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Conference program

Plenary sessions

Plenary sessions will be held at the first day on April 7, 2015 in the World Trade Center (123610, Russia, Moscow, Krasnopresnenskaya nab., 12)

10.00 – 13.30 — «Global trends and economic growth in Russia: old challanges and new risks» («Amfiteatr» hall)


    • Yaroslav KUZMINOV, HSE Rector
    • Alexander SHOKHIN, HSE President, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)


      • Vyacheslav VOLODIN, First Deputy Chief of the Staff of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the HSE


    • Igor SHUVALOV, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation
    • Herman GREF, CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board, Sberbank
    • Evgeny YASIN, HSE Academic Supervisor
    • Vladimir MAU, RANEPA Rector
    • Aleksey GORDEEV, Governor of Voronezhskaya oblast
    • Ana REVENGA, Senior Director of the Poverty Global Practice at the World Bank
    • Alexey SIMANOVSKY,First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia

13.30 – 15.00 — Lunch

Parallel plenary sessions:

15.00 – 18.30 — «Social policy priorities» («Press-hall»)

Evgeny YASIN
HSE Academic Supervisor
HSE First Vice Rector

The main idea
With the depletion of the primary pattern of growth, the quality of the human capital has become a comparative advantage of the Russian economy influenced by social policy that becomes in such circumstances the most promising part of the public investment. In this regard, a scien-tific and public discussion about the role and place of social policy in the new model of development and its priorities is needed. Scientists from the National Research University Higher School of Economics have prepared a report “Social Policy: long-term trends and changes in recent years” that highlights their view on key processes that determine the trends of human capital development as well as the prospects of making up a social policy corresponding to the latest objectives and opportunities for sustainable development.

Participants will discuss:

  • Possibilities and limitations of social policy in the new economy.
  • Regional features of social policy.
  • Demographic resources and problems of economic and social development.
  • Specific nature of the Russian labor market, and how it will respond to changes.
  • Changes in the welfare of Russian households, and how does this affect the social policy.
  • Public health and the policy in health care.
  • Priorities of pension maintenance and active ageing.


  • Olga GOLODETS, Deputy Prime Minister
  • Olga BATALINA, Chairman of the State Duma of the Federal, Assembly of the Russian Federation of Labor Social Policy and Veterans Affairs
  • Yury VORONIN, Head of Staff of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation
  • Natalia Zubarevich, Leading research fellow of the Center for Studies of Income and Living Standards, Institute for Social Development Studies, HSE
  • Alexandra Levitskaya, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation
  • Tatyana MALEVA, Director, Social Analysis and Forecasting Institute, RANEPA
  • Galina Makhakova, Deputy Head of the Expert Office of President of the Russian Federation
  • Nelly Naigovzina, Deputy Chief of the Government Staff of the Russian Federation
  • Lilia OVCHAROVA, Director of the Center for Studies of Income and Living Standards, Institute for Social Development Studies, HSE
  • Evgeny Gontmakher, Deputy Director of the Institute of World Economy and International Relations (IMEMO) of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Mikhail Denisenko, Deputy Director of the Institute of Demography, HSE
  • Rostislav Kapelyushnikov, Deputy Director of the Centre for Labour Market Studies, HSE
  • Alexey Oschepkov, Senior research fellow, Center for Labour Market Studies, HSE
  • Oksana Syniavskaya, Leading researcher of the Center for Studies of Income and Living Standards, Institute for Social Development Studies, HSE
  • Elena Topoleva-Soldunova, Director, the Autonomous Non-profit Organization “Agency of Social Information”
  • Andrey Fedotkin, Head of the Directorate for Strategy and Development Fund of regional social programs “Our Future”
  • Sergey Shishkin, Director, Center for Health Policy, HSE
  • Vladimir Yablonsky, Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), Director for Social Projects

15.00 – 18.30 — «Reasons for Reforms’ Success and Failure» («Amfiteatr» hall)

Evgeny YASIN
HSE Academic Supervisor
Lev Jakobson
HSE First Vice Rector

The main idea With participation of leading Russian and foreign experts and practitioners of reforms and being based on 25 years of reforms experience in transition economies the factors will be discussed determining the success or failure of specific reforms in different countries.


  • Mikhail ABYZOV, Minister of the Russian Federation
  • Alexei KUDRIN, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Foundation “Institute of Economic Policy named after E.T. Gaidar”
  • Mikhail ZADORNOV, President — Chairman of the Board of the Bank VTB 24
  • Andrei MAKAROV, Chairman of the State Duma Budget and Tax Committee of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation
  • Victor POLTEROVICH, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honorary President of the New Economic Association
  • Mikhail DMITRIEV, President of the “New Economic Growth” Economic Partnership
  • Marek DABROWSKI, Chief Economist, CASE — Center for Social and Economic Research, Warsaw, Poland
  • Simeon DJANKOV, Rector, New Economic School

15.00 – 18.30 — «Demand for law: Factors and Dynamics» («Valdai» hall)

Academic Supervisor of the Faculty of Law, HSE

The main idea
With the participation of Russian and foreign experts as well as representatives of key professional associations to discuss the factors and mechanisms that contribute to the establishment of the rule of law


  • Vadim VOLKOV, Head of the Research Institute for the Rule of Law of the European University at St. Petersburg (EUSP)
  • Andrei YAKOVLEV, Director of the Institute for Industrial, and Market Studies, HSE
  • Ivan KRASTEV, Chair of the Board, Program Director, Centre for Liberal Strategies in Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Yury PILIPENKO, Director, Federal Chamber of (Attorneys, Lawyers of the Russian Federation
  • Kathryn HENDLEY, William Voss-Bascom Professor of Law and Political Science, University of Wisconsin, USA
  • Sergey PASHIN, Professor of the Faculty of Law, HSE
  • Alexander SMIRNOV, Adviser of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

15.00 – 18:30 – «Paths of the Development of the Professional and Higher Education in the Conditions of Economic Turbulence» (“Seliger” Hall)


  • Andrey Fursenko, Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation
  • Dmitry Livanov, Minister of Education and Scienceof the Russian Federation
  • Marina Borovskaya, SFU Rector
  • Peter Glybochko, Rector of the I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University
  • Martin Carnoy, Professor, Stanford University
  • Oksana Kozlovskaya, Chairman of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Oblast
  • Mikhail Kotyukov Director of the Federal Agency for Scientific Organisations
  • Yaroslav Kuzminov, HSE Rector
  • Andrey Nikolayenko, MAMI Rector
  • Dmitry Peskov, Director of the “Young Professionals”, Agency for Strategic Initiatives
  • Mikhail Strikhanov, Rector of Moscow State Engineering Physics Institute

19.00 — Welcome-Reception for all conference participants (Restaurant «Evropeyskiy»)

Plenary session «Growth Opportunities during the crisis: business view» will be held April 8, 2015 by early afternoon   in HSE building at Myasnitskaya st. 9/11.

Panel sessions

Panel sessions will take place April 8-10, 2015 in central HSE building at Myasnitskaya st. 20 and in HSE building at Myasnitskaya st. 9/11. The parallel sessions (presentations of research papers), honorary and public lectures, roundtables, workshops and coffee breaks will all take place in this building.

Section A. Macroeconomics and Growth
Moderator: E. Gurvich (EEG)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 101 М-20
Round table A-01. Macroeconomic policy in the course of crisis: global and Russian experience
Moderator: E. Gurvich (EEG)

• How to confront to the current challenges of reducing inflation and economic growth?
• What short-term and long-term objectives and parameters of fiscal policy should be determined at this stage?
• The main anti-crisis measures: what should they affect on?
• An adaptation of the Russian economy after external shock

Participants: I. Dmitriev (CB), A. Moiseev (Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation), A. Klepach (Vnesheconombank), B. Hansl (World Bank), E. Gavrilenkov (HSE, Sberbank), O. Vyugin (MDM Bank)
Room 101 М-20
Session A-02. Economic growth
Session moderator: M. Dabrowski (CASE)

J. Drugeon (CNRS, PSE), H. d'Albis (CNRS, PSE)
On some Simple Dynamics for Vintage Growth with Physical Capital and Human Capital (Annotation)

J. Ostry (IMF)
Inequality, redistribution, and growth (Annotation)

T. Tsenova (Bulgarian National Bank)
Tax Policy, Investment Decisions and Economic Growth (Annotation, full version)

G. Kuranov (The Economy Ministry of Russia), S. Kolerov (The Economy Ministry of Russia)
About appraisal of the investment, infrastructure, innovation and import-substituting factors of development at the modern stage (Annotation, full version)

Room 101 М-20
Session A-03. Common developmental problems
Session moderator: M. Rutkowski (World Bank)

I. Izvorski (World Bank)
Diversified Development: Making the Most of Natural Resource in Eurasia (Annotation)

A. Ghosh (IMF)
‘Fiscal space’ (Annotation)

G. Barseghyan (AUA, CBA)
Income Distribution and Macroeconomics: The Impact of Technological Progress (Annotation)

R. Shakhnovich (SibUCC)
Economic Growth and Environment: Environmental Kuznetz Curve in Transition Economies (Annotation, full version)

Room 101 М-20
Session A-04. Monetary policy
Session moderator: O. Zamulin (HSE)

R. Lomivorotov (HSE)
Choice of optimal monetary policy in times of high external uncertainty (Annotation)

A. Ponomarenko (Bank of Russia), A. Sinyakov (Bank of Russia), E. Deryugina (Bank of Russia)
Measures of Underlying Inflation at the Bank of Russia (Annotation, full version)

R. Nuutilainen (BOFIT), I. Korhonen (BOFIT)
Contemporary monetary policy in Russia: Monetary policy rules based analysis of Bank of Russia policy reactions (Annotation)

A. Sokolova (HSE), I. Makarov (HSE)
Sovereign Risk and the Fiscal Limit: Excusable vs. Strategic Default (Annotation)

09 April, Thursday
Room 101 М-20
Session A-05. Macroeconomic modelling
Session moderator: S. Pekarski (HSE)

N. Arefiev (HSE)
Structural Models with Testable Identification (Annotation)

A. Isakov (Bank of Russia)
FA-MIDAS: Now-casting GDP with mixed frequency data and dynamic factors (Annotation)

A. Shulgin (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod)
Monetary policy transmission mechanism in DSGE model with two independent monetary policy instruments (Annotation, full version)

O. Kovalenko (Bank of Russia), E. Deryugina (Bank of Russia), I. Pantina (Bank of Russia), A. Ponomarenko (Bank of Russia )
Disentangling demand and supply in loan developments in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room 101 М-20
Session A-06. Modelling and forecasting of Russian economy
Session moderator: A. Peresetsky (HSE)

A. Porshakov (Bank of Russia)
Nowcasting and Short-Term Forecasting of Russian GDP (Annotation, full version)

A. Pestova (CMASF), M. Mamonov (CMASF)
Improving methods of medium-term forecasting of the Russian economy on the basis of Bayesian structural vector autoregression (BSVAR) (Annotation)

P. Katyshev (HSE), A. Krasnoperova (HSE)
World oil prices and GDP of Russia: cointegration analysis (Annotation, full version)

D. Avdeeva (Центр развития), N. Akindinova (Центр развития), E. Balashova (Центр развития), N. Kondrashev (Центр развития), S. Smirnov (Центр развития), S. Pukhov (Центр развития), A. Chernavsky (Центр развития)
Российская экономика после присоединения Крыма: новые реалии и перспективы развития (full version)

Room 101 М-20
Session A-07. Cross-country analysis
Session moderator: I. Korhonen (BOFIT)

K. Tochkov (Texas Christian University), N. Nenovsky (UNWE)
Convergence of Government Bond Yields in the EU: Evidence from Central and Eastern Europe (Annotation)

S. Malkov (MSU), S. Bilyuga (MSU), O. Davydova (SPSNF AMS), S. Averin (MSU)
Macroeconomic dynamics modelling of developing export-oriented countries (examples of Russia, China and Brazil) (Annotation)

L. Vogel (European Commission), S. Hohberger (University of Bayreuth)
Should commodity exporters peg to the export price (PEP)? (Annotation, full version)

E. Mavrina (HSE)
Interdependence between entrepreneurial activity and the level of economic development (Annotation, full version)

Room 101 М-20
Session A-08. Migration and labor market
Session moderator: I. Denisova (NES)

E. Vakulenko (HSE), E. Gurvich (EEG)
Relationship between GDP, unemployment rate and employment: estimation of Okun's Law for Russia (Annotation)

E. Gurvich (EEG), E. Vakulenko (HSE)
Modelling relationship between main indicators of Russian labour market (Annotation)

M. Lifshits (ISESP-RAS)
The influence of migration on economic growth in the countries of the world (Annotation, full version)

M. Yormirzoev (HSE – Perm)
Migration, Remittances and Economic Growth: an Empirical Study in the case of former Soviet Republics (Annotation, full version)

Section B. Special sessions and round tables
08 April, Wednesday
Room 309 М-20
Round table B-01/1. Industry: 4.0 (Organized jointly by HSE and SAP)
Moderator: E. Kuznetsov (Российская венчурная компания)

1. New technology trends (big data, internet of things, mobile and additive technology) and their impact on the model of market interaction and production logistics.
2. IT space to support the concept of the digital future production. The structure and functionality.
3. Industry 4.0: How a program of public-private partnerships could increase the competitiveness of the industry: Global experience.
4. Developing new engineering and IT personnel for the digital industry modernization.

Room 327-к М-20
Session B-01/2. Migration and migrants integration in Russia and Europe
Session moderator: V. Mukomel (IS RAS)

A. Alexeeva (EUSP)
Plans for the future of migrants from the Tajik Pamirs in Russia (Annotation, full version)

O. Zeveleva (HSE)
State discourses and migrant identity (Annotation, full version)

A. Rocheva (RANEPA), E. Varshaver (RANEPA)
Migrant integration on the local level: mixed methods research of a Moscow neighborhood (Annotation)

V. Peshkova (ISRAS)
Migrant integration on the local level: mixed methods research of a Moscow neighborhood (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: D. Alexandrov (HSE)
Room 309 М-20
Round table B-02/1. Recent Economic Trends and Russia’s Outlook – a Discussion of the World Bank Russia Economic Report
Moderator: B. Hansl (World Bank)

1. What is the most likely growth scenario for Russia in 2015-2016? What did we learn from 2014?
2. What are the key challenges to Russia's short and medium-term growth outlook? What role are sanctions likely to play?
3. What will be Russia's new growth model? What role is there for monetary and fiscal policy?

Participants: E. Gurvich (EEG), B. Joshi (IMF), P. Tabak (EBRD), N. Orlova (Alfa Bank), O. Zasov (Vnesheconombank), C. Weafer (Macro-Advisory), M. Oreshkin (MinFin)
Room 327-к М-20
Session B-02/2. Honorary lecture by B. Magyar. Post-Communist Mafia State - The Hungarian Case.

Room 311 M-20
Round table B-03/1. Gaidar Award for young economists
Egor Gaidar Award for young economists 2015

The purpose of this award, established in 2013 by Yegor Gaidar Foundation, is to facilitate integration of young Russian economists into the global academic community, as well as to promote the most actual trends in modern economic science.
The Award is presented to economists under the age of forty for significant scientific studies published in international journals included in the Science Citation Index with the Thomson Reuters Impact Factor of not less than 0.5.
The jury is to nominate from one to three prize winners annually. The prize fund is 900 thousand rubles.
Award Jury 2015
Marsim Nikitin – Jury Chairman, Professor of the Higher School of Economics
Sergey Izmalkov - Professor of the National economic school
Victor Chernozhukov - professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Award winners will be entitled to make public reports of honor.

Room 327-к М-20
Round table B-03/2. Social organization of rural life in the era of economic transformation
Moderator: A. Efendiev (HSE)

1. Social organization of rural life in the era of economic transformation: comparative analysis of the key characteristics of the social organization of the rural life of various regions
2. Personal subsidiary plots, farming and cooperatives in the Russian village: an analysis of the status and problems of development
3. Agrarian Reform in Russia: success or failure?

Participants: P. Sorokin (HSE), J. Nikula (Aleksanteri institute University of Helsinki), V. Uzun (RANEPA), N. Shagaida (РАНХиГС), E. Kogay (KSU)
Room 309 М-20
Session B-04/2. Honorary lecture by Panos M. Pardalos. Dynamics of Financial Networks
Room 327-к М-20
Round table B-04/1. Work life and labor relations in comparative perspective
Moderators: H. Melin (University of Tampere), A. Efendiev (HSE)

1. Psychological contract in knowledge-intensive work
2. Quality of work life in contemporary organizational studies: the problems of the research
3. The comparative research in quality of work life: methodological framework
4. Russia and Finland in comparative framework: the aspect of social organization

Participants: P. Sorokin (HSE), A. Gogoleva (HSE), E. Balabanova (HSE), I. Kuznetsov (HSE), T. Saari (University of Tampere)
09 April, Thursday
Room 311 М-20
Round table B-05. Russian economy: problems diagnosis (organized jointly by HSE and Assosiation of Russian economic think-tanks (ARETT)
Moderator: E. Gurvich (EEG, President ARETT)

What achievements of the 2000 - 2010 could be considered as the most important and sustainable? What are the most important unsolved problems?
• What are the main reasons for the economy slowdown in 2012-2013?
• What are the main short- and medium-term risks for the Russian economy?
• Programs of economic diversification, innovative development, creation of an international financial center: Why have not they given any expectations? What could be learned from these programs?
• What are the most probable scenarios for the development of the Russian economy in the crisis and post-crisis period?

Participants: L. Ovcharova (IISP, HSE), O. Solntsev (CMASF), M. Dabrowski (CASE), N. Akindinova (Development Center), N. Zubarevich (MSU)
Room 311 М-20
Round table B-06/1. How to get back to dynamic growth? (organized jointly by HSE and Assosiation of Russian economic think-tanks (ARETT)
Moderator: N. Akindinova (Development Center)

• What priorities could be considered as the main ones for the economic policy in short and long terms?
• How to assess the measures that the government had performed or traced for stabilization and boost of economic growth during last years?
• What is the new model of economic growth?
• What should be the role of the government in the new stage?
• Does the crisis open “a window of opportunity” for the transition to a new model of economic growth? How can we use it?

Participants: L. Limonov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), V. Nazarov (Gaidar Institute, NIFI), N. Volchkova (NES, CEFIR), Y. Simachev (IAC), E. Gurvich (EEG, President ARETT)
Room 327-к М-20
Round table B-06/2. State control, administrative enforcement and business: problems and prospects
Moderator: V. Pligin (HSE)

1. Business and State control in modern economic circumstances
2. The role of public prosecution in the protection of the rights of employers and ensure the public interest
3. The system of administrative enforcement measures: the validity and proportionality
4. Administrative responsibility for infringements in the economic sphere: problems of legislation
5. The order of bringing to administrative responsibility: the need for optimization.
6. Appeal against actions and decisions of public authorities and their officials: new approaches

Participants: deputies and members of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, judges, prosecutors of the Russian Federation, federal and regional authorities, the business community, the leading Russian scientific and educational organizations of legal profile

Room 309 М-20
Round table B-06/3. Business security: the application of the Criminal Code in the new economy
Moderators: А. Kucherena (Business Against Corruption, MIA Social council), А. Nazarov (“Delovaya Rossia”, Business Against Corruption)

Special invited:  Pavel Yurlov  –  a lawyer, managing partner of the law bureau “Yurlov i partner”


1. What are the changes that have happened in the area of criminal law enforcement in relation to the entrepreneurs in 2012-2014?

2. What practical steps could encourage entrepreneurial activity today in the context of crisis and sanctions?

3. In this case, how to fit with balance between new opportunities for honest entrepreneurs and suppression of illegal business practices?

Participants:  P. Yurlov (“Yurlov i partner”),  А. Nazarov (HSE),  G. Esakov (HSE),  representatives of the General Prosecutor's Office, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Investigation Committee of Russia.
Room 311 М-20
Round table B-07/1. An independent evaluation of the quality of social services (ratings of the quality of institutions in education, health, culture, social services)
Moderator: S. Makovetskaya (GRANI center)

1. Place and importance of an independent evaluation of the quality of social services in relation to the departmental (administrative) and public (non-departmental).
2. Subjects and objects of evaluation: customers, performers, participants (objects) and consumers.
3. Mechanisms and the functioning of rating.
4. Risks and limitations of the independent review of the quality of social services.
5. Regional development strategies of independent assessement of the quality of social services.
6. Mechanisms and conditions of use of the results of an independent evaluation of the quality.
7. Mechanisms involving the public in the independent evaluation of the quality of education (first models in the regions).

Participants: I. Abankina (HSE), A. Avtonomov (HSE), N. Dmitrieva (HSE), L. Eltsova (Mintrud), S. Kosaretsky (HSE), S. Makovetskaya (GRANI center), I. Mersianova (HSE), T. Mertsalova (HSE), L. Dukhanina (Naslednik), N. Khananashvili (expert), I. Sheyman (HSE), S. Shishkin (HSE)
Room большой зал, 5 этаж, М-11
Round table B-07/2. Contracting: a year later. Key success and failure factors
Moderator: A. Shamrin (HSE)

1. The main results of the National Report on the procurement system in the Russian Federation in 2014
2. Efficiency of innovations in law on contract system
3. Problems of the subjects of the Federal law №223 in procurement
4. Problems of information support in the procurement in the Russian Federation
5. Estimating the costs in the contract system

Participants: A. Shamrin (HSE), V. Dzhuzhoma (HSE), N. Maslova (HSE), A. Ovchinnikov (Center "IT-Consulting" HSE), A. Yakovlev (IIMS HSE), O. Balaeva (IIMS HSE)
Room 311 M-20
Round table B-08/1. 25 Years of Economic Transition—Transformation and Outstanding Challenges (Organized jointly by HSE and IMF)
Moderator: G. White (Moscow Bureau Chief, Wall Street Journal)

• Do market-based reforms deliver economic growth?
• What are the lessons from the transformation of the past 25 years across Eastern Europe?
• Is transition over? What lies ahead?

