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Dear Conference Participants,

The Program committee has completed the expertise of applications for participation as speaker at HSE April Conference 2013. Each applicant was informed about the decision of the Program Committee on the inclusion of papers in the Conference program via electronic registration system.

Authors of the papers included in the Conference program have to confirm their participation by following the link provided in the response of the Program Committee, and  are requested to send full-text versions of the text (in Word, RTF or PDF format) by March 4, 2013  for publication on the Conference website.

If you submit your paper through on-line registration and still not received any answer from the Program Committee, please contact us at interconf@hse.ru


Best regards,

Program Committee

Plenary meeting. April, 2.

Plenary meeting. April, 3.

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Section A. Macroeconomics and growth
Moderator: Gurvich E. (EEG)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-408
Session A-03. Public lecture. Marek Dabrowski (CASE) What lessons can be learned by the Arab countries from the experience of transformation in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
Moderator: Yasin E. (HSE)

Room Г-408
Round table A-04. Russia's Economic Growth - what to do?
Moderator: Gurvich E. (EEG)

• Do we need to stimulate the economy by reducing the base interest rates and other measures to mitigate the monetary policy? Is Central bank right with its goals to move to a floating exchange rate and inflation targeting?
• Which elements of the current fiscal policies conduct to economic growth and which throttle it?
• What is the current growth potential of the Russian economy? What does make it more dynamic?
• New economic growth models; which model is the most feasible for Russia?

Participants: Vyugin O. (MDM Bank), Gavrilenkov E. (HSE, Sberbank CIB), Rutkovski M. (World Bank), Dubinin S. (VTB Capital)
03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-114
Session A-07/1. Monetary and financial issues
Session moderator: Nikitin M. (HSE)

Cuestas J. (University of Sheffield), Gil-Alana L. (Universidad de Navarra), Taylor K. (University of Sheffield)
Inflation convergence in Central and Eastern Europe with a view to adopting the euro (Annotation, full version)

Barseghyan G. (Yerevan State University/Central Bank of Armenia)
Optimal monetary policy rules and welfare under staggered contracts and incomplete pass-through (Annotation, full version)

Dabrowski M. (CASE)
Monetary policy regimes in CIS economies and their ability to provide price and financial stability (Annotation)

Hattendorff C. (Freie Universitaet Berlin)
The Natural Resource Curse Revisited: Is There A Financial Channel? (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-408
Round table A-07/2. Scenarios for the development of the Russian economy before 2030
Moderator: Yasin E. (HSE)

• What are the realistic limits to the average growth for the Russian economy in 2013-2030?
• What tasks should we focus on for lifting economy to the highest development trajectory?
• What are the possible sources of institutional changes in the Russian economy?
• In the coming decades, which countries may have a similar development experience as it is in Russia?

Participants: Klepach A. (Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation), Gurvich E. (EEG), Guriev S. (NES), Vedev A. (Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy)
Room Г-114
Session A-08. Factors and models of development
Session moderator: Frejnkman L. (BP)

Krasnopjorovs O. (University of Latvia)
Measuring the Factors of Economic Growth in the EU countries according to the neoclassical theory and appropriate technology model (Annotation, full version)

Norkina O. (HSE), Veselov D. (HSE)
Migration and coordination poverty trap in the model with two regions (Annotation, full version)

Gurvich E. (EEG), Prilepskiy I. (EEG)
External adjustment mechanisms of the Russian economy (Annotation, full version)

Phan T. (Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University)
Output Composition of Monetary Policy Transmission Mechanism: Case of Australia (Annotation)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-114
Session A-09. Problems of economic growth
Session moderator: Korhonen I. (BOFIT)

Krylov V. (Ulyanovsk State University), Lvov A. (Ulyanovsk State University), Gorbunov V. (Ulyanovsk State University )
The estimation of effective capital funds via production functions construction (Annotation)

Pestova A. (CMASF)
Leading indicators of switching between the phases of the business cycle: panel data analysis for North America, Europe and CIS (Annotation, full version)

Jovanovic B. (University of Rome "Tor Vergata")
How are countries recovering from the Great Recession? (Annotation, full version)

Montmartin B. (Université de Lyon, France)
Centralized Innovation policies in a federation with decreasing returns to R&D: design and welfare implications (Annotation)

Trasberg V. (University of Tartu)
Estonian business cycle during the last decade (Annotation)

Room Г-114
Session A-10. The study of macroeconomic models
Session moderator: Zamulin O. (HSE)

Michasova O. (UNN)
Time allocation in the economic growth model with human capital accumulation (Annotation, full version)

Bakalova I. (HSE)
Non-Keynesian Effects of Fiscal Policy: Russia, 1995-2011. (Annotation, full version)

Drugeon J. (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Ecole d'Economie de Paris)
Endogenous hyperbolic discounting & myopic recursive utilities (Annotation)

Rossi R. (University of Lancaster), Santoro E. (Catholic University of Milan)
Discretion vs. Timeless Perspective Policy-Making: the Role of Input-Output Interactions (Annotation)

Room Г-114
Session A-11. Macroeconomic effects of age changes
Session moderator: Rutkowski M. (World Bank)

Agabekova N. (Belarus State Economic University)
The methodological foundations of macroeconomic accounting the age reallocations of economic resources in the Republic of Belarus (Annotation, full version)

Solovyev A. (HSE)
Economical risks of the pension reform (Annotation, full version)

Narciso A. (Copenhagen Business School)
The Impact of Population Ageing on International Capital Flows (Annotation)

Room Г-114
Session A-12. Incomes of the population, labor market and development
Session moderator: Denisova I. (NES)

Milek O. (Finance University), Schmerling D. (HSE)
Population income differentiation: potential socio-economic interpretation of indices (Annotation, full version)

Motta G. (Lancaster University Management School), Tirelli P. (Lancaster University Management School)
Income inequality and macroeconomic stability in a New Keynesian model with limited asset market participation (Annotation)

Vakulenko E. (HSE), Gurvich E. (EEG)
Modelling of the Russian Labor Market (Annotation)

Section B. Special sessions and Round tables
02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-114
Session B-03. Pension reform: people, financial industry, policy. Organized with the Association of Independent Centers of Economic Analysis (ARETT)
Session moderator: Gurvich E. (EEG)

Vishnevskiy A. (HSE)
Pension reform: at the intersection of economic and demographic (Annotation)

Maleva T. (Institute of humanitarian development of the Megapolis)
Pension reform: economic potential and social risk (Annotation)

Nazarov V. (Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy)
Pension system: finding balance (Annotation)

Lisitsuna I. (NPF Elekroenergetiki)
Pension savings as an element of stability of the financial system in Russia (Annotation)

Gurvich E. (EEG)
Political Economic and political grounds of the pension reform (Annotation)

Room Г-114
Round table B-04. On the scientific significance of the Russian journals in economics and related disciplines
Moderator: Pislyakov V. (HSE)

Basic paper for discussion "On the rating of Russian journals in economics and allied subjects”, Muravyev A., GSOM and the Institute for Labour Market Studies (IZA), Germany.

• What is the role of domestic scientific journals in the Russian economic science? How do they control quality and timely dissemination of new knowledge?
• What criteria used in evaluating scientific journals in the Russian context?
• Are there an alternative to the list of leading periodical literature and demand for that list?
• How does Russian scientific community or leading research organizations establish quality-assessing system of scientific work?

Participants: Polterovich V. (CEMI, RAS), Radaev V. (HSE), Dolgopyatova T. (HSE), Simachev Y. (Interdepartmental Analytical Center), Guriev S. (NES), Baranov I. (St. Petersburg State University), Fedyukin I. (Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation)
03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-313
Session B-07. Honorary lecture. Panos M. Pardalos (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA/ HSE) Optimization and Modeling in Energy Networks
Moderator: Kalyagin V. (HSE, Nizhniy Novgorod)

Room Г-313
Round table B-08. New social policy: plans and realization
• Is it necessary to review the priorities of the Strategy-2020?
• Is the implementation of the new social policy compatible with tightening of the fiscal policy?
• What are the optimal mechanisms for implementation of the new social policy?

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-408
Round table B-09. Business climate rating: similarities and differences in the approaches and results Organized with the Association of Independent Centers of Economic Analysis (ARETT)
Moderator: Yakovlev A. (HSE)

• What causes the differences in estimation of investment climate at the regions of Russia within Doing Business, BEEPS and WEF ratings?
• Which methodology is more appropriate and for which purposes?

Participants: Volchkova N. (NES), Belyakov S. (Ministry of Economic Development), Glukhova M. (Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs), Khanzhenikova N. (EBRD), Pirozhenko A. (ASI), Ohashi I. (Nomura Research Institute Moscow Branch)
Room Г-408
Round table B-10/1. Independent analytical centers: the role of the expert community and the impact on the production of social and economic policy. Organized with the Association of Independent Centers of Economic Analysis (ARETT)
Moderator: Jakobson L. (HSE)

∙ How does the expert community develop its relations with key partners: government, society and media? Does it increase their demand for an independent analysis, as well as their willingness to understand and to consider the expert’s position effectively?
∙ Which forms of collaboration are the most productive with the government experts? How the new collaboration projects can be assessed ("Strategy 2020", "Open government", Expert Council under the Government, Economic Council under the President, etc.)?
∙ How to build relationships with the government and to combine constructive collaboration with maintaining of independence? Are there any prospects for the appearance of non-state funding sources of independent expertise?
∙ What role do economic associations play? What is needed to make their activities more useful?

Participants: Zadorin I. (ZIRCON Research Group), Polterovich V. (CEMI, RAS), Auzan A. (MSU), Gurvich E. (EEG), May V. (ANE), Yakovlev A. (HSE)
Room Г-313
Session B-10/2. Honorary lecture. M.Nikitin (HSE) Financial crises modeling
Moderator: Karminsky A. (HSE)

Room Г-313
Session B-11. Honorary lecture. Ronald F. Inglehart (University of Michigan, World Values Survey) by videoconference. Modernization and the Decline of Violence: The Mass Basis of the “Democratic Peace”
Moderator: Yasin E. (HSE)

Room Г-313
Round table B-12/1. Business-government interaction: the formation of a favorable investment climate
Moderator: Shokhin A. (HSE)

• International experience and practice of investment in modern Russia

• Increase the investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation and the creation of favorable conditions for business development

• Impact of social policy on the investment and business climate in the country

• The interaction of business and government in the framework of investment projects

• Conflict resolution of business and government in investing in Russian enterprises: legal and political aspects

• Conflict of interest in the implementation of the investment strategy

• Personnel training for the sphere of investment activity

Participants: Aven P. (Alfa-Bank), Androsov K. (Altera Capital), Borisov S. (OPORA), Vdovin I. (NAPI), Vorobyev A. (Government of Moscow Region), Zimin D. (Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation), Kirillina V. (HSE), Kisel K. (HSE), Kotelevskaya I. (RSPP), Krulova D. (Delovaya Perspektiva), Kuzmin D. (RSPP), Pochinok A. (HSE), Yurgens I. (INSOR), Kazinets L. (Barkley), Aganbegyan R. (FC Otkritie)
Room Г-408
Round table B-12/2. Modern design problems
Moderator: Mescheryakov A. (HSE)

Design as one of the key factors for success of the global economic development has increased its role in the modern context. Bodies of government start to wake up to the problem for design development in Russia. The President of Russian Federation touched on this topic in his message to the Legislative Assembly on December 2012, and therefore it enlarged with a task to create a road map for the design. Development of design in the country is impossible without a radical educational change and organisation of design schools.

• What is the future of design in Russia and worldwide?

• Should the design development base on government support, as it is in Europe?

• What does the future design education have to be?

Participants: Maeda J. (Rhode Island School of Design), Mescheryakov A. (HSE), Lavrentyev A. (MGHPA them. SG Stroganov), Nikitin G. (Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation), Kurennoy V. (HSE), Shadrin A. (Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation)
Section C. Statistics
Moderator: Ponomarenko A. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Е-503
Session C-03. Input-Output Analysis
Session moderator: Ponomarenko A. (HSE)

Dietzenbacher E. (University of Groningen)
The Role of Brazilian Regions in the Global Value Chain (Annotation, full version)

Degain C. (WTO)
Trade in Value-Added: Concepts, Methodologies and Challenges (Annotation)

Ustinova N. (Federal State Statistics Service)
Development of Russia's Benchmark Input-Output Tables for 2011: Experience, Issues and Prospects (Annotation)

Baranov E. (HSE), Kim I. (HSE), Staritsuna E. (HSE), Strizhkova L. (IMER), Kashirskaya S. (IMER)
Methodological Problems of Transformation of Russian Input-Output Accounts from Soviet into International Classifications of Products and Activities (Annotation, full version)

Room Е-503
Session C-04. Input-Output Analysis (continued)
Session moderator: Masakova I. (Federal State Statistics Service)

Shirov A. (Institute of Economic Forecasting RAS)
Methodological Advances in the Compilation of Input-Output Tables and New Capabilities for Economic Analysis (Annotation)

Strizhkova L. (IMER), Kuranov A. (IMER), Zhuravsky V. (IMER), Tishina L. (IMER), Slobodyanik S. (IMER)
About the approaches to improve the efficiency of cross-sectoral tools in the system scenario-forecasting calculations (Annotation, full version)

Santos S. (Technical University of Lisbon, School of Economics and Management)
Social accounting matrices for supporting policy decision processes. (Annotation, full version)

Tukker A. (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research TNO)
Compiling and Refining Environmental and Economic Accounts (CREEA) – towards a detailed, global Multi-regional Environmentally Extended Economic, Physical and Energy SUT/IOT (Annotation)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Е-503
Session C-07. Formation of environmental accounts
Session moderator: Tatarinov A. (Federal State Statistics Service)

Kolttola L. (Statistics Finland)
Implementation of SEEA (Annotation)

Palm V. (Statistics Sweden)
Environmental accounts overview (Annotation)

Sukumarapillai S. (Central Statistics Office, Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Government of India)
Green National Accounting System in India: Conceptual Issues and Measurement Problems (Annotation)

Vosmirko E. (Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS)
Environmental Statistics Today and Prospects of its Development (Annotation, full version)

