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Program of the conference.

Plenary meetings programme, April 5, 2011
April 5, Tuesday
10.00 - 14.00 Plenary meeting “Global economic crisis and prospects for modernization in Russia”
Moderators: Evgeny Yasin (HSE Academic Supervisor), Yaroslav Kuzminov (HSE Rector), Alexander Shokhin (HSE President)

Alexey Koudrin
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance

Leszek Balcerowicz
Professor of Economics at the Warsaw School of Economics

Axel van Trotsenburg
World Bank's Vice President

Sergei Guriev
Rector of the Russian Economic School

Vladimir Mau
Rector of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration

Natalia Akindinova (Director of the Center for Development HSE)
Sergey Aleksashenko (Director of Macroeconomic Research HSE)
Evgeny Yasin (HSE Academic Supervisor)

15.00 – 18.30 Plenary meeting “Living standards and mode of life: changes in time and space”
Moderator: Evgeny Yasin (HSE Academic Supervisor), Yaroslav Kuzminov (HSE Rector), Alexander Shokhin (HSE President) , Lev Jakobson (Vice-Rector HSE)

Saskia Sassen
Professor of Sociology at Columbia University
Centennial visiting Professor at the London School of Economics

Yaroslav Kuzminov
HSE Rector

Andrey Foursenko
Minister of Education and Science

Evgeny Yasin (HSE Academic Supervisor)
Alexander Ivanter (Deputy chief editor of "Expert ")
Alexey Ponomarenko (Director of International Institute for Education in Statistics, HSE)
Valery Fadeev (Chief editor of "Expert")

Additional events in the framework of the Conference. April 4-7, 2011
Date Event Type Venue Time Working language
April, 4 М. Dabrowski
What kind of lessons can be drawn from the recent global financial crisis?
Public lecture Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11,
aud Г-313
16.30 – 18.00 English, Russian
April, 6 D. Treisman
The Geography of Fear
Public lecture Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11,
aud. E-505
15.00 – 16.30 English
April, 6 S. Radosevic
Global economic crisis and prospects for modernization in Russia
Public lecture Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11,
Aud Г-313
10.00 – 11.30 English
April, 6–7 S&T and Innovation Policy Workshop Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11,
aud. Г-513
10.00 – 18.30 Russian, English
April, 8 Uskali Mäki
Economics making markets is not performativity
Lecture Pokrovsky Boulevard, 11,
aud. Ж-419
17.00 – 18:30 English

Section A. Macroeconomics and Economic Growth
Moderator: E. Gurvich (Economic Expert Group)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-510
Session A-01. Macroeconomic problems of post-crisis development of Russian economy
Session moderator: E. Gurvich (Economic Expert Group)

O. Vuygin (MDM Bank)
Crisis and conversional rules of macroeconomic policy. (Annotation)

S. Aleksashenko (HSE)
Scenarios and alternatives of macroeconomic policy. (Annotation)

E. Gavrilenkov (Investing Company Troika-Dialog)
Risks of development of the Russian Economy. (Annotation)

E. Gurvich (Economic Expert Group)
Е. Lebedinskaya (Economic Expert Group)
A. Suslina (Economic Expert Group)
Long-term fiscal policy: the impact of the crisis. (Annotation)

A.N. Klepach (The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation)
Macroeconomic conditions for innovative development of Russian economy

Room Г-510
Session А-02/1. Crisis and crisis management policies
Session moderator: M. Dabrowski ( Center for Social and Economic Research)

E. Gurvich (Economic Expert Group)
I. Prilepskiy (Economic Expert Group)
External and Internal Factors of output decline during the crisis (Annotation, full version)

M. Kamenskikh (Center for Macroeconomic Research Sberbank)
K. Yudaeva (Center for Macroeconomic Research Sberbank)
Effectiveness of government spending in Russia (Annotation, full version)

O. Solntsev (Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting )
A. Pestova (Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting )
M. Mamonov (Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting )
Banking system scenarios for 2011-2014 with and without macroeconomic shocks (Annotation)

Room Г-510
Session А-03. The sources and mechanisms of economic growth
Session moderator: S. Aleksashenko (HSE)

G. Kuranov (Ministry for Economic Development of the Russian Federation)
Potentials, components and sources of economic growth. (Annotation, full version)

E. Gurvich (Economic Expert Group)
(Natural Rent and soft budget constraint) (Annotation, full version)

P. Alba (World Bank)
E. Sinnott (The World Bank)
Beyond Booms and Busts for Natural-Resource Economies: What can we learn from the experience of Latin America and the Caribbean? (Annotation)

Room Г-510
Session А-04/1. Monetary policy and inflation
Session moderator: M. Gilman (HSE)

S. Merzlyakov (HSE)
The Role of Central Bank Conservatism in an Export-Oriented Economy (Annotation, full version)

O. Kuznetsova (HSE)
Monetary policy in the currency union under model uncertainty (Annotation, full version)<

Room Г-313
Session A -04/2. Round table. GR in Russia: problems, trends, prospects
Session moderator: A. Shokhin (HSE)

- GR in modern Russia: the peculiarities of interaction with public authorities.
- Role of political parties in ensuring a constructive cooperation between business and government: the Russian and international experience.
- GR in modern Russia: peculiarities of promoting the interests of small and medium-sized businesses.
- Interaction between business and government in the framework of investment projects.
- Government and Business: Communication mechanisms of interaction.
- GR in modern Russia: the social aspects.
- Corporate Practice of formation of optimal mechanisms of collaboration between business and government.
- Features training GR-specialists.

Members: P. Aven (OJSC Alfa-Bank), I. Vdovin (NADI), S. Borisov (Suprort of Russia), A. Vorobiov (ZIK Edinaya Rossiya), D. Zimin ("Dinastia" foundation), V. Kirillina (HSE), I. Kotelevskaya (HSE), D. Krilova ("Delovaya Perspectiva" foundation), I. Ogar (HSE), F. Prokopov, V. Stoliarenko ("Evrofinance Mosnarbank"), I. Jurgens (Vice-President of Renaissance Capital)
07 April, Thursday
Room Г-510
Session A-05. Model of economic development
Session moderator: P. Alba (World Bank)

D. Veselov (HSE)
Poverty trap in commodities exporting countries (Annotation, full version)

N. Arefiev (HSE)
A disequilibrium model of business cycles (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-510
Session А-06. Institutions and Development
Session moderator: L. Polishchuk (HSE)

L. Tamilina (Independent Research )
The impact of institutions on economic growth: the case of countries in transition (Annotation, full version)

T. Natkhov (HSE)
L. Polishchuk (HSE)
The Allocation of Talent and Quality of Institutions (Annotation, full version)

J. Drugeon (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)
On Time Preference, Education Arbitrages & Long-Run Growth (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-510
Session A-07. Russia’s Challenge of Post-Crisis Development
Session moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

Z. Bogetic (World Bank)
Russia’s recent economic developments and macroeconomic policy challenges in the global context (Annotation)

V. Sulla (World Bank)
Human Opportunity Index and the Early Application to Russia

Room Г-510
Session A-08. Formation and measurement of inflationary expectations
Session moderator: O. Zamulin (New Economc School)

S. Nikolaenko (Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS)
Consumer expectations and savings behavior of the population of Russia in 2008-2010 (Annotation)

D. Ibragimova (HSE)
Inflation Expectations: measuring and analysis (Annotation, full version)

K. Styrin (New Economic School)
O. Zamulin (New Economc School)
Inflation and inflation expectations in the Russian economy (Annotation, full version)

Section B. Civil Society and Democracy
Moderator: L. Jakobson (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room E-505
Session В-01. Civic climate in Russia: Past and Present
Session moderator: V. Yakimets (Institute of System Analysis)

I. Mersianova (HSE)
Everyday practices of civil society in Russians' lifestyle (Annotation, full version)

E. Petrenko (Public Opinion Foundation )
E. Galitskiy (Public Opinion Foundation)
E. Galitskaya (Public Opinion Foundation)
The diagnosis of civil climate of Russian regions (Annotation)

A. Tumanova (HSE)
Civil Society and it`s Adaptation in Crisis Conditions (about Voluntary Associations in Russia during the World War I ) (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: L. Nikovskaya (Institute of Sociology of RAS)
Room E-505
Session B-02. Models
Session moderator: I. Mersianova (HSE)

V. Yakimets (Institute of System Analysis)
L. Nikovskaya (Institute of Sociology of RAS)
L. Nikovskay (Institute of Sociology RAS)
Analysis of the Public Policy Evaluations by the Representatives of Civil Society and Administration in Russian Regions (Annotation, full version)

M. Levin (HSE)
N. Shilova (HSE)
On the Models of Xenophobia and Ethnic Hatred (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: E. Pahomova (HSE)
Room Г-313
Session B-03. Round table. Whether the government will manage it alone? On the role of NGOs in the social sphere
Session moderator: L. Jakobson (HSE)

- How efficiently are the priorities of social policy? Whether they can be optimized without thedialogue with civil society? Are there any conditions for such a dialogue?
- What is and under what conditions are capable of making NGOs as providers of socialservices? In what areas are promising competition and / or NGO partnerships with state and local government agencies and commercial enterprises? What a positive experience in this field have?
- What the state can and should do to strengthen the role of NGOs in shaping and implementing social policies?

