnikova, V.V. Radaev (SU-HSE)
“How is the Structure of Russian Food Markets Formed in the Process of Russia’s Integration into the World Economy?” (Russian)


G. Lorens (School of Economics, Turku, Finland), L. Gelman (OOO Economic Consulting), D.V. Levando (SU-HSE)
“Building up Value Chains in Russian Agriculture” (Russian; abstract)

Discussant – V.V. Drebentsov (ВР Trading)

17-20-19-00 Round Table I – 04 Lecture Hall № 102
“Problems and Prospects in the Formation
of an Efficient Innovation System in Russia”
Moderators - B.G. Saltykov, E.G. Yasin (SU-HSE)

Issues for discussion:

  • How can the system of fundamental research be revived (building a new one or upgrading the old one?)

  • Is large-scale integration of science and education possible in Russia?

  • Why is small innovation business so small in Russia?

  • Difficulties and prospects of institutional innovations in Russia

    Participants: A.V. Dvorkovich (Executive Office of RF President), A.L. Golovkov (RF Government Executive Office). D.V.Livanov (RF Ministry of Education and Science), I.M. Bortnik (Foundation for Promoting Small Business in Science and Technology), N.I. Ivanova (Institute of World Economy and International Relations), S.G. Kordonsky (SU - HSE), Е.V. Semenov(RIEPP), А.G. Fonotov (Russian Foundation for Technology Development), О.G. Golichenko (CEMI), L.E. Mindeli (RAS), А.А. Chulok (MAC)

5 April 2007, Thursday
10-00-11-40 Session I – 05 Lecture Hall № 102
Science and Innovation in Russia: Directions of Reforms
Chairperson - L.М. Gokhberg (SU-HSE)

L.М. Gokhberg (SU-HSE)
“Tendencies of Innovative Activity in Russian Economy” (Russian; abstract)

D.V. Livanov (RF Ministry for Education and Science)
“Modernization of the Academic Sector in Science” (Russian; abstract)

Т.Е. Kuznetsova (SU-HSE)
“Transition to New Organizational-Legal Forms: Challenges for State Research Institutions” (Russian)

А.К. Ponomarev (MAC)
“Modernization of High-Tech Sectors: Private-Public Partnership” (Russian; abstract)


О.V. Gutnikov (Institute of Law and Comparative Legal Studies under RF Government)

“Reforming Legislation in the Sphere of Science and Innovations”

Discussants: М.V.Shekhovtsov (AFK “Sistema”), S.К. Vartapetov (Center for physical instrument-making, IP RAS), S.L. Lyakhovich (Tomsk State University)

12-00-14-00 Session I – 06 Lecture Hall № 102
Foresight: Long-Term Prospects of Science and Technologies
Chairperson- L.М. Gokhberg (SU-HSE)

М. Keenan (PREST, Manchester University, UK)
“Scientific and Technological Foresight – World Experience and Lessons for Russia”


А.V. Khlunov (RF Ministry for Education and Science)
“Main Goals of Russian Foresight” (Russian; abstract)


А.V. Sokolov (SU-HSE)
“Russian Delphi: Methods and Organization” (Russian; abstract)


А. Salo (Technology University, Helsinki)

“Technology Foresight in Finland”

I.R. Kuklina (Kurchatov Institute)

“Long-Term Prospects for Nanotechnologies Development”

Discussants: М.V. Rychev (Federal Agency for the Administration of Special Economic Zones); А.N. Klepach (RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade); Yu.V. Simachev (Interdepartmental Analytical Center), S.F. Seregina (SU-HSE)

Section J 1
“Corporate Governance and Finance”
Chairpersons: Т.G. Dolgopyatova,
I.V. Ivashkovskaya (SU-HSE)

04 April 2007, Wednesday
10-00-11-40 Session J 1 – 01 Lecture Hall № 445
Quality of Corporate Governance and
Efficiency of Corporate Integration
Chairperson: Т.G. Dolgopyatova (SU - HSE)

I. Iwasaki (Hitotsubashi University, Institute for Economic Research)
"Board Formation and its Endogeneity in Russian Firms: An Empirical Study"

Т.G. Dolgopyatova (SU-HSE)
“Choice Factors in the Organization of Corporate Control at Russian Companies” (Russian)