Room Е-503
Round table C-08. Teaching statistics in universities
Moderator: Olenski J. (Lazarski University, Warsaw)

• The concept of the modern statistics graduate programs
• Differences between graduate program for official statisticians and the program for the rest of the market
• The possibility to integrate into international statistics education program

Participants: Ponomarenko A. (HSE), Mkhitaryan V. (HSE), Salin V. (Financial Academy), Zarova E. (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics), Minashkin V. (MESI), Simonova M. (MGIMO), Eliseeva I. (FINEC), Ivanov Y. (MSU)
04 April, Thursday
Room Е-503
Session C-11. Applied statistical studies
Session moderator: Mkhitaryan V. (HSE)

Asadov H. (Institute of Forecasting and Macroeconomic Research)
Issues in application of econometric methods in forecasting regional development (Annotation, full version)

Cech C. (University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna), Aussenegg W. (Vienna University of Technology, Department of Finance and Corporate Control)
A new copula approach for high-dimensional real world portfolios (Annotation)

Tyrsin A. (UB RAS), Vorfolomeeva O. (Chelyabinsk State University)
Monitoring of a condition of economic systems on the basis of the analysis of dynamics of an entropy (Annotation)

Popova G. (TSTU)
Statistical research of the tax potential of the regions: a comparative analysis and classification (Annotation, full version)

Gambarov G. (CBR), Mkhitaryan V. (HSE)
Construction of consolidated statistic risks of financial system (Annotation)

Section D. Theoretical Economics
Moderator: Zakharov A. (HSE)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-107
Session D-08. Political economy
Session moderator: Bukin K. (HSE)

Makar'in A. (HSE), Polishchuk L. (HSE), Petrova M. (Princeton University), Enikolopov R. (Princeton University)
Social networks and protest participation: evidence from Russia (Annotation)

Vasilyeva O. (Economic Research Institute FEB RAS), Nye J. (George Mason University)
Does Political Competition Matter for Public Goods Provision? Evidence from Russian Regions (Annotation)

Aktuna Gunes A. (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne)
Estimation of the size of Turkey’s black economy based on complete demand system with full expenditures (Annotation)

Bukin K. (HSE)
Development paths of the small ethnical businesses under prejudices (Annotation)

Discussant: Zakharov A. (HSE)
04 April, Thursday
Room Г-107
Session D-09. Microeconomic behavior
Session moderator: Zakharov A. (HSE)

Veselov D. (HSE)
Narrow interests, redistribution and stagnation in Schumpeterian growth model with heterogenous agents (Annotation, full version)

Skolkova A. (HSE), Pokrovsky D. (HSE)
Endogenous entrepreneurship under monopolistic competition (the case of CES-preferences) (Annotation, full version)

Bouguezzi F. (Université de Carthage)
Technology transfer in a two-dimensional model (Annotation)

Gorbunov V. (Ulyanovsk State University)
An economic model with regular market demand and unique equilibrium (Annotation, full version)

Sharunova V. (HSE), Pokrovsky D. (HSE)
Endogenous Choice of Two-Dimensional Agents in Heterogeneous Monopolistic Competition Model (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Izmalkov S. (NES)
Room Г-107
Session D-10. Behavioral Economics
Session moderator: Belianin A. (HSE)

Ivanov V. (MSU), Kurilov V. (MSU)
Behavioral economics of tax administration (Annotation)

Korgin N. (ICS RAS), Korepanov V. (ICS RAS), Boldireva G. (MIPT)
Experimental games for effective resource allocation mechanism with transferable utility (Annotation)

Kaivanto K. (Lancaster University), Kroll E. (Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg)
Alternation Bias and Reduction in St. Petersburg Gambles: An Experimental Investigation (Annotation, full version)

Belianin A. (HSE)
Tax compliance and trust to the government (Annotation)

Discussant: Popov S. (HSE)
Room Г-107
Session D-11. Microeconomics
Session moderator: Zakharov A. (HSE)

Dagaev D. (HSE), Sonin K. (NES)
Winning by Loosing: Incentive Incompatibility in Multiple Qualifiers (Annotation)

Musatov D. (MIPT), Melikov S. (MIPT), Savvateev A. (NES)
Extensions of the Borgs-Chayes network formation model (Annotation)

Karpov A. (HSE), Yurkov S. (HSE)
Generalized bankruptcy problem (Annotation)

Room Г-107
Session D-12. Quantitative models
Session moderator: Rubchinsky A. (HSE)

Rubchinsky A. (HSE), Blagovtschenskiy N. (HSE)
Cluster Analysis for Social-Economical Data (Annotation, full version)

Shvarts D. (HSE)
Axioms for the power indices in the weighted games (Annotation)

Iskakov M. (ICS RAS), Iskakov A. (ICS RAS), Zakharov A. (HSE)
Solution of the Tullock contest in secure strategies (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Karpov A. (HSE)
Section Da. Seminar " Market Studies and Spatial Economics " (Organized by HSE Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics)
Moderator: Matveenko V. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-317
Session Da-03. Spatial Economics - 1
Session moderator: Kolomak E. (IEIE SB RAS, HSE)

Gluschenko K. (IEIE SB RAS)
Dynamics of the regional price distribution in 2001-2010 (Annotation, full version)

Kolomak E. (IEIE SB RAS, HSE)
Agglomeration processes in Russia: dynamics, structure, factors (Annotation)

Demidova O. (HSE)
Identification of spatial effects for the main macroeconomic indicators of Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

Di Comite F. (European Commission), Thisse J.-F. . (HSE, Université catholique de Louvain), Vandenbussche H. (Université catholique de Louvain)
Verti-zontal Differentiation in Export Markets (Annotation)

Room Г-317
Session Da-04. Spatial Economics - 2
Session moderator: Sloev I. (HSE)

Ayzenberg N. (ESI SB RAS), Zhelobodko E. (HSE), Kokovin S. (HSE, IM SB RAS)
Trade policy and social welfare: the case of monopolistic competition (Annotation, full version)

Pokrovsky D. (HSE), Zhelobodko E. (HSE), Kokovin S. (HSE)
Market Size, Productivity, Entrepreneurship and Income Inequality in a Model a'la Melitz (Annotation, full version)

Sloev I. (HSE)
Market Share Discounts and Investment Incentives (Annotation)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-317
Session Da-07. Spatial Economics - 3
Session moderator: Ushchev F. (HSE)

Savvateev A. (NES)
Endogenous Formation of Multi-product Firms under Monopolistic Competition Models (Annotation)

Filatov A. (Irkutsk State University), Sokolovsky Y. (Irkutsk State University)
Monopolistic competition with heterogeneous labor (Annotation, full version)

Ushchev F. (HSE), Kokovin S. (HSE), Zhelobodko E. (HSE)
The impact of market size on multi-product firms in monopolistic competition (Annotation)

Room Г-317
Session Da-08. Spatial Economics - 4
Session moderator: Kokovin S. (HSE)

Amine S. (Université du Québec en Outaouais ), Pedro L. (Université du Havre)
The Low Skilled Employment-Productivity Dilemma: Labor Market Policies and Technological Bias (Annotation)

Riou S. (GATE Lyon Saint-Etienne CNRS)
On the number and size of jurisdictions within large metropolitan areas (Annotation)

Menyashev R. (HSE), Chernina E. (HSE), Dodlova M. (University Paris Quest Nanterre), Kiselgof S. (HSE), Sorokin K. (HSE), Khmelnitskaya E. (HSE), Boris A. (ERTA Analytical Group)
Modelling the demand function for public transportation tarification. Case of suburban rail. (Annotation)

Kichko S. (HSE), Kokovin S. (HSE), Zhelobodko E. (HSE)
Variable elasticity of substitution and price of capital in asymmetric trade model (Annotation, full version)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-317
Session Da-09. Spatial Economics - 5
Session moderator: Zhelobodko E. (HSE)

Bykadorov I. (HSE), Zhelobodko E. (HSE), Kokovin S. (HSE)
R&D, Wage and Technology Differentials in Trade between Big and Small Countries (Annotation, full version)

Kokovin S. (HSE), Zhelobodko E. (HSE)
Wage differentials in international trade model, dumping, globalization impact (Annotation)

Mikhailova T. (NES/HSE)
Multiple Equilibria in Russian Urban System (Annotation)

Sidorov A. (IM SB RAS, HSE)
Endogenous Polycentricity and Size Limits of Cities: from Autarchy to the Trade Liberalization (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-317
Session Da-10. Spatial Economics - 6
Session moderator: Matveenko V. (HSE)

Matveenko V. (HSE)
Weak links, misallocation and development of agglomerations (Annotation, full version)

Osharin A. (HSE Nizhny Novgorod )
A monopolistic competition model with heterogeneous consumers (Annotation, full version)

Suslov N. (IEIE SB RAS), Buzulutskov V. (IEIE SB RAS)
Modeling and Analysis of inter-regional inter-industry relations of energy sector of Russia (Annotation, full version)

Section E. Financial Institutions and Markets
Moderator: Karminsky A. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-401
Session E-03. Financial markets - 1
Session moderator: Rubtsov B. (Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation)

Stolbov M. (MGIMO-University, Ministry of Foreign Affairs))
Assessing the interaction between interbank and sovereign debt market indicators for the advanced economies (Annotation, full version)

Peresetsky A. (HSE), Korhonen I. (BOFIT)
Emerging stock markets: Global trends and regional correlations (Annotation)

Fasano A. (University of Salerno and Rome (LUISS)), Boido C. (University of Siena)
Risk Adjusted Performances in the Hedge Fund Industry: An Empirical Analysis Pre- and Post- Crisis (Annotation)

Alikhanov A. (Center for Economic Research and Graduate Education-Economic Institute)
To what extent are stock returns driven by mean and volatility spillover effects? The evidence of eight European stock markets (Annotation, full version)

Sohail M. (COMSATS Institute of Information Technology)
The Effects of Index Revision: Sector-wise Analysis (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Abramov A. (HSE)
Room Г-401
Session E-04. Financial markets - 2
Session moderator: Teplova T. (HSE)

Solanko L. (BOFIT)
Interest-rate pass-through in Russia (Annotation)

Zaltsman A. (HSE)
Influence of M&A deals on dividend policy of target companies. (Annotation, full version)

Kuzmichev K. (HSE Nizhny Novgorod)
Use of multifactor models for estimation mutual fund’s performance (Annotation, full version)

Teplova T. (HSE), Asaturov K. (HSE)
DCC-GARCH model for the analysis of integration processes in the capital markets of the three regions (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Stolyarov A. (HSE)
03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-401
Session E-07. Banks - 1
Session moderator: Fungacova Z. (BOFIT)

Andrievskaya I. (Università degli Studi di Verona), Semenova M. (HSE)
Efficiency of Market Discipline in the Interbank Market: The Case of Russia (Annotation, full version)

Sokolov V. (HSE), Chernykh L. (Clemson University)
Deposit Insurance and Deposit Products (Annotation)

Fungacova Z. (BOFIT), Turk Ariss R. , Weill L.
Does Excessive Liquidity Creation Trigger Bank Failures? (Annotation)

Gomayun N. (HSE), Penikas H. (Alfa Bank), Titova Y. (Pantheon-Sorbonne University)
Estimate of the Effect of Derivatives Usage by Public European Banks on Its Value and Risk (Annotation)

Discussant: Ponomarenko A. (Bank of Russia), Solanko L. (BOFIT)
Room Г-401
Session E-08. Banks - 2
Session moderator: Vernikov A. (HSE)

Semenova M. (HSE), Rodina V. (HSE)
Informal Loans in Russia: Credit Rationing or Borrowers’ Choice? (Annotation, full version)

Ilinskiy D. (CEMI RAN)
Designing and analyzing the programs of contractual savings for housing: a dynamic model (Annotation, full version)

Kuzmina E. (HSE St. Petersburg), Kuga I. (HSE)
Covered Interest Parity: Evidence from Russian Money Market (Annotation, full version)

Vernikov A. (HSE)
State-controlled «national champions» of the Russian banking market: Concentration, competitiveness, and efficiency (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Penikas G. (Alfa Bank)
04 April, Thursday
Room Г-401
Session E-09. Financial risks - 1
Session moderator: Karminsky A. (HSE)

Luciano E. (University of Turin), Nicodano G. (University of Turin)
Default risk in business groups (Annotation)

Rangelova L. (University of National and World Economy)
Some Debatable Matters in Accounting Treatment of Credit Risk Exposures and Contingent Liabilities at Commercial Banks (Annotation)

Jun G. (Lancaster University Management School)
Risk-taking Behavior, Regulatory Capital Concern and Income Smoothing Motivation (Annotation)

Kostrov A. (HSE), Karminsky A. (HSE)
Improving Probability of Default Models for Russian Banks: Rating Agencies and Panel Data (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Zamkovoy S. (NOMOS-BANK)
Room Г-401
Session E-10. Financial risks - 2
Session moderator: Solntsev O. (CMASF)

Voronin A. (HSE)
Exchange risk significance for the investment: Evidence from Emerging Markets (Annotation, full version)

Leonidov A. (LPI RASP, MIPT), Rumyantsev E. (MIPT)
Topology and Systemic Risks of RF Interbank Credit Network (Annotation)

Walker I. (Lancaster University Management School)
Who really wants to be a millionaire: Evidence on risk aversion from game show data (Annotation)

Solntsev O. (CMASF), Mamonov M. (CMASF), Pestova A. (CMASF)
The Systemic Effects of Prudential Regulation Toughening: The Results of a Stress-test for Russian Banks (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Golembiovskiy D. (Bank ZENIT)
Room Г-401
Session E-11. Financial crisis
Session moderator: Nikitin M. (HSE)

Hartwell C. (Skolkovo Business School - Ernst & Young Institute for Emerging Market Studies)
Financial Liberalization and Crises in Transition Economies: What Have 20+ Years Taught us? (Annotation)

Chittedi K. (Institute of Management Technology - Hyderabad)
Financial Crisis and Contagion Effects to Indian Stock Market: ‘DCC –GARCH’ Analysis (Annotation)