Presentation of an IMF report on transition by Mr. James Roaf, Senior Resident Representative, IMF Regional Office for Central and Eastern Europe in Warsaw.

Participants: A. Kudrin (Committee of Civil Initiatives), B. Vujčić (Croatian National Bank), O. Viugin (MDM Bank), R. Moghadam (Global Capital Markets, Morgan Stanley), C. Grafe (New Markets Economic Research, Goldman Sachs),
Room Big hall, 5th floor M-11
Round table B-08/2. State control and supervision: finding the balance between the interests of society, business and government
Moderator: B. Grozovsky (economic observer)

1. Risk-based approach in the implementation of state control
2. Mandatory requirements for entrepreneurs
3. International experience of reforming the system of state control and supervision
4. Prospects for the development of the state control system
5. Protecting the rights of entrepreneurs during control and supervision (V. Korochkin)

Participants: Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation, Central Office of the Government of the Russian Federation, representative of the Commissioner under the President of the Russian Federation on protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, representatives of business associations), representatives of scientific organizations, 2-3 representative of federal executive authority

10 April, Friday
Room 311 М-20
Round table B-09. Economic evidence for antitrust development in innovation sectors
Moderator: Y. Lianos (University College London, HSE)

• What is the optimal level of use of economics in legal adjudication in particular with regard to innovative industries?
• What are the challenges of innovation economics to legal decision-making in IP and antitrust fields?
• What are the lessons we can learn from the institutional arrangements and reforms undertaken in various adjudicatory systems around the world in order to respond to these challenges?
• How the substantive analysis performed by IP and competition authorities worldwide involving innovation economics should look like in the future?

Participants: S. Avdasheva (HSE), A. Sushkevich (FAS), A. Ivanov (HSE), P. Régibeau (Charles River Associates European Competition Practice, Imperial College's IP Centre (London)), A. Shastitko (MSU), A. Gerbrandy (Utrecht University School of Law), V. Savitsky (HSE), D. Davis (Western Cape High Court)
Section C. Inputs, Output and Productivity in a cross-county Perspective
Moderator: I. Voskoboynikov (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 124 М-20
Session C-01. Honorary paper by D. Jorgenson (Harvard)
Room 124 М-20
Session C-02. Honorary lecture by Kyoji Fukao (Professor at the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University).
Room 124 М-20
Round table C-03. Globalization, structural change and long run productivity growth
Moderator: K. Fukao (Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University)

- Growth and stagnation in the world economy.
- Structural changes in developed countries. The experience of recent decades.
- Productivity growth and regional development.

Participants: N. Akindinova (Development Center), E. Baranov (HSE), V. Bessonov (HSE), I. Voskoboynikov (HSE), A. Kosarev (*), N. Mikheeva (SOPS), M. Timmer (*), D. Jorgenson (*), K. Fukao (Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University)
Room 124 М-20
Session С-04. Dynamics and drivers of productivity development
Session moderator: B. Kuznetsov (HSE)

I. Voskoboynikov (HSE), V. Gimpelson (HSE)
What waists the convergence potential of the Russian economy? Structural change, expanding informal employment and labour productivity growth in Russia (Annotation)

A. Apokin (CMASF), I. Ipatova (HSE)
Decomposing total factor productivity in Russia relative to other countries: the role of technical efficiency (Annotation, full version)

A. Zaytsev (MSU)
Labor productivity differences across countries: capital and MFP contributions. (Annotation, full version)

09 April, Thursday
Room 124 М-20
Round table C-05. Russian statistics of inputs, output and productivity in the context of international comparisons
Moderators: E. Yasin (HSE), V. Bessonov (HSE)

- International practice and current state of Russian statistics methodology. Statistics of labor, capital, output and prices. Reports of representatives of the relevant areas from Federal State Statistics Service
- A system of “input-output” spreadsheets. International Standards and Russian implementation.
Industrial Classification, frequency of the preparation of base (benchmark) spreadsheets. Opportunities and challenges in comparison with tables "input-output" of yesteryear. The possibility of conversion spreadsheets in constant prices. Correspondence of spreadsheets in 2011 to OECD standards: possible problems and solutions for the problems of cross-country comparisons

Participants: E. Baranov (HSE), V. Bessonov (HSE), I. Voskoboynikov (HSE), N. Mikheeva (SOPS), M. Timmer (*), D. Jorgenson (*), K. Fukao (Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University)
Room 124 М-20
Session C-06. Honorary lecture by M. Timmer (Director of the Groningen Growth and Development Centre (GGDC) and Professor at the University of Groningen) Offshoring, Biased Technical Change and the Increasing Capital Share: an Analysis of Global Manufacturing Production
Room 124 М-20
Session C-07. Cross-industry models and performance analysis-1
Session moderator: I. Voskoboynikov (HSE)

N. Mikheeva (SOPS)
Labor Productivity: Measurement and Comparative Analysis (Annotation, full version)

L. Strizhkova (IMEI), Y. Novikov (IMEI), S. Kashirskaya (IMEI)
Methodological aspects of expert input-output tables compilation and study of the processes in Russian economy with the input-output modeling tool (Annotation, full version)

E. Baranov (HSE), E. Staritsyna (HSE), D. Piontkovski (HSE), I. Kim (HSE)
The Problems of Сonstruction of Time Series of Russian Input-Output Accounts for Use in the International Projects (Annotation, full version)

Room 124 М-20
Session C-08. Cross-industry models and performance analysis-2
Session moderator: I. Voskoboynikov (HSE)

K. Mikhalko (HSE)
Structural change and Dutch disease (Annotation, full version)

K. Bornukova (BEROC)
Accounting for Labor Productivity Puzzle (Annotation, full version)

Z. Dondokov (BSC SB RAS)
An Input-Output Model with an Expanded Composition of Endogenous Variables: Synthesis of the Keynesian Income Multiplier and the Leontief Model (Annotation, full version)

Section D. Theoretical Economics
Moderators: A. Zakharov (HSE), S. Izmalkov (NES)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 429 M-11
Session D-01. Models of microeconomic behavior
Session moderator: A. Zakharov (HSE)

V. Matveenko (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), A. Matveenko (CERGE-EI, Prague)
Technological choice generating normalized CES production functions (Annotation, full version)

Y. Achkasov (HSE), N. Pilnik
Optimal Profit Tax Enforcement and Endogeneous Activity Selection (Annotation, full version)

M. Iskakov (ICS RAS)
Equilibrium contained by counter-threats and complex equilibrium in secure strategies (Annotation)

Room 429 M-11
Session D-02. Markets and the global economy
Session moderator: A. Zakharov (HSE)

M. Mamedli (HSE)
Analysis of the Government Expenditure Multiplier under Zero Lower Bound: the Role of  Public Investment (Annotation, full version)

T. Protasova (HSE)
The Impact of Oil Prices on the Economy of Oil Exporting Countries in Different Exchange Rate Regimes (Annotation, full version)

D. Campbell (NES)
Relative Prices, Hysteresis, and the Decline of American Manufacturing (Annotation)

A. Kochanova (MPI)
Cronyism and Competition in Indonesian Manufacturing Pre and Post Suharto (Annotation, full version)

Room 429 M-11
Session D-02/2. Presentation of A. Zakharov textbook “Game theory in public science”
Room 429 M-11
Session D-03. Special session (HSE). Social choice and equilibrium concepts
Session moderator: D. Karabekyan (HSE)

A. Zubanov (HSE)
Charity as a Tool to Maximize Donations to a Congestible Club Good (Annotation, full version)

E. Dogan (HSE)
Population Monotonicity in Fair Division of Multiple Indivisible Goods (Annotation)

D. Karabekyan (HSE)
Voting with variable votes (Annotation)

A. Ivanov (HSE), D. Karabekyan (HSE), V. Yakuba (ICS RAS)
Manipulability of Voting Rules in Impartial Anonymous Culture (Annotation, full version)

Room 429 M-11
Session D-04. Markets and equilibria
Session moderator: A. Friedman (HSE)

A. Friedman (HSE), A. Verbetsky (RANEPA)
Universities competition and state funding of higher education (Annotation)

A. Filatov (ISU), Y. Sokolovsky (ISU)
Modelling of education and migration processes in the monopolistic competition with heterogeneos labor (Annotation, full version)

K. Machin (AltSTU)
Mechanism of professional mobility in the labor market (Annotation, full version)

N. Petrov (HSE), K. Zhitkov (HSE)
Comparison of hedonistic price indices for art paintings (Annotation)

09 April, Thursday
Room 309 М-20
Session D-05. Honorary paper by G. Owen (Distinguished Professor, Department of Applied Mathematics, Graduate School of Engineering and Applied Sciences)
Moderator: F. Aleskerov (HSE)

Room 429 M-11
Session D-07. Special session (HSE). Economic effects of political institutions - 2
Session moderator: A. Karpov (HSE)

A. Yarkin (HSE), D. Veselov (HSE)
Political Contest and Endogenous Institutions in the Model of Transition from Stagnation to Growth (Annotation)

E. Malkov (HSE), P. Dower (NES), L. Polischuk (HSE), W. Pyle (Middlebury College)
Costs and Benefits of Private Property: The Case of Land Ownership by Russian Firms (Annotation)

A. Komkova (MSU)
Alternative author's strategies at digital piracy existance: social welfare effects (Annotation, full version)

A. Karpov (HSE)
Patient Mobility, Health Care Quality, Welfare, and Regulation (Annotation, full version)

Room 429 M-11
Session D-08. Special session (HSE). Economic effects of political institutions - 1
Session moderator: D. Veselov (HSE)

O. Kuznetsova (HSE)
Optimal precision of public signals and informational interaction (Annotation, full version)

D. Veselov (HSE)
Political Regimes and the Formation of Inclusive Institutions (Annotation, full version)

A. Zakharov (HSE)
The loyalty-competence tradeoff in dictatorships and outside options for subordinates (Annotation)

A. Dementiev (HSE), E. Seryogina
Transformation of organisational forms in the public sector (Annotation, full version)

Section Da. Special seminar. Diversity, social interaction and economic development (Organized jointly by HSE and NES)
Moderator: S. Weber (CSDSI NES, Southern Methodist University)

09 April, Thursday
Room 328 М-11
Session Da-06. Models of decision-making
Session moderator: K. Sorokin (HSE)

O. Bondarenko (CEFIR, NES CSDSI)
Media exposure and prosocial behavior in economic games (Annotation)

D. Davydov (FEFU, NES CSDSI)
Different factors of decision making: psychology, social interactions and economic behavior (Annotation)

D. Musatov (MIPT(SU), CSDSI NES, Yandex), A. Savvateev (NES CSDSI), С. Melikov (MAI)
Extensions for Borgs – Chayes model in social networks (Annotation)

Room 328 М-11
Session Da-07. Political institutions and economic development
Session moderator: S. Izmalkov (NES)

P. Dower (NES)
The Substitutability of Collective Action and Representation: Evidence from Russia’s Great Reforms (Annotation)

G. Gokmen (NES), E. Arbatlı (HSE)
Armenian and Greek Legacy in Modern Turkish Development (Annotation)

A. Shapoval (FU under the Government of the Russian Federation, NES CSDSI)
The disappearance of trade barriers — "ghost story" for society or the path to success? (Annotation)

Room 328 М-11
Session Da-08. Microeconomic equilibria
Session moderator: G. Kosenok (HSE)

G. Kosenok (NES)
Charter School Entry and School Choice: The Case of Washington, D.C. (Annotation)

E. Athanasiou (NES)
Revisiting the Problem of Provision of a Pure Public Good: Beyond VCG Mechanisms (Annotation)

S. Izmalkov (NES)
Competition in online advertising (Annotation)

Section Db. Market Studies and Spatial Economics
Moderator: S. Kichko (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 325 М-11
Session Db-01. International Trade
Session moderator: D. Zeng (Tohoku University)

V. Danilina (Aix-Marseille University)
Eco-Labelling, Trade Integration and Market Effects (Annotation)

P. Molchanov (HSE), I. Bykadorov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS, Department of Management of Ca'Foscari University of Venice), S. Kokovin (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, RAS)
Wage Differential and Home Market Effect under Variable Elasticity of Substitution (Annotation, full version)

S. Kokovin (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, RAS), I. Bykadorov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS, Department of Management of Ca'Foscari University of Venice), M. Parenti (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Trade, competition and R&D under variable elasticity of substitution (Annotation, full version)

D. Zeng (Tohoku University)
Firm Selection, Trade Costs, and International Inequalities (Annotation, full version)

Room 325 М-11
Session Db-02. Spatial and Urban Economics
Session moderator: M. Lafourcade (Université Paris-Sud)

A. Sidorov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, RAS), J. Thisse (Université catholique de Louvain)
An Urban Cost-based Theory of Central Places (Annotation, full version)

R. Nirmal (Madras Institute of Development Studies)
Understanding Markets for Defining Land Markets: Incorporating Intermediaries in the analysis of Land Markets (Annotation, full version)

M. Lafourcade (Université Paris-Sud), C. de Thé (Direction Générale du Trésor, Ministères de l'économie et des finances)
The carbon footprint of suburbanization: evidence from French household data (Annotation, full version)

Room 325 М-11
Session Db-03. International Trade 2
Session moderator: F. Trionfetti (Aix-Marseille University)

X. Chen (NMBU)
Changing Patterns in the Salmon Trade between Norway and China: The Use of Economic Sanstions (Annotation)

Y. Murata (Nihon University), K. Behrens (Université du Québec à Montréal), Y. Kanemoto (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies)
New trade models, elusive welfare gains (Annotation)

S. Kichko (HSE), K. Behrens (Université du Québec à Montréal), P. Ushchev (HSE)
Trade liberalization and markup divergence: a general equilibrium approach (Annotation, full version)

F. Trionfetti (Aix-Marseille University)
Comparative Skill Premia (Annotation)

Room 325 М-11
Session Db-04. New Economic Geography
Session moderator: V. Vakhitov (KSE)

V. Ivanova (HSE), P. Ushchev (HSE ), H. Vakhitova (KSE)
Occupational choice of migrants: does NEG tell something new? (Annotation, full version)

M. Khan (Aligarh Muslim University)
Changing Market Infrastructure and Facilities and Socio Economic Development: A Spatial Analysis of Rural India (Annotation, full version)

M. Kuznetsova (HSE), E. Aleksandrova (GSOM SPbU)
Determinants of export trade flows: spatial externalities in Russia (Annotation)

V. Vakhitov (KSE)
Negative agglomeration effect or bad neighborhood: the case of manufacturing firms (Annotation)

09 April, Thursday
Room 325 М-11
Session Db-05. Regional Studies
Session moderator: E. Aleksandrova (GSOM SPbU)

O. Demidova (HSE), D. Ivanov (HSE)
Regional growth models with heterogeneous spatial effects: the case of Russia (Annotation, full version)

E. Semerikova (HSE), O. Demidova (HSE)
Finding the weighting matrix for spatial panel data estimation: an application to the regional unemployment of Germany and Russia (Annotation)

Y. Litvinova (RANEPA)
Some aspects of spatial differentiation and price discrimination on the retail gasoline market in Saint Petersburg (Annotation, full version)

E. Aleksandrova (GSOM SPbU), A. Aistov (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod), M. Kuznetsova (HSE )
Spatial and individual level aspects of the minimum wage externalities in manufacturing sectors (Annotation)

Room 325 М-11
Session Db-06. Strategic Interactions and Imperfect Competition
Session moderator: A. Osharin (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)

M. Sandomirskaia (HSE)
A model of tacit collusion: Nash-2 equilibrium concept (Annotation, full version)

F. Bouguezzi (University of Carthage)
Licensing in a Hotelling model with quadratic transportation costs (Annotation)

M. Nastych (HSE), I. Sloev (HSE)
Profit sharing contracts and quality improvments in competing supply chains (Annotation, full version)

A. Osharin (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), V. Verbus (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Bertrand Oligopoly with Heterogeneous Consumers (Annotation, full version)

Room 325 М-11
Session Db-07. Monopolistic Competition Theory
Session moderator: D. Pokrovsky (HSE)

V. Verbus (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), S. Kichko (HSE), A. Osharin (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Heterogeneity of Consumers, Multi-product Firms, and Product Quality in the Model of Monopolistic Competition (Annotation, full version)

I. Bykadorov (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS, Department of Management of Ca'Foscari University of Venice), A. Gorn (Bocconi University), S. Kokovin (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, RAS)
Why are losses from trade unlikely? (Annotation, full version)

D. Pokrovsky (HSE)
Market Size, Entrepreneurship, and Income Inequality: Sorting Extension (Annotation)

P. Ushchev (HSE ), A. Bucci (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Sharing externalities under Variable Elasticity of Substitution (Annotation)

Section E. Banking and Finance
Moderator: A. Karminsky (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 513 М-20
Session E-01. Regulation of banking and financial activities
Session moderator: A. Karminsky (HSE)

H. Cho (La Sorbonne)
The Bank Capital Regulation (BCR) model (Annotation, full version)

V. Belousova (HSE), V. Usoskin, A. Krivokharchenko (HSE)
The regulation of liquidity as a factor in the development of payment systems (Annotation, full version)

D. Mainichev (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), M. Petukhova (IEIE SB RAS)
An analysis of the socio-demographic characteristics of an influence on the creditworthiness of the Siberian Federal District population (Annotation, full version)

E. Fedorova (FU under the Government of the Russian Federation), S. Dovgenko, A. Mukhin
Development of financial stress index for CBRF (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: M. Stolbov (MGIMO)
Room 513 М-20
Session E-02. Risk management in the financial sector
Session moderator: Z. Fungacova (Bank of Finland)

M. Stolbov (MGIMO)
Assessing Systemic Risk and its Determinants for Advanced and Major Emerging Economies: the Case of ΔCoVaR (Annotation, full version)

A. Morgunov (HSE), A. Karminsky (HSE)
Credit risk evaluation of investment projects (Annotation, full version)

Z. Fungacova (Bank of Finland), L. Weill (University of Strasbourg), R. Turk-Ariss (Bank of Finland), R. Nuutilainen (Bank of Finland)
Reserve requirements and the bank lending channel in China (Annotation)

A. Stepanova (HSE), O. Ivantsova (HSE)
Market perception: is corporate governance an important signal for investors? Evidence from the banking sector (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: H. Penikas (HSE)
Room 513 М-20
Session E-03. Empirical studies in banking activities
Session moderator: A. Vernikov (HSE)

M. Mamonov (CMASF)
Microeconomic modification of an industry-wide competition indicator: Market power of Russian banks revisited (Annotation, full version)

A. Bakaykina (RuSEFF)
Banking competition in the SME financing sector in Russia and the role of the development of banks' funds (Annotation, full version)

M. Dedova (HSE), I. Pospelov (Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS), N. Pilnik (HSE)
Russian Banking System Model Subject to Bank's Need for Liquidity. (Annotation, full version)

A. Vernikov (HSE), M. Mamonov (CMASF)
Comparative bank performance in Russia: Revisited, with several refinements of the SFA calculation (Annotation)

Discussant: S. Golovan (NES), A. Stepanova (HSE)
Room 513 М-20
Session E-04. Banking
Session moderator: M. Semenova (HSE)

I. Andrievskaya (HSE), E. Permjakova (HSE), F. Aleskerov (HSE)
Key borrowers detected by the intensities of their short-range interactions (Annotation)

D. Ilinskii (CEMI RAS), V. Polterovich (CEMI RAS), O. Starkov (CEMI RAS)
Lines of Savings and Loan Tariff Plans. (Annotation, full version)

M. Leonov (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Regulation of deposit rate ceilings in the Russian banking sector (Annotation)

S. Grigorieva (HSE), G. Gorbatov (HSE)
Puzzle of corporate diversification efficiency in BRIC countries (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: M. Mamonov (CMASF)
09 April, Thursday
Room 513 М-20
Session E-05. Financial markets
Session moderator: M. Nikitin (HSE)

A. Zadorozhnaya (OSTU), F. Bazzana (University of Trento), R. Gabriele (University of Trento)
The role of covenants in bond issue and investment policy. The case of Russian companies (Annotation, full version)

H. Tan (University of Essex)
Joint modeling of ultra-high frequency (UHF) financial data under autoregressive conditional duration (ACD) model specification (Annotation, full version)

K. Tumanyants (VolSU)
The stress testing of the guarantee mechanism for pension savings in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Abramov (HSE)
Room 513 М-20
Session E-06. Empirical studies of financial markets
Session moderator: T. Teplova (HSE)

L. Weill (University of Strasbourg)
Does the Type of Debt Matter? Stock Market Perception in Europe (Annotation)

A. Abramov (HSE), M. Chernova (RANEPA)
Analysis of the effectiveness of pension and mutual fund portfolios in Russia (Annotation, full version)

D. Rudenko (TSU), T. Pogodaeva (TumSU)
Financial development and income inequality in Russia (Annotation, full version)

T. Teplova (HSE), E. Mikova (HSE)
Nature of momentum effect: decomposition of momentum profit (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: I. Kuga (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Room 513 М-20
Session E-07. Financial Mathematics (in association with HSE International Laboratory of Quantitative Finance)
Session moderator: P. Katyshev (HSE)