Е.V. Makeeva (ТNК-ВР)
“Models of Management for a joint-stock company” (Russian)

S.B. Avdasheva (SU-HSE)
“Good Companies or Good Restructuring: Influence of Business Groups on the Efficiency of Russian Companies” (Russian)

Discussants: V.Е. Dementev (CEMI RAS), Heiko Pleines (Research Center for East European Studies, Bremen, Germany)

12-00-14-00 Session J 1 – 02 Lecture Hall № 445
Network of Excellence Session: Financial Mechanisms
of Corporate Governance
Chaipersons: A. Settles, I.V. Ivashkovskaya (SU-HSE)

A. Settles (SU-HSE)
“Corporate Governance, Financial Information, and Investor Protection” (Abstract)

I.V. Ivashkovskaya (SU-HSE)
“Boards of Directors and the Generation of Revenues at Russian Companies” (Russian)

J. McCahery (University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam Center for Law and Economics)
“What are the policy trade-offs for improving disclosure of related party transactions?”

I.I. Rodionov, P.А. Staryuk (SU-HSE)

“What are the policy trade-offs for improving disclosure of related party transactions?” (Russian; abstract)


L. Ruzhanskaya (Ural State University)
“Corporate Governance as a Market Price Raising Factor of the Urals Region Companies” (Russian)

Discussant: G.N. Konstantinov (SU-HSE)

15-30-17-00 Session J 1 – 03 Lecture Hall № 445
Financial Market Institutions
Chairperson – А.V. Vernikov (SU-HSE)

А.Е. Abramov (ATON Investment Group)
“Economic Growth, Investment and Stock Market” (Russian; abstract)

А.V. Vernikov (SU-HSE)
“Institutes of Corporate Governance in Russian Banks: Evolution Trends” (Russian)


S.М. Zaversky (Institute for Complex Strategic Research)
“Conflict of Interests in the Russian Securities Market upon Presentation of Analytical Data by Investment Banks” (Russian)

Yu.А. Tarasova (St. Petersburg branch SU-HSE)
“Russian Insurance Market on the Eve of Accession to WTO” (Russian)

Discussant – N.А. Volchkova (CEFIR)

17-20-19-00 Round Table J 1 – 04 Lecture Hall № 445
“The Role of Financial Markets in the Modernization of Economy”
Moderator: А.L. Savatyugin (RF Ministry of Finance)

Issues for discussion:

  • Transformation of savings into investment: what hinders it?

  • Possibilities and barriers for attracting capital and investment through stock market mechanisms

    Participants: Yu.А. Danilov (CFRR), R.А. Kokorev (Bureau for Economic Analysis), V.P. Sednev (Salvador_D Agency)

Section J 2
“Modern Management”
Chairpersons: G.B. Kleiner (CEMI RAS),
О.А. Tretyak (SU-HSE)

05 April 2007, Thursday
10-00-11-40 Session J 2 – 05 Lecture Hall № 445
Strategic Planning in Russia: Limits and Possibilities
Chairperson - G.B. Kleiner (CEMI RAS)

G.B. Kleiner (CEMI RAS)
“Strategic Planning: Basics of a System Approach” (Russian; abstract)

V.S. Katkalo (St. Petersburg State University)

“Concept of Dynamic Abilities as Present-Day Stage of the Strategic Management Theory” (Russian; abstract)


I.B. Gurkov (SU-HSE)
“Dominant Logic of Corporations Development and Forms of Strategic Planning” (Russian)

D.S. Shmerling, Т.Yu. Kuznetsova (SU-HSE)
“Political and Strategic Planning: History, Theory, Trends” (Russian)

Discussants: Т.G. Dolgopyatova (SU-HSE), R.М. Kachalov(CEMI RAS)

12-00-14-00 Session J 2 - 0 6 Lecture Hall № 445
New Forms of Inter-Company Interaction:
Networks and Partnership Relations
Chairperson – О.А. Tretyak (SU-HSE)

О.А. Tretyak (SU-HSE)
“Comparative Analysis of Models for the Management of Network Interaction” (Russian)

H. Fanning (Fachhochschule Stralsund – University of Applied Sciences)
“Clusters of excellence – An insight into the Western European experience” (Abstract)

S.P. Kusch, М.М. Smirnova (St. Petersburg State University)