Palaskas T. (Panteion University of Athens), Stoforos C. (Panteion University of Athens)
The Role of Hedge Funds in Economic Crises (Annotation, full version)

Rogova O. (HSE St. Petersburg)
The influence of the ECB's policy on the price of credit-default swaps and spread between bonds on the example of the Hellenic Republic (Annotation, full version)

Teplova T. (HSE)
Impact of macroeconomic crises on the integration of the world's stock markets (Annotation)

Discussant: Sokolov V. (HSE)
Room Г-401
Round table E-12. Financial crisis. Banks at the crossroads.
Moderator: Solodkov V. (HSE)

• The prospects of the banking system in a period of crisis
• Problems of the banking sector regulation
• Changing business models of Russian banks in the post-crisis period
• Russian banks are in the indivisible rating space
• Prospects of bank regulation in the Russian Federation
• Establishment and conceptions of megaregulator

Participants: Woudenberg A. (University Inholland), Delyagin M. (Institute of Globalization Studies), Matovnikov M. (Interfax), Nechaev A. (Russian Financial Corporation), Hainsworth R. (RusRating), Sukhov M. (Bank of Russia), Alekseev M. (UniCredit Bank)
Section F. Law and Economics
Moderators: Salygin E. (HSE), Yakovlev A. (HSE)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-407
Session F-07. Economic problems of civil relations
Session moderator: Salygin E. (HSE)

Yefremov A. (Voronezh State University)
Assessment of efficiency of public legal regulation of public-private partnership in the subjects of the Russian Federation (Annotation, full version)

Nichols P. (The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania), Dowden P. (Center for Business Ethics and Corporate Governance)
Soft Law Alternatives to Government Coordinated Law as a Means of Controlling Corruption (Annotation)

Shikhkerimova N. (National University "Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy of Ukraine")
Law and transaction costs (Annotation)

Goosen E. (Kemerovo State University), Nikitenko S. (Scientific-Production Center" INNOTECH", LLC), Goosen K. ("Kuzbassenergosvyaz", JSC)
Regional differentiation of the Institute of PPP in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-407
Session F-08. Economic and legal problems of competition and innovation
Session moderator: Avdasheva S. (HSE)

Katsoulacos Y. (Athens University of Economics and Business)
Legal Uncertainty and the Choice of Enforcement Procedures (Annotation)

Mirolyubova S. (St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finances)
The problems of legal protection of biotechnological inventions (Annotation, full version)

Vezzoso S. (School of Economics and Management)
The Use of Standard Essential Patents: Competition Policy Issues (Annotation)

Redkina A. (HSE Perm)
Remedies in the Russian Merger Control as a Regulation Tool (Annotation, full version)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-407
Round table F-09. Economic and legal aspects of natural resourses management
Moderator: Novikova E. (HSE)

• Economic mechanism of environmental protection: legal aspects
• The issue of ownership in countries with resource economics
• Raw dependence and institutional environment

Participants: Subbotin M. (IMEMO), Petrova T. (MSU), Grigoryev L. (HSE), Fedotov A. (HSE), Kryukov V. (IEIE SB RAS), Khramov D. (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation), Bubenov S. (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation), Syutkina N. (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation), Filchenkova O. (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation), Lazko E. (Deloitte)
Section G. Methodology of economics
Moderator: Avtonomov V. (HSE)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-407
Session G-10. Methodology of economics - 1
Session moderator: Makasheva N. (HSE)

Cot A. (Centre d'économie de la Sorbonne, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne)
Michel Foucault on the history of political economy: a reassessment (Annotation, full version)

Avtonomov V. (HSE)
Abstractions are very different (Annotation, full version)

Melnik D. (HSE)
Abstractions in the professional language of economists: the case of the Soviet political economy (Annotation, full version)

Ananyin O. (HSE)
Richard Cantillon - the constructor of the first theoretical system in economics (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-407
Session G-11. Methodology of economics - 2
Session moderator: Avtonomov V. (HSE)

Polishchuk L. (HSE)
Social Capital and Governance: Substitutes, Complements, or Both … (Annotation)

Rubinstein A. (IE RAS)
"Normative turn" in the economic analysis. Methodology, theory, politics. (Annotation, full version)

Polterovich V. (CEMI, RAS)
Privatization and the Rational Ownership Structure (Annotation)

Room Г-407
Session G-12. Methodology of economics - 3
Session moderator: Ananyin O. (HSE)

Makasheva N. (HSE)
Business-cycle theory and equibibrium economics: integration problem (S.Kuznets, N.D.Kondratiev, J.Schumpeter, F.Hayek) (Annotation)

Dabrowska E. (University of Erfurt/Hamburg Institute of International Economics), Zweynert J. (University of Witten/Herdecke)
Ideas and Institutional Change: The Case of the Russian Stabilization Fund (Annotation, full version)

Gaidai T. (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv)
Methodological Polystructural Character of Postmodern Economics (Annotation, full version)

Gunes O. (Université Paris 1 Sorbonne )
Mental disequilibrium at Smiths’ uncertainty: Benthamian point of view (Annotation)

Section H. Economic and social history
Moderators: Kamenskiy A. (HSE), Markevich A. (NES)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-508
Session H-03. Economic history.
Session moderator: Valetov T. (MSU)

Kuga I. (HSE)
National borders and urban growth: Evidence from Alsace and Lorraine annexation (Annotation)

Shilnikova I. (HSE)
Evolution of work incentives of textile workers in Soviet Russia (1918-1929): microanalysis results (Annotation, full version)

Shida Y. (Hitotsubashi University), Kim B. (Seoul National University)
Shortages and the Informal Economy in the Soviet Republics: 1965-1989 (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Valetov T. (MSU)
03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-508
Session H-07. The political economy of regional policy in the "late" USSR (1950-1980-ies.)
Session moderator: Verbitskaya O. (Institute of Russian History, RAS)

Konovalov A. (Kemerovo State University)
Technology harmonization of sectoral and regional interests in the economic development of Siberia and the Far East (mid 1960 - the first half of the 1980s) (Annotation)

Nekrasov V. (Surgut teacher's training university)
Gosplan and mechanisms for the implementation of group interests in the Soviet economy, 1956-1965: A Case Study of "Advocacy Coalitions Framework" industrial projects in regions of Siberia" (Annotation)

Khromov E. (Surgut Teachers Training University)
Mechanisms of the effect of regional party government policy on placement of the productive forces in the eastern areas (late 1950s - early 1960s.) (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Bakanov S. (Chelyabinsk State University)
Room Г-508
Session H-08. Industrial and agricultural policy in the "late" USSR (1950-1980-ies.)
Session moderator: Nekrasov V. (Surgut teacher's training university)

Andreenkov S. (IH SB RAS)
Kolkhoz-sovkhoz system in the middle of 1950 – beginning of the 1960s in Siberia: factors, vector and the results of the transformation (Annotation, full version)

Bakanov S. (Chelyabinsk State University)
Factors for the decline of the coal industry in the Urals in 1960-1980 th (Annotation, full version)

Karpov V. (Tyumen State Oil and Gas University)
Disorganization of Western Siberian oil-and-gas complex under the conditions of mobilization crisis (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Nekrasov V. (Surgut teacher's training university)
04 April, Thursday
Room Г-508
Session H-09. Methods and approaches for the study of social phenomena of the past - 1
Session moderator: Savelyeva I. (HSE)

Levinson K. (HSE)
Towards the typology and social and cultural functions of non-political associations in the 19th and early 20th century Germany (Annotation)

Rafalyuk O. (Moscow Institute of Linguistic)
The application of content-analysis in historical studies of the sources of personal origin (on the material of the correspondence of Russian writers-modernists of the turn of XIX-XX centuries). (Annotation, full version)

Tsaregorodtsev A. (Institute of Intarnational Trade and Right)
The Etical Model of Early English Dandies (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-508
Session H-10. Methods and approaches for the study of social phenomena of the past - 2
Session moderator: Kamenskiy A. (HSE)

Akelyev E. (HSE)
The dynamics and structure of the criminality in imperial Russia, 1730-1760: the sources and methods for analysis (Annotation, full version)

Knepper P. (Unversity of Sheffield)
Evidence of a crime? The League of Nations, the Traffic in Women, and Transnational Organised Crime. (Annotation)

Borisova T. (HSE, St-Petersburg )
Publication of Legislation in Russia and Enforcement Challenges, 1863-1937 (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-508
Session H-11. Individuals and corporations in Russia of XIX - early XX centuries - 1
Session moderator: Budnitskiy O. (HSE)

Blagodeteleva E. (HSE)
“United by a triple bond of customs and traditions, self-government and moral solidarity”: bar associations in Russia from the second half of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century (Annotation, full version)

Egereva T. (Moscow State University for Transport Engineering )
"Republic in soul", or the ideas of russian conservatives about themselves (Annotation, full version)

Tumanova A. (HSE)
Law-making process of 1906–1917 and the realization of the political liberties of a person (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-508
Session H-12. Personality and corporations in Russia of XIX - early XX centuries - 2
Session moderator: Smilyanskaya E. (HSE)

Worobec C. (Northern Illinois University)
Russian Orthodox Pilgrims in Late Imperial Russia: A Social Profile (Annotation, full version)

Kradetskaya S. (MPSU)
"Sisterhood" as a special form of solidarity in the discourse of the Russian feminists at the beginning of the XXth century. (Annotation, full version)

Solovyov K. (HSE)
Russian lawmaking practices under the Old Regime (1880-1890) (Annotation, full version)

Section I. World Economy and International Affairs
Moderators: Kuznetsov A. (IMEMO), Larionova M. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room E-505
Session I-03/1. Integration process as a resource of internal and external development
Session moderator: Kortunov A. (Russian International Affairs Council)

Karaganov S. (HSE)
Russia´s turn to Asia under the transformation of world economy and politics (Annotation, full version)

Kuzmina E. (IE RAS)
Concerns and interests of Russia in Central Asia at the present stage (Annotation, full version)

Bordachev T. (HSE)
The main trends of political and economic development of Asia-Pacific region and Russia's interests (Annotation, full version)

Martynova E. (HSE)
Russia's policy at the integration structures of the Asia-Pacific region: APEC Summit 2012 (Annotation, full version)

Pereboev V. (Eurasian Development Bank)
EDB Integration Barometer: Public Perception of Eurasian Integration (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Mizin V. (MGIMO), Barabanov O. (MGIMO)
Room Г-107
Session I-03/2. Modern problems of global and regional development - 1
Session moderator: Kuznetsov A. (IMEMO)

Khoros V. (IMEMO)
Development Theory Challenges (Annotation)

Makarova E. (HSE)
Adaptation of global economy to natural disasters: threats and opportunities (Annotation, full version)

Makarov I. (HSE), Savelyeva A. (HSE)
Agricultural potential of Siberia and Far East in the context of economic development of Asia-Pacific region (Annotation, full version)

Room E-505
Session I-04/1. Integration process
Session moderator: Larionova M. (HSE)

Loechel H. (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management)
Minimalists vs. Integrationists: the Political Economy of EMU (Annotation)

Tamas P. (Institute of sociology, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
External and internal European peripheries^ about a new structural theory of dependency/domination (Annotation)

Shugurov M. (Saratov State Law Academy)
World Bank and innovative development of Russia: assistance dynamics and perspectives (Annotation, full version)

Bratersky M. (HSE)
Eurizone Crisis: Lessons for the Eurasian Union (Annotation)

Discussant: Butorina O. (MGIMO), Zuev V. (HSE)
Room Г-107
Session I-04/2. Global and regional development - 2
Session moderator: Kuznetsov A. (IMEMO)

Novichkov N. (Federal Agency for tourism), Lipina S. (HSE)
Economic crisis and global response (Annotation)

Kiryushin P. (MSU), Mulloth B., Iakovleva T. (University of Stavanger), Solodov V. (MSU)
The analysis of eco-innovations role in the development of regional innovation system of Oresund, Swedish-Danish transnational region (Annotation, full version)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-107
Session I-07/2. Multinational corporations and foreign direct investment
Session moderator: Kuznetsov A. (IMEMO)

Cristobal Campoamor A. (UrFU), Asali M. (International School of Economics at TSU)
Local Human Capital Formation and Optimal FDI (Annotation, full version)

Ekim A. (HSE)
Political Regimes, Investment Risk and Resource Nationalism: An Empirical Analysis (Annotation)

Gorbunova M. (UNN), Morozova T. (UNN), Umnikov D. (UNN)
Study on the internationalization of innovation enterprises in Nizhny Novgorod region (Annotation, full version)

Afontsev S. (IMEMO)
The Future of MNC and World Politics (Annotation)

Room E-505
Session I-08. Model of development of socio-economic and political processes, and their possible use for forecasting and strategic planning
Session moderator: Akaev A. (MSU)

Akaev A. (MSU)
Forecast of world economic development in medium-term prospect (Annotation)

Мalkov S. (IE RAS), Bilyuga S. (MSU), Vilyak M. (MSU), Sklyarova D. (MSU)
Model of the traps of the development of the developing countries (Annotation)

Grinin L. (IOS RAS)
Chinese and Indian economic models and perspective of global leadership (Annotation, full version)

Schmerling D. (HSE), Kozhukhovskaya E. (HSE), Rydvanskaya P. (HSE)
Possibilities of multilevel models of strategic planning in politics. (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Lavrov S. (HSE), Andronova I. (HSE)
04 April, Thursday
Room E-505
Session I-09. Risk monitoring of socio-political destabilization in Middle East and Africa
Session moderator: Korotayev A. (Institute of Oriental Studies)

Isaev L. (HSE)
Scenarios of the socio-political destabilization in context of the Arab Spring (Annotation, full version)

Kuzminova E. (MSU), Malkov S. (MSU)
Development of the index of socio-political instability (based on the events of Arab Spring in 2011) (Annotation)

Shishkina A. (RSUH)
Social media as a form of political activity in Arab world (Annotation, full version)

Truevtsev K. (HSE)
Mali: El-Qaeda, the second round? (Annotation)

Zinkina J. (IAS RAS), Korotayev A. (IOM RAS)
Social-demographic risks of humanitarian catastrophes in Tropical Africa and means of their prevention (Annotation)