A. Smirnov (HSE)
Stochastic Leverage of the Global Financial System (Annotation, full version)

A. Lepskiy (HSE), H. Penikas (HSE), A. Bronevich (HSE)
Analysis of predictive financial information by statistical methods and in the framework of the evidence theory (Annotation, full version)

I. Kuga (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), E. Kuzmina (JSC VTB)
Russian Money Market: A Blackboard Model (Annotation)

V. Lakshina (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Model selection for dynamic hedge ratio calculation (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: V. Lapshin (HSE)
Section Ea. HSE PhD Seminar in Finance (in association with HSE International Laboratory of Quantitative Finance)
Moderators: I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE), A. Karminsky (HSE)

10 April, Friday
Room 224 М-20
Session Ea-09. Key-note speaker: Prof. Elettra Agliardi (The University of Bologna). Corporate Finance and Ambiguity
Moderator: Y. Kabanov (ILQM HSU HSE)

Room 224 М-20
Session Ea-10. Session 1
Session moderator: I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE)

K. Sharma (Indian Institute of Management)
Follow the Diaspora: The Globalization of Service Firms (Annotation)

M. Prodan (Kiev National Economic University)
Problems and prospects of banking investment lending of innovative activity (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE), E. Agliardi (University of Bologna), A. Karminsky (HSE)
Room 224 М-20
Session Ea-11. Session 2
Session moderator: A. Karminsky (HSE)

D. Kandaurov (HSE)
Influence of return and risk indicators on open-end mutual fund flows (Annotation, full version)

D. Vlasov (HSE)
Fixed capital investments of Russian industrial companies: why does Russia lag behind developed countries? (Annotation, full version)

K. Akshentceva (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)
Mutual fund effectiveness in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Vernikov (HSE), A. Stepanova (HSE), A. Fasano (LUISS)
Section F. Law and Economics
Moderators: A. Yakovlev (HSE), E. Salygin (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 319a М-11
Session F-01. Special session. Arbitration court practice in Russia
Session moderator: K. Hendley (University of Wisconsin)

M. Pozdniakov (EUSP)
The Supreme Arbitration Court and technology judicial lobbying (Annotation)

K. Titaev (EUSP)
The Influence of the Location of the Appeal and the Cassation Arbitrazh Courts on the Litigant's Behavior and Court Decision: an Empirical Analysis (Annotation, full version)

T. Bocharov (EUSP)
The prospects for the development of e-justice after the abolition of the Supreme Court of Arbitration (Annotation, full version)

K. Hendley (University of Wisconsin)
Judges as Gatekeepers to Mediation: The Russian Case (Annotation)

Room 319a М-11
Session F-02. Development of the legal community
Session moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

E. Khodzhaeva (IRL, EUSPb)
Perspectives of Attorney’s Monopoly in Russia: Ambitions of Federal Chamber of the Bar and Multiple Voices from Practicing Lawyers (Annotation, full version)

E. Moiseeva (IRL EUSPb)
Type of Contract and Social Differentiation of Lawyers (Annotation, full version)

A. Kazun (HSE)
Tactics of interaction with Russian lawyers law enforcement system: between cooperation and confrontation (Annotation, full version)

Room 309 М-20
Session F-03/2. Honorary lecture by I. Krastev (Liberal Strategies in Sofia). Exit, Noise and Disloyalty. Reflections on the Politics of Protest in the Age of Globalization
Moderator: A. Yakovlev (IIMS HSE)

Room 319a М-11
Session F-03/1. Special session. Regulation of industrial markets
Session moderator: S. Golovanova (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod)

K. Mozgovaya (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Effect of changes in the legal framework governing the air transport industry in the Russian Federation, to the economic feasibility of overbooking (Annotation, full version)

A. Redkina (HSE – Perm), N. Shchavleva (HSE – Perm)
An empirical analysis of merger control in Russia: event study approach (Annotation, full version)

E. Sidorova (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod), S. Golovanova (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod)
Antitrust Regulation in the Oil Industry (Annotation, full version)

Room 319a М-11
Session F-04. Special session. Law: New Approaches
Session moderator: Z. Pogosova (HSE)

Z. Pogosova (HSE), A. Shestakova (HSE)
An Experimental Study of De-stigmatization of Criminal Behaviour (Annotation, full version)

A. Platsas (HSE)
Cosmopolitan Law in the Postmodern World (Annotation, full version)

L. Savyk (HSE)
From the international classification of crimes for planetary monitoring crime and criminal justice (Annotation, full version)

09 April, Thursday
Room 319a М-11
Session F-05. Law enforcement and entrepreneurs
Session moderator: K. Titaev (EUSP)

I. Chetverikova (IRL EUSPb)
The effects of policy change in 2009-2012 on the enforcement of criminal law related to economic crimes in Russia (Annotation, full version)

L. Bardin (CBM)
Demand to minimize legal risks as the most effective and preferred direction of demand for law (Annotation, full version)

A. Kazun (HSE)
Raiding in Russia's Regions: Indicators and Factors (Annotation, full version)

Z. Pogosova (HSE), E. Podkolzina (HSE)
How is a non-pecuniary damage award for committed acts of crime calculated in Russia? (Annotation, full version)

Room 319a М-11
Session F-06. Economic analysis of the regulatory bodies
Session moderator: A. Shastitko (MSU)

D. Tsytsulina (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod)
Сharacteristics of FAS performance: the possibility of use of juidical cases statistics about antitrust law violations (Annotation, full version)

S. Avdasheva (HSE), A. Shastitko (MSU)
Influence of late choice of violation investigated in the amount of evidence of decision of supervisory authority under inquisitorial system (Annotation, full version)

S. Golovanova (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod)
Economic analysis of rules on comparable markets in the Russian antitrust legislation (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: T. Radchenko (Аналитический центр при Правительстве РФ)
Section G. Regional Studies
Moderator: N. Zubarevich (MSU)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 240 М-20
Session G-01. Spatial concentration and inequality
Session moderator: E. Kolomak (IEIE SB RAS)

E. Kolomak (IEIE SB RAS)
Tendencies and factors of the spatial concentration of economic activity in Russia (Annotation)

I. Grigoryeva (HSE)
Determinants of Urban GDP per Capita in China (Annotation, full version)

E. Klevakina (INREC SB RAS), I. Zabelina (INREC SB RAS)
Interregional inequality of economic performance in Russia: transboundary issues (Annotation, full version)

Room 240 М-20
Session G-02. Institutional factors of regional development
Session moderator: N. Zubarevich (MSU)

V. Nefedkin (IEIE SB RAS)
Impact of economic power concentration on the regional development (Annotation, full version)

E. Malkov (HSE), L. Polishchuk (HSE), A. Baranov (HSE), E. Malkov (HSE), M. Rochlitz (HSE), G. Syunyaev (University of Columbia)
How (Not) to Measure Russian Regional Institutions (Annotation)

V. Kulpina (HSE), T. Remington (Emory University), A. Yakovlev (HSE), M. Rochlitz (HSE)
Performance Incentives and Economic Growth: Regional Officials in Russia and China (Annotation, full version)

M. Nesena (Leontief Centre), L. Limonov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Cultural and Religious Diversity in Russian regions: Impact on Economic Performance (Annotation, full version)

Room 240 М-20
Session G-03. Financial instruments and fiscal policy
Session moderator: A. Tabakh (HSE)

A. Yushkov (GSOM SPbU)
Fiscal decentralization and regional economic growth: the case of Russian regions (2005-2012) (Annotation, full version)

A. Tabakh (HSE), D. Andreeva (Government Analytical Center)
"Games of Thrones": debt management strategies of Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

K. Krinichansky (South Ural State University)
The interrelation between financial markets and economic development in Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

A. Korzhenevych (IOER)
Spillovers of Regional Investment Subsidies (Annotation)

A. Stepanov (MSU )
The impact of fiscal policy on development of different types of Russian regions (using the example of VAT) (Annotation, full version)

Room 240 М-20
Session G-04. Regional markets
Session moderator: S. Kadochnikov (HSE - Saint-Petersberg)

A. Fedyunina (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), S. Kadochnikov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Export Performance and Survival in Russia: Why Some Regions Grow Fast and Others Don't (Annotation, full version)

E. Kolchinskaya (Leontief Centre)
A study factors of growth manufacturing industry Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

E. Meltenisova (IEIE SB RAS)
Analysis of Russian regional electricity markets: olygopoly or competition (Annotation)

A. Semenov (Domodedovo Airport)
Spatial structure of low cost passenger air transportations in the world. (Annotation, full version)

09 April, Thursday
Room 240 М-20
Session G-05. Regional policy
Session moderator: O. Kuznetsova (*)

L. Melnikova (IEIE SB RAS)
Strategic forecasts of regional development: prospects and constraints (Annotation)

A. Vilenskiy (IE RAS)
Decentralization within the state policy of small and medium-sized business support and development in Russia (Annotation, full version)

G. Golobokova (Magadan Region Goverment)
Features of development of innovative activity in the Russian regions (for example, Magadan and Irkutsk regions) (Annotation, full version)

S. Barinov (HSE), Y. Polyakova (MSU)
School financing and eductaional results in Russia: cross-regional analysis conclusions (Annotation)

Section Ga. Urban studies
Moderator: A. Puzanov (HSE)

09 April, Thursday
Room 240 М-20
Session Ga-06. Structural problems of urban development
Session moderator: A. Puzanov (HSE)

B. Zhikharevich (HSE - Saint Petersburg), O. Rusetskaya (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
What hide and about what tell changeable municipal budgets? (Annotation, full version)

E. Anoshkina (PNRPU)
The biggest cities: potential and impact on modernization of the economy and society in Russia (Annotation, full version)

K. Rozhkov (HSE)
Ways of using megacity (Annotation, full version)

Room 240 М-20
Session Ga-07. Social development of cities
Session moderator: L. Limonov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)

T. Gass (HSE)
The Impact of Different Housing Quality Approaches on Housing Inequality (Annotation, full version)

O. Krakashova (RC EMM), V. Sobolev (SRSPU(NPI))
Information modeling the availability of construction and acquisition of residential property under the conditions of financial instability (Annotation, full version)

N. Kostko (TSUWEML)
The social space of the city: the theoretical bases of research and application in the practice of municipal administration (Annotation, full version)

Room 240 М-20
Round table Ga-08. New housing strategy
Moderator: A. Novikov (HSE)

Key lecture: T. Polidi – executive manager of the fund «The Institute for Urban Economics»

- The basic tendencies in the housing sector as a result of the development and policies of past years
- Priorities of housing development at present time and in the long term prospective
- Social and economic challenges in the priority solutions of housing development
- Society, business and government opportunities in the priority solutions of housing development

Participants: A. Bazhenov (FCPF), A. Muratov (STRELKA), K. Nigmatulina (Independent expert)
Section H. Social history
Moderator: A. Kamenskiy (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 426 M-11
Session H-01. Memory, monuments and museums: commemoration strategy and policy
Session moderator: L. Novikova (HSE)

E. Rozhdestvenskaya (HSE)
Musefication of the Holocaust as a representation of cultural trauma (Annotation)

V. Semenova (IS RAS)
Social Memory meanings: formation and transformation (Annotation, full version)

A. Strelnikova (HSE)
Politics of memory as a symbolic reinterpretation of the past (the case of the monument "Worker and Collective Farm Girl") (Annotation, full version)

A. Vanke (IS RAS), E. Polukhina (HSE)
Politics of Memory and War Memorials in Russia: Comparing Poklonnaia Hill in Moscow and Mamaev Hill in Volgograd (Annotation, full version)

Room 426 M-11
Session H-02. Social processes in Russia nowadays
Session moderator: I. Fedyukin (HSE)

V. Borisov (HSE)
Administrative Practice and Social Processes Behind the Urals in the Last Third of the 17th century (Annotation)

O. Karlina (Lesya Ukrainka SNU)
Governor and town organs of management in a pre-reform period: problems of mutual relations (on materials of the Volhynia province) (Annotation)

E. Korchmina (HSE), I. Voskoboynikov (HSE)
The determinants of landlords' income of Ryazan province (in the materials of noble elections of 1827) (Annotation)

Room 426 M-11
Session H-03. New methodological approach in history-1
Session moderator: A. Semyonov (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)

I. Sablin (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Relational Spaces in Contemporary German Sociology and History (Annotation)

P. Siegrist (University of Konstanz)
From Reclusian Geohistory to New Spatial History: Towards an Integrated Perspective on French and Russian Geodeterminst Thinking (Annotation, full version)

A. Kotenko (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
How new is new spatial history? (Annotation)

Room 426 M-11
Session H-04. New methodological approach in history-2
Session moderator: A. Semyonov (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)

E. Manzhurin (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Imagined Continuities in Soviet City Symbols (Annotation)

N. Balagurov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
One Show to Please Them All: Selling Status and Nationalism in Late Imperial Russia (Annotation)

K. Kukushkin (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
The perception of space and boundaries in diplomatic documents of Rus' and Lithuania (XV-XVI cc.) (Annotation, full version)

D. Mordvinov (UBC)
Empire of Science: Scientific Colonisation of Space in the late Russian Empire, 1845 – 1914 (Annotation)

09 April, Thursday
Room 426 M-11
Session H-05. The history of Russian reforms-1
Session moderator: A. Kamenskiy (HSE)

A. Medushevskiy (HSE)
The Russian Reforms: Definition, Typology, Comparative Analysis (Annotation, full version)

I. Kurukin (RSUH)
The court and favoritism in XVIII century Russia (Annotation, full version)

A. Kamenskiy (HSE)
Intentions and Reality of Alexander's I Reforms (Annotation, full version)

L. Lyashenko (MPGU)
Practice and character of Nikolai the First rule (Annotation, full version)

Room 426 M-11
Session H-06. The history of Russian reforms-2
Session moderator: A. Kamenskiy (HSE)

I. Khristoforov (HSE)
Professors and financiers: on the history of the establishment and reform of Russia's State bank in 1860 and 1894 (Annotation, full version)

V. Shelohaev ( IRH RAS)
Stolypin's reforms: ideas and results (Annotation, full version)

K. Solovyov (IRH RAS)
The making-up of the new political field in Russia in the beginning of XXth century (Annotation, full version)

L. Lazareva (RSUH Domodedovо)
Some economic problems of late Stalinism (Discussion 1951 and Stalin). (Annotation, full version)

D. Maslov (MSIU)
Problem of science value of meaning the Russian economic reforms at early 1990-s. (Annotation, full version)

Section Ha. Economic history
Moderator: T. Valetov (MSU)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 423 M-11
Session Ha-01. Institutional issues of early capitalism
Session moderator: G. Ulianova (ИРИ РАН)

S. Poder (Danish National Archives)
Trust, brokerage of social capital and competitive strategies between town and country in the 18th century. Analysis of regional socioeconomic networks 1755 to 1772 (Annotation)

M. Baryshnikov (RGPU )
Partnership of G.Benenson and A.Golitsyn: a problem of changes in the socio-cultural form of Russian business in the early twentieth century. (Annotation, full version)

A. Popov (MSU)
Problems of the state support of aircraft and aircraft engine of private enterprises in the Russian Empire in 1909-1917 (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: T. Valetov (MSU)
Room 423 M-11
Session Ha-02. Human capital in USSR of 1920-1950
Session moderator: D. Didenko (IS RAS)

D. Didenko (IS RAS)
Human capital in "educational revolution" that accompanied early industrialisation of the USSR (Annotation, full version)

S. Ulyanova (SPbSPU)
"New workers" in the Soviet industry in the mid-1920s - early 1930s: historiographical stereotypes and the historical reality (Annotation, full version)

T. Nikonorova (RSUH)
Prosecution of economic crimes in the mechanism of Stalinist political repression: the analysis of 'Leningrad Affair' materials (1949-1952) (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Volodin (MSU)
Room 423 M-11
Session Ha-03. Institutional Issues of Economy in 1920-1960
Session moderator: A. Volodin (MSU)

R. Andreev (UNWE)
State monopolies in Bulgaria between Two World Wars (Annotation, full version)

V. Nekrasov (SurGPU), E. Volosnikova (SurGPU)
Institutions of the Economic power in USSR: case-study "Higher council of national economy (1962-1965)" (Annotation)

Discussant: I. Novichenko (ИВИ РАН)
Section I. PhD seminar EACES-HSE PhD workshop
Moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 428 M-11
Session I-01. Keynote speakers: M. Signorelli (Professor of University of Perugia in Italy, President of EACES in 2010-2012) Jun Du (Reader at Aston Business School, UK)
Moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

Room 428 M-11
Session I-02. Session 1
Session moderator: O. Demidova (HSE)

J. Kluge (University of Erfurt, Germany)
FDI, Political Risk and Authoritarian Governments (Annotation)

A. Gladysheva (HSE)
Heterogeneity of food and agricultural markets in Russia (in terms of food security concept) (Annotation)

Y. Murashov (HSE)
Estimation of the size of informal economy in Russian Federation based on the household budget survey data (Annotation)

Discussant: M. Rochlitz (HSE), O. Demidova (HSE), M. Signorelli (University of Perugia)
Room 428 M-11
Session I-03. Session 2
Session moderator: M. Signorelli (University of Perugia)

A. Belmonte (IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca, Italy)
Sophisticated Electoral Accountability: A Political Psychology Agency Theory (Annotation)

K. Osaulenko (UCL, London, UK)
The Impact of Firms’ Internationalization on Corporate Governance: Evidence From Russia (Annotation)

Discussant: M. Rochlitz (HSE), J. Du (Aston Business School, UK)
Section J. Economic Methodology
Moderator: V. Avtonomov (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 424 M-11
Session J-01. Formation of economic science
Session moderator: O. Ananyin (HSE)

P. Klyukin (HSE)
Stages of analytical development of circular flow theory in the history of economic thought (Annotation, full version)

I. Chaplygina (MSU)
Natural order or conventions: opposite views on the nature of economic phenomena (Annotation, full version)

A. Ermakova (MSU)
One forgotten debate: the logical and historical matter in the “Capital” by Karl Marx (Annotation)

O. Ananyin (HSE)
Genesis of Economics: Rivalry of Projects (Annotation)

Room 424 M-11
Session J-02. The economic theory of development and reforms
Session moderator: A. Zaostrovtsev (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)

A. Zaostrovtsev (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Modern Austrian School on Institutions and Development Problems (Annotation, full version)

V. Polterovich (CEMI RAS)
Economic Reforms: Prerequisites for Success and Causes of Failure (Annotation)

S. Chernavsky (CEMI)
The Logic and Practice of Reforming Russian Economy (by the Example of the Energy Sector) (Annotation, full version)

Room 424 M-11
Session J-03. Institutional and evolutionary theory
Session moderator: A. Rubinstein (IE RAS)

V. Shironin (DPbSUE)
Institutional Policy and Institutional Theory (Annotation, full version)

B. Korneychuk (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
"Path Dependency" Effect and an Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change (Annotation, full version)

A. Rubinstein (IE RAS), O. Slavinskaya (Institute of economy, RAS)
Index patronized goods (index of human capital formation) (Annotation, full version)

Room 424 M-11
Session J-04. Methodology - theory - forecast
Session moderator: V. Avtonomov (HSE)

V. Avtonomov (HSE)
Behavioral economics: a difficult way to mainstream (Annotation)

A. Belianin (ICEF)
On some interpretations of rational behaviour in economics and games (Annotation)

L. Tutov (MSU)
Philosophy and methodology of economics as the basis of the concept of modern economic knowledge (Annotation, full version)

N. Makasheva (INION )
On methodological meaning of prediction. From the history of ups and downs and their influence on economics (Annotation)

09 April, Thursday
Room 424 M-11
Session J-05. Economic theory of the beginning of XX century in a modern interpretation
Session moderator: D. Melnik (HSE)

D. Melnik (HSE)
First World War and the Canons in Economics (Annotation, full version)

U. Nikolaeva (MSU)
Archaic and neoachaic economic relations in contemporary economy: methodological issues (Annotation, full version)

P. Penchev (UNWE)
Professor Naum Dolinsky in the history of Bulgarian thought (Annotation, full version)

N. Nenovsky (UNWE)
Simeon Demostenov (1886-1966) Russian-Bulgarian student of Carl Menger, founder of the pure economic theory in Bulgaria (Annotation, full version)

Room 424 M-11
Session J-06. Historical approach and the historical school in economics
Session moderator: M. Pokidchenko (MSU)

M. Pokidchenko (MSU)
The historical approach to assessing the economic theories. (Annotation, full version)

R. Khaitkulov (HSE)
Economic method and the problem of value neutrality: the historical analysis (Annotation)

P. Penchev (UNWE), N. Nenovsky (UNWE)
The Evolution of German Historical School in Bulgaria (1878-1944) (Annotation, full version)

Section K. World Economy and Policy
Moderator: A. Kuznetsov (IMEMO RAS)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 329a M-11
Session K-01. Asia to the world and Asia for Asia
Session moderator: E. Kanaev (HSE)

A. Likhacheva (HSE)
A new model of development for Asian region - continent of consumption (Annotation, full version)

N. Stapran (RASC)
Competing integration initiatives in Asia-Pacific: opportunities and challenges (Annotation)

A. Gabuev (Kommersant)
Russia's policy in Asia-Pacific: between China, the U.S. and other players (Annotation)

I. Makarov (HSE)
Prospects of Integration of Siberia and Russian Far East to economic relations in APR (Annotation, full version)