Members: A. Pamfilova (HSE), E. Nikolaeva, I. Mersianova (HSE), A. Shadrin, E. Topoleva-Soldynova
07 April, Thursday
Room E-505
Session B-05. The interaction of government and society
Session moderator: A. Tumanova (HSE)

I. Mersianova (HSE)
V. Yakimets (Institute of System Analysis RAS)
E. Pahomova (HSE)
O. Kononykhina (HSE)
Multivariable trust index of Russians to governmental employees as a tool for interaction between the civil society and the state (Annotation, full version)

C. Podyachev (Institute of Sociology RAS)
Contemporary Political Science On Power And Society: Theoretical Meaning And Its` Aplication On Russian Policy. (Annotation, full version)

D. Goncharov (Higher School of Economics at St.Petersburg )
Uncivicness: Syndrome of Anti-Modern Society (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Pamfilova (HSE)
Room E-505
Session B -06. Social capital and self-organization in the local communities
Session moderator: V. Benevolenski (Moscow Public Science Foundation)

I. Solodova (Centre for Studies of Civil Society and Nonprofit Sector )
The Potential of Corporate Philanthropy in Local Community Development: exsisting limitations (Annotation, full version)

D. Zubareva (HSE)
Social Capital and Traffic: Roads We Take and Government We Elect (Annotation)

A. Ermishina (Southern Federal University)
Social Capital Modeling in Housing (Annotation, full version)

R. Menyashev (HSE)
Inefficient State or Passive Society: The Analysis of the Demand for Regulation in Russia (Annotation)

Discussant: А. Кинсбургский (Институт социологии РАН)
Room E-505
Session B-07. Legal regulation of rights and freedoms (case of Russia)
Session moderator: N. Belyaeva (HSE)B. Bowring (School of Law)

S. Kakabadze (HSE)
N. Zviagina (HSE)
Civil organizations voluntary rejection from registration as body corporate: opportunities and threats (Annotation, full version)

N. Belyaeva (HSE)
V. Karastelev (HSE)
Forms of civil organizations’ participation in public policy (Annotation, full version)

I. Zadorin (ZIRCON Research Group)
D. Zaicev
Problems of civil and social-oriented organizations law identification (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Б. Фридерике (Международная неправительственная организация "Международная Амнистия")
Section C. Demography
Moderator: A. Vishnevsky (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-411
Session С-01. Demographic problems of migration
Session moderator: N. Mkrtchan (HSE)L. Karachyrina

E. Tyuryukanova (Migration Research Center)
Women's Labour Migration to Russia: New Image of "Gastarbeiter" (Annotation)

Y. Shitova (International university of nature, society and man, the state educational institution of Moscow region)
Interaction between the push-pull migration and the pendulum migration in the Moscow region (Annotation, full version)

E. Vakulenko (HSE)
N. Mkrtchan (HSE)
K. Furmanov (HSE)
Interregional migration in Russia: its correlation with social and economic indicators and the role of distance between regions (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-411
Session С-02. Socio-demographic problems - 1
Session moderator: S. Zaharov (HSE)

O. Sinyavskaya (Independent Institute for social policy)
A. Tyndik (Independent Institute for social policy)
Pension and retirement age in Russia: what is the relation between expectations, intentions and actual behavior? (Annotation)

A. Tyndik (Independent Institute for Social Policy)
Education and first birth histories of russian men and women in several generations (Annotation, full version)

E. Rozhdestvenskaya (HSE)
Fatherhood: the liberal trend from father to daddy? (Annotation, full version)

A. Orlov (HSE)
Demographic research of ethnoassimilational processes (on the example of the population of privolzhsky federal district) (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-411
Session С-03. Socio-demographic problems -2
Session moderator: S. Zaharov (HSE)

I. Niculescu-Aron (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies)
Do Romanian people still want babies? Recent aspects regarding the natality behaviour as a component of a new mode of life (Annotation, full version)

C. Mihaescu (Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies)
Recent Evidence in Couple Formation in Romania: Shifting towards the Western Model? (Annotation, full version)

R. Zakharenko (International College of Economics and Finance)
Children Versus Ideas: an "Influential" Theory of Demographic Transition (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-411
Session C-04. Demographic processes in CIS - 1
Session moderator: E. Tyuryukanova (Migration Research Center)

S. Olimova (Research center "Shark")
M. Olimov (Research center "Shark")
The Impact of Labor Migration on Human Capital: The Case of Tajikistan (Annotation)

M. Guillot (University of Pennsylvania)
M. Denisenko (HSE)
Mortality in Central Asia before and after the break-up of the Soviet Union: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan (Annotation, full version)

O. Chudinovskikh (Moscow state Lomonosov University)
Migration processes in the CIS countries and on the post-soviet space: reflection in statistics (Annotation)

V. Agadjanian (Arizona State University)
L. Nedoluzhko (Stockholm University)
P. Dommaraju (Nanyang Technological University)
Diverging economic fortunes and fertility dynamics in Central Asia: Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan compared (Annotation, full version)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-411
Session С-05. Demographic processes in CIS – 2
Session moderator: M. Denisenko (HSE)

L. Maksakova (Institute of Macroeconomics and social studies)
Uzbekistan in Eurasian migration system (Annotation)

V. Agadjanian (Arizona State University)
N. Zotova (Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology)
Exploring Sexual Risks of Central Asian Female Migrants in Moscow (Annotation, full version)

Z. Palian (Kiev National University T. Shevchenko)
Fertility in context of nature replacement of population in Ukraine: statistical aspect (Annotation, full version)

Section D. Labour Market
Moderator: V. Gimpelson (HSE)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-317
Session D-05. Labour Market - 1
Session moderator: R. Kapeluyshnikov (HSE)

L. Cook (Brown University, Providence, RI 02912)
Russian Labour: The Puzzle of Quiescence (Annotation, full version)

A. Oshchepkov (HSE)
A. Muravyev (Institut fuer Zukunft der Arbeit (IZA))
Minimum wages and unemployment: What can be learned from Russian data? (Annotation)

A. Alexandrova (The World Bank)
Using activation policies to help the poor (re)enter the labor markets (Annotation)

Room Г-317
Session D-06. Labour Market - 2
Session moderator: S. Roschin (HSE)

A. Zaiceva (Institute for the Study of Labor and University of Bologna)
T. Razzolini (University of Siena)
H. Lehmann (University of Bologna and Institute for the Study of Labor)
A. Muravyov (Institute for the Study of Labor)
The incidence and cost of job loss in the Russian labor market (Annotation)

V. Gimpelson (HSE)
R. Kapeluyshnikov (HSE)
A. Lykyanova (HSE)
Educational level of Russian workers: required, excess, insufficient (Annotation)

Room Г-317
Session D-07. Labour Market – 3
Session moderator: I. Denisova (New Economic School)

F. Slonimczyk (HSE)
The Effect of Taxation on Labor Market Informality: Evidence from the Russian Flat Tax Reform (Annotation, full version)

L. Smirnykh (HSE)
Non-standard employment contracts: the experience of enterprises (Annotation, full version)

O. Lazareva (HSE)
Formal and informal employment in Russian families (Annotation)

A. Zydina (HSE)
V. Gimpelson (HSE)
The informal sector: the dynamics, structure, determinants (Annotation)

Section E. Public Administration
Moderator: A. Klimenko (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-605
Session E-01. Public procurement - 1
Session moderator: A. Ivanov (Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University)

E. Podkolzina (Centre for Institutional Studies)
the role of reputational mechanisms in Russian public procurement: a list of unfair suppliers (Annotation, full version)

A. Yakovlev (HSE Institute for Industrial and Market studies)
O. Demidova
O. Balaeva (HSE)
Types of contracts in public procurement and their pecularities: empirical analysis of Russian micro-data (Annotation)

A. Ivanov (Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University)
Contracting Authority on the Competitive Market (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-605
Session E-02. Public procurement - 2
Session moderator: I. Kuznetsova (A.B. Soloviev Institute for State and Local Procurement )

A. Eryomina (HSE)
I. Zoroastrova (HSE)
An empirical analysis of the factors of collusion in the market of public procurement (Annotation, full version)

S. Malin (HSE, St. Petersburg Branch)
We apply a mechanism of "collective shopping in public procurement (Annotation, full version)

S. Pivovarova (HSE)
E. Podkolzina (HSE)
Information transparency and public procurement in Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-605
Session E-03. Public procurement - 3
Session moderator: O. Anchishkina

I. Kuznetsova (A.B. Soloviev Institute for State and Local Procurement )
Analysis of the practice of holding a public auction in electronic form (Annotation)

N. Maslova (A.B. Soloviev Institute for State and Local Procurement Management)
Estimation of risks as institute of management of maintenance of the state needs (Annotation, full version)

O. Demidova (HSE)
A. Yakovlev (HSE)
Influence of the interaction between enterprises and authorities on the participation of the enterprises in public procurement: an empirical analysis. (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-605
Session E-04. Regulatory Impact Assessment
Session moderator: D. Tsygankov (HSE)

A. Khersontsev (The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation )
Prospective of the RIA Institute’s Development in Russia (Annotation)

D. Tsygankov (HSE)
D. Derman (HSE)
Comparative Analysis of the RIA Introduction’s Instruments in Russia and CIS Countries (Annotation, full version)

A. Belyaev (HSE)
D. Sobol (The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation )
The RIA Implementation’s Models on Regional Level in Russia (Annotation, full version)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-313
Session E-05. Optimizing the state's presence: a reduction of regulatory functions, ensuring transparency and feedback from citizens and businesses
Session moderator: A. Klimenko (HSE)

- Continuation of existing ways of reforming public administration or the selection of new paradigms?
- Priorities and evaluate the impact of management innovations
- Can significant improvements be without additional resources?

Members: A. Klimenko (HSE), A. Auzan (Lomonosov Moscow State University), C. Kordonskii (HSE), P. Kryuchkova (HSE), . (HSE)
Room Г-605
Session E-06. Analysis of the practice of Public Administration
Session moderator: Y. Plusnin (HSE)

V. Skalon (Educational and research laboratory of municipal administration)
Financial and administrative independence of local administration as an indispensable factor of modernization of Russian economy (Annotation, full version)

G. Donchevsky (Southern federal university)
N. Ustina (Samara academy of the state and municipal management)
A. Karlina (Samara academy of the state and municipal management)
The Process Approach in Organizational Projecting Within the Sibiliarian Model of Municipal Entity Management (Annotation, full version)

E. Khaimour (The Finance Committee of St. Petersburg)
O. Patokina (Graduate School of Management, St. Petersburg State University)
Mechanism of outsourcing of government functions and government services (Annotation, full version)

O. Minchenko (Institute for public administration and municipal management)
The practice of involvement independent experts or expert organizations in the process of delivery of public services and performing government functions (Annotation, full version)

D. Boykov (HSE)
"Amorphous" status of city districts (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-605
Session E-07. Analysis of Corruption - 1
Session moderator: E. Panfilova (Center for anticorruption research and initiatives "Transparency International - R")

Y. Nisnevich (HSE)
Corruption as a factor reducing the competitiveness of the state: the comparative-institutional analysis (Annotation, full version)

A. Pominov (Center for anticorruption research and initiatives "Transparency International - R")
Civic control of implementation of public e-services provision (Annotation, full version)

I. Ninenko (Center for anticorruption research and initiatives "Transparency International - R")
Results of the first year of declarations of assets and incomes of public oficials (Annotation, full version)

E. Panfilova (Center for anticorruption research and initiatives "Transparency International - R")
Anti-corruption initiatives in Russia today: how far they can go (Annotation)

Room Г-605
Session E-08. Analysis of Corruption - 2
Session moderator: S. Parkhomenko (HSE)