Discussant: Shubin V. (IAS RAS)
Room E-505
Session I-10. Risk monitoring of socio-political destabilization in Central Asia
Session moderator: Tsirel S. (HSE)

Kouzminova E. (MSU), Malkov S. (MSU)
The Methodology of the Current Situation and Forecast of the Social Instability in Central Asia (Annotation)

Abdullaeva N. (HSE)
The problems and perspectives of integration of EurAsEC on the example of Uzbekistan. (Annotation)

Khodunov A. (RSUH)
The demographic dynamic of Central Asian countries at the present stage (Annotation)

Discussant: Suzdaltsev A. (HSE), Zatulin K. (Institute of CIS Countries)
Room E-505
Session I-11. Monetary relations in crisis
Session moderator: Afontsev S. (IMEMO)

Apokin A. (CMASF), Ipatova I. (CMASF)
Augmenting the slowdown: coordinated fiscal consolidation in US and euro area (Annotation, full version)

Pavlidis E. (Lancaster University Management School)
Dynamic Estimation of Trade Costs from Real Exchange Rates (Annotation)

Apokin A. (CMASF)
The thresholds to transform defensive assets into ordinary assets (Annotation, full version)

Güreşçi Pehlivan G. (Dokuz Eylul university), Balli E. (Cukurova University)
Testing the Existence of Ricardian or Non-Ricardian Regimes for CIS Countries (Annotation)

Room E-505
Session I-12. The flow of innovation in the global energy sector
Session moderator: Kryukov V. (IEIE SB RAS)

Syrguchev L. (LUKOIL Overseas )
Peculiarities of innovation processes in different countries (Annotation)

Kryukov V. (HSE), Anashkin O. (HSE)
Displacement of innovations in the world energy sector (Annotation)

Fjaertof D. (Sigra Group), Lunden L. (Sigra Group)
Experience of technology transfer in the process of oil and gas development of the Arctic shelf (Annotation)

Section Ia. Workshop of the project “Sharing KnowledgE Assets: InteRregionally Cohesive NeigHborhoods” (SEARCH)
04 April, Thursday
Room Г-404
Session Ia-09. Trade Flows and Localization Choices
Session moderator: Crescenzi R. (London School of Economics)

Kallioras D. (University of Thessaly), Artelaris P. (University of Thessaly), Petrakos G. (University of Thessaly), Tsiapa M. (University of Thessaly)
The geography of trade between the EU and the ENP countries (Annotation, full version)

Zvirgzde D. (Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography, Leibniz University Hanover), Schiller D. (Lower Saxony Institute for Economic Research (NIW)), Revilla Diez J. (Institute of Economic and Cultural Geography, Leibniz University Hanover)
Location choices of multinational companies in Ukraine (Annotation, full version)

Ascani A. (London School of Economics), Iammarino S. (London School of Economics ), Crescenzi R. (London School of Economics)
Institutions and the Geography of Foreign Investment in European New Member States and Neighbouring Countries (Annotation)

Pinna A. (Cagliari University)
Is international trade changing the Neighbourhood of Europe? (Annotation)

Room Г-404
Session Ia-10. Social, Cultural and Institutional Environment
Session moderator: Lebedeva N. (HSE)

Hlepas N. (International Center for Black Sea Studies)
The quality of national institutional environment of EU and neighboring countries in comparative perspective (Annotation, full version)

Tatarko A. (HSE)
Are individual value orientations related to socio-psychological capital? A comparative analysis data from three ethnic groups in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Lebedeva N. (HSE)
The Sociocultural Context and Innovation: cross-cultural analysis (Annotation)

Demidova O. (HSE)
The European and neighboring countries residents' attitude towards immigrants: a comparative analysis according ESS5 (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-404
Session Ia-11. People mobility and human capital
Session moderator: Denisenko M. (HSE)

Moreno R. (Universitat de Barcelona)
Research networks and inventors’ mobility as drivers of innovation: evidence from Europe (Annotation, full version)

Moreno R. (Universitat de Barcelona), Miguélez E. (Universitat de Barcelona)
Skilled labour mobility: Tracing their spatial distribution (Annotation, full version)

Denisenko M. (HSE), Chudinovskikh O. (MSU)
Migration between the CIS countries: trends and policy (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-404
Session Ia-12. Technological activities and diffusion in the EU and neighboring countries
Session moderator: Paci R. (University of Cagliari)

Paci R. (University of Cagliari)
M&A and knowledge flows in the European Union’s Neighboring Countries (Annotation)

Varga A. (University of Pécs), Sebestyén T. (University of Pécs)
Does EU Framework Program participation contribute to regional development? A time-space analysis of FP network quality and patenting productivity in EU Objective 1 regions (Annotation)

Golikova V. (HSE), Kuznetsov B. (HSE)
Do imports generate innovation and technology upgrading in the Russian manufacturing firms? (Annotation, full version)

Pikalova A. (HSE)
Analysis of knowledge diffusion and EU-Neighbouring Countries research networks based on the outcomes of interviews with INCO projects’ consortium members (Annotation, full version)

Section J. Firms and Markets
Moderator: Dolgopyatova T. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-411
Session J-03. Corporate governance and control in Russian companies
Session moderator: Ivashkovskaya I. (HSE)

Iwasaki I. (Hitotsubashi University)
Global Financial Crisis, Corporate Governance, and Firm Survival: The Russian Experience (Annotation, full version)

Muravyev A. (GSOM), Berezinetc I. (GSOM), Ilina Y. (GSOM)
The Structure of Corporate Boards and Private Benefits of Control: Evidence from the Russian Stock Exchange (Annotation, full version)

Pletnev D. (CSU)
The Analysis Of Distribution Of Residual Income And Control Rights Between The Subjects Of The Modern Russian Corporation (Annotation, full version)

Golovanova S. (HSE)
Empirical study of determinants of M&A activity in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Dzagurova N. (HSE)
Room Г-411
Session J-04. Corporate Finance
Session moderator: Iwasaki I. (Hitotsubashi University)

Stepanova A. (HSE), Ivashkovskaya I. (HSE)
Corporate Financial Architecture and Firm Performance: Comparative Study of Emerging and Developed European Markets (Annotation)

Dranev Y. (HSE), Fomkina S. (HSE)
Entropic Risk Measures and Cost of Equity: Empirical Evidence from Russia. (Annotation, full version)

Nivorozhkin E. (University College London), Kokoreva M. (HSE)
Black Spots in the Capital Structure Theory: Evidence Russia (Annotation)

Salnikov V. (CMASF), Mogilat A. (CMASF)
Stress-tesing for Russian real-sector: methodology and first results (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Stepanov S. (NES)
03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-411
Session J-07. Modelling of markets
Session moderator: Dolmatov I. (HSE)

Chernavsky S. (CEMI RAS)
Economic Analysis of Reforming Russian Gas Market (Annotation, full version)

Smirnova E. (Irkutsk State University), Filatov A. (Irkutsk State University)
The electricity price and quantity forecasting at the day-ahead market (Annotation, full version)

Isakova D. (VTB Capital)
FX market model with heterogeneous on-line learning agents (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Dolmatov I. (HSE)
Room Г-411
Session J-08. Behavior and effectiveness of Russian companies
Session moderator: Ruzhanskaya L. (UrFU)

Matyukha A. (Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe), Glauben T. (Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe), Hockmann H. (Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe)
Impact of ultimate ownership on performance of Russia’s farm (Annotation, full version)

Kuzmicheva E. (HSE, Nizhny Novgorod), Aistov A. (HSE, Nizhny Novgorod)
Corporate investment policy under financial constraints and real options (Annotation, full version)

Dolmatov I. (HSE)
Methodological approaches to benchmarking of Russian power grid companies (Annotation, full version)

Sterkhov A. (URFU)
Classification of modern models of mergers and acquisitions (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Kuznetsov B. (HSE)
04 April, Thursday
Room Г-411
Session J-09. Entrepreneurship: regional and country characteristics
Session moderator: Kuznetsov B. (HSE)

Michala D. (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg School of Finance), Grammatikos T. (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg School of Finance), Filipe Ferreira S. (University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg School of Finance)
Forecasting distress in European SME portfolios (Annotation, full version)

Elakhovsky V. (HSE)
Factors differences of Russian regions in terms of entrepreneurial capacity (according to the APS «Georating") (Annotation, full version)

Marek P. (Halle Institute for Economic Research), Gonchar K. (HSE)
Natural-resource or market-seeking FDI in Russia? Empirical study of locational factors effecting regional distribution of FDI in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Kadochnikov S. (UrFU), Fedyunina A. (UrFU)
Exogenous changes in trade policy and export variety: empirical investigation for Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Golikova V. (HSE)
Room Г-411
Session J-10. Institutional environment and the behavior of companies
Session moderator: Pyle W. (Middlebury College)

Pyle W. (Middlebury College)
Privatization and the reallocation of land in Russian cities (Annotation)

Schultz A. (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), Libman A. (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management /RAS), Kozlov V. (HSE)
Judicial Alignment and Criminal Justice: Evidence from Russian Courts (Annotation, full version)

Govorun A. (HSE), Pyle W. (Middlebury College), Marques I. (Columbia University, HSE)
Choosing Channels of Influence in Hybrid Regimes: Direct and Indirect Lobbying across the Russian Federation (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Rochlitz M. (IMT Lucca - Institute for Advanced Studies)
Room Г-411
Session J-11. Institutional conditions for business
Session moderator: Belianin A. (HSE)

Rochlitz M. (IMT Lucca - Institute for Advanced Studies)
Corporate Raiding and the Role of the State in Russia (Annotation)

Nazrullaeva E. (HSE), Yakovlev A. (HSE), Baranov A. (HSE)
Criminal Persecution of Business in Russian Regions: the Role of State Violence (Annotation)

Belianin A. (HSE)
Legal conscience and trust to police (Annotation)

Discussant: Kozlov V. (HSE)
Section K. Political Processes
Moderator: Melville A. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-313
Session K-03. Honorary lecture. Simon Marginson (Professor of Higher Education, University of Melbourne) Research, STEM and the global arms race in innovation: The rise and rise of East Asia and Singapore
Moderator: Froumin I. (HSE)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-513
Session K-07. Political participation, protest, legitimacy
Session moderator: Soboleva I. (HSE)

Tulchinskij G. (HSE St.Petersburg)
Project-network society, mistrust and the problem of consolidation of Russian society (Annotation, full version)

Gasparyan O. (HSE)
The influence of political decentralization on the legitimacy of the central government (Annotation, full version)

Tarasova E. (Södertörn University)
Antinuclear movements in nuclear power governance: case of the countries with moderate public support of nuclear energy (Annotation, full version)

Ilyin M. (HSE)
Formation waves of Imperium and Paraimperium space of Modern (Annotation)

Sledzevsky I. (Institute of African Studies)
Possible geopolitical results of the opposition wave in Arab World (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-513
Session K-08. Regional political regimes, electoral processes and elite
Session moderator: Turovsky R. (HSE)

Shishorina A. (HSE), Karandashova S. (HSE)
Process of party system institutionalization in regions with high level of ethnic diversity (cases of African states and North Caucasus region) (Annotation, full version)

Solodov V. (MSU), Zhuravleva T. (MSU)
Network Analysis of Regional Elites in Contemporary Russia in Post-Electoral Context (Annotation, full version)

Pustovoit Y. (Siberian state industrial university)
«We not the local» – formation, development and destruction of urban regime (experience of the biographic analysis of political elite of the large industrial center) (Annotation, full version)

Sirotkina E. (HSE), Ablova L. (HSE)
The impact of migration on the changing of electoral preferences (Annotation, full version)

Turovsky R. (HSE), Khlopovskikh O. (HSE)
Opposition in Russia's Regional Political Regimes: Between Conflict and Incorporation (Annotation, full version)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-513
Session K-09. Soft law and political power (Organized with Research Committee of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) “Political Power”)
Session moderator: Belyaeva N. (HSE)

Fogelson Y. (HSE)
Law and Authority when the Legal system appears polycentric (Annotation)

Picci L. (University of Bologna)
Hard-Law, Soft-Law and Reputational incentives (Annotation)

Discussant: Semilyutina N. (Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law of Government of the Russian Federation)
Room Г-513
Session K-10. Conception of power and democracy (Organized with Research Committee of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) “Political Power”)
Session moderator: Haugaard M. (National University of Ireland, Galway)

Rundell J. (The University of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
Oligarchy, Democracy, Royal-sovereignty: Weber, Castoriadis and Foucault and the modern circulation of power (Annotation)

Ledyaev L. (HSE)
Empirical studies of power in local communities: conceptual bases (Annotation)

Haugaard M. (National University of Ireland, Galway)
Power Over and Democracy (Annotation)

Room Г-513
Session K-11. The political economy of political development: Russia in the 2000s
Session moderator: Remington T. (Emory University)

Garifullina G. (HSE), Shubenkova A. (HSE), Reuter J. (Rochester University), Buckley-Farlee N. (Columbia University)
Cancelling Mayoral Elections in the Russian Cities (Annotation)

Sobolev A. (HSE)
Collective Action Factors: Mass Protests in Russia 2011-2012 (Annotation, full version)

Remington T. (Emory University)
Reforming Welfare Regimes in Russia and China: The Enduring Impact of the Soviet Social Contract (Annotation)

Room Г-513
Session K-12. Power in local communities (Organized with Research Committee of the International Political Science Association (IPSA) “Political Power”)
Session moderator: Ledyaev L. (HSE)

Chirikova A. (IS RAN)
Local elites and political regimes in small Russian towns: formal and informal power (Annotation)

Seltser D. (Tambov State Technical University)
Leaders of Local communities: “The inaugural elections” in Macedonian cities (1990-1991) (Annotation)

Baiandina E. (HSE)
Taking political decisions in budgetary process of Russian Federation in 2000s: the transformation of rules (Annotation, full version)

Section L. Local Government and Civic Self-organization
Moderator: Mersiyanova I. (HSE)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Е-604
Session L-07. Resources for Public Policy and the Third Sector
Session moderator: Mersiyanova I. (HSE)