“The Formation of a Coordination Mechanism for the Processes of Managing Interrelations of a Company with its Partners (According to Surveys of Russian and Finnish Industrial Companies)” (Russian; abstract


J. H. Jørgensen, R. C. Goduscheit, C. Bergenholtz (Aalborg University, Denmark)
“Interfirm collaboration in the Fuzzy Front-End of the innovation process” (Russian; abstrct)


Discussants: О.К. Oiner (SU-HSE), М.Yu. Sheresheva (Lomonosov MSU)

15-30-17-00 Session J 2 – 07 Lecture Hall № 445
Management and Restructuring of Enterprises
Chairperson – V.М. Anshin (SU-HSE)

V.Yu. Kononova (Institute for Comprehensive Strategic Studies, Higher School of Business, Lomonosov MSU)
“Modernization of Production Systems at Russian Enterprises: Assessment of Impact, Scale of Applicability and Content of State Policy” (Russian)

D.V. Kotov (IE RAS)
“Experience of Using Portfolio Management Concepts for Analysis of Investment Potential Distribution in an Integrated Business Group” (Russian)

V.V. Golikova (SU-HSE)
“Management as a Factor of Competitiveness for Russian Enterprises” (Russian)

I.V. Demkin (SU-HSE)
“Innovation Management: Assessment of Innovation Project Risks on the Basis of Modeling” (Russian)

Discussant - I.N. Tsarkov (SU-HSE)

Section K
“Banks and Finances”
Chairpersons: F.Т. Aleskerov, V.М. Solodkov (SU-HSE)
05 April 2007, Thursday
10-00-11-40 Session К – 05 Lecture Hall № 116

Markets and Mechanisms
Chairperson: F.Т. Aleskerov (SU-HSE)

J. Horvath (Central European University, Budapest, Hungary)
“Border Effects in Transition Economies: Case Study of Slovakia and Hungary”

K. Schoors (Ghent University, Belgium)
“Sophisticated Discipline in Nascent Deposit Markets: Evidence from Post-Communist Russia”


А.М. Karminsky, А.А. Peresetsky (NES)
“Rating Modeling in the Interests of Risk Management” (Russian)


I. К. Andrievskaya (SU-HSE)
“Stress Testing: Review of Methodologies” (Russian)

Discussant: V.М. Solodkov (SU-HSE)

12:00 – 14:00 Session К – 06 Lecture Hall № 116
Chairperson: F.Т. Aleskerov (SU-HSE)

V.М. Solodkov (SU-HSE)
“The Possible Influence of Foreign Banks on the Russian Banking System” (Russian)

E. Blount (ASTEC Consulting Group,USA)
“Short Selling, Securities Lending and Institutional Competition on Evolving Capital Markets”

C. Seidl (University of Kiel, Germany)

“Comprehensive Tax and Social Security Reform in Germany: A Flat Tax with a Social Component”

D.V. Levando, Yu.R. Shaikhrazeeva (SU-HSE)
“Competition in the Lending Market, Transparency of the Borrower and Information Awareness of the Bank” (Russian)

Discussant: D.Yu. Golembiovsky (“Zenit” Bank)

15:30 – 17:00 Session К – 07 Lecture Hall № 116
Efficiency - 1
Chairperson: V.М. Solodkov (SU-HSE)

F.Т. Aleskerov, V.М. Solodkov, Yu.I. Martynova (SU-HSE)
“Analysis and Assessment of the Operational Efficiency of Banks and Banking Systems” (Russian)

A. Karmann (Technical University, Dresden, Germany)

“The cost efficiency of German banks: a comparison of SFA and DEA”


E. Luciano (University of Turin, School of Economics, Italy)
“Bank efficiency and banking sector development: the case of Italy”


D. Koleva, G. Mihaylova, P. Chobanov, N. Nenovsky (University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria)
“How the Bank Efficiency Changes: the Case of Bulgaria”

S. Caner, S. Ozyildirm, E. Ungan (Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey)
“Effects of Operational Efficiency on Market Discipline of Banks: A Comparison of the Russian Federation and Turkey”

Discussant: D.Yu. Golembiovsky (“Zenit” Bank)

17:20 – 19:00 Session К – 08 Lecture Hall № 116
Efficiency - 2
Chairperson: V.М. Solodkov (SU-HSE)