Room 329a M-11
Session K-02. Russian foreign economic relations in the context of deteriorating relations with the West
Session moderator: A. Lukin (Центр исследований Восточной Азии, ШОС МГИМО (У) МИД России)

A. Pyatachkova (CCEIS), E. Kanaev (HSE)
ASEAN in Russia's Pivot to Asia (Annotation, full version)

C. Weiner (MTA KRTK VGI)
Diversification Trajectories in Central and Eastern Europe since the Russo–Ukrainian Gas Crisis of January 2009 (Annotation)

V. Ponomarev (EEC)
The development of integration cooperation of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. The prospect of a free trade agreement with Israel (Annotation, full version)

S. Kalenova (Turan University)
Kazakstan in EAEC: problems and perspectives (Annotation, full version)

Room 329a M-11
Session K-03. New aspects of Russia's participation in international economic relations
Session moderator: D. Degterev (MGIMO)

A. Sokolova (HSE), I. Makarov (HSE)
Emissions embodied in Russia's trade and implications for climate policy (Annotation, full version)

A. Maximova (HSE)
Measure what you treasure: international development assistance effectiveness evaluation (Annotation, full version)

R. Slobodian (SPbGU)
A performance of institutional mechanism of the Russian Federation in the sphere of investment and export support: a comparative analysis (Annotation, full version)

A. Mogilat (CMASF), V. Salnikov (CMASF)
Assessing Trade Integration Effect for Eurasian Union with the Gravity Model for Russian Regions: is the "Border Puzzle" significant? (Annotation, full version)

Room 329a M-11
Session K-04. Investment and financial aspects of the world economy
Session moderator: B. Heifetz (IE RAS)

A. Zhuravleva (MGIMO )
Consolidation of logistic infrastructure on the territory of free trade zone as a tool of improving the efficiency of supply chains of multinationals. (Annotation)

T. Evdokimova (HSE)
Impact of the financial sector size on macroeconomic condition (Annotation, full version)

J. Li (JLU), M. Jiang (JLU)
East Asian Dollar Standard: Dilemmas and Prospects (Annotation, full version)

G. Yakubovskiy (Zarubezhneft JSC )
Spanish economy model: from housing construction to industry competitiveness (Annotation, full version)

09 April, Thursday
Room 329a M-11
Session K-05. Trade-related aspects of the world economy
Session moderator: A. Daniltsev (HSE)

M. Gorbunova (UNN), T. Morozova (UNN), A. Pchelintsev (UNN)
Analysis of tariff concessions of the Russian Federation on non-agricultural goods for WTO accession (Annotation, full version)

A. Tangaeva (WTC)
Trade dispute settllement in WTO: economic motives and effects (Annotation, full version)

I. Manuylov (HSE)
The influence of regional trade agreements on the development of global value chains in electronics (Annotation)

B. Sarvari (Corvinus University of Budapest)
The Role of Confucian Capitalism in the 21st Century (Annotation, full version)

Room 329a M-11
Session K-06. World policy
Session moderator: M. Bratersky (HSE)

Y. Kolchugina (IvSU)
Policy networks role in carrying out of "Nord Stream" and "South Stream" pipeline projects: comparative historical analysis (Annotation)

O. Troitskaya (MSU)
Right of nations to self-determination: comparing Russian and Western approaches (Annotation)

V. Pereboev (EDB)
Foreign policy, foreign economic and socio-cultural orientation of the population of the CIS region countries in 2012 - 2014. (Annotation, full version)

S. Mikhnevich (HSE)
Influence of "Smart power" of China and the USA on ideas' dimension and institualization of foreign affairs in the Asia-Pacific Region (Annotation, full version)

Room 329a M-11
Session K-07. The World after sanctions
Session moderator: S. Markov (The Public Chamber of Russia, Institute for Political Scienses)

M. Bratersky (HSE)
New Bipolarity: Trade and Finance in the XXI century (Annotation)

K. Entin (HSE)
Sanctions as one of the leading EU foreign policy instruments in the context of the Ukrainian crisis: political and legal aspects (Annotation)

I. Petinenko (TSU), N. Redchikova (TSU ), N. Veretennikova (TSU)
BRICS Integration: the Formation of Institutional Interactions (Annotation, full version)

D. Marshuk (HSE)
Political and economic strengthening of PRC in Middle East region in the begining of XXI century (Annotation, full version)

Section L. Firms and Markets
Moderators: N. Volchkova (NES, CEFIR), T. Dolgopyatova (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 125 М-20
Session L-01. Ownership, corporate finance and governance: Evidence from Russia and China
Session moderator: O. Lazareva (HSE)

C. Sprenger (ICEF, HSE)
Does Nationalization Work? — Evidence from Russian State Takeovers (Annotation)

J. Qian (Shanghai Jiao Tong University), Z. Huang (Tsinghua University), L. Li (Peking University), G. Ma (Renmin University)
The Political Economy of Corporate Finance: Evidence from ‘Re-nationalization’ in China (Annotation)

A. Muravyev (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), B. Black (Northwestern University)
Do disclosure and transparency matter for firm value? Evidence from the Russian stock exchange (Annotation)

Discussant: G. Erenburg (University of Western Ontario, NES)
Room 125 М-20
Session L-02. Factors and problems of development of large and medium-sized Russian companies
Session moderator: T. Dolgopyatova (HSE)

V. Golikova (HSE), M. Korotkov (HSE), A. Govorun (HSE), B. Kuznetsov (HSE), M. O (HSE)
The impact of industrial firms strategies on their resistance to external shocks and post-crisis performance (Annotation, full version)

R. Yusufov (WTC SKOLKOVO), I. Klimov (HSE)
The development of the succession plan of the business and wealth by High Net Worth Individuals in Russia (Annotation)

A. Mogilat (CMASF)
Bankruptcies of Large and Medium-Size Companies in Russian Real Sector: Trends, Structural Features and Basic Factors (Annotation, full version)

A. Zhilyaev (SAP)
Is «staff scarcity» in information technology a threat to Russia? (Annotation)

Discussant: L. Rughanskaya (UFU)
Room 125 М-20
Session L-03. Global aspects of the companies’ activity
Session moderator: N. Volchkova (NES, CEFIR)

F. Ricotta (UNICAL)
Productivity differences by export destination (Annotation, full version)

A. Gladysheva (HSE), T. Ratnikova (HSE)
Tendencies in distribution of foreign capital in Russian food industry companies (Annotation, full version)

K. Gonchar (HSE), E. Bessonova (CEFIR, NES)
Institutional factors of FDI scale decisions (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: B. Kuznetsov (HSE)
Room 125 М-20
Session L-04. State regulation and business
Session moderator: V. Golikova (HSE)

Y. Simachev (IAC), M. Kuzyk (IAC)
Specifics оf impact of state development institutions on firms' innovation behaviour: qualitative evaluation based on subjective statistics (Annotation)

T. Alimova (HSE)
The influence of the pace of institutional reform of the business environment on the dynamics of entrepreneurial activity (Annotation)

O. Khomik (HSE)
Influence of shipment contract terms on food vendors' welfare: empirical evaluation of Trade law effects (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Suvorov (HSE)
09 April, Thursday
Room 125
Session L-05. Special session (HSE) Corporate finances
Session moderator: I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE)

E. Kuzmicheva (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod)
The influence of financial constraints and attitude towards risk in corporate investment decisions (Annotation, full version)

T. Ratnikova (HSE), D. Gavrilov (HSE)
The Impact of Gender Diversity of The Board and Ownership Structure on Corporate Performance: Evidence from Western Europe (Annotation, full version)

S. Fomkina (HSE)
Size Premium and Cost of Equity in Emerging Markets (Annotation, full version)

A. Stepanova (HSE), I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE), I. Rabotinskiy (HSE)
Influence of Corporate Governance on Cost of Debt: Evidence from Russia (Annotation)

Discussant: C. Sprenger (ICEF, HSE), A. Muravyev (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Room 125 М-20
Session L-06. Financial markets
Session moderator: M. Molodchik (HSE - Perm)

E. Rogova (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), A. Maslyakov (Vimpelkom)
The impact of syndication at venture funds performance (Annotation, full version)

V. Lakshina (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod), A. Porshnev (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod)
The influence of Twitter moods on the stock market volatility (Annotation, full version)

A. Fasano (LUISS), C. Boido (University of Siena), P. Galloppo (University of Tuscia Viterbo)
Active Management and Performance: A Preliminary Analysis for BRIC Markets and BRIC Focused Funds (Annotation, full version, presentation)

Discussant: S. Stepanov (HSE)
Room 125 М-20
Session L-07. Markets and regulation
Session moderator: L. Rughanskaya (UFU)

I. Dolmatov (IPRNM), V. Dvorkin (IPRNM HSE), I. Maskaev (IPRNM HSE)
Russian Water Utility Efficiency Benchmarking: measurement, methodologies and performance incentives (Annotation, full version)

I. Ipatova (HSE)
The dynamics of total efficiency and its components: Russian plastic production (Annotation, full version)

N. Aizenberg (ESI SB RAS), E. Stashkevich (ESI SB RAS)
Formation of tariff menu for different types of consumers in the retail electricity market using adverse selection problem (Annotation, full version)

E. Podkolzina (HSE), A. Balsevich (HSE)
Causes and consequences of low competition in Russian public procurement (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: S. Izmalkov (NES)
Room 327-к М-20
Round table L-08. Power Industry for consumers: finding optimum
Moderators: I. Volkova (HSE), E. Yasin (HSE)

- Problems of current electric power market;
- competitive advantage of the latest technologies for combined production of electricity and heat;
- problems of a non-discriminatory integration in the electric power market;
- distributed systems of electricity generation, the practical experience of participating in the electricity market, problems and suggestions for their solution.

Participants: E. Yasin (HSE), V. Kolesnik (HSE), А. Kudrin (Presidential Economic Council), I. Grachev (The State Duma of Russia), М. Kravchenko (Russian Ministry of Energy), А. Golomolzin (FAS Russia), I. Kozhuhovskiy (Rosenergo), О. Barkin (NP "MARKET COUNCIL"), G. Kutovoy (The State Duma of Russia)
Section La. Intellectual Сapital of Companies: Measurement and Reporting (Jointly with the European Institute of advanced studies in management, Brussels)
09 April, Thursday
Room 423 M-11
Session La-06. Key Note Report by Stefano Zambon (Professor of Business Economics at the Faculty of Economics of Ferrara University, Italy) The management and measurement of intellectual capital as leverage for company and territorial growth
Room 423 M-11
Session La-07. Intellectual capital and corporate performance
Session moderator: E. Shakina (HSE - Perm)

I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE), E. Nazarova (HSE)
Impact of CEO’s Human Capital over Sustainability of Corporate Growth: the Evidence from Emerging Capital Market of Russia (Annotation, full version)

A. Bykova (HSE – Perm), F. Lopez-Iturriaga (University of Valladolid)
Intangibles, export behavior and companies performance: the relationship for the emerging market firms (Annotation)

M. Molodchik (HSE – Perm), V. Bykov (HSE - Perm)
Investment strategies relating R&D and human capital during the crisis: impact on performance (Annotation, full version)

E. Shakina (HSE - Perm), A. Chadov (HSE - Perm), A. Barajas (University of Vigo), P. Parshakov (HSE - Perm)
Status-quo vs new strategy in intangibles (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Barajas (HSE - Perm), E. Rogova (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Room 423 M-11
Round table La-08. Intellectual capital of Companies: Measurement and Reporting
Moderators: I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE), A. Barajas (HSE - Perm)

• Best and bad practices of intellectual capital monetization
∙ How to evaluate intellectual capital in mergers and acquisitions?
∙ Is the intellectual capital a part of reward in determining transaction costs for M&A of Russian companies?
∙ Do investors use information about intellectual capital or not?
∙ Do analysts use intellectual capital data in forecasting the performance of the company and the banks?
∙ How transparent and comparable is the integrated reporting in companies?
∙ Disclosure of intellectual capital as part of a integrated reporting - additional benefit or only additional costs?
∙ Should we aim to transform integrated reporting and disclosure of intellectual capital in the compulsory element of accountability?
∙ How much is non-financial audit information on intellectual capital requested now?

Participants: I. Korotetsky (KPMG), D. Vanshtein (EY), B. Kirillov (ASA Russian branch), А. Dorofeev (Deloitte), Е. Kalyuzhny (Venture Capital Academy), Е. Khrustalev (EY), I. Miliukova (Univers-audit), О. Maydanik (PWC), F. Itturiaga (University of Valladolid), C. Jardon (The University of Vigo), D. Coates (The University of Maryland), K. Sorokina (HSE), M. Molodchik (HSE – Perm), E. Shakina (HSE - Perm)
Section M. Political Processes
Moderator: A. Melville (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 421 M-11
Session M-01. Honorary lecture by Thomas J. Volgy (Department of Political Science, University of Arizona). The Attribution of Status in the International System: Realist and Normative Considerations
Room 421 M-11
Session M-02. Honorary lecture by William R. Thompson (Distinguished Professor and Donald A. Rogers Professor of Political Science, Indiana University). Norms, Behavioral Compliance, and Status Attribution in International Politics
Room 421 M-11
Session M-03. Political processes in the Russian regions
Session moderator: R. Turovsky (CPT)

R. Turovsky (CPT)
Opposition's support at Russia's subnational elections: reasons and results (Annotation, full version)

D. Vorobyev (UrFU), O. Sidorkin (CERGE-EI)
Political Risk, Information and Corruption Cycles: Evidence from Russian Regions (Annotation)

Y. Guyvoronskiy (HSE)
Subnational Political Regimes as a Factor of Party Systems Evolution in Russian Regions (Annotation)

Y. Pustovoyt (SIBSIU)
"The wolves and the lamb" - collusion as a model of local political regime (Annotation)

Discussant: N. Petrov (HSE)
Room 421 M-11
Session M-04. State Capacity and Durability/Vulnerability of Authoritarian and Hybrid Regimes
W. Thompson (Indiana University, Bloomington), T. Volgy (University of Arizona)
State Capacity, Democratization and Public Policy (Annotation)

E. Arbatli (HSE), S. Canbolat (University of Connecticut), O. Bayulgen (University of Connecticut)
Hybrid Breakdowns and Electoral Authoritarianism: The Russian and Turkish Political Regimes in Comparative Perspective (Annotation)

A. Melville (HSE)
State capacity, Democratization and the Problem of Sequencing (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Akhremenko (HSE)
09 April, Thursday
Room 421 M-11
Session M-05. Models and measurements in political studies
Session moderator: A. Akhremenko (HSE)

A. Akhremenko (HSE), A. Petrov (KIAM)
Can Propaganda Affect Economic Growth: Towards a Dynamical Formal Model (Annotation, full version)

A. Korotayev (HSE)
Correlation between global divergence/convergence and global demographic transition: some sociopolitical implications (Annotation)

A. Yarkin (HSE), K. Schoors (UGent), K. Gracheva (HSE), L. Polishchuk (HSE)
Institutions and visa regimes (Annotation)

O. Vasilyeva (ERI FEB RAS)
Does political monopoly harm the development of resource rich countries? Evidence from Russian regions (Annotation)

Discussant: O. Gasparyan (HSE)
Room 421 M-11
Session M-06. Problems of Russian identity
Session moderator: S. Medvedev (HSE)

S. Medvedev (HSE)
"Russian Ressentiment" in the Mass Political Consciousness (Annotation, full version)

O. Malinova (INION RAS)
Constructing the national past in the official rhetoric: The analysis of thematic repertoire of the commemorative speeches of the Presidents of the Russian Federation (2000-2014) (Annotation, full version)

G. Tulchinskii (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Socio-cultural technologies for the formation of civic identity (Annotation)

Discussant: M. Urnov (HSE)
Section Ma. Political Processes. Special seminars with presentation of the results of HSE’s studies
Moderator: A. Melville (HSE)

09 April, Thursday
Room 428 M-11
Session Ma-05. Quantitative methods and indices in political analysis
Session moderator: A. Titkov (HSE)

A. Titkov (HSE)
An index for Russia to evaluate democracy at regional and sub-regional level (Annotation, full version)

A. Shukhova (HSE), D. Stukal (New York University), Y. Nisnevich (NRU HSE)
Measurement of Corruption Indices Validity (Annotation, full version)

D. Shvarts (HSE), M. Ushakov (HSE)
On evaluation of the power indices with allowance of agents' preferences in the anonimous games (Annotation)

Y. Veselova (HSE)
Computational complexity of social choice rules and manipulation (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Makarov (HSE)
Room 428 M-11
Session Ma-06. Quantitative methods and indices in political analysis-2
Session moderator: R. Kamalova (HSE)

R. Kamalova (HSE)
Comparison of approaches to power distribution analysis using the example of the Weimar Reichstag in 1919-1933. (Annotation, full version)

O. Gasparyan (HSE)
Government Effectiveness of the Russian Regions: Spatial Econometric Analysis (Annotation, full version)

D. Efimov (HSE)
Coups D'etat in the Modernity: Factors and Models of the Phenomenon (Annotation, full version)

R. Kiselyov (HSE)
First-past-the-post voting system inside out: determinants of the single vote cost of political party on the General Elections in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Akhremenko (HSE)
Room 428 M-11
Session Ma-07. Political processes in the Russian Federation and the Russian regions-2
Session moderator: A. Sungurov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)

A. Shubenkova (HSE), N. Buckley (Columbia Univerity), G. Garifullina (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill), O. Reuter (University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee)
Why Authoritarian Elections? An Elite-Based Theory with Evidence from Russian Mayoral Elections (Annotation)

A. Sungurov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), E. Vandysheva (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Agenda for regional parliaments: is there the place for civic initiatives (case of St. Petersburg) (Annotation, full version)

Y. Kabanov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Electronic Government of Russian Regions: Factors of Development (Annotation, full version)

E. Sirotkina (LRPS)
Managed competition and voting stability: evidence from Russian legislative election (Annotation)

A. Uvarova (HSE)
Political visions of Moscow schoolchildren (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Titkov (HSE)
Room 428 M-11
Session Ma-08. Understanding Ukraine
Session moderator: L. Borusyak (HSE)

L. Borusyak (HSE)
The events in Ukraine in the perception of the Russians: Internet against TV? (Annotation, full version)

V. Oliinyk (HSE)
"The Analysis of the Structure of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2007 - 2012) Based on the Roll-call Votes of Deputies" (Annotation, full version)

A. Rotmistrov (HSE)
Contemporary political events in the Ukraine as a factor of the Russian nationalist non-systemic opposition restructuring (Annotation, full version)

L. Grinin (HSE), A. Grinin (Volgograd Center for Social research)
The historical and geopolitics causes of the current social-political crisis in Ukraine (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Suzdaltsev (HSE)
Section N. Local government and civic self-organization
Moderator: I. Mersianova (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 328 М-11
Session N-01. Honorary paper by Dr. Lester M. Salamon (The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, and Academic Director of the International Laboratory for Nonprofit Sector Studies at HSE) The Rise of Indirect Government: The Changing Tools of Government Action
Room 328 М-11
Round table N-02. Is Russia Ready for the New Era in Government-Nonprofit Relations?
Moderators: L. Salamon (The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, HSE), L. Jakobson (HSE)

• What is the “new governance” and what implications does it have for the theory of public administration and the contemporary role of the nonprofit sector?
• The new “tool kit” for government-nonprofit cooperation in Russia: its composition, its goals and significance.
• How is the new tool kit for government-nonprofit cooperation operating on the ground in Russia’s regions?
• Developments elsewhere in Eastern Europe: achievements and problems, comparisons to Russia.
• What are the prospects for a new supportive relationship in Russia?
• What changes might be needed either in government policy or in the capacity and orientations of nonprofit organizations?

