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Associated Events

A lot of associated events will be held within the XX April International Academic Conference On Economic and Social Development:

Event initiator: A. Yakovlev (HSE University)

Event initiator: A. Peresetsky (HSE University)

Event initiator: S. Kokovin (HSE University - St. Petersburg)

Event initiator: M. Glazatova (HSE University)
Event initiators: E. Ponarin (HSE University, A. Almakaeva (HSE University)
Event initiator: L. Aliabieva (HSE University)
  • Symposium "Foresight and STI Policy"
Event initiators: L. Gokhberg (HSE University), A. Sokolov (HSE University)
  • Multilingual urban space: policy, identity, education
Event initiators: M. Bergelson (HSE University), D. Zubalov (HSE University)
  • Workshop on  "Social Order and Social Dynamics" (Organized jointly with the ARETT)
Event initiator: A. Yakovlev (HSE University)
  • Roundtable "Representation and Evidence in National and International Courts"
Event initiators: T. Morshchakova (HSE University), M. Filatova (HSE University)
  • Conference on "Russian Language in a Multilingual World"
Event initiator: A.Vyrenkova (HSE University)
  • Presentation of findings from the third wave of the Consumer Finance Survey (the Study of Financial Behaviours and Savings Habits of the Russian Population)

Event initiators: D. Ibragimova (HSE University), O. Kuzina (HSE University)

Event initiators: I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE University), A. Karminsky (HSE University)

Event initiator: I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE University)

  • Roundtable "The agricultural sector in Russia: growth factors"

Event initiator: E. Serova (HSE University)

Participants of Associated events have to pay conference fee to attend the events of the Programme of the April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development.