S.V. Golovan (NES)
“Efficiency of Russian Banks form the Viewpoint of Minimizing Costs” (Russian)

Yu.М. Koshelyuk (SU-HSE)

“Borderline Analysis of Russian Banks’ Efficiency (2004-2005)” (Russian)


S. Ozyildirm, Z. Onder (Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey)
“Banking activities and local output growth: are private banks different from public banks?” (Abstract)

S. Trifonova (University of National and World Economy, Sofia, Bulgaria)
“Testing for Bank Competition in the Eve of EU Accession”

V.Yu.Makarova (SU-HSE)

“Efficient Development of a Commercial Bank’s Branch Network” (Russian)

Discussant: F.Т. Aleskerov (SU-HSE)

Section L
“Study of Political Processes”
Chairpersons: F.Т. Aleskerov (SU-HSE),
К.I. Sonin (NES)

04 April 2007, Wednesday
10:00 – 11:40 Session L – 01 Lecture Hall № 311
Democracy and Institutions
Chairperson – F.Т. Aleskerov (SU-HSE)

S. Gehlbach, Ph. Keefer (UW Madison, USA)
“Ruling Party Institutionalism and Autocratic Success”


V. Ginsburgh, S. Weber (CORE, Belgium)


H. Ersel (Sabanci University and TEPAV, Turkey), F. Özatay (TOBB University of Economics and TEPAV, Turkey)
“Given the EU’s absorbtion capacity, which route should Turkey follow? The EU or domestic reform process”

А.А. Vasin, Yu.S. Sosina, D. Stepanov (Lomonosov MSU, NES)

“The Formation of a Coalition Structure in Non-Homogeneous Population”


Discussant – К.I. Sonin (NES)

12:00 – 14:00 Session L – 02 Lecture Hall № 311
Chairperson - F.Т. Aleskerov (SU-HSE)


Honorary Report
E. Maskin (Institute for Advanced Study and
Princeton University, USA)
“Globalization and Inequality”



Professor Eric Maskin – is one of outstanding contemporary economists. He made a fundamental contribution into such spheres of economics as the game theory, the theory of collective choice, the economics of incentives. His studies on the game realization of voting systems lay the basis for modern models of coalition formation. The recent studies of Eric Maskin have been dedicated to comparative analysis of collective choice procedures, construction of auctions and tenders, globalization and inequality.

Professor Eric Maskin is a graduate of Harvard University, he worked at Harvard, Stanford and Princeton Universities and Massachusetts Technological University. Since 2000 he has been professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies of Princeton University. Professor Maskin is a member of the American Academy of Science and Arts, member of the Econometric Society and an editor of the Economic Letters magazine.

15:30 – 17:00 Session L – 03 Lecture Hall № 311
Electoral Behavior
Chairperson - К.I. Sonin (NES)

D.Treisman (UCLA, Los Angeles, USA)
“A Few Puzzles of Russia’s Electoral Geography” (Abstract)

А. Pennisi, F. Ricca, P. Serafini, B. Simeone (Italy)
“Amending and enhancing electoral laws through mixed integer linear programming: the case of Italy”


А.V. Zakharov (Moscow Economy School)
“Electoral Activity in three-dimensional Voting Models”

А. V. Karpov (SU-HSE)
“Measurement of Parliamentary Representation in Proportionate Representation Systems” (Russian; abstract)


R. Efremov (Rey Juan Carlos University), A. Lotov (A. Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of the Russian Academy of Science), D. Rios-Insua (Rey Juan Carlos University)
“A framework for participatory group decision support using Pareto frontier visualization, goal identification and arbitration”

Discussant - F.Т. Aleskerov (SU-HSE)

17:20 – 19:00 Session L – 04 Lecture Hall № 311
Voting Analysis
Chairperson - F.Т. Aleskerov (SU-HSE)

D. S. Karabekian (SU-HSE)
“Attributes of Enhanced Preferences in Voting Manipulation Tasks” (Russian)

V. I. Yakuba (Institute for Governance Problems RAS)
“Analysis of Influence Distribution in European Parliament” (Russian)

N.Yu. Blagoveschensky (“Indem” Foundation), Е.V. Emtseva, D.К. Stukal (SU-HSE)
“Structural Stability and Positions of Fractions in RF State DUMAs of the I and II convocations” (Russian)