Participants: L. Salamon (The Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, HSE), M. Fedotov (Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights), V. Benevolenski (HSE), I. Krasnopolskaya (HSE), S. Nalezc (Polish Academy of Science), U. Pape (Radboud University Nijmegen), E. Topoleva-Soldunova (ASI), A. Shadrin (Ministry for Economic Development), J. Skokova (HSE)
Room 328 М-11
Session N-03. Civic self-organization and social innovations
Session moderator: N. Ivanova (HSE)

I.Krasnopolskaya (HSE), I. Mersianova (HSE)
Civil society as an environment for production and spreading of social innovations in Russia (abstract)

M. Shabanova (HSE)
Ethical consumption as a new kind of civic activity in Russia (abstract, full version)

E. Petrenko
Social entrepreneurship as a form of civic participation (abstract, full version)

I. Shagalov (VyatSU)
Information Environment and collective action (abstract)

Discussant: U. Pape (Radboud University Nijmegen, HSE)
Room 328 М-11
Session N-04. Special session (HSE). Factors of self-organization of Russians and the development of volunteering
Session moderator: V. Benevolenski (HSE)

A. Uldanov (HSE)
Forming of sustainable volunteering organizations in Russia: main impact factors (abstract, full version)

A. Nefedova
Strategies of Fundraising to Increase Public Trust during the Process of Collecting Private Donations

A. Istomina
(HSE) O. Oberemko (HSE)
Contrasting volunteering with protest activity in Russian volunteers’ self-descriptions (abstract, full version)

S. Suslova
(HSE – Perm), A. Bozhya-Volya (HSE – Perm)
Coproduction of Educational Services in Secondary School: Nonprofit Involvement (abstract, full version)

Discussant: C. Froehlich (Södertörn University, HSE)
Section O. State and Local Government Challenges
Moderators: A. Klimenko (HSE), A. Yakovlev (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 323 M-11
Session O-01. Development of strategic management
Session moderator: A. Klimenko (HSE)

V. Klimanov (IROF)
Synchronization of Strategic Planning Documents in Regions and Municipalities (Annotation)

D. Zaytsev (HSE), N. Belyaeva (HSE), Z. Pogosova (HSE)
Think Tanks and Analytical Communities Policy Impact Evaluation in Russia: Testing Methodology (case studies of regional analytical communities and foresight centers) (Annotation)

V. Korolev (HSE), D. Dvinskikh (HSE), I. Slastikhina (HSE)
Managing the state of national security in the regions: methodical approach (Annotation, full version)

Room 323 M-11
Session O-02. Factors and indicators of corruption
Session moderator: A. Balsevich (HSE)

D. Fedorovykh (HSE)
Effects of Legalizing Bribe Giving (Annotation, full version)

V. Vasileva (HSE, MSU), A. Vorobyev (HSE)
Corruption markets (Annotation, full version)

A. Balsevich (HSE), E. Podkolzina (HSE)
Indicators of Corruption in Public Procurement: the Example of Russian Regions (Annotation, full version)

A. Aistov (HSE)
Corruption Perceptions Index and Related Characteristics (Annotation, full version)

Room 323 M-11
Session O-03. Topical problems of public service
Session moderator: N. Dmitrieva (HSE)

N. Strekalova (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Social aspects of professional development management of civil servants (Annotation, full version)

T. Nezhina (HSE)
Public Service Motivation of MPA Students: the Case of Russian Universities (Annotation)

T. Sorokina (MSU)
Strategic human resources management at civil service (Annotation)

N. Dmitrieva (HSE), E. Styrin (HSE), L. Solontsova (HSE)
Monitoring of the openness of public authorities: expert evaluation (Annotation, full version)

Room 323 M-11
Session O-04/1. “Top-down operation” efficiency
Session moderator: A. Obolonsky (HSE)

L. Jakobson (HSE), A. Zhulin (HSE)
Departamentalism and Quality of Public Governance (Annotation)

N. Pliskevich (IE RAS)
Power vertical: the modern Russian version (Annotation)

A. Obolonsky (HSE)
Bureaucracy, Civil Society, Business: in search of new model of relations. (Annotation, full version)

09 April, Thursday
Room 323 M-11
Session O-05. Institutional environment and the behavior of economic agents
Session moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

A. Yakovlev (HSE), I. Levina (HSE)
Who did recognize an improvement of business climate in Russia in 2012-2014 and how is important Mr. Putin for them? (Annotation)

X. Jia (Erasmus University of Rotterdam-Rotterdam Institute of Law and Economics)
Marry a foreign bride- Law and Economic Analysis of Chinese MNEs’ Overseas M&A (Annotation, full version)

R. Schivatcheva (Kings College London)
Land Grabs in Central and Eastern Europe: the cases of Ukraine and Bulgaria (Annotation)

T. Jaekel (FOEV)
Using spatial econometrics to explain participation in local public sector performance benchmarking: Empirical evidence from Swedish municipalities (Annotation)

Room 323 M-11
Round table O-06. The effectiveness of management in budget sector
Moderator: B. Rudnik (HSE)

- New forms of decentralization of budgetary decisions and their impact on improving the efficiency of budget spending
- Transfer of state authority to organizations: legal framework
- Financing of culture in the subjects of the Russian Federation: current trends
- Concepts and models of financing culture

Participants: L. Bogdanov (HSE), S. Vasileva (HSE), G. Ksinkina (HSE), T. Abankina (HSE), V. Romanova (HSE)
Room 125 M-20
Session O-08. Honorary paper by G. Piga (Full Professor of Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata) "Europe, the Continent without Qualities? How to Move from Recession to Stagnation"
Section P. Demography and Labor Markets
Moderators: V. Gimpelson (HSE), M. Denisenko (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 522 М-20
Session P-01. Demographic assessment and models
Session moderator: V. Elizarov (MSU)

E. Soroko (HSE)
Indicators for description of ethno-demographic processes (Annotation, full version)

S. Wheatcroft (University of Melbourne)
The Great Famines in Kazakhstan as part of the Great Soviet Famine, 1929-33 (Annotation, full version)

A. Balyakin (Kurchatov Institute), V. Zhulego (Kurchatov Institute), S. Taranenko (Kurchatov Institute)
Population growth simulation based on social stratification (Annotation, full version)

Room 522 М-20
Session P-02. Problems of modern demographic development
Session moderator: S. Zakharov (HSE)

R. Fakhrislamova (HSE)
New demographic challenge in Russia: the problem of infertility (Annotation, full version)

L. Shakhotska (IE NAS of Belarus)
Current trends and problems of demographic development of Belarus in perspective (Annotation)

V. Levin (World Bank), E. Besedina (KSE), T. Aritomi (World Bank)
Going beyond the first child: Analysis of Russian mothers’ desired and actual fertility patterns (Annotation, full version)

S. Timonin (National Research University Higher School of Economics), V. Shkolnikov (MPIDR, NES)
Age components of life expectancy disparity across developed countries. (Annotation)

Room 522 М-20
Session P-03. International migration
Session moderator: N. Mkrtchyan (HSE)

M. Denisenko (HSE), O. Choudinovskikh (MSU)
Emigration from Russia: trends, factors and prospects (Annotation)

E. Chernina (HSE)
Migration destination choice during crisis: the case of Russia. (Annotation)

M. Tolts (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Migration, Business Cycle, and Economic Crises: A Study of Fluctuating Movements between Russia and Israel (Annotation)

Room 522 М-20
Session P-04. Drivers of migration
Session moderator: L. Karachurina (HSE)

S. Sardadvar (Vienna University of Economics and Business), E. Vakulenko (HSE)
The Impact of Sectoral Structures on Interregional Migration in Russia in Consideration of the Commodities Sector (Annotation)

R. Leukhin (HSE), E. Vakulenko (HSE)
Investigation of demand for the foreign workforce in Russian regions. (Annotation, full version)

M. Sirotko (SamSMU), G. Bogatyreva (The Ministry of Health of the Samara region), P. Korendyasov (SamSMU)
The Formation of Migratory Preferences among Graduates of a Medical School (Annotation, full version)

O. Chudinovskikh (HSE)
Migration and life plans of the last year students of medical universities in Russia (Annotation)

09 April, Thursday
Room 522 М-20
Session P-05. Formation of salary structure
Session moderator: S. Roshchin (HSE)

M. Ivanova (EEG)
The relationship between public and private sector wages (Annotation, full version)

A. Shaykhutdinov (HSE)
The Impact of Noncognitive skills on Wages in Russia (Annotation)

A. Anisimova (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod), A. Larin (HSE – Nizhny Novgorod)
The Determinants of Nominal Wage Rigidity in Russia (Annotation, full version)

S. Kapelyuk (SibUCC)
Overeducation in the Russian labour market: causes and consequences (Annotation)

Room 522 М-20
Session P-06. Employment
Session moderator: R. Kapelushnikov (HSE)

A. Sharunina (HSE)
Workers Flows in the Russian Labour Market (Annotation)

M. Bryukhanov (HSE), S. Polyachenko (HSE), J. Nye (HSE)
The impact of prenatal testosterone exposure on academic attainment and occupational success (Annotation, full version)

M. Giltman (TSU), A. Votyakova (TSU)
Employment elasticity in the Russia's Regions (Annotation, full version)

V. Levin (World Bank)
Time to retire: Analysis of older Russians’ retirement decisions (Annotation, full version)

Room 522 М-20
Session P-07. The Economic Impact of Aging (in association with World bank)
Session moderators: M. Dimitriev (World Bank), B. Hansl (World Bank)

A. Balaev (Economic Export Group), M. Ivanova (Economic Export Group), I. Prilepskiy (Economic Export Group), S. Ulatov (World Bank)
The Impact of Demographic Transition on Long-term Growth (Annotation)

H. Onder (World Bank), F. Hernandez (World Bank)
The Fiscal Impact Russia’s Dual Transformation (Annotation)

M. Matytsin (World Bank), L. Moorty (World Bank), K. Richter (European Commission)
From Demographic Dividend to Demographic Burden? Demographic Trends and Regional Convergence in Russia (Annotation)

M. Bussolo (World Bank), M. Matytsin (World Bank), S. Schotte (World Bank)
Measuring the effects of population aging on household saving in the Russian Federation (Annotation)

Section Q. Media and Communications
Moderator: A. Kachkaeva (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 422 M-11
Session Q-01. New media: critical view
Session moderator: I. Kiria (HSE)

S. Bodrunova (SPbU)
Journalism cultures in Russia: national features vs. global trends (Annotation)

A. Shirokanova (BSU)
The Role of New Media in the Everyday Construction of Personal Identity (Annotation, full version)

O. Dovbysh (HSE)
Embedding “new media” into the structure of regional media market in Russia: political economy approach (Annotation, full version)

K. Lehtisaari (Aleksanteri Institute, University of Helsinki)
Russian newspapers in the converged environment (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Y. Milonas (HSE)
Room 422 M-11
Session Q-02. . New Media and the policy: democratization or a new instrument of manipulation
Session moderator: I. Klimov (HSE)

S. Shomova (HSE)
Archetype versus meme: constants of culture in political communication (Annotation, full version)

O. Savelyeva (HSE)
Marketing communications - a space of the post-postmodern. (Annotation, full version)

I. Furman (Goldsmiths College, University of London)
Harnessing the demand for free speech in Turkey: a case-study of produsage and digital labour on eksisözlük.com (Annotation)

E. Orekh (SPbSU), O. Sergeeva (SIRAS)
Current trends in computer-mediated communication. (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: I. Kiria (HSE)
Room 422 M-11
Session Q-03. Symbolic communication: texts, discourse, semantics of everyday life
Session moderator: E. Lapina-Kratasyuk (HSE)

S. Bodrunova (SPbU), A. Litvinenko (SPbU), A. Yakunin (SPbU), I. Blekanov (SPbU)
Twitter in the Russian hybrid media system: an echo chamber or an opinion crossroads? (Annotation, full version)

A. Plissetskaya (HSE)
Conceptualization of migration theme in the electoral campaign for Moscow mayor in 2013 (Annotation, full version)

I. Sokhan (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
The collective trauma: the gastronomic aspect (Annotation)

Discussant: S. Shomova (HSE)
Room 422 M-11
Session Q-04. Transformation of communication processes in today's media scene
Session moderator: A. Kachkaeva (HSE)

I. Dzyaloshinsky (HSE), M. Pilgun (HSE)
The transformation of business communication: the use of social media (Annotation, full version)

V. Rimskiy (Regional Public Foundation "Information for Democracy" (INDEM))
Transformation of communication activity of citizens in social networks of the Internet under the influence of social and political factors (Annotation, full version)

G. Gradoselskaya (HSE)
Dynamics of Сommunication Processes in Network Environment: Multidisciplinary Approach (Annotation, full version)

N. Kayser-Bril (Journalism++), A. Valeeva (University of Siegen), I. Radchenko (ITMO University)
Transformation of Communication Processes: Data Journalism (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: . Frolova (MSU)
09 April, Thursday
Room 422 M-11
Session Q-05. Special session. Current HSE research in Communications
Session moderator: I. Klimov (HSE)

O. Afanasieva (HSE)
The concept of the integrated communications in the conceptual system of social science (Annotation, full version)

V. Chumakova (HSE)
"New media" in the context of socio-cultural dynamics: an implication of Herbert Marshall mcLuhan's approach (Annotation, full version)

A. Sanina (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Visual Irony as the Instrument of Political Communication (Annotation, full version)

A. Porshnev (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Could we study psychological states by analysis of twitter messages? (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: I. Kiria (HSE)
Room 422 M-11
Round table Q-06. “Freedom of speech” and cultural communication in a global world
Moderator: A. Kachkaeva (HSE)

• Caricature of reality in the media and politicized art in XXI century
• Tradition of "freedom", art and law of media: permissible limits and boundaries of the permissible
• Irony, satire, criticism as a phenomenon of the "big" ideologies. "The public," "audience" and the scale of irony

Participants: A. Arkhangelsky (Channel Culture), A. Asmolov (MSU), A. Biljo (Satirical draughtsman), V. Gatov (Media analyst), I. Kiria (HSE), K. Luchenko ("Pravoslavie i mir"), V. Mirzoev (Stage and film director, scenarist), G. Revzin (fine art expert, critic)
Section R. Management
Moderators: O. Tretyak (HSE), N. Filinov (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 226 М-20
Session R-01. Market orientation and marketing practices
Session moderator: O. Tretyak (HSE)

T. Vetrova (HSE)
The dynamics of the marketing practices in emerging markets (comparison of Russia and Argentina) (Annotation, full version)

M. Makovec Brenčič (University of Ljubljana), M. Rašković (University of Ljubljana), M. Smirnova (St. Petersburg University), V. Rebiazina (HSE)
Exploring Market Orientation in Emerging Markets from Industrial Organization and Economics Sociology Perspectives on the example of Russia (Annotation)

O. Novikova (HSE - Perm), N. Kochkina (HSE - Perm), D. Potapov (HSE - Perm)
What affects brand equity: the precise measurement with consumer choice model (Annotation, full version)

Room 226 М-20
Session R-02. Interaction of state and business: organizational forms and efficiency analysis
Session moderator: N. Filinov (HSE)

A. Tkachenko (HSE), A. Yakovlev (NRU HSE)
Organizational forms and incentives to ensure effectiveness of public procurements (Annotation)

E. Fedorova (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation), S. Dovgenko (SPbSU), V. Gurina
Public-private partnership in Russia: an analysis of the factors of performance (Annotation, full version)

O. Valieva (NSU)
Corrupttion component and management practices: assessment of the impact (Annotation, full version)

Room 226 М-20
Session R-03. Business models: analysis and management improvement
Session moderator: O. Tretyak (HSE)

L. Tatarchenko (HSE)
Application of business model for non-profit organization management (Annotation, full version)

M. Smirnova (GSOM SPSU), V. Rebyazina (HSE)
The influence of market orientation vs. orientation towards new market segments on product innovation performance: searching for the new business models in the context of the Russian economy (Annotation, full version)

D. Klimanov (HSE), O. Tretyak (NRU HSE)
The approach to business models analysis: operationalization and results of empirical testing (Annotation, full version)

A. Sterligova (HSE)
Business Models: Operational Approach to the Concept Base (Annotation, full version)

Room 226 М-20
Session R-04. Entrepreneurship and organization development
Session moderator: N. Filinov (HSE)

A. Chepurenko (HSE)
Entrepreneurship theory: the new challenges (Annotation, full version)

A. Yurchenko (HSE), A. Rudchenko (HSE)
The new concept of business security, its place in the system of contemporary management (Annotation, full version)

T. Nestik (IP RAS)
Future orientation of managerial teams in Russian companies: socio-psychological analysis (Annotation)

K. Reshetnikova (HSE), O. Zelenova (HSE)
Development of human resources management systems in Russian business - organizations (results of the Russian part of the international research human resources management practices CRANET in 2008, 2010 and 2014) (Annotation, full version)

09 April, Thursday
Room 226 М-20
Session R-06. Strategic and Corporate Governance: new ideas
Session moderator: I. Filatotchev (City University London)

T. Dolgopyatova (HSE), A. Libman (CWP), A. Yakovlev (HSE)
The Birth of an Entrepreneurial Board: Empowerment of Boards in Emerging Markets (Annotation)

M. Zavertyaeva (HSE – Perm), E. Kuminova (HSE – Perm), F. Lopez-Itturiaga (University of Valladolid, Spain)
CEO overconfidence and company’s value: the role of intangibles (Annotation, full version)

E. Kudriavtseva (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Organizational context and managerial effort: two sides of the development of organizational strategy (Annotation, full version)

Room 226 М-20
Session R-07. Management in the Hospitality Industry
Session moderator: N. Filinov (HSE)

K. Reshetnikova (HSE), V. Kabalina (HSE), M. Predvoditeleva (HSE)
The diagnostics of the value profiles of the Russian tourist company at organizational and individual levels (Annotation, full version)

A. Zehrer (MCI), H. Siller (MCI), F. Raich (MCI), F. Tschiderer (MCI)
Leadership networks in community destinations (Annotation)

M. Dedova (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), V. Gordin (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), J. Dedova (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), I. Borovskaya (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Creative gastronomy as a basis for creative tourism development in Saint-Petersburg (Annotation)

Room 309 М-20
Session R-08. Honorary paper by Arie Y. Lewin (Professor of Strategy and International Business The Fuqua School of Business Duke University, Editor in Chief of the Management and Organization Review)
Section Ra. PhD seminar. Contemporary Management Research in Emerging Markets: New Challenges and Perspectives
Moderators: O. Tretyak (HSE), W. Johnston (University of Georgia)

09 April, Thursday
Room 236 М-20
Session Ra-05. Honorary paper by W. J. Johnston. Contemporary Management Research: New Challenges and Perspectives
Room 236 М-20
Session Ra-06. Session 1
H. Min Kong (Yonsei University, Korea)
Can Sustainability Marketing Activities Influences on the Customer Equity? An Empirical Study of Fast Fashion Brand (Annotation)

S. Villo (GSOM SPbSU)
Corporate Responsiveness from Inside: the case of Gazprom Arctic Oil Drilling (Annotation)

A. Korelina (HSE)
Study of the Relationship between Consumer Engagement in the Value Co-creation and Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Hospitality Industry (Annotation, full version)

A. Panenko (HSE)
Identification and Measurement the Effect of “Made in Europe” Brands Development in the Russian Retail Market (Annotation, full version)

Room 236 М-20
Session Ra-07. Session 2
T. Beliaeva (GSOM SPbSU)
Strategic Orientations and Firm Performance: a Comparative Study in Developed and Emerging Countries (Annotation)

A. Daviy (HSE)
Testing the “Contemporary Marketing Practices” Methodology in Emerging Markets on the Example of the Russian Market (Annotation)

K. Golovacheva (GSOM SPbSU)
Consumer Response to Misleading Pricing Tactics: the case of Product Downsizing (Annotation, full version)

A. Sazhina (HSE)
Residents’ Attitudes as the Basis for Place Marketing Development (Annotation, full version)

Room 236 М-20
Session Ra-08. Session 3
A. Sazhina (HSE)
Residents’ Attitudes as the Basis for Place Marketing Development (Annotation)

O. Mondrus (HSE)
Talent Management Strategies in IT sector (the case of Russia) (Annotation, full version)

A. Malina (HSE)
The Influence of Management by Values on Service Quality in Russian Subsidiaries of International Hotel Chains (Annotation, full version)

Section Rb. HSE-GAMMA Joint Symposium
Moderators: J. Chung (Sogang University), O. Tretyak (HSE), V. Rebiazina (HSE)

10 April, Friday
Room 242 М-20
Session Rb-09. Session 1. Customer Equity and Sales Management
Session moderator: J. Chung (Sogang University)

Y. Sun (Yonsei University), E. Ko (Yonsei University), K. Hoon Kim (Changwon National University), T. Garrett (Korea University)
Sustainable Marketing and Customer Equity (Annotation)

N. Popov (HSE), N. Kolesnik (HSE), A. Rozhkov (HSE)
Drivers of Direct Selling Industry in Russia (Annotation)

S. Young Heo (Changwon National University), K. Hoon Kim (Changwon National University)
Influencing factors of green purchase behavior: Focusing upon green advertising (Annotation)

G. Lianos (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics), I. Sloev (HSE)
Customer Acquisition and Customer Retention in a Competitive Industry (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: M. Smirnova (GSOM SPbSU)
Room 242 М-20
Session Rb-10. Session 2. Strategic Marketing and Consumer Behavior
Session moderator: O. Tretyak (HSE)

O. Tretyak (HSE), V. Rebiazina (HSE)
Contemporary Marketing Practices (CMP) in the Russian Market: Evidence from Empirical Research (Annotation, full version)

H. Zhang (Northeastern University), Y. Sun (Yonsei University)
The Effects of Personal Hedonic Value on Luxury Value Perception (Annotation, full version)

M. Smirnova (GSOM SPbSU), V. Rebiazina (HSE)
Does Customer Orientation Matter in Transition Market? Insights from Empirical Research in the Russian Market (Annotation)

Q. Wang (State University of New York at Binghamton)
Global Expansions “To” Versus “From” Emerging Markets: An Empirical Study of the Completion of Cross-Border Mergers & Acquisitions (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: W. Johnston (University of Georgia)

Speech by Head of the Springer Publishing House in Russia and the CIS, Matthias Aicher (Matthias Aicher), master class

Room 242 М-20
Round table Rb-11. Meeting with the editors
Moderator: C. R. Taylor (Villanova University)

Требования к статьям для публикации в журнале;
Современные направления исследований в менеджменте: новые акценты;
Советы молодым авторам

Участники: Charles R. Taylor (Villanova University), Editor of the International Journal of Advertising
Eunju Ko (Yonsei University), Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Global Fashion Marketing
Kyung Hoon Kim (Changwon National University), Managing Editor of the Journal of Global Scholars of Marketing Science
Jaihak Chung (Sogang University), Editor of the Asia Marketing Journal
Alexander Buhvalov (GSOM SPbSU), Editor of the Russian Management Journal

Room 242 М-20
Session Rb-12. Session 3. Marketing for Digital Environment and Destination
Session moderator: V. Rebiazina (HSE)

E. Ko (Yonsei University), E. Chun (Yonsei University), H. Kong (Yonsei University)
An Application of Social Platform in Fashion Business (Annotation)