Yakimets V. (ISA RAS), Nikovsky L. (IS RAS)
Public Policy Resources as a Key Factor for the Sustainable Regional Development and Positive Consolidation of the Local Community (Annotation, full version)

Tarusina I. (HSE, St. Petersburg)
A Composition of Elites and Interrelations among Local Elites (an Example of St.-Petersburg) (Annotation, full version)

Belyaeva N. (HSE), Djibladze A. (HSE), Donohue C. (HSE)
"Public" as a "social actor" vs "public" as a "target audience". Conceptual connection between "the public", "civil society" and "community" (Annotation)

Discussant: Antonova V. (HSE)
Room Г-605
Session L-08. Non-Governmental Organisations in interdisciplinary perspective
Session moderator: Benevolenskiy V. (HSE)

Boyarkov R. (HSE, St. Petrsburg), Demidov D. (ANE)
Budget financing of socially oriented non-profit organizations in St. Petersburg: the political and legal analysis (Annotation, full version)

Novatorov E. (HSE)
Reciprocity theory of marketing for non profit organizations (Annotation, full version)

Suslova S. (HSE Perm)
Russian Nonprofit Organizations and Quasi-Market of Social Services (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Pakhomova E. (HSE), Korneeva I. (HSE)
04 April, Thursday
Room Г-605
Session L-09. Special session ""School of democracy "and new practices of civil society"
Session moderator: Nikovskaya L. (IS RAS)

Jakobson L. (HSE)
Are Russian NGO's "schools of democracy"? (Annotation)

Kupreychenko A. (HSE)
Problem of Determination of Public Activity of Rssian (Annotation, full version)

Skokova Y. (HSE)
Election observers as new group of civil society (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Klimov I. (HSE)
Room Г-605
Session L-10. Civil society in Russia and in the world
Session moderator: Kupreychenko A. (HSE)

Grigoriadis T. (Center for European Economic Research)
Religious Identity, Governance and Centralization: Evidence from Russian and Israeli Cities (Annotation)

Koysina M. (HSE)
The Russian Giving Index (Annotation)

Konovalova E. (HSE)
Globalization and Anti-globalization Trends in a Civil Society in Russia and world (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Minnigaleeva G. (HSE)
Room Г-605
Session L-11. Local government in social and economic aspects - 1
Session moderator: Plusnin J. (HSE)

Mochalov A. (Ural State Academy of Law)
Institutional and legal aspects of creating of social base of local self-government (Annotation, full version)

Solntseva Y. (Ryazan State Radio Engineering University)
Measurement and the analysis of civil activity at TOS level (Annotation)

Mersiyanova I. (HSE)
Relationship of trust and confidence in the practice of civil society in Russia (Annotation)

Discussant: Razvorotneva S. (Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation)
Room Г-605
Session L-12. Local government in social and economic aspects -2
Session moderator: Kordonskiy S. (HSE)

Khabibrakhmanova E. (VPO BAGSIUPPRB), Rysaev I. (VPO BAGSIUPPRB)
Social and managerial exclusion in local government: a regional perspective (Annotation, full version)

Plusnin J. (HSE)
Short list of claims: administrative obstacles to the local small business development (Annotation)

Martirosyan G. (Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University)
The ways to increase the attractiveness of investment in the economy of the municipality (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Bogoviz A. (HSE)
Section M. Public Administration
Moderator: Klimenko A. (HSE)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-604
Round table M-07. Civil servants: a work on basis of concept of openness
Moderator: Klimenko A. (HSE)

• How to encourage civil servants to work in accordance with the root principles of openness?
• How does the implementation of the system of open public administration affect on the task of selecting and training for the public service?
• Standards and regulations in the area of openness - can they affect on civil servants in the open mode

Participants: Abuzov M. (Government of Russian Fediration), Zhulin A. (HSE), Bragin А. (Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu International)
Room Г-604
Session M-08. Special session "Development of public procurement in Russia"
Session moderator: Ivanov A. (GSOM SPbU)

Tkachenko A. (MSU, HSE), Balaeva O. (HSE), Demidova O. (HSE), Yakovlev A. (HSE)
Public procurement outcomes under different regulatory regime: comparative analysis of procurements of two big Russian public entities operating in the same sector (Annotation, full version)

Eremina A. (HSE), Zoroastrova I. (HSE Nizhny Novgorod )
The public purchase of oil-products: experience of cooperative strategy detection (Annotation)

Bashina A. (HSE), Yakovlev A. (HSE), Demidova O. (HSE)
Efficiency of simple homogeneous good procurement under very tough governmental regulation: the case of sugar sand procurement in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Ivanov A. (GSOM SPbU)
The Phenomenon of quasi-corruption: the Case of Public Procurement (Annotation)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-604
Session M-09. Streamlining methods and business process instruments
Session moderator: Markina E. (Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation)

Lisin N. (HSE)
Creation of the budgetary strategy in regions of the Russian Federation (Annotation, full version)

Bogdanov L. (HSE)
Analysis of the experience in the implementation of program budgeting principles in the regions of Russian Federation (Annotation, full version)

Guseva N. (Federal service of financial and budgetary oversight )
Financial control system and financial reporting standards in public sector – changes and perspective (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-604
Session M-10. Efficiency enhancement of financing facilities for budget services
Session moderators: Alkashevich M. (Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation), Rudnik B. (HSE)

Sivakov V. (HSE)
Implementation of the state obligations in education and culture through the services (Annotation, full version)

Kapoguzov E. (Omsk State F.M. Dostojevsky University)
Institutional alternatives of consumers influence of public services quality: theoretical construct and regional practice (Annotation, full version)

Rudnik B. (HSE), Lisin N. (HSE)
Development of competitive funding mechanisms in the social and cultural sphere in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-604
Session M-11. Regulatory Impact Assessment
Session moderator: Tsygankov D. (HSE)

Bratanova A. (The University of Queensland), Belyaev A. (HSE)
Regulatory impact assessment for public budget parameters: international best practices and new trends analysis (Annotation, full version)

Pavlov D. (National institute for system studies of entrepreneurship)
Monitoring of introduction of the Institute for Regulatory Impact Assessment in a decision-making mechanism in subjects of the Russian Federation (Annotation, full version)

Tsygankov D. (HSE)
Comparing of the international experience for regulatory policy quality evaluation (Annotation, full version)

Section Ma. EACES Workshop “Public procurement: challenges and perspectives for economic tools”
02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-404
Session Ma-03. Honorary lecture by Pablo T. Spiller (University of California, Berkeley)
Moderator: Yakovlev A. (HSE)

Room Г-404
Session Ma-04. Efficiency of Public Procurement: Empirical Surveys
Session moderator: Yakovlev A. (HSE)

Morozov I. (International Research Laboratory for Institutional Analysis of Economic Reforms)
Collusion Detection in Public Procurement Open First-Price Auctions (Annotation)

Ostrovnaya M. (HSE)
What impact does antitrust intervention have on competition? The case of public drug procurement in Russia. (Annotation)

Balsevich A. (HSE)
Cross regional comparison of the efficiency of public procurement in Russia (Annotation)

Discussant: Spiller P. (University of California), Demidova O. (HSE), Yakovlev A. (HSE)
03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-404
Session Ma-07. PPP and Public Procurement as Tools to Increase Efficiency of the Public Sector
Session moderator: Podkolzina E. (HSE)

Mascali F. (University of Catania)
A service quality gap model: a tool to consider customer satisfaction in public procurement (Annotation)

Buso M. (Università degli studi di Padova)
Partnership of information and optimal contractual arrangements (Annotation)

Brezinski H. (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), Kessler R. (TU Bergakademie Freiberg), Zieschank O. (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)
PPP efficiency: myth or reality? (Annotation)

Discussant: Podkolzina E. (HSE), Balsevich A. (HSE)
Section N. Demography and Labor Markets
Moderators: Gimpelson V. (HSE), Denisenko M. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-604
Round table N-04. Prospects for reducing mortality in Russia
Moderators: Vishnevskiy A. (HSE), Denisenko M. (HSE)

• causes of high mortality rate among Russian population
• low life expectancy and low healthy life as a deterrent of social and economic development
• prospects for reducing mortality
• modern requirements for policies to preserve the life and health of the population

Participants: Vishnevskiy A. (HSE), Andreev E. (NES), Maksimova T. (RAMS), Ivanova A. (Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics), Vasin S. (HSE), Ramonov A. (HSE)
03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-405
Session N-07. Demographic trends in the post - Soviet space - 1
Session moderator: Zakharov S. (HSE)

Pyankova A. (HSE)
Problems and prospects of traditional populational census: national and international experience. (Annotation, full version)

Shakhotska L. (Institute of Economics оf National academy of sciences of Belarus )
Demographic problems of Belarus and solutions (Annotation, full version)

Chernysheva I. (HSE), Furmanov K. (HSE)
Predicting mortality from social and economic characteristics of individuals (Annotation)

Ortega J. (University of Salamanca)
Cohort and Period Birth Replacement in the European Republics of the Former Soviet Union, 1946-2010 (Annotation)

Room Г-405
Session N-08. Demographic trends in the post - Soviet space - 2
Session moderator: Mkrtchan N. (HSE)

Soroko E. (HSE)
Database of demographic indicators on regions of Russia and countries of the world: experience of development (Annotation, full version)

Hayashi R. (National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Japan)
Migration and mobility - A comparative perspective of Russia and Japan (Annotation, full version)

Sulaberidze A. (Institute demography and Sociology Iliauni), Shushtakashvili V. (Institute demography and Sociology Iliauni)
Characteristics of Demographic transition in Georgia unda the Postcomuist countries (Annotation, full version)

Roshchina Y. (HSE)
To drink or not to drink: demand for alcohol in Modern Russia (Annotation, full version)

Mironova A. (HSE)
The features of family life organization and its impact on the system of private intergenerational transfers' (Annotation, full version)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-405
Session N-09. Economic effects of migration
Session moderator: Denisenko M. (HSE)

Chernina E. (HSE)
Migrants at the Russian labor market: profile and earnings (Annotation, full version)

Matano A. (University of Barcelona, AQR-IREA group), Ramos R. (University of Barcelona, AQR-IREA group)
Remittances and educational outcomes in the ENP countries: New evidence for Moldova (Annotation, full version)

Ramos R. (Universitat de Barcelona), Matano A. (University of Barcelona, AQR-IREA group)
Remittances, education and return migration. Evidence for Moroccan’s immigrants in Spain (Annotation, full version)

Vakulenko E. (HSE), Guriev S. (NES)
Poverty traps and inter-regional migration in Russia (Annotation)

Room Г-405
Session N-10. Salaries and their forming factors
Session moderator: Kapelyushnikov R. (HSE)

Koritskiy A. (NGASU (Sibstrin)), Kapelyuk S. (SUCC)
Impact of urbanization on the differences in the private and social rates of return to education in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Aistov A. (HSE, Nizhniy Novgorod), Kovalenko N. (HSE, Nizhniy Novgorod)
Marital wage premium (Annotation, full version)

Kapelyuk S. (SUCC)
Public-private sector wage gap in Russia: effect of wage reform in public sector (Annotation)

Room Г-405
Session N-11. The reaction of the labor market to the crisis
Session moderator: Roschin S. (HSE)

Eamets R. (University of Tartu, Institute of Economics), Masso J. (University of Tartu)
Labour markets in the Baltic countries: Responding to the Global Finance Crisis (Annotation)

Abanokova K. (HSE), Lokshin M. (World Bank)
The Effects of Recession on Household Composition

Grishnova E. (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv), Brintseva E. (Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University )
Precarization as a manifestation of the crisis in social and labor sector in Ukraine (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-405
Session N-12. Labor market behavior
Session moderator: Gimpelson V. (HSE)

Ampilogov A. (HSE), Lokshin M. (The World Bank)
How students choose major in university (Annotation, full version)

Zudina A. (HSE)
Informal employment and subjective social status: the case of Russia (Annotation, full version)

Varshavskaya E. (HSE)
Informal Employees (Notes about the Invisible Staff) (Annotation)

Section O. Urban and Regional Studies
Moderators: Zubarevich N. (MSU), Puzanov A. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-609
Session O-03. Models and factors of regional development
Session moderator: Pilyasov A. (CSPF)

Rozhkov K. (HSE), Skryabina N. (Moscow Institute of Television and Broadcasting "Ostankino")
Theoretical model of place market segmentation: developing and verification (Annotation, full version)

Khmeleva G. (Samara Academy of State and Municipal Management)
Model of innovation in the region from the point of process approach (Annotation, full version)

Zaytsev A. (IE RAS)
Regional diagnostics of industry effectiveness and technology level (Annotation)

Kotov A. (Council for the Study of Productive Forces), Pelyasov A. (Council for the Study of Productive Forces)
Weak links as a factor in the strength of the new regional economy (Annotation, full version)

Parcero O. (United Arab Emirates University), Cristobal-Campoamor A. (Ural Federal Yeltzin University )
Behind the Eastern-Western European convergence path: the role of geography and trade liberalization (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-609
Session O-04. Regional development and inequality
Session moderator: Zubarevich N. (MSU)

Ageeva S. (IEIE SB RAS)
Problems of Inequality and Localization of Effects of Development in the Regions of Russian Federation (Annotation, full version)

Glazyrina I. (INREC SB RAS), Klevakina E. (INREC SB RAS)
Income inequality, the rate and the quality of growth in Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

Tarasova A. (Tyumen State University), Zykov V. (Tyumen State University)
Safety assessment of entrepreneurial activity in the Urals Federal District (Annotation, full version)

Bradley S. (Lancaster University (UK) )
Youth unemployment and inactivity: an analysis of spatial variations in Italy, Spain and the UK (Annotation)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-609
Session O-07. Regional policy
Session moderator: Kuznetsova O. (ISA RAS, MSU)

Krinichansky K. (SUSU)
The impact of the lack of political competition in Russia on the effectiveness of regional development policy (Annotation, full version)

Akhremenko A. (MSU)
Efficiency Dynamics in Regional Public Sector: Estimation Method and Empirical Results for Russia (Annotation, full version)

Mel'nikova L. (IEIE SB RAS)
Analysis of consistency of sub-federal strategies of social-economic development (Annotation, full version)

Mikhaylova A. (MSU)
State Programs as a New Form of Subnational Governance (Annotation, full version)

Heimpold G. (Halle Institute for Economic Research)
Support for clustering and networking in rural regions – the cases of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Schleswig-Holstein in Germany (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-609
Round table O-08. Is it possible for regions to become a modernization driver?
Moderator: Zubarevich N. (MSU)

In one scenario of the development of Russia, prepared for the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Russian regions are treated as drivers of modernization.
• Is it the case in the context of overcentralization of government in Russia?
• Under what conditions will this scenario work?
• Which regions can encourage institutions and improve the business climate in the country? Why?