L. Tserkasevich (St. Petersburg Academy of Management and Economic)
Corruption in Sweden: problems of identification and measurement (Annotation, full version)

M. Savintseva (HSE)
Right to Know as Anticorruption Toolkit (Annotation, full version)

S. Parkhomenko (HSE)
Anticorruption strategy in Russia: preliminary results and prospects (Annotation)

Section F. Banking and Finance
Moderators: N. Berzon (HSE) F. Aleskerov (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-405
Session F- 01. Empirical analysis of stock markets in developing countries
Session moderator: T. Teplova (HSE)

A. Stolyarov (HSE)
N. Tlehugov (HSE)
Insider trading on Russian stock market (Annotation, full version)

M. Vaihekoski (University of Turku)
Time-varying global and local sources of market and currency risk in the Russian stock market (Annotation)

T. Teplova (HSE)
E. Shutova (HSE)
K. Kostanarov
Comparison risk measures for cross section return explanation on local stock markets of transition economics (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-405
Session F- 02. Banks
Session moderator: M. Semenova (HSE)

E. Popova (The Central bank of the Russian Federation)
F. Aleskerov (HSE)
P. Bondarchuk (HSE)
P. Aleksashin (HSE)
A. Knurova (Eurasian Development Bank)
The analysis of business models of Russian commercial banks (Annotation)

L. Weill (University of Strasbourg & EM Strasbourg Business School)
Bank capital, liquidity creation and deposit insurance (Annotation, full version)

K. Schoors (Ghent University, CERISE)
W. Pyle (Middlebury College)
The Effect of Deposit Insurance on Market Discipline: Evidence from a Natural Experiment on Deposit Flows (Annotation, full version)

M. Semenova (HSE)
Banking system transparency and potential market discipline: evidence from depositor survey (Annotation, full version)

H. Ersel (Sabanci University)
Economic requirements of macroprudential regulation (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-405
Session F-03. Efficiency 1
Session moderator: Z. Fungacova (Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition)

V. Belousova (HSE)
How the environment influences cost efficiency of Russian banks? (Annotation, full version)

R. Herrala (The Bank of Finland Institute of Economies in Transition)
A Stochastic Frontier Analysis of Household Credit Conditions (Annotation)

E. Glushkova (Bank VTB)
E. Glushkova (HSE)
Does state ownership of banks really hinder financial development and economic growth in emerging markets? (Annotation, full version)

Z. Fungacova (Bank of Finland Institute for Economies in Transition)
L. Weill (University of Strasbourg)
C. Godlewski (University of Strasbourg)
Stock market reaction to debt financing arrangements in Russia (Annotation, full version)

V. Sokolov (HSE)
Tracing the Impact of Liquidity Infusions by the Central Bank on Financially Constrained Banks (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-405
Session F-04. Efficiency 2
Session moderator: A. Karminsky (HSE)

S. Morfov (International College of Economics and Finance, Higher School of Economics)
M. Santos (University of Miami)
Relative Performance Evaluation and Managerial Outside Options [by Stanimir Morfov (HSE) and Manuel Santos (University of Miami)] (Annotation, full version)

V. Sosyurko (HSE)
A. Vasilyuk (HSE)
Comparison of bank rating models based on IFRS and russian accounting data (Annotation, full version)

A. Andries (University of Iasi)
I. Alexandru (University of Iasi)
The determinants of bank efficiency and productivity growth in the Central and Eastern European banking systems (Annotation, full version)

A. Karminsky (HSE)
A. Peresetsky (HSE)
S. Golovan (HSE)
Methods and models of the rating scales comparison (Annotation, full version)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-405
Session F-05. Finance
Session moderator: S. Gelman (HSE)

J. Slepukhina (Ural State University )
The investment potential management in the Russian insurance business: traditions, innovations or unused possibilities of growth? (Annotation, full version)

S. Gelman (HSE)
C. Burhop (University of Cologne)
Transaction costs, liquidity and expected returns at the Berlin Stock Exchange, 1892-1913 (Annotation, full version)

D. Lingelbach (Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore)
Paradise Postponed? Venture Capital Emergence in a Transition Economy (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-405
Session F-07. Risk analysis
Session moderator: N. Berzon (HSE)

V. Dobrynskaya (HSE)
Downside risk and flight to quality in the currency market (Annotation)

D. Khametshin (HSE)
O. Nakonechnaya (HSE)
The Influence of Demographic Structure on the Market Risk Premium: Empirical Research (Annotation, full version)

N. Berzon (HSE)
V. Mezentsev (HSE)
The use of econometric models to assess credit-default swaps on Russian companies (Annotation, full version)

Section G. Civil Society and Democracy
Moderators: O. Tretyak (HSE)N. Filinov (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-317
Session G-01. Business processes in Russian companies
Session moderator: A. Sterligova (HSE)

A. Belov (OAO Severstal)
Strategic priorities and functional processes of the large Russian corporation: impact of the world economic crisis (Severstal case study) (Annotation)

A. Shatalov (Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg State University)
G. Shirokova (Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg State University )
Business Model and the Firm Performance (Annotation, full version)

E. Aleshchenko (Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering)
V. Markova (Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering)
Business model as instrument of improving performance of small innovative companies (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-317
Session G-02. Inter-firm collaboration and competitive advantage
Session moderator: O. Tretyak (HSE)

J. Popova (Syktyvkar State University)
Effectiveness of intercompany relationships measurement in value chain (Annotation, full version)

S. Kouchtch (Graduate School of Management Saint-Petersburg State University)
V. Rebyazina (Graduate School of Management Saint-Petersburg State University )
M. Smirnova (Graduate School of Management Saint-Petersburg State University )
A. Krasnikov (George Washington University)
“Innovation Radar: Developing the Multifactor Measurement Tool for Innovation Activity of Russian Companies” (Annotation, full version)

V. Minina (St. Petersburg State University)
Trust culture as a factor for gaining competitive advantage of an organization in the knowledge economy (Annotation, full version)

V. Kyskova (HSE)
Why Cookies Go Better with Milk: a Two-Item Newsvendor Model with Multiple Demand Streams (with Xinxi Hu, H. Sebastian Heese) (Annotation)

Room Г-317
Session G-03. Management in Corporations
Session moderator: G. Kleiner (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of RAS)

I. Gurkov (HSE)
Z. Saidov (HSE)
Strategy of actions of firm in the conditions of uncertainty: the system approach of the analysis of steady conditions of reproduction (Annotation, full version)

R. Kachalov (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute Russian Academy of Sciences)
System Risk Management: many years data analyse (Annotation, full version)

G. Kleiner (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute of RAS)
Economic Sysytem Organization and System Management (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-317
Session G-04. Social organization of firms and human resource management in business organization
Session moderator: A. Efendiev (HSE)

E. Davoine (Chaire Ressources Humaines et Organisation, FSES - Université de Fribourg)
O. Schroeter (University of Fribourg)
How national are the HR-practices of subsidiaries of Multinational Companies? (Annotation, full version)

N. Aparina (Kemerovo State University)
Employee-Employer Bargaining Positions (Annotation)

A. Efendiev (HSE)
E. Balabanova (HSE)
Career in Russian Business organisations (Annotation)

V. Lyubitskaya (Altay State Technical University)
Features of the HR-management and motivation in industry: the impact of economic crisis. (Annotation, full version)

A. Koveshnikov (Hanken School of Economics)
A. Efendiev (HSE)
E. Balabanova (HSE)
M. Ehrnrooth (Hanken School of Economics)
Managerial attitudes in Russian organizations: A study of 8 geographic regions and 14 industries in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Section H. World Development and Politics
Moderators: L. Grigoriev (HSE)S. Karaganov (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-401
Session H-01. New structural factors of world economy
Session moderator: E. Serova (Food and Agriculture Organization)

A. Likhacheva (HSE)
World economy as a ground of water problems solution (Annotation, full version)

L. Grigoriev (HSE)
The Structure of World Economic Growth in Next Two Decades (Annotation)

I. Makarov (HSE)
Impact of Climate Change on Global Economic Processes (Annotation, full version)

A. Savelyeva (HSE)
The transformation of the global food market in the modern era (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-401
Session H-02. Russian - European relations: between strategic alliances and zero-sum game
Session moderator: T. Bordachev (HSE)

V. Petrovskiy (HSE)
Russia's Foreign Policy Review: from Soviet Nostalgia towards a new Pragmatism? (Annotation, full version)

T. Gomart (French Institute for Intertational Relations)
NATO, Europe and "russian question" (Annotation, full version)

T. Romanova (St. Petersburg State University)
EU-Russian Relations: Problems and Perspectives (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-401
Session H-03. The regional dimension of international political processes
Session moderator: A. Suzdaltsev (HSE)

E. Kanaev (HSE)
Russia's Policy in Southeast Asia: Trends and Prospects (Annotation, full version)

A. Suzdaltsev (HSE)
Problems of formation of the Customs Union and Uniform Economic Space within EvrAzEs (Annotation, full version)

G. Mirskiy (HSE)
Revolution in the Arab world (Annotation)

M. Frey (University of Regensburg, Department of Economics / Osteuropa-Institut Regensburg)
Z. Olekseyuk-Viber (University of Duisburg-Essen)
The Effects of Trade Liberalization between the EU and Ukraine in a Computable General Equilibrium Model (Annotation, full version)

S. Golovanova (HSE)
International trade liberalization and structural changes in Russian manufacturing industry (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-401
Session H-04. Policies of countries and groups - a factor of elites
Session moderator: I. Busygina (Moscow State Institute of International Relations)

L. Grigoriev (HSE)
The Elite and the middle class (Annotation)

M. Bratersky (HSE)
Financial Interests in Russian Foreign Policy Strategy (Annotation, full version)

P. Dutkiewicz (Carleton University)
The World in 2012 - the major players (Annotation)

I. Busygina (Moscow State Institute of International Relations)
Russia and the European Union: What Determines Strategic Choices? (Annotation, full version)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-401
Session H-05. Arctic Power and Politics
Session moderator: V. Kryukov (Нigher School of Economics)

A. Moe (Fridtjof Nansen Institute)
The oil industry and the Arctic ocean: Competition or cooperation? (Annotation, full version)

N. Simonia (Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS)
Russian interests in Arctics (Annotation, full version)

V. Kryukov (Нigher School of Economics)
Growing importance of the Arctic Energy Resources in a modern world - influence of uncertainty or real needs? (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-401
Session H-06. The impact of world trade and integration processes for the development of the national economies -1
Session moderator: J. Zweynert (Hamburg Institute of International Economics & University of Hamburg )

J. Zweynert (Hamburg Institute of International Economics & University of Hamburg )
EU Conditionality and Bulgaria’s and Romania’s Economic Transition Performance – an Empirical Analysis (Annotation, full version)

Section I. Seminar “S
Moderator: L. Gohberg (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-513
Session I-01. Transition to Innovation-based Economic Growth
Session moderator: G. Schweitzer (National Research Council/National Academies of Sciences, the U.S.)