S. Jang (Antalya International University), J. Chung (Sogang University)
Pricing Base and Add-on Products: An Application to Mobile Games (Annotation, full version)

H. Han (HSE), A. Salina (HSE)
The Role of Mega Sports Event in Destination Marketing (Annotation, full version)

A. Daviy (HSE), V. Rebiazina (HSE)
E-commerce Market in Russia: Barriers and Opportunities of the Future Development (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Rozhkov (HSE)
Section S. Science and Innovations
Moderators: L. Gokhberg (HSE), A. Sokolov (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 432 M-11
Session S-01. Science and Technology Policy
Session moderator: Т. Kuznetsova (HSE)

L. Levin (HSE)
Organizational design of venture investments in the technology markets in the context of double agency problem (Annotation, full version)

I. Nikiforova (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), P. Braslavski (UFU), K. Olessia (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), S. Koltsov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
StartupPoint.ru: The use of online social networks for startup development (Annotation, full version)

L. Evstigneeva (HSE), V. Kiseleva (HSE)
International technology transfer as an instrument of state innovation policy (Annotation, full version)

K. Volkonitskaya (HSE), S. Lyapina (HSE)
Problems of development of the regional innovation infrastructure in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: G. Kitova (HSE)
Room 432 M-11
Session S-02. Innovations in regions
Session moderator: М. Goland (HSE)

E. Vasilyeva (VolSU)
Innovative activity of population in the Russian regions (on the material of the Volgograd region) (Annotation, full version)

N. Kravchenko (NSU), M. Petuhova (IEIE SB RAS), S. Khalimova (IEIE SB RAS, NSU), L. Markov (IEIE SB RAS), D. Kotelkin (IEIE SB RAS)
The Influence of Regional Innovation System on Regional Development: Modelling and Estimation (Novosibirsk Oblast case) (Annotation, full version)

Modelling of small town innovative development by the example of “closed cites” (Annotation)

N. Basov (Center for German and European Studies (St Petersburg State University, Russia – Bielefeld University, Germany)), V. Minina (SPbSU)
Personal Ties in Science, Education and Business Collaboration: Are there Emotional Relations behind Organizational Networks Development? (Annotation)

Discussant: Е. Kutsenko (HSE)
Room 432 M-11
Session S-03. Innovative development of companies
Session moderator: D. Medovnikov (HSE)

M. Vlasov (UrFU), S. Panikarova (IE UB RAS)
Evaluation of the effectiveness of knowledge generation in state-owned enterprises (Annotation, full version)

A. Oreshenkov (BSEU)
Research of efficiency of innovative processes in the industry of Belarus: structural and methodological approach (Annotation)

A. Mannapov (Polygon)
How to develop innovation infrastructure of high-tech clusters? (Annotation)

S. Khalimova (IEIE SB RAS)
Evaluation of large companies' innovation activities in the context of differences in regional innovation development (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: S. Rozmirovich (HSE)
Section Sa. Workshop “Foresight and Priority Setting in Science, Technology and Innovation: Issues for S&T Policy
Moderators: L. Gokhberg (HSE), A. Sokolov (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 116 М-20
Session Sa-01. Foresight for Sectoral S&T and Innovation Policy – 1
Session moderator: М. de Miranda Santos (Centre for Strategic Studies and Management (CGEE), Brazil)

L. Gokhberg (HSE), G. Andruschak (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)
S&T Foresight: Integration of Federal and Sectoral Studies (opening remarks) (Annotation)

R. Saygitov (HSE)
S&T priorities in the Healthcare sector (Annotation)

К. Sypalo (Moscow Aviation Institute (National Research University), Russia)
Foresight for Aircraft Industry (Annotation)

А. Bereznoy (HSE)
Critical Technologies for the Fuel and Energy Sector (Annotation)

Discussant: I. Miles (University of Manchester, UK, HSE)
Room 116 М-20
Round table Sa-01. S&T Foresight in Russia: New Approaches
Moderator: L. Gokhberg (HSE)

Issues for discussion:
- New methodological approaches to the development of long-term science and technology Foresight
- Coordination of S&T Foresight studies at the national, sectoral, corporate and regional levels: requirements of the Federal Law "On the Strategic Planning in the Russian Federation" (dd. 28.06.2014 № 172-ФЗ) and other regulatory legal acts
- S&T Foresight as a basis for development and revision of strategic planning documents (sectoral strategies and policies, government programmes, programmes of innovation development of state-owned companies, etc.)


I. Agamirzyan (Russian Venture Company), А. Dub (ROSATOM), М. Glukhova (Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs), I. Ivanov (Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation), А. Klepach (Bank for Development and Foreign Economic Affairs (Vnesheconombank), Russia), А. Kulapin (Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation), E. Kuznetsov (Russian Venture Company), А. Medvedev (Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations, Russia) [TBC], А. Povalko (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), G. Senchenya (Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation), Yu. Simachev (Russian Science Foundation), А. Shadrin (Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation), G. Shepelev (Executive Office of the President of Russia)

Room 116 М-20
Session Sa-03. Foresight for Sectoral S&T and Innovation Policy – 2
Session moderator: J. Linton (University of Ottawa, Canada, HSE)

P. Rudnik (Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Moscow City Government, Russia)
The Role of Technology Foresight in Development of Strategies for Major State-owned Companies (Annotation)

О. Saritas (HSE)
Weak Signals of S&T and Socio-economic Development: Identification and Use (Annotation)

А. Maximov (A.V.Topchiev Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis, Russian Academy of Sciences), L. Matich (HSE)
Technology Roadmap for Oil Refining and Petrochemistry (Annotation)

А. Chulok (HSE)
Foresight for Universities: A Tool for Development of a Long-term Strategy (Annotation)

Discussant: T. Thurner (HSE)
Room 116 М-20
Session Sa-04. Implementation of Results of Foresight Studies in State S&T and Innovation Policy
Session moderator: А. Chulok (HSE)

А. Grebenyuk (HSE), А. Sokolov (HSE), S. Shashnov (HSE)
Setting Priorities for S&T Development (Annotation)

М. de Miranda Santos (Centre for Strategic Studies and Management (CGEE), Brazil)
CGEE Intelligence Services to the Brazilian ST&I System (Annotation)

М. Dobryakova (HSE)
Social Aspects of Technological Development: Results of a Foresight Study (Annotation)

К. Urashima (National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), Japan)
The 10th Japanese S&T Foresight: Role in Formulation of S&T Policy (Annotation)

Discussant: О. Saritas (HSE)
Section Sb. Workshop on Cross-border Cooperation in the Knowledge Triangle (Research, Education and Innovation). Under the Aegis of the TIP Working Party
09 April, Thursday
Room 116 М-20
Session Sb-05/1. Welcome and Introduction
L. Gokhberg (HSE), R. Scott (OECD)S. Salikhov (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)

Room 116 М-20
Session Sb-05/2. Efficient Instruments to Support Cross-border Cooperation in Research, Education and Innovation – 1
Session moderator: Y. Simachev (Russian Science Foundation)

N. Vonortas (University of George Washington, USA)
Financing of Joint S&T Projects (Annotation)

W. Polt (Joanneum Research, Austria)
Supporting Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Cooperation by STI Foundations – Managerial Challenges (Annotation)

K. Schuch (Centre for Social Innovation, Austria)
Human factor: Role in STI Cross-border Cooperation (Annotation)

Discussant: J. Linton (University of Ottawa, Canada, HSE)
Room 116 М-20
Session Sb-06. Efficient Instruments to Support Cross-border Cooperation in Research, Education and Innovation - 2
Session moderator: R. Burger (Delegation of the European Commission to the Russian Federation)

R. Scott (OECD)
Institutional Best Practices for Improving Universities’ Collaboration with Research and Innovation Partners (Annotation)

D. Meissner (HSE)
Multinational Infrastructure of Research, Education and Innovation – The Case of Joint International Laboratories (Annotation)

N. Shmatko (HSE)
Role of Academic Mobility and Cross-border Co-operation in S&T and Innovation (Annotation)

Discussant: N. Vonortas (University of George Washington)
Room 116 М-20
Session Sb-07. Instruments of State Policy Supporting Cross-border Cooperation in Research, Education and Innovation - Country Examples - 1
Session moderator: A. Sokolov (HSE)

I. Kuklina (International Centre for Innovations in Science, Technology and Education)
Instruments of Russian state policy supporting cross-border co-operation in research, education and innovation (Annotation)

A. Pikalova (HSE)
Identifying priority areas of Russia’s international science and technology cooperation (Annotation)

R. Beltran (Embassy of Mexico in the Russian Federation)
Instruments of Mexico’s State Policy Supporting Cross-border Co-operation in Research, Education and Innovation

M. Silenzi (Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina)
Instruments of Argentina’s state policy supporting cross-border co-operation in research, education and innovation (Annotation)

S. Ulutash Aidogan (TÜBİTAK, Turkey)
Instruments of Turkey’s State Policy Supporting Cross-border Co-operation in Research, Education and Innovation (Annotation)

Discussants: T. Kuznetsova (HSE, Russia)

Room 116 М-20
Session Sb-08. Instruments of State Policy Supporting Cross-border Cooperation in Research, Education and Innovation - Country Examples - 2
Session moderator: A. Sokolov (HSE)

R. Swami Bansal (Embassy of India to the Russian Federation)
Instruments of India’s state policy supporting cross-border co-operation in research, education and innovation (Annotation)

A. Michel (Embassy of France to the Russian Federation)
Instruments of France’s State Policy Supporting Cross-border Co-operation in Research, Education and Innovation (Annotation)

C. Fu (Taipei-Moscow Economic and Cultural Coordination Commission)
Instruments of Taiwan’s State Policy Supporting Cross-border Co-operation in Research, Education and Innovation (Annotation)


Yu. Simachev (Russian Science Foundation), A. Sharov (Russian Foundation for Basic Research), S. Kalyuzhny (OAO “ROSNANO”), O. Levchenko (Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, Russia), A. Erdelyi (Embassy of Hungary in the Russian Federation), A. Melnikov (Embassy of Switzerland in the Russian Federation), P. Cheshev (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation Tekes-Russia), N. Kosmodemianskaya (Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology, Russia), V. Chernysheva (Non-profit Partnership “Industry Round Table for Cooperation with the European Union”, Russia), L. Taradina (5/100 Project Programme Office), T. Kuznetsova (HSE, Russia), G. Kitova (HSE, Russia)

Discussant: I. Kuklina (International Centre for Innovations in Science, Technology and Education, Russia)
Section Sc. Workshop on International Co-operation in the EU Framework Program “Horizon 2020” – New Challenges and Opportunities for the Third Countries
10 April, Friday
Room 116 М-20
Session Sc-09. EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon 2020”: Instruments Best Suited for Third Country Participants
Session moderator: A. Polyakov (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)

A. Polyakov (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)
Welcoming remarks (Annotation)

R. Burger (Delegation of the European Commission to the Russian Federation)
EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon 2020” (H2020): Instruments Best Suited for Third Country Participants (Annotation)

H. Matsumoto (Organization-coordinator of national contact points for participation in the program "Horizon 2020", Centre for Industrial Cooperation EU-Japan)
Participation of Developed Countries in the H2020: The Case of Japan (Annotation)

М. Silenzi (Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina)
Participation in the H2020: Challenges and Option for the “New” Developed Countries (Annotation)

К. Schuch (Centre for Social Innovation, Austria)
Participation in the H2020: The Case of Central and Eastern European Countries (Annotation)

Room 116 М-20
Session Sc-10. Lessons Learnt from the Participation of Developed Countries in FP7 for the “Horizon-2020”
Session moderator: L. Proskuryakova (HSE)

M. Shaton (Israel-Europe Directorate for the EU Framework Programme, Israel)
Participation in the H2020: The Case of Israel (Annotation)

P. Tamas (Corvinus University, School of Economics, Hungary)
Small Nations in European Research Networks [Dynamics of European Framework Programs and the Eastern Enlargement] (Annotation, full version)

S. Ulutas Aydogan (EU Framework Programmes National Coordination Office, TÜBİTAK, Turkey)
Participation in FP7: The case of Turkey

M. Josten (German Aerospace Center, Project Management Agency European and International Cooperation)
Germany’s Partnership with Third Developed Countries: Strategies and Added Value

Room 116 М-20
Round table Sc-11. Success Factors for Participation of Third Countries in the H2020 - 1
Moderator: S. Ulutash Aidogan (EU Framework Programmes National Coordination Office, TÜBİTAK, Turkey)

Role of Policy Coordination and Joint Instruments:
- Lessons learnt from coordinated calls for proposals: common evaluation of proposals and calls’ methodology
- Identification of common research priorities for H2020
- Enhancing joint participation through bilateral instruments
- Monitoring and assessment of the participation in the H2020
- The outcomes and future modification of the EU funded coordination projects (BILAT RUS, ERA.net RUS, Inco Net EECA, etc.)

Shaping the legal/regulatory framework:
- Intellectual property rights and their role for commercialization of research results: what are the patterns for IP distribution between EU Member States and developed countries
- Openness of S&T infrastructures; transfer of equipment and scientific material (biological, geological, etc.)
- Framework for cross-border funding and reciprocity of opening S&T programmes
- Scientific visas

Participants: H. Matsumoto (EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Japan), М. Silenzi (Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina), K. Schuch (Centre for Social Innovation, Austria), M. Shaton (Israel-Europe Directorate for the EU Framework Programme, Israel), P. Tamas (Corvinus University, Hungary), M. Josten (German Aerospace Center, Project Management Agency European and International Cooperation), A. Dupan (HSE, Russia), V. Sharov (National Contact Point “Environment”), S. Chernyshev (National Contact Point for Aerospace), E. Tarasova (“Horizon 2020” National Contact Point “Health”, Moscow State University by M.V. Lomonosov”)

Room 116 М-20
Round table Sc-12. Success Factors for Participation of Third Countries in the H2020 - 2
Moderator: N. Toyvonen (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)

Issues for discussion:
- Fostering Networking Among the S&T Communities:
- Increasing attractiveness and open-up their countries’ S&T institutions
- Raising awareness of the EU research community about the their countries’ scientific capacities
- Introducing dedicated instruments for networking and using bilateral cooperation schemes

Optimizing the Advisory Network:
- Development of the information and consultancy network through the former INCO NCPs
- Сultural differences in research management practice (scientific and administrative project management)

Participants: H. Matsumoto (EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation, Japan), K. Schuch (Centre for Social Innovation, Austria), M. Shaton (Israel-Europe Directorate for the EU Framework Programme, Israel), P. Tamas (Corvinus University, Hungary), М. Silenzi (Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of Argentina), M. Josten (German Aerospace Center), А. Pikalova (HSE, Russia), V. Sharov (National Contact Point “Environment”), S. Chernyshev (National Contact Point for Aerospace), E. Tarasova (“Horizon 2020” National Contact Point “Health”, Moscow State University by M.V. Lomonosov”)
Section Sd. Development of International Network of Foresight-centres
Moderator: L. Gokhberg (HSE)

10 April, Friday
Room 309 М-20
Round table Sd-09. Development of International Network of Foresight-centres
Moderator: L. Gokhberg (HSE)

Keynote speech:
R. Seidl da Fonseca (Consultant on Foresight, Austria)
International Network of Foresight-centres: Purpose of Creation, Principles of Organisation, Activities

Issues for discussion:
- The role of networking in long-term Foresight
- Goals and objectives, formats of organisation of international network of Foresight-centres
- Coordination of national and international networks of Foresight-centres – the world's best practices
- Discussion and preparation for signing a memorandum of understanding with the participants of the international network of Foresight-centres

Participants: L. Gokhberg (HSE), J. Kaskinen (University of Turku, Finland), J. Linton (University of Ottawa, Canada; HSE), I. Miles (University of Manchester, UK; HSE), D. Meissner (HSE), М. de Miranda Santos (Centre for Strategic Studies and Management (CGEE), Brazil), О. Saritas (HSE), A. Sokolov (HSE), К. Urashima (National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP), Japan), А. Chulok (HSE), К. Schuch (Centre for Social Innovation, Austria), A. Raj (Strategic Foresight Group, India)
Section Se. Water Sector Strategies
Moderators: L. Gokhberg (HSE), A. Sokolov (HSE)

10 April, Friday
Room 102 М-20
Session Se-09. Water Sector Strategies: the Russian Companies’ Perspective
Session moderator: D. Kirillov (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation)

Yu. Golubkov (RENOVA Group of Companies)
Opening remarks (Annotation)

O. Saritas (HSE)
Presentation of Russia’s Water Sector Best Strategies Based on Three Synthesis Scenarios (Annotation)

М. Kozeltsev (HSE)
Strategy Propoals for Sustainability of Water Supply Systems (Annotation)

S. Sivayev (Vnesheconombank Group)
Strategy Propoals for Water Use by Households and Industry (Annotation)

А. Likhacheva (HSE)
Strategy Propoals for New Water Services and Products (Annotation)

Room 102 М-20
Round table Se-10. The Key Assumption for the Water Sector Strategies: Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Policy
Moderator: O. Saritas (HSE)

Issues for discussion:
- Sustainability of water supply systems
- Water use by households and industry
- New water services and products
- Additions and amendments to the presented strategies

Participants: D. Budnitskiy (National Union of Municipal Enterprises of Water Supply and Water Treatment), S. Loginova (Rossiyskije Kommunalnie Systemy), S. Gordeev (Rossiyskije Kommunalnie Systemy); Yu. Egorova (LLC “Samara Housing Systems”), O. Markekov, I. Fursov (LLC “Volzhskiye Public Utilities"); S. Epifantsev (JSC "Tambov Public Utilities");  N. Zverev (LLC "NOVOGOR-Prikamje"), S. Istomin (LLC " NOVOGOR-Prikamje"), V. Ostapchuk (JSC "PKS- Municipal Enterprise of Water Supply and Water Treatment"), A. Andrianov (Moscow State University of Civil Engineering), V. Danilov-Danilyan (Institute of Water Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences), B. Libert (UN Economic Commission for Europe), А. Ivanov (HSE-Skolkovo Laboratory for Law and Development), А. Martusevich (OECD), А. Raj (Strategic Foresight Group, India), D. Sklarew (George Mason University, USA), Е. Dovlatova (Russian Water and Wastewater Association), A. Shashkin (Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)
Room 102 М-20
Session Se-11. Water Sector Strategies: The International Perspective
Session moderator: Y. Golubkov (RENOVA Group of Companies, Russia)

B. Libert (UN Economic Commission for Europe)
Transboundary Water Cooperation and International Water Legislation (Annotation)

А. Ivanov (HSE-Skolkovo Laboratory for Law and Development)
Russia’s Prospects in the Global “Virtual Water” Trade (Annotation)

А. Martusevich (OECD)
Water Policy and Management for Water Secure Future(Annotation)

А. Raj (Strategic Foresight Group, India)
Russia’s Water Strategies vs. Strategies of Other BRICS Countries (Annotation)

D. Sklarew (George Mason University, USA)
Future Visions and Strategies Based on Scenarios (Annotation)

Е. Dovlatova (Russian Water and Wastewater Association)
Strategies of the Russian Water Supply and Water Treatment Companies (Annotation)

Room 102 М-20
Session Se-12. Conclusions, wrap up, and next steps
L. Proskuryakova (HSE), O. Saritas (HSE), S. Sivayev (Vnesheconombank Group)
Conclusions, wrap up, and next steps (Annotation)

Section Sf. Foresight in Aerospace Industry: Opportunities for Russia
10 April, Friday
Room 101 М-20
Session Sf-09. Foresight in Aerospace Industry: Opportunities for Russia
Session moderator: V. Salun (HSE)

Y. Makarov (Russian Federal Space Agency)
Strategic Planning in the Space Industry (Annotation)

D. Payson (United Rocket and Space Corporation)
Institutional and Structural Problems of Technological Development in the Space Sector (Annotation)

S. Chernyshev (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI))
Strategic Planning of S&T Development in the Aircraft Industry (Annotation)

М. Klubova (HSE)
Technology Roadmapping for Aircraft Industry towards 2025: Integration of Market Pull and Technology Push Approaches (Annotation)

Discussant: К. Sypalo (Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute named after N.E. Zhukovsky (TsAGI), Russia)
Room 101 М-20
Round table Sf-10. Regional Conditions and Policy as Aspects of Innovation Development
Moderator: P. Rudnik (Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Moscow City Government, Russia)

Issues for discussion:
- Influence of regional conditions on S&T performance and innovation activities of enterprises
- Existing management practices (including interaction between federal and regional authorities) as an efficiency factor for innovation policy instruments
- Performance assessment of innovation infrastructure facilities and new approaches to system implementation of regional innovation policy

Participants: К. Vishnevsky (HSE), Е. Kutsenko (HSE), C. Leonard (HSE, RANEPA), V. Roud (HSE), N. Smorodinskaya (Russian Academy of Sciences),

Discussant: N. Vonortas (University of George Washington, USA)
Section Ta. Social and Cultural Processes
Moderators: V. Magun (IS RAS, HSE), E. Ponarin (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 224 М-20
Session Ta-01. Values and attitudes of Russians
Session moderator: A. Belianin (ICEF)

E. Borisova (HSE), A. Govorun (HSE), D. Ivanov (HSE), E. Borisova (HSE), I. Levina (HSE)
Who to Help? Trust and Preferences over Redistribution in Russia (Annotation, full version)

E. Prutskova (PSTGU), E. Melkumyan (PSTGU)
Church attendance motivations at Russian Orthodox Church (based on the Orthodox Monitor Survey) (Annotation, full version)