О. А. Ochur (SU-HSE)
“On Influence Indexes Based on the Group Positions’ Consistency Index, and their Calculation for Political Parties of the RF State Duma” (Russian)


Discussant - К.I. Sonin (NES)

05 April 2007, Thursday
15:30 – 17:00 Round Table L – 07 Lecture Hall № 311

“Scenarios of Russia’s Political Development
and Prospects of Economic Modernization”
Moderator - М.Yu. Urnov (SU-HSE)

Issues for discussion:

  • Internal political incentives and limitations of the country’s economic modernization

  • Dynamics of geopolitical situation and its influence on the country’s economic modernization

  • Correlation of internal and external favorable and negative factors for the prospects of the country’s economic modernization

  • Probable scenarios of political development and possible types of Russia’s economic modernization

Participants: N.К. Arbatova (Institute of World Economy and International Relations), А.G. Vishnevsky (SU-HSE), L.М. Grigoriev (International University), V.Z. Dvorkin (Institute of World Economy and International Relations), А.А. Kara-Murza (Institute of Philosophy), А.А. Konovalov (SU-HSE), О.V. Kryshtanovskaya (Institute of Applied Politics), А.V. Malashenko (Carnegie Foundation), S.А. Medvedev (SU-HSE), V.S. Milov (Institute of Expert Politics), I.А. Nikolaev (FBK Auditing Consulting Co), Yu.А. Nisnevich (Institute of Liberal Development Problems), E.А. Pain (SU-HSE), А.V. Ryabov (Carnegie Foundation), L.F. Shevtsova (Carnegie Foundation)

17:20 - 19:00 Session L – 08 Lecture Hall № 311
Political Economy of Transformation Processes
Chairperson - S.М. Guriev (NES)

Т. Frye (Columbia University)
“Original Sin, Good Works, and Property Rights in Russia: Survey Evidence from Economic Elites and from the Mass Public” (Abstract)

P. Vahtra (Pan-European Institute/ Turku School of Economics)
“Redefining the role of State in the Russian economy – implications on corporate governance and foreign investor behaviour” (Abstract)

S.М. Guriev (NES)
“Freedom of the Press, Incentives for Bureaucrats and Resource Curse”

A. Debs (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

“Political Strength and Economic Efficiency in a Multi-Agent State”

Discussant - G. Egorov (Harvard University)

Section М
“Economic Theory”
Chairperson – К.I. Sonin (NES)
05 April 2007, Thursday
10:00 – 11:40 Session М – 05 Lecture Hall № 125
Microeconomics: Problems of Coordination and Information
Chairperson: А. D. Suvorov (NES),

А.V. Belyanin (SU-HSE)
“Theory of Equilibrium Behavior in the Public Benefits Game” (Russian; abstract)

А.V. Dementiev (SU-HSE)

“Regulated Competition and Competition of Regulators: Prospects of Railroads Reform in Russia” (Russian)



Ya.I. Kuzminov, М.М. Yudkevich (SU-HSE)
“Academic Freedom and Standards of Behavior” (Russian)


I.А. Khovanskaya (SU-HSE), К.I. Sonin (NES)
“Efficiency of Information Disclosure in Study Groups” (Russian)

Discussants: К.I. Sonin, А. D. Suvorov (NES)

12:00 – 14:00 Session М – 06 Lecture Hall № 125
Macroeconomic Theory
Chairperson: V.М. Polterovich (CEMI RAS)

M. Nikitin (SU-HSE)
“Information, Coordination and Fundamental Causes of Financial Crises”

О.А. Zamulin (NES), S.V. Golovan (CEFIR)

“Phillips Curve with Real Rate”

S.E. Pekarsky (SU-HSE)

“Interaction of the Fiscal and Monetary Policies in Export-Oriented Economy”

V.V. Dobrynskaya (SU-HSE)

“Optimal Monetary Policy in an Open Economy with Asymmetric Price Discipline” (Russian; abstract)

Discussants: N.А. Volchkova (CEFIR), V.D. Matveenko (EU, St. Petersburg)

15:30 – 17:00 Session М – 07 Lecture Hall № 125
Dynamic Models
Chairperson: V.М. Polterovich (CEMI RAS)