L. Gohberg (HSE)
I. Agamirzyan (Russian Venture Company)
Expert Group on Review of the Strategy of the Long-term Social and Economic Development of Russia till the year 2020 (Annotation)

A. Ponomarev (Ministry of education and Science)
New management tools of science and innovation (Annotation)

D. Belousov (Centre for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-term Forecasting)
Challenges of Long-term Innovation-based Economic Growth (Annotation)

M. Doroshenko (HSE)
Innovation and Refined Structure of the Russian Economy (Annotation)

Room Г-513
Session I-02. S
Session moderator: T. Kuznetsova (HSE)

V. Roud (HSE)
Innovation modes in Russian manufacturing: Analysis of the Diversity (Annotation)

T. Gstraunthaler (HSE)
State-of-the-Art in Financing Innovative Entrepreneurship (Annotation)

S. Zaichenko (HSE)
Efficiency of Knowledge Transfer in R&D Sector (Annotation)

Room Г-513
Session I-03. Challenges and Prospects of Innovation-based Growth
Session moderator: B. Saltykov (HSE)

A. Sokolov (HSE)
Long-term Prospects of S&T Development in Russia (Annotation)

R. Popper (Manchester Institute of Innovation Research, University of Manchester, UK)
Identification of the Long-term S&T Priorities with the Use of “Wild Cards” Method: Experience of “iKnow” EU Project (Annotation)

O. Karasev (HSE)
Foresight of Nanoindustry Markets in Russia (Annotation)

A. Chulok (Interdepartmental Analytical Center)
Main Outcomes of the S&T Long-term Forecast for the Russian Federation until 2030 (Annotation)

Room Г-513
Session I-04. Foresight-studies: International Experience
Session moderator: K. Gonchar (HSE)

A. Gauselmann (Halle Institute for Economic Reserach)
J. Stephan (Tecnical University Freiberg)
M. Knell (Norwegian Istitute for Studies in Innovation, Research and Education)
Investment Motives of FDI into Central East Europe. An Analysis by us of the latest wave of the IWH FDI-Micro Database. (Annotation, full version)

V. Andreev (Finance University under the Government of Russian Federation)
D. Chupikin (Center of Innovative Strategies)
Factors determining the commercial success of R&D at different levels of novelty in the real sector of Russian economy (Annotation, full version)

Y. Amosov (Center for Innovation and high technology, Ernst & Young)
NONAME (Annotation)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-513
Session I-05. Energy Efficiency as a Priority in Modernization of the Russian Economy
Session moderator: Z. Guinet (HSE)

D. McNelis (University of North)
Energy and Energy Efficiency Overview (Annotation)

V. Lavrov (HSE)
National Energy Efficiency Policy in Russia (Annotation)

M. Edwards (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the U.S.)
Metrics for Evaluating Energy Efficiency Investments (Annotation)

G. Schweitzer (National Research Council/National Academies of Sciences, the U.S.)
L. Proskuryakova (HSE)
Energy Efficiency Trends and Policies in the U.S. and in Russia: a Comparative Perspective (Annotation)

Room Г-513
Session I - 06. HSE Innovation Infrastructure Development
Session moderator: I. Bortnik (HSE)

A. Novoseltsev (HSE)
HSE Innovation Infrastructure Development Programme (Annotation)

M. Glowik (Agency at the Research Center Juelich for the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Ministry of Economics, Germany)
Experience of the Support Programme for Innovation Infrastructure at EXIST Universities (Germany) (Annotation)

K. Schwens (University of Giessen)
Germany Experience of the Entrepreneurship Cluster Mittelhessen (ECM) (Annotation)

S. Heikkiniemi (The Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation (TEKES))
How to empower students? (Annotation)

R. Pinschmidt (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)
Innovation Infrastructure Development in the U.S. Universities (Annotation)

Room Г-513
Session I-07. Mathematical modelling and evaluation of innovations
Session moderator: S. Moskalionov (Ulyanovsk State University)

L. Delitsin (Moscow State University of Culture and Arts)
New ICT diffusion models verified by survey data (Annotation, full version)

N. Guseva (Vilnius University)
Application of fuzzy logic for the evaluation of e-commerce systems' quality (Annotation, full version)

E. Shomova (HSE)
A. Kirsanov (HSE)
Interdependent projects portfolio formation: mathematical formalization of the task (Annotation, full version)

S. Moskalionov (Ulyanovsk State University)
A. Lvov (Ulyanovsk State University)
Innovational Potential Analysis for Russian Economy: Production Functions Approach (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-513
Session I-08. Innovations and economic development of regions
Session moderator: O. Mariev (State educational institution of higher professional education Ural State University named after A.M. Gorky )

E. Kutsenko (Council for research of productive forces)
Influence of clusters on innovative activity in the regions of Russia: results of empirical research (Annotation, full version)

O. Valieva (Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, Novosibirsk State University)
Small Innovative Business in Russia: Problems and Perspectivs (Annotation, full version)

D. Faykov (Sarov Phisical and Technical Institute - branch of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI )
Is it possible to use "enclave" model of innovation development in Russia? (Annotation, full version)

L. Bozhko (Rydny Industrial Institute)
The approach to development of frontier territories (Annotation, full version)

O. Mariev (State educational institution of higher professional education Ural State University named after A.M. Gorky )
I. Savin (Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Russian regions in the rush of innovations: empirical results (Annotation, full version)

Section J. Political Processes
Moderators: A. Melville (HSE)M. Urnov (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room E-503
Session J-01. Political systems
Session moderator: M. Ilyin (HSE)

R. Neil (University of Limerick)
Regime building versus state building in post-communist Russia: explaining the drive to modernization and its weaknesses (Annotation, full version)

M. Ilyin (HSE)
Generation shifts of international systems as a factor of state building in Early Modern period. (Annotation, full version)

Room E-503
Session J-02. New democracies and new autocracy
Session moderator: A. Melville (HSE)

D. Stukal (HSE)
Application of multivariate statistics to the analysis of factors of democratization in post-communist states (Annotation, full version)

M. Mironyuk (HSE)
Why the results are so different : Conditions and procedures of the constitutional design choice in the postcommunist states (Annotation)

A. Melville (HSE)
Prerequisites of democracy and limits of democratization (Annotation, full version)

Room E-503
Session J-03. Regional policy
Session moderator: M. Mironyuk (HSE)

Y. Lazarev (Saint-Petersburg State University)
Ethnic Diversity and Political Competition: Evidence from Local Elections in Dagestan (Annotation, full version)

O. Vasilyeva (Amur State University)
Appointed vs elected governors and their effects on public goods provision in Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

Room E-503
Session J-04. Parties
Session moderator: R. Turovsky (Moscow State University)

E. Grigorenko (HSE)
Current evolution of Russia's party system (Annotation, full version)

H. Aray (University of Granada)
Effects of Political Parties on Regional Public Infrastructure (Annotation)

07 April, Thursday
Room E-503
Session J-05. Political decision-making
Session moderator: A. Akhremenko (Moscow State University)

P. Chebotarev (Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Sciences)
Z. Lezina (Institute of Control Sciences of RAS)
Y. Tsodikova (Institute of Control Sciences of RAS)
Democratic decisions in a stochastic environment: Analysis of the phenomena of cooperation and lobbying (Annotation, full version)

D. Karabekyan (HSE)
V. Yakuba (Institute of Control Sciences of RAS)
On Weak Manipulation of Scoring Rules (Annotation, full version)

A. Karpov (HSE)
The model of board of directors elections (Annotation, full version)

A. Akhremenko (Moscow State University)
Political Decisions and Quality of Life in Russian Regions: Political and Formal Analysis (Annotation, full version)

Room E-503
Session J-06. Political Values
Session moderator: G. Musikhin (HSE)

I. Tomashov (HSE)
S. Medvedev (HSE)
Political anomy in contemporary Russia (Annotation, full version)

I. Soboleva (HSE)
G. Musikhin (HSE)
Domination of the administrative class in Russia as an obstacle to the political discourse formation (Annotation, full version)

E. Migol (HSE)
T. Khavenson (HSE)
Political values distribution in Russia, France, Germany and the USA (Annotation, full version)

G. Musikhin (HSE)
National idea as "ideology of power" (Annotation, full version)

Room E-503
Session J-07. Political behavior and political institutions
Session moderator: V. Kasamara (HSE)

V. Grishin (Russian Public Opinion Research Center)
Irrational aspects of Russians' electoral behavior and perspectives of political modernization in the Russian society (Annotation, full version)

V. Abelinskaite (Russian PR Association)
Process of informal institualization in the modern Russia: how political elites have an influence on institutional changing (Annotation, full version)

A. Sorokina (HSE)
V. Kasamara (HSE)
The image of Russia and its future: political elite VS street people (Annotation, full version)

Room E-503
Session J-08. Ideas and methods
Session moderator: M. Urnov (HSE)

V. Kostyushev (HSE)
The Concept of Politics Field: Theoretical Possibilities and Empirical Verificatins (Annotation, full version)

A. Petrov (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (RAS))
E. Kornilina (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics (RAS))
Study of Proximity of Political Positions by Means of Latent Semantic Analysis (Annotation, full version)

G. Gradoselskaya (HSE)
Рossibilities of development of the network analysis methodology applied to the post-Soviet information space (Annotation, full version)

Section K. Educational Development
Moderator: I. Froumin (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-408
Session K-01. Global and national trends in higher education
Session moderator: I. Froumin (HSE)

I. Abankina (HSE)
L. Filatova (HSE)
E. Nikolayenko (HSE)
Structural dynamics in higher education sector in Russia (Annotation, full version)

A. Muravyev (Institute for the Study of Labor)
O. Talavera (University of East Anglia)
Can state language policies distort students’ demand for higher education? First evidence from Ukraine (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-408
Session K -02. Educational trajectories in the social context
Session moderator: D. Konstantinovsky (Institute of Sociology RAS)

T. Abankina (HSE)
K. Zinkovsky (HSE)
A. Krasilova (HSE)
G. Yastrebov (HSE)
International Comparative Studies on Vocational Education for Rural Development in the Transition countries, China and Russia: Policy Responses and Innovative Practices (Annotation, full version)