Participants: Kurlyandskaya G. (Fiscal policy center), Klimanov V. (IROF), Yakovlev A. (HSE), Petrov N. (Carnegie Centre), Kuznetsova O. (ISA RAS, MSU), Pilyasov A. (CSPF), Treyvish A. (IG RAS)
04 April, Thursday
Room Г-609
Session O-09. Urban communities
Session moderator: Puzanov A. (HSE)

Volosnikova E. (Surgut State Pedagogical University)
The Life work of social communities in the space-time continuum of the northern city: a sociological analysis (Annotation)

Ivanova V. (Institute of economy and organization of industrial production of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk State University)
Living conditions of "Center" and "Periphery" as a factor influencing on level of social well-being (on the example of the southern Kuzbass city agglomeration) (Annotation, full version)

Sivaev S. (Institute for Urban Economics)
Institutional problems of apartment buildings management in Russia (Annotation)

Goryachenko E. (IEIE SB RAS, NSU), Mosienko N. (IEIE SB RAS, NSU)
City agglomeration as a social space: approaches to research (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-609
Session O-10. City management and urban subsystems
Session moderator: Limonov L. (Leontief Centre)

Kostko N. (Tyumen State University of World Economics, Management and Law)
By question about management advance of town (Annotation, full version)

Klimanov V. (Institute for Public Finance Reform)
Moscow - Priorities of City Governance (Annotation)

Shakirov T. (HSE)
PPP in utility sector: reform results and development prospects (Annotation, full version)

Belkina T. (Institute of Economic Forecasting RAS)
The management of strategic cities plans realization: theory and practice (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-609
Session O-11. Spatial development of cities: urban and agglomeration measure
Session moderator: Vetrov G. (HSE)

Limonov L. (Leontief Centre)
Suburbian Belt of St Petersburg Metropolitan Area: Social, Economic and Institutional Characteristics of Spatial Development (Annotation, full version)

Shcherbakova A. (HSE)
Using the tools of spatial econometrics in estimating housing prices determinants to overcome the asymmetry of the administrative and economic boundaries of the city (Annotation, full version)

Shitova Y. (Dubna International University for Natural, Society and Man), Shitov Y.
The individual characteristics of Commuting in the Moscow region: GIS-analysis of micro-data (Annotation, full version)

Polidi T. (The Institute for Urban Economics)
Estimating the Housing Supply Restrictions in Russian Regions (Annotation)

Room Г-609
Round table O-12. Management in urban agglomerations (Organized by the HSE and Institute for Urban Economics
Moderator: Vysokovsky A. (HSE)

• Industrial and creative city: development prospects
• Current models of recovery management of cultural landscapes
• Technologies of including of the cultural and historical heritage in the modern economic circulation

Participants: Goryshkina S. (Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region), Zelentsova E. (Cultural Center "ZIL", Agency "Creative Industries"), Abankina T. (HSE), Gordin V. (HSE), Rubenshteyn A. (IE RAS)
Section P. Management
Moderators: Tretyak O. (HSE), Filinov N. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-502
Session P-03. Business as object of research in social sciences: Russian and international perspective - 1
Session moderator: Efendiev A. (HSE)

Nielsen P. (Aalborg University)
Organizational Dynamics and Innovation Capabilities - a comparison between public and private workplaces in Denmark (Annotation, full version)

Ehrnrooth M. (Hanken School of Economics)
Beyond single explanations in management studies - The interactive impact of the HRM process, leadership and job demands on psychological contract fulfillment, work engagement, well-being and turnover intentions among Russian and Finnish employees. (Annotation)

Gogoleva A. (HSE), Balabanova E. (HSE)
Relation of social and economical aspects in Russian business organizations (Annotation, full version)

Valieva O. (IEIE SB RAS, NSU)
Organizational change and structural adaptation in Russian companies: problems and perspectives (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-502
Session P-04. Business as object of research in social sciences: Russian and international perspective - 2
Session moderator: Balabanova E. (HSE)

Davydenko V. (Tyumen state University), Romashkina G. (Tyumen State University), Sasaki M. (Chuo University, Tokyo)
Problems of the Russian business in the context of confidence: the comparative analysis on the example of the seven countries (Annotation, full version)

Kalabina E. (Ural state university of economics), Alexandrova E. (HSE)
The influence of religious identity for employees to find and select the work (Annotation)

Nakonechnyy A. (HSE)
Safety culture in russian airlines: socio-ethical and organizational issues. (Annotation)

Bercu A. (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi), Roman A. (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iasi)
Impact evaluation of professional development of employees on performance of SMEs: evidence from Romania (Annotation)

Efendiev A. (HSE), Sorokin P. (HSE)
Career of managers in Russian business-organizations: theoretical and empirical research experience (Annotation, full version)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-502
Session P-07. Management: programs and research projects
Session moderator: Kleiner G. (CEMI RAS)

Guseva N. (HSE)
Innovative Thinking in Company Management in Russia: Values versus Instructions (Annotation, full version)

Çinar Y. (Ankara University)
Research and Teaching Efficiencies of Turkish Universities and Heterogeneity Considerations: Application of ‘Multi-Activity DEA’ and ‘DEA by Sequential Exclusion of Alternatives’ Models (Annotation, full version)

Kleiner G. (CEMI RAS)
Systems management: the development of research program (Annotation)

Room Г-502
Session P-08. Inter-firm interactions and customer-oriented approach
Session moderator: Tretyak O. (HSE)

Sterligova A. (HSE), Moiseeva N. (Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology), Narozhnaya N. (HSE)
Research Inter-organizational Cooperation in Russia (Annotation)

Holm A. (Aarhus University)
Hurdles to Business Model Innovation: Lessons Learned from the Danish Newspaper Industry (Annotation, full version)

Yuldasheva O. (GSOM SPbU)
Development of the Customer Oriented Business Models of Entrepreneurship (Annotation, full version)

Rebiazina V. (HSE), Smirnova M. (GSOM SPbU)
Client orientation of Russian companies: the evidence from empirical research (Annotation, full version)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-502
Session P-09. Quantitative models in managerial studies
Session moderator: Baggio R. (Bocconi University)

Isakov A. (Bank of Russia)
Signaling model of the interbank money market (Annotation, full version)

Shatalov A. (GSOM SPbU), Nikulin E. (GSOM SPbU)
The impact of competitive strategy type on a company's financial results (the case of Russian food service industry) (Annotation, full version)

Rodina V. (HSE)
Expected Return and Liquidity Risk: Is It Important to Account for Liquidity in Managing Investments in the Russian Stock Market? (Annotation)

Baggio R. (Bocconi University)
Studying complex tourism systems: a novel approach based on networks derived from a time series (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-502
Session P-10. New management (marketing) metrics and technologies: challenges and opportunities in Russian market
Session moderator: Tretyak O. (HSE)

Sergienko Y. (McKinsey and Company), Kulagin V. (McKinsey)
Unlocking value of Big Data (Annotation)

Salimova Y. (Nielsen)
Evaluation tools in marketing strategy (Annotation)

Tretyak O. (HSE), Rebiazina V. (HSE), Rozhkov A. (HSE)
Contemporary Marketing Practices in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Section Q. Science and Innovations
Moderator: Sokolov A. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-509
Session Q-03. The effects of science development and innovation
Session moderator: Kuznetsova T. (HSE)

Simachev Y. (Interdepartmental Analytical Center), Feygina V. (Interdepartmental Analytical Center), Kuzyk M. (Interdepatmental Analytical Center)
Public Support for Russian Companies' Innovation Activities: an Empirical Study of beneficieres and effects (Annotation, full version)

Dolgopyatova T. (HSE), Baranov A. (HSE)
Innovation Behavior of Firms, Business Climate and Corruption in Transitional Economies: Empirical Evidence (Annotation, full version)

Delitsin L. (MSU of C&A)
A quantitave model of internet diffusion in urban and rural areas of Russia (Annotation)

Discussant: Kitova G. (HSE)
Room Г-509
Session Q-04. Innovation in the sectors of economy and social sphere
Session moderator: Gonchar K. (HSE)

Balyakin A. (National Research Centre "Kurchatov Institute")
Perspectives of distant medicine development in Russia (Annotation)

Klimanova O. (MSU), Alexeeva N. (MSU)
Perspectives of scientific development of direction "Rational nature use" in Russia in terms of "Green growth" (Annotation, full version)

Belousova V. (HSE), Abankina I. (HSE), Aleskerov F. (HSE), Zinkovsky K. (HSE), Kiselgof S. (HSE), Shvydun S. (HSE)
Typology of Russian Higher Education Institutions: Academic & Innovative Achievements (Annotation)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-510
Round table Q-07. Monitoring of economic science: basic results and development prospects
Moderator: Gokhberg L. (HSE)

• Inventory of organizations in research and development sector: effectiveness of scientific and technological activities
• Status and level of development of the material and technical base and test facility of science
• Technology level evaluation of production of large and medium-sized companies
• Investigation of unobserved activities in science
• Russian universities as research and innovation subjects
• Key areas of development of monitoring economic science

Participants: Andruschak G. (HSE), Bustrov I. (The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), Karpov A. (The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), Kuznetsova I. (HSE), Laykam K. (Federal State Statistics Service), Martunova S. (HSE), Muravyev A. (MIPT), Petrovskiy A. (MEPhI), Ratnikova T. (Federal State Statistics Service), Sobolev A. (The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)
Room Г-510
Session Q-08. Innovation: Regional Aspect
Session moderator: Goland M. (HSE)

Varblane U. (University of Tartu), Ukrainski K. (University of Tartu), Kanep H. (University of Tartu)
Smart specialization: a challenge for small countries? (Annotation)

Smorodinskaya N. (IE RAS)
Regional Innovation Clusters: Global Guidelines and Russian Realities (Annotation, full version)

Karacharovskiy V. (HSE)
About the innovative activity effects in the Russian economy on the macro- and meso-level (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Rudnik P. (Ministry of Economic Development)
Section Qa. Special seminar «Global Trends in Public RD Investments – Designing, Establishing and Operating Centers of Excellence» (Organized by HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge)
04 April, Thursday
Room Г-510
Session Qa-09. Centres of Excellence - Instrument of Research, Technology and Innovation Policy
Session moderator: Gokhberg L. (HSE)

Guinet J. (HSE)
The Purpose of Centres of Excellence – Their Role in National Innovation Systems (Annotation)

Sokolov A. (HSE)
Identifying and Selecting Priority Fields for Establishing Centres of Excellence (Annotation)

Cervantes M. (OECD)
The Role of Centres of Excellence in Smart Spesialisation (Annotation)

Discussant: Olsson A. (OECD)
Room Г-510
Session Qa-10. Centres of Excellence Models – Characteristics, Impacts and Challenges
Session moderator: Linton J. (University of Ottawa)

Kim B. (Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning)
Technology Foresight-ing, the 1st Chapter to Identify Future S&T Targets for Centres of Excellence (Annotation)

Olsson A. (OECD)
Subject Focused and Full Institution Centres of Excellence (Annotation)

Achterberg J. (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft)
Experience of Germany in development and management for centres of excellence. (Annotation)

Discussant: Kuznetsova T. (HSE)
Room Г-510
Session Qa-11. Centres of Excellence Operational Challenges - 1
Session moderator: Kim B. (Korea Institute of S&T Evaluation and Planning)

Linton J. (University of Ottawa)
Centres of Excellence – Research Strategy and Portfolio Planning (Annotation)

Gokhberg L. (HSE)
Efficient Contracts for Centres of Excellence (Annotation)

Karasev O. (HSE)
Roadmaps and Budget Allocation of Centres of Excellence (Annotation)

Discussant: Guinet J. (HSE)
Room Г-510
Session Qa-12. Сentres of excellence operational challenges - 2
Session moderator: Sokolov A. (HSE)

Mu R. (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Evaluation of Centres of Excellence – The Chinese Experience (Annotation)

Belousov D. (CMASF)
Macroeconomic Challenges for Science and Technology (Annotation)

Kuznetsova T. (HSE), Zaichenko S. (HSE)
Evaluation of Centres of Excellence – The Russian Approach (Annotation)

Discussant: Meissner D. (HSE)
Section R. Culture and Society
Moderators: Lebedeva N. (HSE), Magun V. (IS RAS; HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Е-605
Session R-03. Socio-psychological issues of migrants’ acculturation (Organized by The HSE International Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research)
Session moderator: Boski P. (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw)

Lepshokova Z. (HSE)
Attitudes towards migrants and subjective well-being of host population (Annotation)

Grigoryan L. (HSE)
The role of national identity in anti-immigrant attitudes (Annotation)

Tiiu P. (University of Tartu), Halapuu V. (University of Tartu)
Determinants of people’s attitudes towards immigrants and their role in integrating ethnically diverse societies (Annotation)

Zeveleva O. (HSE)
Repatriation. A comparative analysis: Russia, Germany, Kazakhstan (Annotation, full version)

Boski P. (University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Warsaw)
Psychology of economic migration vs. Psychology of acculturation (Annotation)

Discussant: Lebedeva N. (HSE)
Room Е-605
Session R-04. Mass and ideological values in Russia and other European countries
Session moderator: Magun V. (IS RAS; HSE)

Monusova G. (IMEMO), Magun V. (IS RAS, HSE)
Hierarchy of work values in European countries (Annotation, full version)