I. Sizova (HSE)
Sociocultural factors of violence escalating in Russian school (Annotation, full version)

M. Fabrykant (HSE), V. Magun (ISRAS, HSE)
A man's pride of his country: individual and country determinants (Annotation, full version)

Room 224 М-20
Session Ta-02. Corporate culture
Session moderator: E. Emelianov (STEP Consulting)

L. Grigoryan (HSE)
Value basis of informal relations and organizational commitment: cross-cultural comparison (Annotation)

G. Monusova (IMEMO, HSE)
Organizational Commitment: Cross Country Differences (Annotation, full version)

S. Korotaev (HSE)
Creativity: the Preliminary Results of a Survey of Foreign and Native Professionals Working in Multicultural Teams in Russia (Annotation, full version)

S. Spencer (HSE)
A Cross-National Comparison of the Effect of Work Related Factors on Membership in Voluntary Associations (Annotation)

Room 224 М-20
Session Ta-03. Practices and values of Russians: religious and human
Session moderator: B. Knorre (HSE)

M. Bogachev (HSE)
Apartment to the church and political preferences of orthodox believers: is there a correlation? (Annotation, full version)

M. Rudnev (HSE), A. Savelkaeva (HSE)
Role of Cultural and Individual Values in Justification of Euthanasia (Annotation, full version)

O. Tenyakova (MGGU them. MA Sholokhov)
Analysis of entrepreneurial activity Old Believers in the XIX century (Borowski County Kaluga province). (Annotation)

V. Magun (ISRAS, HSE), M. Rudnev (HSE, ISRAS), P. Schmidt (University of Giessen)
The European typology of values and the basic values of Russians (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: I. Zabaev (ПСТГУ)
Room 224 М-20
Session Ta-04. “High” and “low” culture
Session moderator: E. Danilova (ISRAS)

L. Borusyak (HSE), M. Karpov (ISPU)
Social Meaning of Young Russians’ Reading Behavior/Culture (based on VK.COM) (Annotation, full version)

O. Volkova (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Accounting Institute and Visual Revolutions: in Search of Interconnections (Annotation, full version)

A. Abramova (ESCP Europe)
The Borsch project: the effect of the food imports bans in contemporary Russia (Annotation)

Discussant: S. Stevenson (London Metropolitan University

09 April, Thursday
Room 224 М-20
Session Ta-05. Economic psychology
Session moderator: S. Breugelmans (Tilburg University)

S. Breugelmans (Tilburg University)
On Greed (Annotation)

I. van Beest (Tilburg University)
Three is more than two: when strength is weakness (Annotation)

O. Poluektova (HSE), M. Efremova (HSE), O. Patosha (HSE)
Individual psychological characteristics of people living in poverty in comparison to wealthier people (Annotation)

Room 224 М-20
Session Ta-06. Trust, social capital and economic behavior
Session moderator: A. Tatarko (HSE)

J. Häuberer (Universität Hamburg)
The Social Network Effect on Transnational Financial Solidarity (Annotation)

A. Khaptsova (HSE)
Values and political views influence on trust in the media (Annotation)

A. Tatarko (HSE), S. Chuvashov (HSE), A. Mironova (HSE)
How Ethnic Diversity Affects Social Capital in the Russian Context (Annotation, full version)

A. Edachev (HSE), L. Polischuk (HSE), T. Natkhov (HSE)
Combat experience and social capital: еmpirical analysis (Annotation, full version)

Room 224 М-20
Round table Ta-07. Intolerance and tolerance in contemporary Russian society. (Organized by the Laboratory for Comparative Studies of Mass Consciousness and the Laboratory For Political Studies)
Moderators: V. Magun (ISRAS, HSE), O. Zeveleva (HSE)

1. What kinds of intolerance are today the most acute in the first place and require to be mitigated?
2. What are the causes of the end of official policy of tolerance after the Federal Target Program "Tolerance and Prevention of Extremism in Russian Society (2001-2005.)" and replacing it with the policy of generating intolerance?
3. What social institutions and social groups are or could become active agents of the policy of tolerance?
4. What forms and ways of confronting intolerance are or may be effective today? What we can take from the experience of other countries?
5. What ideologies, key words and concepts can form the basis of the policy of tolerance?
6. What reaction caused the January attack in Paris on the concept of "tolerance" in Europe and in Russia?

Participants: V. Malakhov (RANEPA), E. Ponarin (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), G. Soldatova (MSU), B. Knorre (HSE), E. Demintseva (HSE), O. Isupova (HSE), E. Lezina (Fund for the study of the SED Dictatorship (Berlin))
Room 224 М-20
Session Ta-08. Determinants of mutual integration in multicultural societies
Session moderators: J. Berry (Queen's University), N. Lebedeva (HSE)

J. Berry (Queen's University)
Mutual Intercultural Relations in Plural Societies (Annotation, full version)

C. Ward (VUW), J. Wilson (VUW)
Testing the Multiculturalism Hypothesis: Perceived Threat and Cultural Ideologies as Predictors of Attitudes toward Ethnic Out-groups in a Plural Society (Annotation)

R. Vetik (Tallinn University)
Acculturation as Positioning in Social Field: a Relational Acculturation Model (Annotation)

T. Ryabichenko (HSE), I. Plotka (BPMUC)
Motivation for ethno-cultural continuity and acculturation strategies among two generations of Russians in Latvia (Annotation, full version)

N. Lebedeva (HSE), A. Tatarko (HSE)
Testing Three Hypotheses of Intercultural Relations in Russia and Latvia (Annotation, full version)

T. Kanonire (HSE)
Does bilingual education matters: Russian-Latvian bilingual adolescents’ verbal comprehension (Annotation, full version)

Section Tb. Social policy
Moderators: T. Chetvernina (HSE), L. Ovcharova (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 311 M-20
Session Tb-01/1. Poverty and Shared Prosperity in Russia (In association with World Bank)
Session moderators: I. Denisova (WB), C. Sanchez-Paramo (World Bank)

L. Lopez-Calva (World Bank), N. Lustig (Tulane University), M. Matytsin (WB), D. Popova (HSE)
Poverty and Shared Prosperity in Russia: Non-market income and the incidence of the fiscal system (Annotation)

A. Atencio (World Bank), V. Gimpelson (HSE), L. Lopez-Calva (World Bank), J. Posadas (World Bank)
Understanding the sources of changes in wage inequality (Annotation)

A. Atencio (World Bank), V. Gimpelson (HSE), L. Lopez-Calva (World Bank), J. Posadas (World Bank)
Wage dynamics: productivity and sustainability (Annotation)

Room 431 M-11
Session Tb-01/2. Income and consumption of Russian households
Session moderator: L. Ovcharova (HSE)

I. Marques (Department of Political Science, Columbia University)
Institutional Quality and Individual Preferences for Social Policy: Experimental Evidence from Russia (Annotation)

D. Popova (University of Michigan)
Accounting for changes in income inequality: Decomposition analyses for Russia, 1994-2013 (Annotation, full version)

L. Nivorozhkina (RSEU (RINX)), A. Nivorozhkin (IAB)
Educational services for children and loan burden: is there a correlation? (Annotation, full version)

D. Schmerling (HSE), O. Milek (Financial University)
Constructing not statistical model of income "allocation" in a system (Annotation, full version)

S. Mareeva (Institute of Sociology RAS)
Russian Middle Class on a Vector of Country's Development (Annotation, full version)

Room 431 M-11
Session Tb-02. Socio-economic aspects of aging in Russia and Europe
Session moderator: O. Sinyavskaya (HSE)

A. Zaidi (University of Southampton )
Changing the way we age Lessons about active and healthy ageing from Europe (Annotation)

I. Grigoryeva (SPbU)
Ageing and employment of older people (Annotation)

A. Burdyak (RANEPA), E. Grishina (RANEPA)
Elderly in Russia: the inequality of access to modern standard consumption (Annotation, full version)

M. Varlamova (HSE), O. Sinyavskaya (NRU HSE)
Ageing in Russia: a comparative analysis of Russia's rank in the international indexes of active ageing - Active Ageing Index and Global AgeWatch Index (Annotation, full version)

A. Ermolina (HSE), M. Varlamova (HSE), O. Sinyavskaya (HSE)
Active Ageing Index as an Instrument of Evaluation of Social Policy Toward Elderly People in Russia (Annotation, full version)

A. Solovev (FU )
Problems of realization of pension reform of Russia in the conditions of the budgetary crisis (Annotation, full version)

Room 431 M-11
Session Tb-03. Social support for families with children
Session moderator: L. Prokofieva (HSE)

E. Gorina (HSE)
The Maternity Capital Disposal: general problems and regional diversity (Annotation, full version)

T. Toropova (RSUE), L. Nivorozhkina (RSUE)
Impact of maternal capital on mortgage lending institution: modeling the behavior of households (Annotation)

M. Kulmala (Aleksanteri Institute), J. Nikula (Aleksanteri Institute)
A Child’s Right to a Family: Deinstitutionalization of Child Welfare in Russia as Ideology and Practice (Annotation, full version)

l. Rzhanitsyna (IE RAS)
Alimony in Russia: problems and strategy for children (Annotation)

Room 431 M-11
Session Tb-04. Current problems of modern social policy
Session moderator: T. Chetvernina (HSE)

E. Eiarskaia-Smirnova (HSE)
"Socially dangerous position": conceptual and instrumental aspects of a term (Annotation)

E. Gasyukova (HSE)
Precariat in the Russian reality (Annotation, full version)

T. Lapina (Omsk State Dostoevsky University), T. Stuken (OmSU), O. Burtceva (OmSU)
Corporate Social Responsibility in the context of the region development (on the example of the Omsk region) (Annotation, full version)

M. Chernysheva (HSE), O. Kuzina (HSE)
A social-economic analysis of corporate philanthropy in Russia (Annotation, full version)

09 April, Thursday
Room 431 M-11
Session Tb-06. Social support for vulnerable groups of population
Session moderator: L. Ovcharova (HSE)

L. Prokofieva (HSE), I. Korchagina (HSE)
Poverty through the eyes of different socio-demographic groups in Russia (Annotation, full version)

M. Panova (IPRNM), T. Gass (IPRNM)
The Social Energy Consumption Norm: Effect on Energy Saving and Social Impact (Annotation, full version)

S. Smirnov (HSE), V. Danilin (HSE), S. Isaev (HSE), A. Kapustin (HSE), E. Mezentseva (HSE)
Evaluation of the Social Exclusion Risks on Regional Level in Russian (Annotation, full version)

O. Borodkina (SPbSU)
Social exclusion of young people: the results of sociological studies (Annotation)

Section Tc. Sociology
Moderator: E. Eiarskaia-Smirnova (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 430 M-11
Session Tc-01. Money in family everyday life: between pragmatism and values
Session moderator: I. Klimov (HSE)

I. Klimov (HSE), R. Yusufov (MSM Skolkovo)
Family and the continuity of the business: how a major Russian businessmen choose between family values and the value of business activity (Annotation)

N. Khalina (IMHD), A. Pishnyak (IMHD)
Adults` perceptions of pocket money and rewards` role in children`s economic socialization (Annotation)

E. Berdysheva (HSE), R. Romanova (HSE)
Social Architectonics of Market Price: Relational Aspects of Consumer’s Price Perception (Annotation, full version)

T. Cherkashina (NSU)
Rental housing: differentiation of renter households and housing conditions (Annotation, full version)

Room 430 M-11
Session Tc-02. Young industry workers as a resource for modernization
Session moderator: I. Kozina (HSE)

I. Kozina (HSE), E. Vinogradova (HSE)
Young Engineers in Russian Industry: Special Breed or Forerunners of New Professionalism? (Annotation, full version)

J. Vaskina (SSU)
Preparation of young employees for the industry: interaction of the educational and production organizations (Annotation, full version)

V. Kharchenko (USPU)
Freelance as a lifestyle: Values, Employment and Success in the freelancers' representation (Annotation)

V. Kabalina (HSE), M. Muratbekova-Touron (ESCP-Paris)
Young Talent Management Programs in the Russian Companies and MNCs (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Temnitskiy (MGIMO), L. Cheglakova (HSE)
Room 430 M-11
Session Tc-03. Organizations, authorities and citizens
Session moderator: I. Pavlutkin (HSE)

E. Konobeeva (HSE)
Sensemaking in state organizations: the case of Russian Post (Annotation, full version)

I. Aymaliev (HSE)
Police Connected Firms as Cartels: A Cluster Analysis of Bulgarian Police Donations (Annotation)

L. Shubina (ZIRCON Research Group )
Models of citizens self-organization with the ability of effective coordination of private and public interests: the example of homeowners (Annotation)

M. Sukharkova (IS RAS)
Volunteer practice at the Olympic Games in Sochi: altruism in terms of the commercial mega-project. (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: E. Berdysheva (HSE)
Room 430 M-11
Session Tc-04. Reproduction and social mobility of lawyers social group
Session moderator: M. Chernysh (IS RAS)

Y. Epikhina (IS RAN)
Social constraints and benefits of entering into a profession: the case of professional groups of lawyers (Annotation)

N. Mastikova (IS RAS)
Family resources in profession choice as a lawyers: "recruits" and "inheritors" (Annotation, full version)

I. Popova (HSE)
Career paths of law graduates within and outside the profession (Annotation, full version)

M. Chernysh (IS RAS)
Intergenerational mobility in the professional group of lawyers (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: R. Mrowczynski (HSE)
09 April, Thursday
Room 430 M-11
Session Tc-05. Modern social science research: methodology, methods, models
Session moderator: A. Kozhanov (HSE)

A. Kozhanov (HSE)
Fetish Empiricism and Hidden Metaphysics in Science&Technology Studies as Methodological Problem of Scientific Discipline. (Annotation)

A. Savelkaeva (HSE)
National and Individual Determinants of Attitudes Towards Science and Technology: Multilevel Analysis of Countries Around the World (Annotation, full version)

K. Guba (PAST-Centre)
How sociological journals select articles: network vs. open manuscript review models (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: K. Fursov (HSE)
Room 430 M-11
Session Tc-06. Values, rights and solidarity in modern communities
Session moderator: A. Gofman (HSE)

A. Gofman (HSE)
Solidarities and "Absract Rules" in the 21st Century Societies (Annotation, full version)

E. Bogomolova (FOM), E. Petrenko (FOM), I. Ivanova (FOM), J. Kot (FOM)
What human rights and freedoms may be implemented in the Russian Federation (Annotation, full version)

N. Soboleva (HSE), V. Kozlov (NRU HSE)
Parental family and cultural context as predictors of individual level of sexual liberalization in Europe (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: O. Zdravomuslova (The Gorbachev Foundation)
Room 430 M-11
Session Tc-07. Migrants in the city
Session moderator: D. Poletaev (RPO "MRC")

D. Poletaev (RPO "MRC")
The opinion of Moscow citizens on migrants and their places of compact settlement in Moscow (Annotation)

Y. Florinskaya (ISAF RANEPA)
Migrants in Moscow - myths and reality: The competition in labor market? Load of health care? Conscious choice of the illegal status? (Annotation, full version)

O. Vendina (IGRAS)
Economic inclusion and social exclusion: Is there a way to settle labor migrants in Moscow? (Annotation, full version)

D. Kashnitsky (HSE ISDS)
Medical Care for Migrants from Central Asia in Moscow: Choice of Strategies and Available Infrastructure (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Z. Zayonchkovskaya (HSE)
Room 430 M-11
Session Tc-08. Special session (HSE). Loans, budgets, prices
Session moderator: D. Ibragimova (HSE)

N. Bogatyr (HSE)
Citizens’ Guide to the Budget: Find a Receiver (Annotation, full version)

M. Krasilnikova (Levada Center)
Personal savings and consumer credits - subjective assessmnets and household' behaviour (Annotation)

O. Kuzina (HSE), D. Ibragimova (HSE)
Over-indebtedness of Russian households: is it real? (Annotation)

D. Ibragimova (HSE), O. Kuzina (HSE)
How "Rich" Russian Households Are? (Annotation)

Discussant: S. Nikolaenko (Vnesheconombank)
Section Tca. FUB-HSE PhD Seminar Formality vs informality interaction: reflection in institutions and practices
08 April, Wednesday
Room 242 М-20
Session Tca-03. Session 1

Chairs: A. Chepurenko (HSE), L. Di Puppo (HSE)

Y. Goyal (University of Hamburg, Germany)
Institutional Analysis of Informal Markets: Evidence from India (Annotation)

M. Sakaeva (HSE)
Social Capital in State-Business Relations:Case of Entrepreneurs in Russian Legislative Bodies (Annotation)

I. Aymaliev (HSE)
Pathways to Illegitimate Institutional Entrepreneurship: A Fuzzy Set Analysis of Bulgarian Police Donations (Annotation)\

Discussants: A. Chepurenko (HSE), V. Antonova (HSE)

Room 242 М-20
Session Tca-04. Session 2

Chairs: L. Di Puppo (HSE), S. Spencer (HSE)

E. Glukhova (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
An analysis of Russian governmental and non-governmental Human Rights institutions cooperation. Models development (Annotation)

A. Russo (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
Regional models of security governance in the former Soviet space: a research agenda (Annotation)

A. Kazun (HSE)
The Role of Legal Schools and Professional Community in Addressing the Problem of «Moral Hazard» in Russian Lawyers Work (Annotation)

A. Zudina (HSE)
Do Informal Workers Make An Underclass? An Analysis Of Subjective Social Status (Annotation)

Discussants: R. Flores (HSE), L.Di Puppo (HSE), S. Spencer (HSE), C. Fröhlich (Södertörn University)

Section Td. HSE PhD Seminar. Universalism and Relativism in the Philosophy of Language and Mind
10 April, Friday
Room 240 М-20
Session Td-09. Opening and Keynote Speech. Maria Polinsky (Harvard University, Professor, Department of Linguistics, Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS), Head of "Polinsky Language Sciences Lab" (PI)
Room 240 М-20
Session Td-10/1. Session II
Session moderator: E. Dragalina-Chernaya (HSE)

A. Mishura (HSE)
Reviving the concept of will: unbreakable ghost of action theory

E. Nowak (UC Berkeley, USA)
What are demonstratives relative to?

Room 226 М-20
Session Td-10/2. Session V
Session moderator: O. Lyashevskaya (HSE)

I. Kuznetsov (HSE)
Semantic Role Labeling for Russian language based on Russian FrameBank

A. Shelya (University of Tartu, Estonia)
Towards building a corpus of Soviet song poetry

Room 240 М-20
Session Td-11/1. Session III
Session moderator: L. Makeeva (HSE)

A. Samoylik (HSE)
Personal Identity: In Quest of "Absolute"

A. Pavlova (SPSU)
Truth and Cognitive Presumptions

Room 226 М-20
Session Td-11/2. Session VI
Session moderator: A. Bonch-Osmolovskaya (HSE)

D. Рyzhova (HSE)
Distributional semantic models in lexical typology

J. Hughes (Lancaster University, UK)
The collocation hypothesis: Evidence from self-paced reading

Room 240 М-20
Session Td-12/1. Session IV
Session moderator: S. Hessbruggen (HSE)

D. Shamis (HSE)
How to know in the field of Morality

Room 226 М-20
Session Td-12/2. Session VII
Session moderator: A. Bonch-Osmolovskaya (HSE)

M. Kyuseva (HSE)
Words with attributive/property meaning in Russian sign language: a cross-linguistic research

Section Te. 5th LCSR international workshop “Social and Cultural Changes in Cross-National Perspective: Subjective Well-being, Trust, Social capital and Values”
Moderator: R. Inglehart (University of Michigan, HSE - Saint-Petersberg)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 102 М-20
Session Te-01. Key lecture. Eric Uslaner (University of Maryland, USA) The Historical Roots of Corruption
Room 102 М-20
Session Te-02. Trust, social capital and institutions
Session moderator: E. Ponarin (HSE - Saint-Petersberg)

C. Wu (University of British Columbia)
Diffuse the Diffuse: The Variance of Institutional Trust (Annotation)

A. Almakaeva (HSE)
Ingroup Ties and Formation of Generalized Trust (Annotation)

J. Peiro-Palomino (University of Valencia)
Social Trust and Productivity Growth: A Production-Frontier Approach (Annotation)

O. Yakimova (UFU)
The Roots of Xenophobia (Annotation)

Discussant: C. Welzel (Jacobs University Bremen), R. Firat (University of Lyon)
Room 102 М-20
Session Te-03. Corruption, social capital and social mobility
Session moderator: C. Welzel (Jacobs University Bremen)

I. Aymaliev (HSE)
Bought, Tired or Super Cops? Assessing the Impact of Moonlighting on Police Performance in Post-Communist Europe (Annotation)

V. Rotondi (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
The Effect of Particularism on Corruption: Micro-level Evidence from European Countries (Annotation)

E. Haddon (University of British Columbia)
The Subjective Implications of Social Class: Evidance From 38 Countries (Annotation)

P. Meylahs (HSE - St.Petersburg)
Risk behavior in a long-term perspective: the significance of non-risks aspects (Annotation)

Discussant: E. Uslaner, F. Sarracino (STATEC)
Room 102 М-20
Session Te-04. Key lecture. Fabrizio Zilibotti (Zurich University, Switzerland) Parenting with Style: Altruism and Paternalism in Intergenerational Preference Transmission
09 April, Thursday
Room 102 М-20
Session Te-05. Key lecture. Christian Welzel (Leuphana University, Germany) The Civic Culture Revisited: From Allegiant to Assertive Citizens
Room 102 М-20
Session Te-06. Civic engagement, social capital and nationalism
Session moderator: F. Sarracino (STATEC)