D. Popov (HSE)
U. Tumeneva (HSE)
Tracing study of secondary and higher school graduates in Russia (Annotation)

S. Jiang (Центральная академия педагогических исследований КНР)
B. Huang (Central University of Finance and Economy)
Desire of rural students to study at schools of secondary vocational education (according to a survey conducted in three provinces of China) (Annotation)

Room Г-408
Session K-03. The possibilities of using Unified State Examination in research
Session moderator: V. Bolotov (HSE)

I. Prakhov (HSE)
The Analysis of Formation of Expectations about Results of the Unified State Examination (Annotation, full version)

O. Poldin (Higher School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod branch)
Predicting average grade in the HSE on the base of entrance examinations (Annotation, full version)

S. Kiselgof (HSE)
Model of entrants' choice over universities and admission process in Russia (Annotation, full version)

O. Zamkov (HSE)
Econometric Analysis of the factors of academic achievement of the students at ICEF, HSE (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-408
Session K-04. Economics and management of education
Session moderator: I. Abankina (HSE)

N. Garifullina (Petrozavodsk State University)
Educational services in budget expences for higher professional education (Annotation, full version)

A. Panova (The Centre for Institutional Studies)
Faculty participation in governance: contract approach to analysis of the incentives. (Annotation, full version)

V. Shadrikov (HSE)
Certification of teachers as a guarantee of the quality of education (Annotation, full version)

E. Grigorieva (Siberian Federal University )
Problems of development of the private sector in the market of preschool services (Annotation, full version)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-408
Session K-08. Round table. External trends as a factor in the development of the Russian School
Session moderator: I. Froumin (HSE)A. Kasprzhak (HSE)

- How should changes in society, economy, families be reflected in the organization and content of school education?
- Do the problems of school change due to the loss of its monopoly on the socialization?
- Will the balance of responsibility between families and schools for the education of the child change in the 21 century?
- Do only the benefits arise in the process of penetration of information technology in school?

Members: K. Polivanova, K. Mitrofanov, S. Popov, O. Alekseev, E. Rachevsky, M. Dulin
Section L. Regional development
Moderators: N. Zubarevich (Moscow State University)S. Puzanov (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-107
Session L-01. Regional economy: effects of agglomeration
Session moderator: S. Kadochnikov (State educational institution of higher professional education Ural State University named after A.M. Gorky)

P. Vorobyev (Ural State University)
N. Kislyak (Department of Economics, Ural State University)
N. Davidson (Ural State University)
Industrial diversity and concentration in Russian cities: the impact on economic efficiency (Annotation, full version)

N. Davidson (Ural State University)
I. Drapkin (Ural State University)
A. Fedunina (Ural State University)
T. Lopatina (Ural State University)
A. Korobeinikova (Ural State University)
The impact of foreign direct investment on diversification of regional economy (Annotation)

. Kolomak (Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering SB RAS)
Are spatial externalities resources of growth in Russia? (Annotation, full version)

K. Gluschenko (Instutute of Economics and Industrial Engineering SB RAS)
Impact of the global crisis on spatial relationships in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-107
Session L-02. From the crisis to modernization?
Session moderator: B. Zhikharevich (Leontief Centre)

L. Grigoriev (HSE)
A. Salmina (HSE)
First market crisis in Russian regions (Annotation)

O. Rusetskaya (International Centre for Economic Research)
Dynamics of development and tools of support of small business in regions of the northwest of Russia in crisis 2008-2009 (Annotation, full version)

N. Zubarevich (Moscow State University)
Center-regions budget relations: social and investment priorities at the stage of crisis overcoming (Annotation, full version)

B. Zhikharevich (Leontief Centre)
Assessment of anti-crisis actions taken by regional authorities in North-West Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-107
Session L-03. Regional economy: structural transformation
Session moderator: . Kolomak (Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering SB RAS)

Z. Wang (Zhejiang University)
W. Wang (Zhejiang University)
Urbanization, regional disparities elimination in China: the case of Hangzhou-Xiaoshan region (Annotation, full version)

G. Heimpold (Halle Institute for Economic Research)
The manufacturing sector in East German regions 20 years after German Unification – how sustainable is its economic structure? (Annotation, full version)

P. Grouiez (University of Reims)
Firms' strategies on collective goods production in the Russian agricultural sector (Annotation, full version)

L. Larchenko (Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg)
Re-structuring of economy of natural resources regions of the Russian North, as a necessary condition of steady territorial development (Annotation, full version)

A. Kurilo (Institute of Economics, Karelian Research Centre, Russian Academy of Science)
Small entrepreneurship as factor of regional development (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-107
Session L-04. Economics and politics in regions
Session moderator: N. Petrov (Carnegie Moscow Center)

D. Vladimir (consortium "INTEGRA-S")
Infrastruktura by progress innovation of societ end integration safety security (Annotation, full version)

V. Klimanov (Institute for Public Finance Reform)
Budget strategy: New Challenges for Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

P. Druzhinin (Institute of Economics Karelian research Centre )
regional development and regional political institutions (Annotation, full version)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-107
Session L-05. Institutes of Regional Development
Session moderator: A. Pilyasov (GNIU Sovet for the Study of Productive Forces)

N. Kalyuzhnova (Irkutsk State University)
The institutes of regional development and competiveness (Annotation, full version)

T. Vlasova (International Centre for Social and Economic Research "Leontief Centre")
Institutional problems of regional cultural tourism developement (Annotation, full version)

A. Acilar (Bilecik University)
M. Markin (HSE)
E. Nazarbaeva (HSE)
Exploring the Digital Divide: A Case of Russia and Turkey (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-107
Session L-06. Social development of regions
Session moderator: N. Zubarevich (Moscow State University)

D. Rudenko (Tyumen State Academy of World Economics, Management and Law)
Alternative approaches of measuring poverty in Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

A. Naberezhnaya (Northeast Federal University M.K.Ammosov )
Quality of life of the northern region of Russia (The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia)) (Annotation, full version)

V. Majerova (Czech University of Life Sciences Prague)
Czech village changes in consumption: pre- and post-socialist development. (Annotation, full version)

S. Mishchuk (Institute for Complex Analysis of Regional Problems, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Science)
The role of foreign labor in the border region Southern Far East (for example, the Jewish Autonomous Region) (Annotation, full version)

V. Skribans (Riga Technical University)
Estimation of economic benefits of the incoming of Latvia into European Union (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-107
Session L-07/1. Urban economy
Session moderator: S. Puzanov (HSE)

I. Timakov (Institute of Economics Karelian Research Center of Russian Academy of Science)
Modern features of regional housing policy (Annotation, full version)

I. Schneiderman (Institute fpr Social and Economic Studies of Population of RAS)
N. Nozdrina (Institute of Economic Forecasting of RAS)
Housing Conditions of Russian Population and Tasks of Housing Polisy (Annotation, full version)

T. Skaldina (SAP CIS )
Best practices of regional and municipal management. (Annotation)

Room Г-401
Session L -07/2. Territorial aspects of socio-economic modernization of Russia
Session moderator: A. Нещадин (МГУПБ)A. Khodachek (HSE, St. Petersburg Branch)

U. Osintsev (Ministry of Regional Development)
Improving the management processes of territorial development of the Russian Federation (Annotation)

A. Prilepin (Department of social and economic projects IMCMontan)
Integrated investment plans as a "management technology" strategies of territorial development (Annotation)

A. Khodachek (HSE, St. Petersburg Branch)
Improvement of the spatial organization of the economy and the formation of zones of priority development (Annotation)

D. Islamov (Deputy Governor of the Kemerovo region)
Agglomeration as a tool of the consolidated inter-municipal and inter-regional development (Annotation)

G. Donchevsky (Southern Federal University)
Trans-boundary potential border agglomerations (Donbass agglomeration of axle and Belgorod - AVS) (Annotation)

Room Г-401
Session L - 08. Roundtable. City: regulatory mechanisms for the development
Session moderator: V. Glazychev (Moscow Institute of Architecture)

- A city without citizens - it is no more than a shell of emptiness that the citizens fill the signs of life, and public authorities – the attributes their active presence.
- City of citizens - is the arena of corporate interests clash, for which the technology to achieve a balance was elaborated for the centuries.
- Crisis - the normal state of the cities.
- Politics linear control, passivity in urban society

Members: S. Zuev, C. Kordonskii (HSE), А. Kurbatova, Y. Plusnin (HSE), А. Savchenko, А. Chernikhov ( ), Е. Shomina (HSE), I. Ponomarev, А. Vysokovsky
Section M. Social policy
Moderator: T. Chetvernina (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-502
Session M-01. Russian pension system: perspective of modernization
Session moderator: A. Solovyev (HSE)

M. Leykova (Pension Fund of the Russian Federation)
S. Dontsova (Pension Fund of the Russian Federation)
Formula for pension calculation as a mechanism of provision of equivalence of pension rights and obligations in insurance pension system (Annotation, full version)

A. Solovyev (HSE)
M. Korjov (Deutsche Bank)
World Financial Crisis and Perspectives of Upgrading Pension System of Russia (Annotation, full version)

L. Rzhanitsina (Institute of the economy of RAS)
О повышении пенсионного возраста (Annotation, full version)

T. Tideman (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)
F. Plassmann (State University of New York at Binghamton)
Pricing Extenalities and Providing Compensation (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-502
Session M-02. Social model and social inequality
Session moderator: A. Moskovskaya (HSE)

N. Tarasova (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS)
Macroeconomic Estimates of Population Damage from Social Sphere Commercialization (under Semiotic Methodologyof Maintenance of Estimates Reliability) (Annotation, full version)

M. Knogler (Osteuropa-Institut Regensburg)
F. Lankes (University for Applied Sciences Munich)
Social Models in the enlarged European Union: Dimensions and Country Classification (Annotation, full version)

L. Sabitova (HSE)
G. Minnigaleeva (HSE)
K. Demina (HSE)
The role of governmental and non- governmental organizations in realizing social potential of older persons in Russia. (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-502
Session M -03. The middle class in Russia: problems of formation during the modernization of the economy
Session moderator: L. Grigoriev (HSE)

L. Grigoriev (HSE)
A. Salmina (HSE)
The economic crisis and the middle class (Annotation)

A. Sobolev (HSE)
I. Soboleva (HSE)
M. Urnov (HSE)
T. Remington (Emory University)
The Middle Class in Four Russian Regions: Government Policies and Behavioral Strategies (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-502
Session M-04/1. Social capital, business and power
Session moderator: I. Soboleva (Institute of the economy of RAS)

V. Guvakov (HSE)
Modernization contract between business and government in the space of lifestyles (Annotation, full version)

I. Khizhnyakova (HSE)
G. Minnigaleeva (HSE)
L. Sabitova (HSE)
K. Demina (HSE)
Т. Zulkarnaev (HSE)
Older people in small and medium cities in Russia: opportunities for social inclusion and productivity (Annotation, full version)

Room E-505
Session M -04/2. Mode of life and living standards of Russian population in 1989-2009.
Session moderator: Е. Ясин (НИУ ВШЭ)

- Which factors influence to household’s well-being? How the changes in household’s well-being in historical retrospective should be measured?
- How mach the household’s final consumption of market goods and services was changed in last 20 years?
- Proportions between market and non-market services in education, healthcare and social security in Russia were changed. What impact to household’s well-being it provides?
- Number of square meters of living space per resident has grown but what about its accessibility?
- How Russian society has adapted to new conditions such as labor market and inequality?
- Rest of the world was also changing during these 20 years. How we look now in comparison with our neighbors?