Prutskova E. (St.Tikhon’s Orthodox University)
Religiosity and basic values in European countries: the effect of primary religious socialization (Annotation, full version)

Borusyak L. (HSE)
Social request for morality: the case of Pussy Riot (Annotation, full version)

Knorre B. (HSE)
Transformation of communicative language in Russian Orthodoxy in post-secularism epoch. (Annotation, full version)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Е-605
Session R-07. Advances in the research and theory of basic human values (Organized by The HSE International Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research)
Session moderators: Roccas S. (The Open University of Israel), Sagiv L. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Lipatova A. (HSE), Butenko T. (HSE), Schwartz S. (HSE; HUJ)
Relations of everyday behavior to 19 underlying basic values (Annotation)

Roccas S. (The Open University of Israel)
Personal Values and Tolerance (Annotation)

Rudnev M. (HSE), Magun V. (IS RAS, HSE )
Intergenerational Dynamics of Basic Values in the Post-Socialist Countries (Annotation, full version)

Sagiv L. (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Roccas S. (the Open University of Israel)
Traits and Values: Their Similarities and Differences (Annotation)

Room Е-605
Session R-08. Culture, creativity and innovations (Organized by The HSE International Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research)
Session moderator: Schmidt P. (Justus Liebig Universität Gießen)

Lebedeva N. (HSE), Grigoryan L. (HSE)
Mediating Role of Implicit Theories of Innovativeness in Values Impact on Attitudes toward Innovation (Annotation)

Bushnina E. (HSE), Bulatova M. (HSE), Stefanov A. (HSE)
The impact of values and motivation on creative behavior in two regions of Russia (Annotation)

Heiny J. (Justus Liebig University Giessen), Leonhaeuser I. (Justus Liebig University Giessen)
Behavioral Intentions of the Mountainous Population in the Greater and Lesser Caucasus in Georgia: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior (Annotation, full version)

Schmidt P. (Justus Liebig Universität Gießen)
Values and Innovation in central Russia and the Caucasus (Annotation)

Discussant: Yagolkovskiy S. (HSE)
04 April, Thursday
Room Е-605
Session R-09. Cultural Sociology in Action: Methodological Reflections
Session moderator: Kurakin D. (HSE)

Binder W. (Masaryk University)
Interpretation and Explanation in Cultural Sociology. A Three-Step Model of Interpretation and Its Empirical Application (Annotation, full version)

Woodward I. (Griffith University)
Cultural sociology, materiality and object-relations. Reframing modes of cultural understanding through the study of things. (Annotation, full version)

Khlevnyuk D. (HSE)
Observing sacred: methodological issues in studying boundaries between sacred and profane (Annotation)

Kurakin D. (HSE)
Borders of the Order: Towards a Cultural Sociological Analysis of Singularities (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Bartmanski D. (Masaryk University)
Room Е-605
Session R-10. Cultural Sociology in Action: Empirical Explorations
Session moderator: Khlevnyuk D. (HSE)

Bartmanski D. (Masaryk University)
Beyond Structural Hermeneutics: What Does Iconic Turn in Cultural Sociology Mean? (Annotation, full version)

Kobyshcha V. (HSE)
Where the Meanings of Art Can Be Found? Cultural Sociological Resources for the Analysis of Non-Discursive Phenomena (Annotation)

Roberge J. (INRS Centre Urbanisation Culture Société)
Conceptualizing the Semantic Web as a Text, Image, and Performance Triptych (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Binder W. (Masaryk University)
Room Е-605
Session R-11. Social capital and economic attitudes
Session moderator: Tatarko A. (HSE)

Efremova M. (HSE)
The role of religious identity in economic attitudes (Annotation, full version)

Pavlenko O. (AXES Management)
Attitudes to private ownership in different regions of Russia (Annotation)

Lukmanova M. (Rudnyi Industrial Institute)
Social Capital and Government Regulation in Kazakhstan (Annotation, full version)

Tatarko A. (HSE)
Social capital and socio-psychological capital: what's the differences? (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Nestik T. (IP RAS)
Room Е-605
Session R-12. Religion in Russia and in the World
Session moderator: Koval T. (HSE)

Krasikov A. (IE RAS)
Vatican and foreign affairs (Annotation)

Tsikhanskaya K. (IEA RAS)
The religious and secular orientations in the context of methodological trends of modern humanities (Annotation, full version)

Belik A. (IEA RAS)
Influence of religion on economic behavior(Economic anthropology and religion) (Annotation, full version)

Bogachev M. (HSE)
Modern Roman Catholic and Russian Orthodox Churches about Liberty and Democracy (Annotation, full version)

Koval T. (HSE)
The religion situation in Russia today: Trends and Prospects (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Knorre B. (HSE)
Section S. Society and Social Policy
Moderator: Chetvernina T. (HSE)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-509
Session S-09. Factors of poverty and inequality
Session moderator: Ovcharova L. (HSE)

Slobodenyuk E. (HSE)
Economic factors of poverty in modern Russia. (Annotation, full version)

Rudenko D. (The Tyumen State Academy of world economy, management and law)
Is economic growth in Russia really pro-poor? (Annotation, full version)

Roccisano F. (Catholic University)
Poverty and deprivation of urban youth (Annotation, full version)

Gass T. (HSE)
Housing Inequality in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-509
Session S-10. Social justice and social actions
Session moderators: Ovcharova L. (HSE), Chetvernina T. (HSE)

Ovcharova L. (HSE)
Social justice and inequality in income distribution (Annotation)

Mareeva S. (IS RAS)
Fairness Concept in Perceptions of Russians (Annotation, full version)

Kvieskiene G. (Social Communication Institute, Lithuaniain Educologian University)
Social Economics and social justice (Annotation)

Ivanov O. (SPSU, Institute of Regional Economy, RAS)
Quality of Human potential of Economy as the Problem of Social Action (Annotation, full version)

Borodkina O. (SPbU)
The development of accessible education for people with disabilities as the direction of contemporary social policy. (Annotation)

Room Г-509
Session S-11. Pension system: directions for reforming
Session moderator: Sinyavskaya O. (HSE)

Sedegova Y. (BPFR, Perm)
Institutional transformation of early retirement in professional pension insurance (Annotation)

Bitkina I. (ANE, Volgograd)
Shaping requirements in insurance model of the pension system (Annotation, full version)

Grishina E. (ANE)
Problems of pension reform in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Potoroko A. (UIB)
Analysis of the pension system of the Republic of Kazakhstan. (Annotation, full version)

Yakush S. (The researcher)
Development of NPF Russia, as an object of scientific attention. (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-509
Session S-12. Corporate social practices and social entrepreneurship
Session moderator: Chetvernina T. (HSE)

Marques I. (Columbia University, HSE)
Firm-Level Preferences for State-led Social Policy (Annotation)

Cheglakova L. (HSE)
The project of corporate social policy concerning youth: foreshortenings of the Russian industrial enterprises (Annotation)

Shubina L. (ZIRCON Research Group )
The prospects of development of social business in Russia (Annotation)

Section T. Development of Health care System
Moderator: Sheyman I. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-605
Session T-03. Development of health care system - 1
Session moderator: Shishkin S. (HSE)

Gabidullina R. (MSU, HSE)
Development of a model of hospitals rating in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Selezneva E. (HSE)
Willingness of population to participate in payments for medical services (Annotation, full version)

Shishkin S. (HSE)
Patient choice in the Russian health care: declaration and reality (Annotation)

Aith F. (Medicine School of University of São Paulo - FMUSP/Brazil)
Right to health and sanitary democracy in Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa: bridges to universal citizenship (Annotation)

Discussant: Sheyman I. (HSE)
Room Г-605
Session T-04. Development of health care system - 2
Session moderator: Sheyman I. (HSE)

Efremov S. (HSE)
Nonprofit Initiatives in Healthcare Service Delivery. The Financial and Regulatory Role of State. (Annotation)

Kadyrov F. (FRIHOI), Yugay M. (Consulting group "Eventus")
Strategy of break-even activity of independent and budgetary establishments of health care in the conditions of absence of subsidiary responsibility of the owner (Annotation, full version)

Tarasenko E. (HSE)
Medicine 2.0: social media’ potential for healthy lifestyle and self-management of chronic illness promotion (Annotation)

Balashov A. (HSE, St. Petersburg)
Sustainable development of the pharmaceutical industry: problems and prospects (Annotation, full version)

Erdogan E. (Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University), Arica F. (Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University)
Is there a link between infant mortality rate and real per capita GDP: evidence from a panel analysis (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Shishkin S. (HSE)
03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-604
Session T-07. Sociology of Medicine
Session moderator: Cherkashina T. (IEIE SB RAS; NSU)

Krasheninnikova Y. (HSE)
Identity formation and status of medical professionals in contemporary Russia (Annotation, full version)

Gerritzen B. (University of St. Gallen)
Women's Empowerment and HIV Prevention in Rural Malawi (Annotation)

Cherkashina T. (IEIE SB RAS; NSU)
Measurement of inequity in access to medical services (Annotation, full version)

Section U. Development of Education
Moderator: Froumin I. (HSE)

03 April, Wednesday
Room Е-604
Session U-08. Educational achievements and their social contexts
Session moderator: Dukhanina L. (Educational holding "Naslednik")

Kosaretskiy S. (HSE), Yastrebov G. (HSE), Bessudnov A. (HSE), Pinskaya M. (HSE)
Contextualizing Educational Attainment in Schools: Students' Family SES and Local Area Deprivation (Annotation, full version)

Pinskaya M. (HSE), Kosaretskiy S. (HSE), Ivanova M. (HSE)
Schools effective in difficult social context: educational strategy and policy. (Annotation)

Grigorieva E. (Siberian Federal University), Novopashina L. (Siberian Federal University)
Factors of vital trajectories of different generations of graduates of comprehensive schools (Annotation, full version)

Weeks-Earp E. (Columbia University Teachers College)
Pathways into Teaching (Annotation, full version)

04 April, Thursday
Room Е-604
Session U-09. Inequality in general education
Session moderator: Rubtsov V. (MSUPE)

Pinskaya M. (HSE), Cheglova I. (HSE)
Analysis of educational inequality on the basis of international comparative studies: PISA-2009 (Annotation, full version)

Natkhov T. (HSE), Kozina N. (HSE)
Inequality of Educational Opportunity in a Cross Section of Countries. Empirical Analysis of PISA 2009 Data (Annotation, full version)

Kolesnikova E. (MSUPE), Novikova E. (MSUPE)
The family as a factor in the formation of motivation for higher professional education of students with disabilities. (Annotation, full version)

Arzhanykh E. (MSUPE), Moysov V. (MSUPE)
Professional orientation of students with disabilities (preference in the choice of profession and level of education) (Annotation, full version)

Room Е-604
Session U-10. Changes in the institutional landscape of higher education
Session moderator: Sobolev A. (Department of State Policy in Higher Education)

Knyazev E. (HSE), Drantusova N. (HSE)
Institutional differentiation in Russian Higher Education (Annotation)

Kovacs P. (University of Szeged), Hetesi E. (University of Szeged ), Vilmanyi M. (University of Szeged)
Innovation Policy vs. R&D&I in Higher Education. Research and Development in Hungarian Education in Regard to the Indicators of Expenditure and Effectiveness (Annotation)

Petrushchenko V. (HSE), Belousova V. (HSE), Abankina I. (HSE), Bonch-Osmolovskaya A. (HSE), Ogorodniychuk D. (HSE), Yakuba V. (HSE), Zinkovsky K. (HSE)
Application of DEA and sequential exclusion of alternatives to efficiency evaluation of Russian universities (Annotation, full version)

Room Е-604
Session U-11. Financing and quality of higher education
Session moderator: Klyachko T. (ANE)

Nedospasova O. ( Seversk Technological Institute - branch of «National Research Nuclear University «MEPhl»)
Different actor's investment in human capital: current challenges for Russian universities (Annotation, full version)

Shevchuk E. (SfedU)
The use of PPPs in education and scientific areas: the experience of developed countries and prospects in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Abankina I. (HSE), Abankina T. (HSE), Filatova L. (HSE), Nikolayenko E. (HSE)
Trends in the development of scientific staff in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room Е-604
Session U-12. Academic trajectories of university students: academic performance and dropout
Session moderator: Vakhshtayn V. (ANE)

Gruzdev I. (HSE), Froumin I. (HSE), Gorbunova E. (HSE), Hawley J. (The Ohio State University), Kondratjeva O. (The Ohio State University)
University dropouts: a comparative study of Russian and American universities (Annotation, full version)

Peresetsky A. (HSE), Zamkov O. (HSE)
Russian USE and performance of ICEF students (Annotation)

Section V. Sociology
Moderators: Kosals L. (HSE), Chepurenko A. (HSE)

02 April, Tuesday
Room Г-606
Session V-03. Political Sociology - 1
Session moderator: Ledyaev L. (HSE)

Petrenko E. (The Public Opinion Foundation), Ivanova I. (The Public Opinion Foundation)
Volunteering among the avant-garde groups as the factor of social reality transformation (Annotation)

Maltseva D. (ZIRCON Research Group )
The "Open opinion" project - an experiment of sociological survey in the "collaborative open research" format (Annotation, full version)

Ivanova I. (The Public Opinion Foundation)
Analysis of the volunteers language (Annotation, full version)

Khutka S. (HSE, National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy")
"Subjective Well-Being and Human Agency: Transition Countries Compared to the ‘Non-Transition’ Countries" (Annotation)

Discussant: Klimov I. (HSE)
Room Г-606
Session V-04. Political Sociology - 2
Session moderator: Klimov I. (HSE)

Salmina A. (HSE)
The role of political regime in the formation of values ​​and behavior of the population of East Germany and Russia (Annotation)

Moysov V. (ZIRCON Research Group), Zadorin I. (ZIRCON Research Group)
Integration moods in the post-Soviet space (Annotation, full version)

Lytkina E. (HSE)
Anomie: a New Approach to Operationalization to the Classical Concept (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Ledyaev L. (HSE)
03 April, Wednesday
Room Г-606
Session V-07. Family, children, gender relations
Session moderator: Mezentseva E. (HSE)