N.А. Volchkova, Е. Suslova (CEFIR)
“Insufficient Accumulation of Human Capital as a Channel of the “Resource Curse” Dissemination” (Russian; abstract)

G.V. Kosenok, О. Martynova, А.V. Savvateev (NES)
“What does Small Business Fear Most? Analysis of the Squeezing out of Small Firms by Big Ones” (Russian; abstract)

А. Ya. Kiruta (Center for Social-Economic Studies RAS и Rosstat)

“Inequality, Economic Growth and Public Development: Analysis of Interrelationships” (Russian; abstract)


V.D. Matveenko (European University, St. Petersburg), F.А. Uschev (St. Petersburg University of Economics and Finance)
“Models of Economic Growth under State Regulation of the Resource and Energy Sector” (Russian; abstract)


Discussants: М. Nikitin (SU-HSE), К.I. Sonin (NES)

17:20 – 19:00 Session М – 08 Lecture Hall № 125
The Role of the State in Resource Distribution
Chairperson: А.V. Belyanin (SU-HSE)

V.L. Kreps (St. Petersburg EMU, RAS)
“Models of Economic Growth under State Regulation of the Resource and Energy Sector” (Russian)

S.А. Moskalyonov (Ulyanovsk SU)

“How can Public Welfare be Measured? Consumer’s Surplus in the Edgeworth Box” (Russian)

М. Dodlova (SU-HSE)

“Organization of a Legal Payments System”

А.D. Suvorov (NES)

“Investment into Specialized Human Capital with Non-Verifiable Return”

Discussant - К.I. Sonin (NES)

Section N
Regional Development
Chairpersons: А G. Granberg (Council for the Study of Productive Forces, SU-HSE),
А.Yu. Skopin (SU-HSE)
05 April 2007, Thursday
10:00 – 11:40 Session N – 05 Lecture Hall № 124
Euro-Asian Trends in the Post-Industrial Development
of the Regions
Chairperson: G. Granberg (Council for the Study of Productive Forces, SU-HSE)

А G. Granberg (Council for the Study of Productive Forces, SU-HSE)
“Turnabouts in the Regional Policy of Russia”

А. Yu. Skopin (SU-HSE)

“Industrial and Post-Industrial Paradigms of Regional Development and Transition from Material to Virtual Development Resources” (Russian)

А.N. Pilyasov (Council for the Study of Productive Forces & ES)

“Postindustrial Transformation of Russian Regions” (Russian)

А. Treivish (Institute of Geography, RAS)

“Role of Industrial Regions in “Postindustrial” Russia”

Т. Nefedova (Institute of Geography, RAS)

“Agrarian Sector in the Regional Development of Russia”

Discussant – S.S. Artobolevsky (Institute of Geography, RAS)

12:00 – 14:00 Round Table N – 06 Lecture Hall № 124
“Regional Policy and Prospects of Cluster Development”
Chairpersons – А.М. Vorotnikov (RF Ministry for Economic Development and Trade, А.Yu. Skopin (SU-HSE)

Issues for discussion:

  • Correlation between the concepts of “Trade-Industrial Company” and “Cluster”

  • Types of clusters in Russia and in the world

  • Prospects of implementing cluster policy in Russia

    Participants: N.S. Isaev (Kazan State Finance-Economics Institute), N.М. Sysoeva (Sochava Institute of Geography, Siberian Branch RAS) Report, А.Ya. Jakobson (Irkutsk State University of Railroads) Report, N.P. Raspopov (Nizhniy-Novgorod Branch SU-HSE) Report, А.М. Khodachek (St. Petersburg Branch SU-HSE)

15:30 – 17:00 Round Table N – 07 Lecture Hall № 124
“National Cultural Heritage as a Factor
of Sustainable Regional Development”
Moderator - Т.V. Abankina (SU-HSE)

Т.V. Abankina (SU-HSE)
“Tendencies and Models of Using Cultural Resources for Sustainable Region Development” (Russian)

V.М. Gnedovsky (St. Petersburg)
“Comparative Study of Experience in Developing National Cultural Centers – Goethe Center in Weimar (Germany), Shakespeare Center in Stratford on Avon (GB) and L.N. Tolstoy Center in Yasnaya Polyana (Russia) (Russian)

J. Rathmann (Weimar, Germany)

“National Cultural Heritage as a Humanitarian Resource of Territorial Development (on the Example of Weimar)” (Russian)

Issues for discussion:

  • Industrial and artistic city: Prospects of development.