Members: G.Andrushchak (HSE), A. Burdyak (INEC), V.Gimpelson (HSE), A. Ivanter ("Expert "), R. Kapelyushnikov (HSE), P. Kozyreva (HSE), N. Kosareva (The Institute for Urban Economics), M. Malkova (INEC), L. Ovcharova (INEC), N. Ponomarenko (HSE), D. Popova INEC), L. Popovich (HSE), A. Pishnyak (INEC), A.. Puzanov (The Institute for Urban Economics), G. Tishininova (HSE),V. Fadeev ("Expert"), I. Sheiman (HSE)
Section N. Culture and Society
Moderators: N. Lebedeva (HSE)V. Magun (Institute of Sociology RAS, Higher School of Economics)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-114
Session N-01. Social differentiation, cultural and psychological differences
Session moderator: M. Urnov (HSE)

A. Sobolev (HSE)
I. Soboleva (HSE)
M. Urnov (HSE)
Heterogeneity of values and social dynamics in developed and developig countries (Annotation, full version)

E. Selezneva (Osteuropa-Institut, Regensburg)
What makes Russian women (un)happy? A closer look at the family (Annotation, full version)

N. Pliskevish ("Social Sciences")
The dynamics of human capital in the transforming society (Annotation, full version)

L. Borusyak (HSE)
Russian middle class: has the crisis led to changes in social values? (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-114
Session N-02. The Culture and innovations
Session moderator: N. Lebedeva (HSE)

N. Lebedeva (HSE)
Sociocultural predictiors of the attitudes to innovations (Annotation, full version)

T. Kirik (Kurgan State University)
Virtal commanicaton - phenomenon wich changes the world (Annotation, full version)

P. Schmidt (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)
Culture and Innovation: A meta-analysis (Annotation)

Room Г-114
Session N-03/1. Values and subjective well-being: consciousness and role models of Russians
Session moderator: L. Okolskaya (Institute of Sociology RAS)

V. Magun (Institute of Sociology RAS, Higher School of Economics)
M. Rudnev (Institute of Sociology, RAS; Higher School of Economics)
Basic human values of the two Russian generations as compared with their European peers (Annotation, full version)

G. Monusova (Institute of World Economy and International Relations)
Subjective Wellbeing over Age: Russia among other Countries (Annotation, full version)

O. Gryaznova (Institute of Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Russian and European Teachers: difference and similarities of their basic values (Annotation, full version)

L. Okolskaya (Institute of Sociology RAS)
M. Komogortseva (Institute of Sociology RAS)
Teen Girls Role Models in Glossy Magazines: Wellbeing and Rules of Its Attainment (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Е. Danilova (Institute of Sociology RAS)
Room Г-604
Session N-03/2. Creative industries, development of territories and quality of life
Session moderator: V. Gordin (HSE)

Z. Fan (Institute for Cultural Industries, Communication University of China)
Regenerating Old Industrial Workshops: Experience from Ninth Cotton Textile Factory of Shanghai (Annotation, full version)

P. Karhunen (Aalto University School of Economics)
K. Ruutu (Aalto University School of Economics)
A. Panfilov (Aalto University School of Economics)
Cultural industries in Russia: State of the art and development needs (Annotation, full version)

D. Tabachnikova (International Centre for Social and Economic Research "Leontief Centre")
L. Limonov (Leontief Centre)
Role of Creative Industries in Preservation and Use of the Cultural Heritage and Provision of the Sustainable Development of the Area (Annotation, full version)

V. Gordin (HSE)
L. Horeva (HSE)
An innovative strategy for development of culture and life's improvement of Saint-Petersburg inhabitants (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: T. Abankina (HSE)
Room Г-114
Session N-04/1. Religion, ethnicity and modernization
Session moderator: T. Koval (HSE)

T. Koval (HSE)
The Concept of Democracy and Human Rights in the Orthodox and Catholic Social Doctrines (Annotation, full version)

M. Efremova (HSE)
Correlation between values and religious identity and economical attitudes in representatives of Christian and Muslim confessions. (Annotation)

A. Malashenko (Carnegie Moscow Center)
Islam and modernization (Annotation)

E. Pain (HSE)
Dynamics of ethnic-political processes in post-Soviet Russia and its influence onto modernization (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-604
Session N-04/2. Round table: Mobility and the creative potential of the territory
Session moderator: Л. Лимонов (Международный центр социальных и экономических исследований "Леонтьевский Центр")

N. Oding (International centre for Social and Economic research "Leontief centre")
Assessment of readiness of the subjects of the historical inheritance for the cultural potential implementation of the territory (Annotation, full version)

J. Yang (Institute for Cultural Industries, Communication University of China)
Cultural industries in China (Annotation)

L. Savulkin (International Centre for Sosial and Economic Research "Leontief Center")
Capabilities and limitations of creating innovative products in the region (Annotation, full version)
07 April, Thursday
Room Г-114
Session N-05. Values, trust and social capital: cross-regional and crosscountry comparisons
Session moderator: A. Tatarko (HSE)

Y. Latov (Academy of Management of the Interior Ministry of Russia )
N. Latova (Institute of Sociology)
The countries of ostslaven civilizations on a values map on G.Hofstedu (Annotation, full version)

E. Petrenko (HSE)
Three Generations of Russians: the Lifestyle and Social Capital (Annotation, full version)

A. Pilipenko (National mining university)
V. Voloshenyuk (National mining university )
N. Lytvynenko (National mining university )
Regional mental map of Ukraine on G.Hofstede (Annotation, full version)

A. Tatarko (HSE)
Social capital and economic behavior models of Russians and Caucasians (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-114
Session N-06. Psychological factors in the economic processes
Session moderator: O. Gulevitch (Russian state university of humanities)

O. Deyneka (Saint-Petersburg State University)
The representations of personal competitivness and country's competitivness (Annotation, full version)

O. Gulevitch (Russian state university of humanities)
Emloee's psychological dispositions and organisational justice evaluation (Annotation, full version)

A. Sanina (HSE)
Cognitive Construction of Socio-Economic Problems as the Factor of Social Inertia (on the Example of the “World Financial Crisis” Phenomenon) (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-114
Session N-07/1. Culture: Continuity and possible targeted changes
Session moderator: T. Koval (HSE)

V. Lukova (Kursk State University)
Role of social memory in transformation of Russia (Annotation, full version)

E. Kogay (Kursk State University)
The advance of region’s image in the communication expanse (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-313
Session N-07/2. Comparative analysis of structural changes in post-communist world: social justice, equal opportunities, social solidarity
Session moderator: O. Shkaratan (HSE)

- How is the situation today with social justice, equality of opportunity and social solidarity inpost-communist countries? How do the actual "benefits" and "costs" of compliance with these 36 social principles from the economic point of view? From the perspective of the social? Is there an optimum and how to find it?
- Are today's models of social justice and solidarity of society, which may be adequate for today's Russia? Is it possible in Russia, "the state of general well-being? Do in Russia a "NewDeal"?
- What promotes and what hinders ensure equality of chances in the Russian society?
- Is not the inevitable increase in the flow of migrants factor that creates limitations of the social solidarity of the Russian society?

Members: E. Danilova (Institute of Sociology RAS), N. Zarubina (Moscow State Institute of International Relations), V. Ilyin (SPSU), B. Kagarlitsky (Institute of Globalization and Social Movements), V. Karacharovsky (HSE), T. Koval (HSE), A. Krasilova (HSE), N. Lapin (Institute of Philosophy RAS), V. Lexin (Institute of System Analysis, RAS), A. Ochkina (Penza Pedagogical University), T. Sidorina (HSE), S. Smirnov (HSE), M. Chernish (Institute of Sociology RAS), O. Shkaratan (HSE), A. Efendiev (HSE), V. Jadov (Institute of Sociology RAS), G. Jastrebov (HSE)

Section O. Development of Healthcare System
Moderators: S. Shishkin (HSE)L. Popovich (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-209
Session O-01. Social rehabilitation and socially significant diseases
Session moderator: S. Shishkin (HSE)

I. Zarochintseva (Altay region non-goverment organisation "Positive development" )
Non-medical service, or a complex psycho-social services that affect adherence to the example of care for people living with HIV / AIDS (Annotation, full version)

I. Chernysheva (HSE)
Cost Reduction in the HIV Blood Testing (Annotation, full version)

A. Karpushkina (Institute for Family Health)
N. Brynza (Tyumen Oblast Health Department)
O. Gorbunova (Tyumen Oblast Health Department )
Priority objectives for health care system to prevent mother-to-child HIV transmission (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-209
Session O-02. Problems of increasing the efficiency of health care resources
Session moderator: L. Popovich (HSE)

N. Vartapetova (Institute for Family Health)
"Ways of improving the quality of medical care for women and children - ten years of experience of the project" Mother and Child Health initiative "in Russia" (Annotation, full version)

O. Shvabskiy (Institute for Family health)
N. Vartapetova (Institution For Family Health )
Modern tools to assess the effectiveness of health care for women and children (Annotation, full version)

L. Zasimova (HSE)
M. Kolosnitsyna (HSE)
determinants of Russian students healthy lifestyle (Annotation, full version)

M. Sirotko (The Samara state medical university)
A. Kostyaeva (The Samara state medical university )
Representations of modern students about medical activity (Annotation, full version)

M. Duganov (Department of health in Vologda region)
Methodological approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of spending on health care (Annotation)

Room Г-209
Session O- 03. Modernization of public health: limitations and alternatives
Session moderator: S. Shishkin (HSE)

- Modernization of public health in practice until the limited changes in the system of compulsory medical insurance, and investment in medical equipment. Is there any real alternatives to this upgrade?
- Why is the problem of restructuring health care delivery system remain the declaration?
- Existing guarantees free medical care - a social imperative or limitation of opportunities to create an efficient health system?