Mikheeva A. (IEIE SB RAS)
Concerning Possibility of the Macro and Micro Approaches Integration In Sociology of the Family (Annotation, full version)

Pishnyak A. (HSE), Khalina N. (HSE)
Social vs. economic exchange: is there a place for market relations between parents and children? (Annotation, full version)

Mozzhegorov S. (HSE)
The problem of the social status of sexual minorities and the concept K. Plummer "intimate citizenship" (Annotation, full version)

Rozhdestvenskaya E. (HSE)
Wedding in Tsaritsyno: videography of love-marital order (Annotation)

Room Г-606
Session V-08. Culture, everyday life and tourism
Session moderator: Round J. (HSE)

Mandich G. (University of Cagliari)
Home boundaries, everyday cultures and capabilities (Annotation)

Balli E. (Cukurova University)
A review of the Russian tourists visiting Turkey (Annotation)

Morrison C. (University of Middlesex Business School)
Beyond Nostalgia? Class identity, memory and the Soviet past in Russia and the "near Abroad" (Annotation)

Nemirovskaya A. (HSE)
Social structure of the regions of Western and Eastern Siberia: specific features and factors of formation (Annotation)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-606
Session V-09. Lifestyle and inequality
Session moderator: Rozhdestvenskaya E. (HSE)

Petrenko E. (The Public Opinion Foundation)
The end of 20 centuries in memory of Russians (Annotation)

Khomyakova A. (ZIRCON Research Group )
Ecovillages in Russia: Major Problems and Prospects (Annotation, full version)

Kharchenko V. (Ural State Pedagogical University)
Characteristics of Freelancers Lifestyle: Perspective of Sociological Analysis (Annotation, full version)

Skaletsky M. (Bentley University), Haughton D. (Bentley University)
Application of multilevel models to the study of the individual digital divide in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-606
Session V-10. Values, trust, informal relations
Session moderator: Devyatko I. (HSE)

Almakaeva A. (Samara State University)
In-group and Out-group Trust: Cross-cultural Analysis (Annotation, full version)

Dubova A. (HSE)
Police informal economic activity in transition countries: embeddedness in police culture. (Annotation)

Light M. (University of Toronto)
"Identity and Mobility Documentation and Neighborhood Policing Reform in Georgia" (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-606
Session V-11. Innovative behavior, education, and labor relations
Session moderator: Roshchina Y. (HSE)

Kharchenko I. (IEIE SB RAS)
Professional potential, motivation for education and interest to innovational activity among young specialists of traditional and "knowledge-capacious" segment of economy (the case of Novosibirsk region) (Annotation)

Shabanova M. (HSE)
Successful economic actors in a problematic socio-juridical environment: innovation and adaptation activities (Annotation, full version)

Kozina I. (HSE)
Labor relations in employees leasing condition (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-606
Session V-12. Financial behavior of the population
Session moderator: Strebkov D. (HSE)

Zadorin I. (ZIRCON Research Group)
Financial activity of Russians: declarations and reality (Annotation)

Ibragimova D. (HSE)
Who manages of finances in Russian families? (Annotation)

Kuzina O. (HSE)
Retirement strategies of Russians: socio-demographic determinants and individual subjective interpretations (Annotation)

Section W. Media communications
Moderator: Kachkaeva A. (HSE)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-601
Session W-09. Creative industries: media, assets and institutions
Session moderator: Kachkaeva A. (HSE)

Bouquillion P. (University Paris XIII, Observatory of mutation of cultural industries)
Financiarisation and articulations between industry of culture and of communication (Annotation)

Kiriya I. (HSE)
Media piracy in Russia like culture phenomenon (Annotation, full version)

Avdeeva O. (OmSU)
Quality improvement of information production of Russian mass media with a view of economic growth stimulation in the Russian Federation (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Gatov V. (RIA Novosti)
Room Г-601
Session W-10. Media consumption and new environment
Session moderator: Davydov S. (HSE)

Diem P. (GFK Austria)
Online research for electronic media (Annotation)

Kiriya I. (HSE), Novikova A. (HSE)
Media consumption of the villagers as a manifestation of social culture crisis (Annotation, full version)

Grimm J. (University of Vienna), Grill C. (University of Vienna)
Reception of the Holocaust and National Identity. Results of a media effects study in Russia. (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Kolomets V. (MSU)
Room Г-601
Session W-11. Movement "For Fair Elections" online, on TV and offline (Session organized with the Faculty of Media communication and the HSE Laboratory of comparative studies of the mass consciousness)
Session moderators: Kachkaeva A. (HSE), Magun V. (IS RAS; HSE)

Volkov D. (Levada Center)
Social portrait of the participants and leaders of "For Fair Elections" Movement. (Annotation)

Chernov S. (NES), Fossato F. (NES)
‘Social media’ as a communication network of the movement "For Fair Elections" (Annotation)

Gromov D. (IAE RAS)
Political confrontation and Claude Lévi-Strauss (Annotation)

Kachkaeva A. (HSE), Davidov S. (HSE), Kiriya I. (HSE), Novikova A. (HSE)
Reporting on activity of power and opposition by leading Russian TV channels during parliamentary and presidential elections in 2011-2012 (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Vorozheykina T. (Levada Centre)
Room Г-601
Session W-12. Communication as a factor in the political process
Session moderator: Davydov S. (HSE)

Shomova S. (HSE)
Tradition of the culture of humor in the slogans of the Russian meeting (Annotation, full version)

Lukashevich E. (ASU), Sidorova A. (ASU)
Evaluating efficiency of Altai Region public authorities’ communication with population: strategies and technologies (Annotation, full version)

Davydov S. (HSE)
"Open Opinion": Experience in Open Collaborative Electoral Surveys (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: Dumarskiy V. (HSE)
Section X. Instrumental methods in the analysis of social and economic processes
Moderator: Aleskerov F. (HSE)

04 April, Thursday
Room Г-603
Session X-09. Instrumental methods - 1
Session moderator: Kalyagin V. (HSE, Nizhniy Novgorod)

Vizgunov A. (HSE, Nizhniy Novgorod)
The comparative analysis of the Russian and BRIC countries stock markets based on the market graph model (Annotation, full version)

Kocheturov A. (HSE), Batsyn M. (HSE), Goldengorin B. (HSE), Pardalos P. (University of Florida)
Financial Markets Analysis By Means of the P-Median Model (Annotation, full version)

Lychkina N. (SUM)
Innovative paradigms and simulation technologies and their application in strategic management and business information systems and decision support systems. (Annotation)

Abramova N. (ICS RAS), Kovriga S. (ICS RAS), Portsev R. (ICS RAS)
On the problem of human-induced risks and verification of models of social and economic systems (Annotation)

Kalyagin V. (HSE, Nizhniy Novgorod), Pardalos P. (University of Florida)
Mining Market Data: Results and Perspectives (Annotation)

Room Г-603
Session X-10. Instrumental methods - 2
Session moderator: Sushko E. (CEMI RAS)

Zakhodiakin G. (HSE)
Forecasting and strategic planning of Moscow transportation hub development based on the system dynamics method (Annotation)

Moshtakov S. (State University of Management)
Simulation modeling in Business Performance Management (BPM) (Annotation, full version)

Bakhtizin A. (CEMI RAS), Sushko E. (CEMI RAS)
Using the Agent-Based Model and GIS for problems of municipal administration (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-603
Session X-11. Instrumental methods - 3
Session moderator: Vasin A. (MSU)

Klimenko M. (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jullien B. (Georgia Institute of Technology), Jeon D. (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Language, Internet and Platform Competition: the case of a search engine (Annotation)

Yureskul E. (MSU)
External effects on measuring state efficiency using Data Envelopment Analysis (Annotation, full version)

Sushko E. (CEMI RAS)
Model of enterprise and its interaction with the model of employee in the multi-agent model of region (Annotation, full version)

Vartanov S. (MSU), Vasin A. (MSU)
On properties and stability of Nash equilibria in the electoral behavior model (Annotation, full version)

Section Z. Special seminars with presentation of results of HSE’s studies (will be held on April 5, 2013)
Seminar "Political Studies at HSE"
05 April, Friday
Room Г-401
Session Za-13. Power, violence and human rights - 1 (Organized with the Research Committee of International Political Science Association (IPSA) "Political Power")
Session moderator: Sungurov A. (HSE St. Petersburg)

Nezdyurov A. (HSE)
Power preventing abuse and human rights: Russian and international law and practice (Annotation, full version)

Lukyanov G. (HSE)
Human rights in "developing" society in power-transition: the concept of normative discourse and the element of political reality (on the example of Libya) (Annotation, full version)

Sungurov A. (HSE St. Petersburg), Glukhova E. (HSE St. Petersburg )
Ombudsman Institute during the rise of social-political activities (Annotation)

Room Г-402
Session Za-14/1. Formal models
Session moderator: Veselova Y. (HSE)

Veselova Y. (HSE)
Complexity of positional voting rules (Annotation, full version)

Karabekyan D. (HSE), Ivanov A. (HSE), Yakuba V. (ICS RAS)
Coalitional Manipulability of the Positional Social Choice Rules (Annotation)

Subochev A. (HSE)
Measuring Democracy. How to aggregate contradictory rankings of countries: a Social Choice approach (Annotation)

Kamalova R. (HSE), Aleskerov F. (HSE)
Power Distribution in the Weimar Reichstag in 1919-1933 (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-401
Session Za-14/2. Power, violence and human rights - 2 (Organized with the Research Committee of International Political Science Association (IPSA) "Political Power")
Session moderator: Ryabinin A. (HSE)

Ragozina S. (HSE), Ryabinin A. (HSE)
Political power, religion and women rights in Egypt and Tunisia before and after "Arab Spring" (Annotation, full version)

Damie V. (HSE)
Ecological movement in FRG and political power: from civil initiatives to the green party (Annotation)

Soboleva I. (HSE)
Sociology of Pro- and Anti- Government Rallies in Russia: Core vs. Periphery Participants (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-401
Session Za-15. Post-communist studies
Session moderator: Sobolev A. (HSE)

Savin N. (HSE), Sobolev A. (Higher school of economics)
Democracy, inequality and speed of liberalization: explaining political variation of postcomunist countries (Annotation)

Tomashov I. (HSE)
Constructing Historical Memory in Contemporary Russia (Annotation, full version)

Sokolov B. (HSE)
Extreme Right-Wing Voting and Value Change in Europe: 1990-2010 (Annotation)

Room Г-401
Session Za-16. Ideas, values, views
Session moderator: Soboleva I. (HSE)

Soboleva I. (HSE)
Carl Schmitt and the Left Thought: the Limits of the Conceptual Coherence (Annotation, full version)

Bakhmetjev Y. (HSE)
Valuative basics of the ideology of nationalism and borders of the political sphere (Annotation)

Davydov S. (HSE)
"Open Opinion": Experience in Open Collaborative Electoral Surveys (Annotation)

Seminar “Audiovisual industry: media platforms and genres”
05 April, Friday
Room Г-402
Session Zb-13. Audiovisual industry: media platforms and genres
Session moderator: Novikova A. (HSE)

Prokhorov A. (HSE)
Russian TV production differentiation: mystical series as a trend. (Annotation, full version)

Veselova O. (HSE)
New genres of Russian TV - sitcoms: adapted and original. (Annotation, full version)

Ryzhova T. (Soul Beat Company)
"Humor industrialization on television" (Annotation)

Medvedev S. (HSE)
Music video in the era of YouTube (Annotation, full version)

Seminar on "Comparative studies of mass consciousness in HSE"
05 April, Friday
Room Г-402
Session Zc-16. Comparative studies in HSE of mass consciousness
Session moderator: Danilova E. (IS RAS)

Zelikova J. (HSE St. Petersburg)
Successful Aging. Subjective Well-Being in the Late Life Period: Cross-Country Analysis (Annotation)

Sokhan I. (HSE St. Petersburg)
The imperative of thin body in the mass modern society and actual gastronomic strategies (Annotation, full version)

Gryaznova O. (IS RAS, HSE)
Welfare attitudes, perceived consequences of welfare state and basic human values (Annotation, full version)

Orel E. (HSE), Khavenson T. (HSE)
Subjective wellbeing and satisfaction with institutes: structure of answers and estimation of their heterogeneity in European countries (Annotation, full version)

Aladysheva A. (The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies)
The echo of Stalinism and the determinants of social and institutional trust in contemporary Russia (Annotation, full version)

Seminar "Educational studies in HSE"
05 April, Friday
Room Г-405
Session Zd-13. Student experience: academic achievement and / or socialization
Session moderator: Konstantinovskiy D. (HSE)

Poldin O. (HSE), Yudkevich M. (HSE), Andrushchak G. (HSE), Valeeva D. (HSE)
How student social ties make peer effects work (Annotation, full version)

Maloshonok N. (HSE)
Investigation of Student Engagement in Russian universities (Annotation, full version)

Polishchuk L. (HSE), Borisova E. (HSE), Suvorov A. (HSE)
Intrinsic motivation for compliance with academic ethics (Annotation)

Room Г-405
Session Zd-14. Nature and nurture in educational outcomes
Session moderator: Malykh S. (RAE)

Valeeva D. (HSE), Poldin O. , Yudkevich M.
The role of academic achievements in the formation of friendship and help ties in student groups (Annotation, full version)

Kochergina E. (HSE), Orel E. (HSE), Yudkevich M. (HSE), Nye J. (HSE)
Hormones and achievements. The 2D:4D effects on educational outcomes and wages (Annotation, full version)

Room Г-405
Session Zd-15. The factors that determine the quality of school education in Russia
Session moderator: Bolotov V. (RAE)

Larina G. (HSE), Kuzmina J. (HSE), Tumeneva J. (HSE)
Whether education of Russia has become more effective within past 8 years? (based on PISA) (Annotation)

Khavenson T. (HSE), Soloveva A. (HSE)
Study of the relationship between USE and academic performance at University (Annotation, full version)

Loyalka P. (Stanford University, USA), Zakharov A. (HSE)
“Cross-national Evidence on the Effects of Tutoring on High School Student Achievement” (Annotation)

Zakharov A. (HSE)
How teachers evaluate their students (Annotation)