M. Meyer-Schwarzenberger (University St. Gallen)
Cultural Social Capital Inherited with Language Structures (Annotation)

E. Pisani (University of Padova)
Social Capital And The Leader Approach: From Theory To Empirics (Annotation)

K. Johnson (University of California)
Two-Step Migration In The E.U.: Increasing Mobility For Education Then Work (Annotation)

M. Fabrykant (Belarus University)
Nationalists at Work: Nationalism, Protestant Work Ethic, and Modernization in Cross-Cultural Comparative Perspective (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Scherbak (HSE - Saint-Petersberg), E. Ponarin (HSE - Saint-Petersberg)
Room 102 М-20
Session Te-07. Key lecture 1. Arne Kalleberg University of North Caroina, USA) Precarious Lives: Insecurity, Exclusion and Well-Being in Industrial Societies
Room 102 М-20
Session Te-08. Parental values, fertility and subjective well-being under the social and demographic challenges
Session moderator: E. Ponarin (HSE - Saint-Petersberg)

M. Mikucka (Leuvan University)
Parenthood and Well-Being In Russia (Annotation)

V. Kostenko (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Family Behavior And Sexual Liberalization In Eight Post-Soviet Societies: Evidence From The Sixth Wave Of The World Values Survey (Annotation)

W. Aschauer (University of Salzburg)
Societal Wellbeing in Europe — A Multidimentional Measurement (Annotation)

A. Nemirovskaya (HSE - St. Petersburg)
Social and Demographic Challenges in the Modern Russian Frontier: Mortality Threats (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Kalleberg (University of North Caroina, USA), N. Soboleva (HSE)
10 April, Friday
Room 124 М-20
Session Te-09. Social Challenges and political behavior across the world
Session moderator: A. Kalleberg (University of North Caroina, USA)

A. Semenov (EUI – EUSP), E. Sirotkina (EUI – EUSP), M. Zavadskaya (EUI – EUSP)
Is It Still the Economy? The Responsibility Attribution for the Economic Crisis in Russia 2014-2015 (Annotation)

S. Hauwaert (Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium)
Three dimensions of vote choice (Annotation)

A. Kulkova (HSE)
Religiosity and Political Participation across Europe (Annotation)

A. Shcherbak (HSE - St. Petersburg), B. Sokolov (HSE - St. Petersburg)
Trial by water? The impact of the 2013 Amur flood on electoral behavior: a subnational perspective (Annotation)

Discussant: C. Welzel (Jacobs University Bremen), M. Fabrykant (Belarus University)
Room 124 М-20
Session Te-10. Social Capital and Subjective Well-Being
Session moderator: C. Welzel (Jacobs University Bremen)

F. Sarracino (STATEC)
Subjective Well-Being And Social Capital (Annotation)

J. Glanville (University of Iowa)
How Does The Social Welfare State Promote Happiness? (Annotation)

R. Firat (University of Lyon)
Ethnicity and Subjective Well-being: The Moderating Effects of Value Orientations (Annotation)

E. Jarosz (University of Oxford)
Analysis Of Subjective Wellbeing And Social Values In The Context Of The Macro-Level Behavioural Patterns (Annotation)

Discussant: E. Haddon (University of British Columbia), M. Mikucka (Leuvan University), E. Ponarin (HSE - Saint-Petersberg)
Section U. Healthcare System Development
Moderator: S. Shishkin (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 236 М-20
Session U-01. Policy issues in healthcare
Session moderator: I. Sheyman (HSE)

S. Terentyeva (HSE)
Combination of the elements of compulsory and voluntary insurance in health financing systems (Annotation)

I. Hare (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Maternal and Child Health Bureau)
An Analysis of Breastfeeding Policy in the United States (Annotation, full version)

D. Rudenko (TSU), P. Nalimov (TIIEL)
Two-faced Big Farma in the global economy (Annotation, full version)

A. Grinin (Volgograd center for sohial research), L. Grinin (HSE)
The forthcoming technological breakthroughs in the nearest decades and connected with them risks of social and political instability in the world (Annotation, full version)

Room 236 М-20
Session U-02. Public health service: economic processes and organizational and management transformation
Session moderator: S. Shishkin (HSE)

L. Lenskaya (TRCH), M. Malakhovskaya (TSUAB)
The Use Of Management Tools In The Modernization Of Hospital Health Sector. (Annotation, full version)

M. Kaneva (IEP)
Informal Payments in the Russian Health Care: Has there Been Any Change since 2004? (Annotation, full version)

V. Vlassov (HSE)
Why there is no health care reform in Russia? (Annotation, full version)

Room 236 М-20
Session U-03. Activity management and payment for labour in Healthcare
Session moderator: V. Vlassov (HSE)

N. Titova (HSE), S. Berelavitchus (IXV), A. Kriger (IXV)
Self-education of surgery teams under application of robotic surgical systems (Annotation, full version)

A. Temnitskiy (MGIMO)
The motivational potential of the wage structure of the Russian doctors (Annotation)

E. Kalabina (USUE)
Compensation in state health care 2.0: practice of imposing effective labor contracts in fiscal health facilities (Annotation)

Section Va. Исследования качества образования и образовательная политика
Moderators: M. Carnoy (HSE), A. Zakharov (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 204 П-16/10
Session Va-01. Plenary session
Session moderator: I. Frumin (HSE)

M. Carnoy (Stanford university)
Using the results of international comparative surveys for informing and constructing educational policy (Annotation)

Room 204 П-16/10
Session Va-02. The possibility of using the results of international and national monitoring of the quality of education
Session moderator: V. Bolotov (HSE)

T. Khavenson (HSE), C. Martin (Stanford university)
(Un)planned outcomes of educational reforms in the Baltic States (Annotation)

M. Pinskaya (HSE), N. Kozina (HSE)
International Economic Relations data analysis using the model of contextualization of educational achievements (Annotation)

A. Zakharov (HSE)
The role of socio-economic status of the family and student performance in the selection of learning paths after 9th grade (Annotation)

Room 204 П-16/10
Session Va-03. Professional characteristics and attitudes of teachers in international studies of education quality
Session moderator: T. Khavenson (HSE)

M. Sheina (HSE – Perm)
Teachers’ Features and School Children Achievement. TIMSS-2011. (Annotation, full version)

G. Larina (HSE)
How math teachers' beliefs about real-life tasks are correlated with the ability of students to solve them? (Annotation)

M. Pinskaya (HSE), A. Ponomareva (HSE)
Russian teaching as a part of international comparative studies (Annotation)

09 April, Thursday
Room 204 П-16/10
Session Va-05. The results of Russia in international studies
Session moderator: Y. Tyumeneva (HSE)

A. Ivanova (HSE), E. Kardanova (HSE)
The starting diagnostics of first graders in Russia: home, family, preschool experience (IPIPS) (Annotation)

M. Kuznetsova (HSE)
The results of Russian students in an international study of reading and understanding of texts PIRLS (Annotation)

O. Rydze (Institute of content and teaching methods RAE)
The results of Russian fourth-graders in an international study of Mathematics and Science Education TIMSS (Annotation)

Room 204 П-16/10
Session Va-06. Educational achievements of high school and university students
Session moderator: A. Zakharov (HSE)

J. Kuzmina (HSE)
The effect of a big frog in a small pond. Academic self-esteem, educational plans and achievements (Annotation)

Y. Tyumeneva (HSE), M. Goncharova (HSE)
Dealing with Contextual Mathematics: phases, difficulties and effects of help. (Annotation, full version)

E. Kochergina (LIA)
Trust and educational achievements of Russian students (Annotation, full version)

O. Poldin (HSE), M. Yudkevich (HSE)
Predicting social ties for peer effect estimation in Russian and Brazilian universities (Annotation, full version)

Room 204 П-16/10
Round table Va-07. Educational policy, based on the results of empirical studies
Moderators: I. Frumin (HSE), V. Bolotov (HSE)

Section Vb. Common factors in development of the higher education system
Moderators: I. Abankina (HSE), K. Zinkovsky (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 209 П-16/10
Session Vb-01. Common factors in development of the higher education system -1
Session moderator: N. Anisimov (МАМИ)

I. Abankina (HSE), L. Filatova (HSE)
Trends in demand for higher education (Annotation, full version)

F. Aleskerov (HSE), L. Egorova (HSE)
Multi-stage choice model for forecasting the demand for higher education (Annotation)

K. Zinkovsky (HSE), P. Derkachev (NRU HSE)
Forecasting the results of admission to universities structure taking into account the trends in demand for the higher education (Annotation)

Room 209 П-16/10
Session Vb-02. Common factors in development of the higher education system -2
Session moderator: O. Podolskiy (HSE)

E. Klein (FSO)
The reform of the higher education admission system in Russia - failure or success? (Annotation, full version)

A. Talonov (Institute of International Education)
Community Colleges: using the opportunities for the development of the vacation education system in Russian regions. (Annotation)

I. Kharchenko (IEIE SB RAS), N. Arsentyeva (IEIE SB RAS)
Modern challenges to the system of professional education and the problems of human resources for the economy of Siberian regions (Annotation, full version)

O. Leshukov (HSE)
Typology of regional higher education systems (Annotation)

Room 209 П-16/10
Session Vb-03. Common factors in development of the higher education system -3
Session moderators: K. Vasiliev (World Bank), K. Zinkovsky (HSE)

I. Prakhov (HSE)
The dynamics of investment in pre-entry coaching and the returns from private tutoring in Russia (Annotation, full version)

N. Rodina (HSE), S. Popova (HSE), A. Andreeva (HSE)
The modern practice of pay for performance in higher education (Annotation)

L. Filatova (HSE)
Higher Education Resources: Sustaining the Students Enrollment and Measuring Value-added (Annotation, full version)

Room 209 П-16/10
Session Vb-04. Common factors in development of the higher education system -4
Session moderator: I. Abankina (HSE)

M. Sharova ( IE RAS)
Regional share of higher education on the types and sources of funding (Annotation, full version)

V. Kozlov (HSE), M. Denisenko (NRU HSE)
How do the demographic processes change the structure of demand on educational services (Annotation, full version)

Y. Byuraeva (BSC SB RAS)
Dynamics of the education structure of population in the region of the Russian Federation (on the example of the Republic of Buryatia) (Annotation, full version)

V. Eremkin (RANEPA), V. Barinova (RANEPA), S. Zemtsov (RANEPA)
The Unified State Examination scores and factors of the leading Russian universities' competitiveness (Annotation, full version)

Section Vc. How do institutional and cultural factors influence on the path of students?
Moderators: D. Kurakin (HSE), I. Chirikov (HSE)

09 April, Thursday
Room 309 П-16/10
Session Vc-05/1. Plenary session
Session moderator: N. Maloshonok (HSE)

D. Kurakin (HSE), V. Malik (HSE)
Russian Longitudinal Study of educational and professional trajectories (Annotation)

Room 309 П-16/10
Session Vc-05/2. Symbolic mechanisms in education
Session moderator: D. Kurakin (HSE)

D. Yanbarisova (HSE)
Narratives of students that were nominated as gifted: socio-cultural approach to the analysis (Annotation)

V. Titkova (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), D. Alexandrov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), V. Ivaniushina (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Three sides of social aggression in adolescence: bully, victim and support groups (Annotation, full version)

V. Kashpur (TomSU), B. Ilyukhin (Center for quality assessment in Education, Tomsk), A. Karmanysheva (TomSU)
Features of educational trajectories for students of schools operating in complex social contexts (Annotation)

Room 309 П-16/10
Session Vc-06. Educational trajectory: from secondary to higher education
Session moderator: F. Dudyrev (HSE)

D. Khodorenko (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), V. Ivaniushina (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
How does the organizational environment of vocational schools influence on the educational and professional plans of students (Annotation, full version)

A. Blyakhman (HSE), N. Serova (HSE)
Educational migration of the regional universities’ applicants: the association between students’ academic success and his high school environment. Midterm results of the second year of a longitudinal research. (Annotation)

A. Makarov (HSE), D. Zvereva
Analysis of rhe Strategy for the study of United National Exam's results in mathematics in 2014 based on socio-demographic features of Russian regions. (Annotation, full version)

A. Bessudnov (University of Exeter), V. Malik (HSE)
The influence of the social characteristics of families in the educational trajectories of students after 9th grade (Annotation)

Room 309 П-16/10
Session Vc-07. Educational trajectories in Higher Education
Session moderator: N. Maloshonok (HSE)

E. Strogetskaya (SPbSTU)
Institutional models of universities in building a professional and educational trajectories of students: guides and guidelines (Annotation)

Z. Puzanova (PFUR), T. Larina (PFUR)
“European student” project: the main vectors of Russian education in a comparative perspective (Annotation)

V. Kovalenko (NArFU)
Monitoring the educational process as a factor in increasing the quality of graduates in NArFU (Annotation)

E. Gorbunova (HSE)
Study of withdrawal factors of students of economic and engineering in the Russian and American universities (Annotation)

N. Kazantsev (HSE)
Internationalization of university as a regional development factor (Annotation, full version)

Room 309 П-16/10
Round table Vc-08. Anthropology of trajectory
Moderator: D. Kurakin (HSE)

10 April, Friday
Room 309 П-16/10
Session Vc-09/1. Plenary session
Session moderator: E. Strogetskaya (SPbSTU)

N. Maloshonok (HSE), I. Chirikov (HSE), I. Froumin (HSE)
Longitudinal study of student experiences and trajectories (Annotation)

Room 309 П-16/10
Session Vc-09/2. Experience gained during the training students in bachelor/speciality
Session moderator: E. Terentiev (HSE)

M. Klyueva (NSPU), N. Ryapisov (NSPU)
The dynamics of the formation of students' motivation in high school teaching qualification (for example NSPU) (Annotation, full version)

E. Shmeleva (HSE)
Academic dishonesty among students: contextual and individual determinants (Annotation)

N. Kalatskaya (KFU)
Evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of new learning technologies in the educational process of Kazan Federal University (Annotation)

N. Maloshonok (HSE), T. Semenova, E. Terentev
Effect of Self-Selection in Longitudinal Research on Students (Annotation)

Room 309 П-16/10
Session Vc-10. Additional activities of students at the university and beyond
Session moderator: I. Gruzdev (HSE)

T. Semenova (HSE)
Successful completion of MOOCs: impact on success (Annotation)

E. Sadykov (HSE)
Students' research activity (Annotation)

A. Sushchenko (UrFU)
The needs of students in further education: internal and external factors (Annotation)

Room 309 П-16/10
Session Vc-11. The impact of social networks on the educational outcomes of students
Session moderator: O. Poldin (HSE)

S. Dokuka (HSE), M. Yudkevich (NRU HSE), D. Valeeva (NRU HSE)
Progress assimilation: coevolution of students social networks and academic achievements (Annotation)

E. Krekhovets (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), O. Poldin (NRU HSE Nizhny Novgorod)
Student social networks: formation, characteristics, key players (Annotation, full version)

E. Chernenko (HSE), A. Zakharov (HSE)
Peer effects on educational choice of Russian high school students (Annotation, full version)

I. Gruzdev (HSE)
Social ties and learning achievements of freshmen: social network analysis (Annotation)

Room 309 П-16/10
Round table Vc-12. How university affects on the student experience and trajectory?
Moderator: I. Frumin (HSE)

Section Vd. Problems of education
Moderators: I. Frumin (HSE), A. Sidorkin (HSE)

08 April, Wednesday
Room 409 П-16/10
Session Vd-01. Problems of education -1
Session moderator: S. Kosaretsky (HSE)

N. Zaichenko (HSE - Saint-Petersberg)
Problem of Effective Contract Feasibility in General Education (Annotation, full version)

N. Kozina (HSE), M. Pinskaya (HSE)
Analysis of management strategies in resilient and failing schools (Annotation, full version)

A. Pishnyak (IMHD), N. Khalina (IMHD)
The Barriers of Passing the State Final Attestation in Pupils` Parents` Perceptions in Moscow (Annotation, full version)

I. Efimova (UNN)
Analysis of the impact of the role of rating positions of high school students on motivation when choosing a place of study: Applied aspect (Annotation)

Room 409 П-16/10
Session Vd-02. Problems of education -2
Session moderator: N. Derzkova (HSE)

E. Arzhanykh (MCUPE), O. Gurkina (MCUPE)
The availability of additional education for children with disabilities (Annotation, full version)

E. Kolesnikova (LMR MSPPU)
The current state and ways of increasing the availability of scientific and technical additional education in Moscow (Annotation, full version)

A. Lovakov (HSE)
Antecedents and Consequences of Organizational Commitment of the Russian University Lecturers (Annotation, full version)

V. Nechaev (RSAU-MTAA)
Status and prospects of agricultural education in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room 409 П-16/10
Session Vd-03. Problems of education -3
Session moderator: A. Sidorkin (HSE)

D. Celik Katreniak (HSE)
Social comparison, rewards and incentives to learn: A randomized experiment in Uganda (Annotation)

O. Savinskaya (HSE)
Parental evaluation of preschool service: practices and meanings. (Annotation, full version)

A. Kononova (HSE), S. Zair-Bek (HSE)
Pay Raise for Educators and Ensuring the Accessibility of PreSchool Education in Regional Modernization Strategies (Annotation, full version)

S. Saveleva (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), D. Alexandrov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Social Reproduction of Inequality and Education: Local Context (Annotation, full version)

Room 409 П-16/10
Session Vd-04. Problems of education -4
Session moderator: O. Podolskiy (HSE)

A. Andreeva (CINST)
Payment by results in education: current practices and conditions that determine the effectiveness of the implementation (research in educational institutions of secondary vocational education) (Annotation)

K. Ushakov (HSE), D. Fishbein
An attempt to measure the social capital of Russian schools (Annotation, full version)

A. Klimov (HSE)
Extra-role behavior of teachers in school: role of organizational identification, tenure and school differences (Annotation, full version)

Section Ve. Expert evaluation of Russian scientific journals: the experience of HSE
08 April, Wednesday
Room 309 П-16/10
Round table Ve-01. Expert evaluation of Russian scientific journals: the experience of HSE
At the round table will be discussed the results of the project for assessment of the Russian scientific journals in mathematics, economics, psychology, political science and other important areas of science for HSE.
More than 500 Russian and foreign experts took part in this project in 2014 – 2015 by filling out the questionnaire about journals that they are familiar with. The lists of journals formed during the project will be very useful in assessment of academic activity.

Participants: V. Radaev (HSE), M. Yudkevich (HSE), I. Sterligov (HSE), G. Eremenko (РИНЦ ИС)
Section Y. Instrumental methods
Moderator: F. Aleskerov (HSE)

09 April, Thursday
Room 432 M-11
Session Y-05. Information models in different economical areas -1
Session moderator: P. Kotelnikova (HSE)

E. Sushko (CEMI RSSI), A. Bakhtizin (CEMI RAS)
Simulation of industry activity and its impact on the ecological well-being of areas (Annotation, full version)

R. Yavorskiy (HSE), E. Vlasova (HSE)
On Formal Methods for Assessment of Urban and Regional Communities of Practice (Annotation)

O. Goryacheva (SFU)
Project technology for monitoring financial statements quality in development economics (Annotation, full version)

P. Kotelnikova (HSE)
The public private partnership invest project modelling in telecommunications (Annotation, full version)

Room 432 M-11
Session Y-06. Information models in different economical areas - 2
Session moderator: D. Afanasyev (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation)

V. Gordin (HSE)
Statistical properties of Emergency Medical Service calls and the mortality in megalopolises using Moscow as the example, and related problems of medical statistics (Annotation)

J. Nazarova (SPbGU)
Prediction of world oil prices on basis of non-numeric expert knowledge (Annotation, full version)

E. Popova (HSE – Perm), A. Chadov (HSE – Perm)
Continuous-discrete models for modelling the wholesale electricity market (Annotation, full version)

D. Afanasiev (Financial University), V. Popov (Financial University), E. Fedorova
Fine structure of the price-demand relationship in the electricity market (Annotation, full version)

Room 432 M-11
Session Y-07. Instrumental methods: theoretical analysis
Session moderator: A. Madera (HSE)

V. Petruhchenko (HSE), F. Aleskerov (HSE)
DEA by sequential exclusion of alternatives (Annotation, full version)

N. Tarasova (CEMI RSSI), I. Vasilyeva (CEMI RSSI)
The evaluation of the reliability of the results of socio-economic studies in semiotic control (Annotation, full version)

V. Veldyaksov (HSE), A. Shvedov (HSE)
Fuzzy Least-squares Analysis and Hypothesis Testing in Regression Models with Fuzzy Data (Annotation, full version)

A. Madera (HSE)
Modelling and optimization of business processes (Annotation)

Room 432 M-11
Session Y-08. Special session (HSE). Models of networks and complex structures
Session moderator: M. Khivintcev (HSE)

N. Rozanova (HSE)
Network market in a contemporary economy: a new market configuration (Annotation, full version)

B. Lind (HSE)
Two-Mode Tie Formation in Creative Collaborative Networks (Annotation)

A. Beklaryan (HSE), A. Akopov (HSE)
Agent based model of crowd behavior in an emergency situation (Annotation, full version)

M. Khivintcev (HSE)
The multi-agent genetic algorithm to find Pareto-optimal decisions in simulation models of complex organizational structures (Annotation)

K. Furmanov (HSE)
Forecasting tourist nights in Montenegro using theta method (Annotation, full version)