Members: V. Vlasov (HSE), V. Starodubov (Central Research Institute of Organization and Public Health), I. Sheiman (HSE), G. Ulumbekova (Association of Professional Medical Societies of quality medical care and education)
Section P. Sociology
Moderator: L. Kosals (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-606
Session P-01. Social problems of entrepreneurship
Session moderator: A. Chepurenko (HSE)

N. Soboleva (HSE)
Career success perceptions of business education students (Annotation, full version)

A. Vilenskiy (the Institute of Economics RAS)
Results of sociological research of koordinatsionno-advisory bodies of SME in regions of Russia (Annotation, full version)

E. Kiseleva (Institute for Complex Strategic Studies)
Attitude of Young People to Entrepreneurship: the Results of Survey in Russian Universities (Annotation, full version)

M. Shabanova (HSE)
Successful Entrepreneurs and Managers as modernity community (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-606
Session P-02. Social problems of labor
Session moderator: I. Kozina (HSE)

V. Anikin (HSE)
Modernization Capacity of Human Resources in Russian Economy (Annotation, full version)

E. Andreanova (Tyumen State University)
Influence of crisis on tendencies of development of labour motivation (Annotation, full version)

J. Vaskina (Samara State University)
The level of organization of workers for hire as an actor of industrial relations (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: В. Кабалина (НИУ ВШЭ)
Room Г-606
Session P-03. Cooperation, conflict and class consciousness
Session moderator: A. Temnitsky (Moscow State Institute of International Relations of the MFA of Russia)

I. Kozina (HSE)
Problem of solidarity and leadership in the Industrial Conflicts (Annotation, full version)

E. Vinogradova (HSE)
Conflict and Cooperation in Employees/Management Relationships: Workers Perceptions (Annotation, full version)

E. Simonchuk (National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Sociology)
Class consciousness: experience of a comparative empirical research (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-606
Session P-04. Professions and professional mobility
Session moderator: D. Konstantinovsky (Institute of Sociology RAS)

M. Burlutskaya (Ural State Pedagogical University)
Occupational mobility in post-industrial society: new patterns of professional success (Annotation, full version)

A. Moskovskaya (HSE)
Professional knowledge and professional development in the frameworks of social enterpreneurship: pro et contra (Annotation, full version)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-606
Session P-05/1. Social well-being and modernization
Session moderator: L. Kosals (HSE)

V. Moysov (ZIRCON Research Group)
Russia's new Technopolis Skolkovo: the ratio of target audiences and their motivation to stay and work (Annotation, full version)

I. Zadorin (International research agency "Eurasian Monitor")
L. Shubina (ZIRCON Research Group)
Differentiation of the indicators of social well-being and political loyalty in the CIS countries (based on cross-national research project "Eurasian monitor") (Annotation, full version)

S. Mareeva (Institute of Sociology - Russian Academy of Sciences)
Russians' request for modernization and a certain type of socioeconomic development (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-605
Session P-05/2. New informational medium
Session moderator: E. Penskaya (HSE)

T. Bazzhina (Russian State University for the Humanities)
New Media and new rethoric: method specification (Annotation)

A. Baranov (Russian Language Institute)
Speech influence in conflict communication: escalation of conflict and drift away from it (Annotation)

E. Kara-Murza (Moscow State University)
Linguo-conflictology as a university academic discipline, devoted to crimes and conflicts of speech (Annotation)

E. Penskaja (HSE)
New media narrative (Annotation)

Room Г-606
Session P-06. Financial behavior of population
Session moderator: O. Kuzina (HSE)

N. Khalina (HSE)
Digital money in contemporary Russia: attitudes and strategy to use (Annotation, full version)

I. Zadorin (ZIRCON Research Group)
The dynamics of the financial activity of the Russian population in 1998-2010 years (based on nationwide monitoring) (Annotation)

A. Burdyak (Independent Institute for Social Policy)
Russian households credit behaviour and economic crisis (Annotation, full version)

O. Kuzina (HSE)
Strategies of savings for retirement of Russians (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-606
Session P-07. Network interactions and their influence on behavior
Session moderator: M. Chernish (Institute of Sociology RAS)

A. Semenov (HSE)
Network analysis of interactions in on-line communities of LiveJournal (Annotation, full version)

A. Dubova (HSE)
Social mechanisms of the Russian police informal economic activity (Annotation, full version)

D. Strebkov (HSE)
A. Shevchuk (HSE)
Opportunism protection at the service e-markets (based on the freelancer's and client's surveys) (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-606
Session P-08. Sociology of children and youth
Session moderator: E. Rozhdestvenskaya (HSE)

E. Omelchenko (Centre for youth studies of State University Higher school of economics in St.Petersburg)
Subcultures, generations, solidarities? To the question of conceptualisation of new communication's forms among youth (Annotation, full version)

T. Cherkashina (Novosibirsk State University)
Dynamics of time and financial investment in human potential of children (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: В. Семенова (Институт социологии РАН)
Section Q. Theoretical Economics
Moderators: A. Zakharov (HSE)S. Izmalkov (NES)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-609
Session Q-01. Experimental economics
Session moderator: A. Belianin (HSE)

T. Frye (Columbia University)
Are Reputation and the Rule of Law Complements or Substitutes? Evidence from Survey Experiments in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Y. Çinar (Ankara University)
G. Türkmen (Ankara University)
An Experimental Analysis of Colonel Blotto Games: Decision Making Under Alternative Environments (Annotation, full version)

M. Rohr (University of Valencia)
Deciding across multiple domains: an experimental investigation on the idiosyncratic components of individual and strategic decision making (Annotation, full version)

A. Belianin (HSE)
Factors of cooperative behaviour in experimental games (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-609
Session Q-02. Game-theoretic models - 1
Session moderator: A. Zakharov (HSE)

N. Zenkevich (Graduate School of Management St. Petersburg University)
Stable technological alliance model (Annotation)

S. Kokovin (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
A. Gorn (Novosibirsk State University)
E. Zhelobodko (Novosibirsk State University)
Specific labor and comparative wages in new international trade: general case (Annotation)

I. Bykadorov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
S. Kokovin (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
E. Jelobodko (Novosibirsk State University)
Socially-efficient market power of a chain-store under monopolistic competition of producers (Annotation, full version)

A. Zakharov (HSE)
D. Fantazzini
Eucledian or city-block? Estimation of voter preferences in a multi-dimensional probabilistic voting model. (Annotation)

Room Г-609
Session Q-03. Game-theoretic models - 2
Session moderator: A. Friedman (HSE)

L. Athias (IDHEAP, University of Lausanne)
R. Soubeyran (INRA)
Counter-Incentives in Incomplete Contracts (Annotation)

A. Yurko (HSE)
The Value of Commitment: Marriage Choice in the Presence of Costly Divorce (Annotation, full version)

A. Friedman (HSE)
Efficiency of Decentralization under Imperfect Assessment of Water Discharge (Annotation, full version)

I. Mouraviev (HSE)
Buyer Power and Vertical Coordination in Bilaterally Oligopolistic Industries (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-609
Session Q- 04. Property rights models
Session moderator: L. Polishchuk (HSE)

A. Dubovik (Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)
Trade Secrets and Research Joint Ventures (Annotation, full version)

P. Vorobyev (Severstal)
Private property rights protection and economic growth (Annotation, full version)

L. Polishchuk (HSE)
G. Syunyaev (HSE)
Property Rights and Political Competition: Another Causality (Annotation, full version)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-609
Session Q-05. Political economy - 1
Session moderator: V. Matveenko (Institute for Economics and Mathematics at St. Petersburg, RAS)

Y. Stragis (Ural Federal University)
Modern neoklassical theory and criticism of her fundamental ideas (Annotation, full version)

K. Bukin (HSE)
M. Levin (HSE)
Modeling approach to ethnical discrimination on the Russian job market: group vs. individual reputation (Annotation, full version)

V. Matveenko (Institute for Economics and Mathematics at St. Petersburg, RAS)
A. Korolev (Higher School of Economics, St. Petersburg branch)
Stimulation mechanisms of ecologically motivated regulation: Why ecological policies in transition and developing economies are not effective? (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-609
Session Q-06. Political economy
Session moderator: A. Libman (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)

A. Vasin (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
A. Urazov
P. Nikolaev (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
Mechanisms for centralized corruption suppression (Annotation, full version)

A. Libman (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
Tax Declaration as a Political Statement: Evidence from the Russian Governors (Annotation, full version)

P. Kryuchkova (HSE)
Self-regulation in Russia: the instrument of the state regulation optimisation or restriction of the competition? (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-609
Session Q-07. Financial Models
Session moderator: М. Никитин (HSE)

E. Mochenkova (VU University Amsterdam)
H. Houba (VU University Amsterdam)
Optimal Antitrust Fines (Annotation, full version)

S. Kurronen (University of Helsinki)
Financial Sector as a Driver of Economic Diversification in Resource-Rich Economies (Annotation, full version)

М. Nikitin (HSE)
Double Contagion: The Impact of Globalization and Exchange Rate Regime on Financial Fragility (Annotation, full version)

Section R. Firms and Markets
Moderator: T. Dolgopyatova (HSE)

06 April, Wednesday
Room Г-601
Session R-01. Globalization of markets and the behavior of enterprises
Session moderator: B. Kuznetsov (HSE)

A. Tomová (University of Žilina)
Transnationalized Airports: New Phenomenon in Developing Countries or Myth? (Annotation, full version)

B. Kuznetsov (HSE)
K. Gonchar (HSE)
V. Golikova (HSE)
Impact of Globalization on Russian Industrial Frms' Behavior (Annotation, full version)

D. Lingelbach (Merrick School of Business, University of Baltimore)
A. Randolph (University of Baltimore)
The Role of Venture Capital in the Internationalization of New Ventures from Emerging Economies—an Institutional Perspective (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-601
Session R-02. Corporate governance and control - 1
Session moderator: L. Ruzhanskaya (Ural State University)

A. Stepanova (HSE)
I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE)
E. Kukina (HSE)
Does Economic Profit depend on Corporate Financial Architecture? Empirical evidence of pre-crisis and crisis periods in Russia (Annotation, full version)