  • Modern models of managing the development of national cultural centers in the regions of Europe.

  • Possibilities for a technology transfer in the sphere of creative industries.

    Participants: V.I. Tolstoy (Yasnaya Polyana Memorial Estate); G.К. Ratnikova (Ministry of Culture, Moscow Oblast); М.B. Gnedovsky (Institute of Cultural Policy), Е.V. Zelentsova (Institute of Cultural Policy); P.А. Shulgin (Institute of Cultural and Natural Heritage); S.N. Gorushkina (RF Ministry of Culture); S.V. Smirnov (RF Ministry of Culture); S.E. Zuev (Moscow Higher School for Social and Economic Sciences), А.B. Golubovsky (“Cultura” Radio), V.Yu. Dukelsky (Institute of Cultural Studies), А.V. Lebedev (Institute of Cultural Studies)

17:20 – 19:00 Round Table N – 08 Lecture Hall № 124
“Effect of Modern Tendencies of Settlement on the Social and Economic Development of Russian Regions”
Moderator: I.V. Abankina (SU-HSE)

I.V. Abankina (SU-HSE)
“Strategies in the Control of Development in the Context of Settlement Tendencies: Limitations and Prospects” (Russian)

Discussants: E. Markwart (OST-EURO, Gamburg), А.А. Vysokovsky (NF “Gradostroitelnye reformy”) Report

Issues for discussion:

  • Can settlement be controlled – historical experience, social and cultural consequences, spectrum of possibilities

  • Modern settlement tendencies – depopulation, underpopulation, polarization

  • What limitations for the social and economic development of regions are posed by the settlement tendencies?

    Participants: I.А. Rozhdestvenskaya (Institute of Regional Problems Studies), I.М. Remorenko (RF Minisry of Education and Science), S.S. Isupova (OST-EURO), М.B. Gnedovsky (Institute for Cultural Policy), N.Е. Pryanishnikov (Mezentsev CNIIEP), К.G. Mitrofanov (MSPU), А.А. Kasprzhak (Education Department, Tver Oblast), N.Ya. Osovetskaya (SU-HSE), Е.F. Saburov (Federal Institute for Educational Development)

Section О
“Foreign Economic and Foreign Political Strategies”
Chairperson - S.А. Karaganov (SU-HSE)
05 April 2007, Thursday
12:00 – 14:00 Session О – 06 Lecture Hall № 300
External Conditions of RF Development - 1
Chairperson - S.А. Karaganov (SU-HSE)

Т.V. Bordachev (SU-HSE)
“Evolution of Europe and the Interests of RF”

V.V. Mikheev (Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS)

“East-Asian Factor in the National Development Strategy of RF” (Russian)

А.I. Suzdaltsev (SU-HSE)
“The Near Abroad as a Resource of Russia’s Development”

S.К. Oznobischev (SU-HSE)

“Prospects of US-RF Interaction for the Coming Decade” (Russian)

M. Dabrowski (Center for Social and Economic Research, Poland)
“Perspectives of EU-CIS Economic Relations”

Discussant - М.V. Bratersky (SU-HSE)

15:30 – 17:00 Session О – 07 Lecture Hall № 300
External Conditions of RF Development - 2
Chairperson – S.V. Kortunov (SU-HSE)

S.V. Kortunov (SU-HSE)
“Military-Political Context for Economic and Public Development of RF” (Russian)

M.V. Bratersky (SU-HSE)
“Crisis of Non-Proliferation Regime, New Regional Powers of Asia and the Interests of Russia” (Russian)

G.I. Mirsky (SU-HSE)

“Middle-East Problems and the Geopolitical Situation of RF” (Russian)

P.V. Vorobyev (Ural Gorky State University)
“Russia in the Context of Global Patterns of Economic Growth” (Russian)

Discussant - А.I. Suzdaltsev (SU-HSE)

17:20 – 19:00 Round Table О – 08 Lecture Hall № 300
“External Possibilities and Limitations for Social-Economic Growth of the Russian Federation”
Moderator – I.P. Faminsky