M. Kokoreva (HSE)
I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE)
Do corporate fanancing strategies contribute to business performance in Central and Eastern Europe? Empirical evidence. (Annotation, full version)

K. Levykina (Humbold Humboldt University in Berlin; Higher School of Economics)
Comparative analysis of corporate governance models in BRIC countries (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-601
Session R-03. Corporate governance and control – 2
Session moderator: I. Rodionov (HSE)

T. Dolgopyatova (HSE)
Enlisting of hired managers: determinants and results (Annotation, full version)

E. Bezhin (Ural State University)
The Impact of Product Market Competition on Corporate Governance in Russian Firms (Annotation, full version)

I. Berezinets (GSOM St. Petersburg State University)
Y. Ilyina (GSOM St. Petersburg State University)
A. Muravyev (Institute for the study of labor (IZA, Bonn), GSOM St. Petersburg State University)
Owners, Boards, Managers and the Private Benefits of Control: A Study of Dual Class Stock Firms in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-601
Session R-04. Ownership Structure
Session moderator: T. Dolgopyatova (HSE)

Y. Simachev (Interdepartmental Analytical Center)
M. Kuzyk (Interdepartmental Analytical Center)
The "new privatization": key priorities, possible role in the modernization of the Russian economy, different approaches and risks (Annotation)

C. Sprenger (International College of Economics and Finance, HSE)
Does Nationalization Work? Evidence from Russian State Takeovers (Annotation, full version)

M. Betschinger (HSE)
O. Bertrand (GSOM St. Petersburg State University, Toulouse School of Economics)
Performance of domestic and cross-border acquisitions: Empirical evidence from Russian Acquirers (Annotation, full version)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-601
Session R-05. Firms in the agricultural sector
Session moderator: D. Epstein (North - West Institute for Agricultural Economics)

K. Hahlbrock (Leibniz-Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe)
H. Hockmann (Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe)
Does Group Affiliation Increase Productivity and Efficiency in Russia’s Agriculture? Evidence from Agroholdings in the Oblast Belgorod (Annotation, full version)

H. Hockmann (Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe)
E. Gataulina (Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe)
The significance of market transaction costs and technical efficiency for economic performance (cost rentability) in Russian agriculture (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: J. Wandel (Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe)

Room Г-601
Session R-06. Industrial markets and competition
Session moderator: I. Dolmatov (HSE)

S. Chernavsky (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS)
P. Katyshev (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS)
O. Eismont (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute RAS)
Estimation of cost function of electricity generation in Russia (Annotation, full version)

M. Levin (HSE)
V. Busygin (HSE)
R. Entov (HSE)
E. Popova (HSE)
Models of competition between public and private firms (Annotation, full version)

N. Ayzenberg (Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
M. Kiseleva (Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
V. Zorkaltsev (Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Models of an imperfect competition for the analysis of electric power market of Siberia (Annotation, full version)

Section T. Law and Economics
Moderator: E. Salygin (HSE)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-502
Session T-06. Development of antitrust law: problems of law and economics
Session moderator: S. Avdasheva (HSE)

V. Novikov (Academy of National Economy)
The value of vagueness in Russian competition law (Annotation, full version)

A. Kurdin (Moscow State University)
Competition and competition policy under conditions of the poor protection of property rights (Annotation, full version)

K. Totyev (HSE)
The legislation on protection of a competition and the state economic policy: mutual influence or a neutrality? (Annotation, full version)

S. Avdasheva (HSE)
A. Shastitko (HSE)
Analysis of markets in the Russian antiturst cases: an attempt of empirical investigation (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-502
Session T-07. Problems of international taxation in Russia
Session moderator: I. Rusakova (Academy of National Economy)

C. Tokareva (White&Case LLC)
The Legal Status of the Russian Model Convention on Avoidance of Double Taxation. (Annotation, full version)

V. Matchekhin (Moscow State Law Academy)
Application of non-dicrimination principle in Russian tax law (thin capitalisation rules) (Annotation, full version)

V. Voinov (Pepeliaev Group)
Taxation of income derived from the sources in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-502
Session T-08. Economic and legal implications of political decisions
Session moderator: N. Dzagurova (HSE)

E. Khmelnitskaya (HSE)
Property Rights Formalization: The Mystery of “Dacha Amnesty" (Annotation, full version)

N. Dzagurova (HSE)
The Ambiguousness of Tradeoff between Type I and Type II Errors in the Regulation of Vertical Restraints. (Annotation, full version)

A. Didikin (Novosibirsk State University)
Legal regulation of the organization and activity of innovative center "Scolkovo" (Annotation, full version)

Section U. Economic History
Moderators: A. Markevich (New Economic School)O. Ananyin (HSE)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-209
Session U- 05/1. Banking and Financial History
Session moderator: Е. Ханова (АНХ-РАГС)

P. Lizunov (Pomor State University named after M.V. Lomonosov )
Crashes of private commercial banks in Russia: their reasons and a consequence (second half XIX – beginning ХХ century) (Annotation, full version)

A. Matusevich (Moscow State Institute of International Relations)
Russia and International Offshore Business: evolution of interpenetration (Annotation, full version)

S. Salomatina (Moscow State University)
The bank of Ryabyshinsky family in Moscow in 1912-1914: between “old-believers business culture” and universal banking (Annotation, full version)

C. Seidl (University of Kiel)
Capital Levies - History and Future (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: L. Borodkin (Moscow State University)
Room Г-502
Session U-05/2.
Session moderator: D. Khitrov (Moscow State University)

M. Davydov (Russian State University for Humanities)
Livings Standards of Russian Peasants after Emancipation (Annotation, full version)

L. Scott (University of Oxford)
Factors affecting the pace of technological change in pre-revolutionary Russian agriculture: was big beautiful? (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Markevich (New Economic School)
Room Г-209
Session U-06. Databases and databanks in Economic History
Session moderator: A. Sokolov (Institute of Russian History)

L. Borodkin (Lomonosov Moscow State University)
"Economic and Social Dynamics of Russia in the 19th - Beginning of 20th century". Electronic Resource. (Annotation, full version)

A. Markevich (New Economic School)
G. Kessler (International Institute of Social History)
Electronic Repository of Russian Historical Statistics: concept and first results (Annotation)

P. Kyung (Russian State University for the Humanities)
What the modern business will keep for history? Problems of formation of business archives (Annotation, full version)

D. Khitrov (Moscow State University)
A. Golubinsky (Russian State Archive of Ancient Acts)
D. Chernenko (Vologda Teacher's training State University)
Compiling the Historical Atlas 'Russia in the materials of General Land Surveying': Problems and Solutions (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: L. Scott (University of Oxford)
Room Г-209
Session U-07. Incentives to work in the history of Russia -1
Session moderator: S. Zhuravlev (Institute of Russian History, RAS)

G. Ulianova (Institute of Russian History of the Russian Academy of Sciences)
Female Entrepreneurs in Nineteenth-Century Russia (Annotation, full version)

A. Volodin (Moscow State University)
Social legislation axiom? State regulations of labour conflicts in European comparative context (1880s-1914) (Annotation)

I. Shilnikova (HSE)
Work Incentives at pre-Revolutionary Russian enterprises: View through the Prism of Labor Conflicts (Annotation, full version)

L. Borodkin (Moscow State University)
Wages differentiation in the Soviet industry: from NEP to the Stalin's industrialization (Evolution of the main factor of labor stimulation). (Annotation)

Discussant: H. Kessler (International Institute of Social History)
Room Г-209
Session U-08. Incentives to work in the history of Russia - 2
Session moderator: M. Davydov (Russian State University for Humanities)

S. Zhuravlev (Institute of Russian History, RAS)
Problems of labor incentives at the enterprises in the conditions of crisis of the Soviet system and its transformation toward market economy (AvtoVAZ case) (Annotation, full version)

A. Sokolov (Institute of Russian History)
A. Markevich (New Economic School)
Work incentives in Russian industry in the late XIX - XX century: the case study of Moscow plant "Sickle and hammer", 1883-2001 (Annotation, full version)

V. Nekrasov (Surgut State Teacher Training University)
The Political power and the energy policy in the Soviet Union the second half of 1950 - the first half of 1960: Ideology and economics (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: S. Afontsev (Institute of World Economy and International Relations RAS)
Section W. Methodology of economics
Moderators: V. Avtonomov (HSE)V. Polterovich (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-411
Session W-07. Crisis and economic science: methodological lessons – 1
Session moderator: V. Avtonomov (HSE)

U. Mäki (University of Helsinki)
Diagnosing the alleged failure of economics as a modelling failure (Annotation, full version)

O. Ananyin (HSE)
Is Economics a child of Crises? (Annotation, full version)

V. Avtonomov (HSE)
Mainstream and the crises (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-411
Session W-08. Crisis and economic science: methodological lessons – 2
Session moderator: V. Polterovich (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS)

A. Rubinstein (Institute of Economics RAS)
On the theory of markets patronized benefits. Ineffective and effective balance. (Annotation, full version)

I. Boldyrev (HSE)
Economic methodology – what are the future questions? (Annotation, full version)

A. Alpatov (All-Russia Correspondence Financial and Economic Institute)
The law and economics: interdisciplinary research (Annotation, full version)

V. Polterovich (Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, RAS)
Toward General Social Analysis (Annotation)

Section Z. EACES-HSE workshop for PhD students in comparative economics
Moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE Institute for Industrial and Market studies)

07 April, Thursday
Room Г-601
Session Z-07. EACES-HSE workshop – panel 1
Session moderator: O. Demidova (HSE)

E. Jennings (Shrygin) (University of Pennsylvania, USA)
Stunting and Selection Effects of Famine: a Case Study in Russia (Annotation, full version)

D. Veselov (University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, HSE)
Unified endogenous growth model for mineral abundant countries (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Libman (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), N. Arefiev (HSE)
Room Г-601
Session Z-08. EACES-HSE workshop – panel 2
Session moderator: J. Zweynert (Hamburg Institute of International Economics & University of Hamburg )

M. Rochlitz (Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, UK)
The Raider and the Modernizer – Economic Modernization, State-Business Links and Property Rights in Post-Crisis Russia (Annotation, full version)

A. Schultz (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany)
Local knowledge vs. Local capture (Annotation, full version)

A. Govorun (HSE)
The Role of Business Associations in 2005-2010 (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: J. Zweynert (Hamburg Institute of International Economics & University of Hamburg ), A. Muravyev (Institute for the Study of Labor), O. Demidova (HSE)