А.V. Daniltsev (SU-HSE)
“Effect of WTO Accession on Russia’s Economy”

А.V. Kuznetsov (Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS)

“Modernization of Foreign Trade Specialization of Russia: Stake on EU or China?” (Russian)

I.S. Troekurova (Saratov State Law Academy)
“Priorities of Mutual Commodities Flows in the Integration Space of Asian-Pacific Economic Union” (Russian)


К.V. Yudaeva (CSR)

“Economic Openness, Embedding into Global Production Chains and Economic Growth”

S.А. Afontsev (Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS)

“Role of Instruments of Foreign Trade and Industrial Policy in Managing the Structure of Export-Import Flows in Russia”

Section Р
“Legal Regulation”
Chairpersons: А.А. Ivanov (RF Higher Arbitration Court),
Yu.А. Tikhomirov (SU-HSE), V.А. Sivitsky (SU-HSE)
05 April 2007, Thursday
10:00 – 11:40 Session Р – 05 Lecture Hall № 522
Autonomy and Self-Regulation: Legal Aspect
Chairperson V.B. Isakov (SU-HSE)

Yu.А. Tikhomirov (SU-HSE)
“Self-Regulation: Ways and Limits of Legal Regulation” (Russian)

А.E. Zhalinsky (SU-HSE)
“Competitiveness and the Economic Component of Criminal Law: Modern Context” (Russian; abstract)

Е.К. Zamotaeva (SU-HSE)
“Legal Entities as Subjects of Public Law” (Russian; abstract)

Discussant – М.N. Marchenko (Lomonosov MSU)

12:00 – 14:00 Session Р – 06 Lecture Hall № 522
State Administration and Control
Chairperson - L.R. Syukiyanen (SU-HSE)

B.V. Rossinsky (Russian Legal Academy, RF Ministry of Justice)
“Legal Limitations in the Activity of State Bodies Exercising Supervisory-Control Measures” (Russian)

А.А. Ivanov (RF Higher Arbitration Court)
“Legal Protection of Entrepreneurs’ Rights and Lawful Interests. Judicial Error and Terms of Appeal”

V.А. Sivitsky (SU-HSE)

“Separation of Powers between the Levels of Public Authority as a Mean of Protecting the Rights of Citizens and Organizations in Exercising Public Control” (Russian; abstract)


М.А. Krasnov (SU-HSE)
“On Some Reasons for Government’s Intervention into the Economy” (Russian)

М.G. Kuzyk (MAC)

“New Ways of Transforming Legal Forms of State Organizations”

Discussant - I.L. Bachillo (Institute of State and Law RAS)

15:30 – 17:00 Round Table Р – 07 Lecture Hall № 522
“State Control and Autonomy – Searching for the Golden Mean”
Moderator – V.D. Mazaev (SU-HSE)

Issues for discussion:

  • Limits for exercising state control

  • Non-State forms and methods of control on the example of self-regulating organizations

  • Balance of public and private interests in exercising state control

  • Legal bases of state control

  • Are control procedures efficient?

  • Self-protection of the entities controlled

  • Factors determining the Golden mean

  • Assessment of corruption potential of regulatory acts

    Participants: S.А. Parkhomenko (SU-HSE), G.Kh. Lobanov (“Opora Rossii”), А.F. Nozdrachev (Institute of Law and Comparative Jurisprudence RF), V.I. Savin (Orlov Oblast Executive Office)

17:20 – 19:00 Session Р – 08 Lecture Hall № 522
Dynamics of Business Law in Conditions of Economy Modernization
Chairperson - О.М. Oleinik (SU-HSE)

О.М. Oleinik (SU-HSE)
“Efficiency of Business Law as a Regulator of Economic Behavior”

S.D. Mogilevsky (Academy of Public Economy under RF Government)

“Legal Means for Providing Business Transparency”

А.S. Selivanovsky (SU-HSE)

“Development of Risk Redistribution Instruments in Legislation on Financial Markets”

К.Yu. Totiev (SU-HSE)

“Fair Competition as an Economic-Legal Institution: Comparative Legal Analysis of Russian and European Approaches”

Yu.B. Fogelson (SU-HSE)

“Legal Mechanisms of State Supervision in Financial Services Markets”

Discussant - D.I. Dedov (RF Higher Arbitration Court)