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Conference Program

1 April
Plenary sessions (  Programme of the Plenary sessions)

Plenary sessions will be held at the first day of the Conference on April 1, 2014 at conference-hotel Azimut Moscow Olympic 4* Conference venue 

9.00–10.00. Registration

10.00–14.00. Plenary session: Macroeconomics
Hall “Volga”, 1 st floor 

Evgeny Yasin, HSE Academic Supervisor
Yaroslav Kuzminov, HSE Rector
Alexander Shokhin, HSE President

Anton  Siluanov, Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation
Esko Aho, Prime Minister of Finland 1191-1995; Senior Fellow, Harvard University
Alexander Shokhin, HSE President
Marek Dabrowski, Chief Economist, CASE – Center for social and economic research, Warsaw, Poland
Evgeny YASIN, HSE Academic Supervisor

14.00–15.00 — Lunch 

15.00–18.30. Plenary session: Social and innovation policy
Hall “Volga”, 1 st floor

Yaroslav Kuzminov, HSE Rector

Olga Golodets, Deputy Prime Minister  of the Russian Federation
Yaroslav Kuzminov, HSE Rector
Andrey Fursenko, Aide to the President of the Russian Federation
Mikhail  Abyzov, Minister of the Russian Federation
Mikhail  Zadornov, President – Chairman of the Board of VTB-24
Martin Rama, Chief Economist for the South Asia region of the World Bank
Ian D. MILES, Head of the HSE  Laboratory for Economics of Innovation, professor of the University of Manchester
Lilia Ovcharova, HSE Professor, Director of the Center for Studies of Incomes and Living Standards 

16.00–18.30.  Plenary session: Cultural evolution and modernization
Hall “Enisey”, 2nd floor

Ronald Inglehart (professor of the University of Michigan, USA; HSE, Russia)

Christian WELZEL, Leuphana University, Germany; HSE, Russia; Vice President of WVS
Evgeny Yasin, HSE Academic Supervisor
Jan  DEHLEY, Jacobs University, Germany
Eduard PONARIN, Head of the Laboratory for Comparative Social Research, professor of the department of Methods and Technologies of Sociologic Research HSE, St. Petersburg

16.00–18.30. Plenary session: Institutional diversity in the modern economy
Hall “Baikal”, 3rdt floor

Lev  JAKOBSON, HSE First Vice-Rector

Peter HALL, Krupp Foundation Professor of European Studies, Harvard University
Katharina BLUHM, Professor of Free University of Berlin
Alexander AUZAN, Dean of the economic faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Richard PIPES, Professor  of Harvard University


2-4 April

 The Conference Program

All sessions, seminars and round tables mentioned in the Program will be held on April 2-4, 2014


Section A. Macroeconomics and Growth
Moderator: E. Gurvich (EEG)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 125
Session A-01. Basic Problems in Macroeconomics
Session moderator: O. Zamulin (HSE)

R. Lomivorotov (HSE)
Estimation of monetary policy conducted by the Russian Central Bank with regards to the internal and external shocks (Annotation, full version)

N. Ivanova (HSE), M. Kamenskih (Sberbank), A. Sinyakov (CBR)
Estimation of Phillips Curve in Russia (Annotation)

J. Drugeon (CNRS/PSE)
On time-consistent Policy Rules for Heterogeneous discounting Programs (Annotation)

A. Novak (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), I. Khvostova (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), A. Larin (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Euler equation and habits in consumption: estimation on micro data (Annotation, full version)

Room 125
Session A-02. Models of Economic Growth
Session moderator: I. Korhonen (BOFIT)

A. Polbin (RANEPA)
Estimation of the contribution of external shocks to the economic drop during the crisis of 2008 in DSGE model for the Russian economy (Annotation)

J. Rautava (BOFIT)
Oil Prices, Excess Uncertainty and Trend Growth, A Forecasting Model for Russia's Economy (Annotation, full version)

A. Ponomarenko (CBR), A. Krupkina (CBR), E. Deryugina (CBR)
Estimating sustainable output growth in emerging market economies (Annotation, full version)

Room 125
Session A-03. Analysis of Economic Dynamics
Session moderator: B. Hansl (World Bank)

A. Apokin (CMASF), I. Ipatova (CMASF)
New normal, output gap and multivariate Kalman filter (Annotation)

J. Drugeon (CNRS/PSE), H. d'Albis (University of Paris 1)
On the Discrete Ages and the Andoscillating Demographics of the Capital Stock (Annotation)

I. Korhonen (BOFIT), J. Fidrmuc (Zeppelin University)
Integrating Large Emerging Markets into the World Economy: Wavelet Spectrum Analysis of Business Cycles (Annotation, full version)

A. Pestova (CMASF)
Leading indicators of the transition between business cycle phases: role of agents’ expectations and the state of the credit market (Annotation)

Room 125
Session A-04. Problems with Fiscal Policy
Session moderator: N. Akindinova (HSE)

A. Apokin (CMASF)
How Functional and Economic Structure of Fiscal Consolidations Affects Their Success? (Annotation)

K. Yanovskiy (Gaidar Institute), S. Zhavoronkov (Gaidar Institute )
Employee Democracy: Conflict of Interest and Sick Finances (Annotation)

A. Sokolova (HSE)
Fiscal Limits and Monetary Policy: Default vs Inflation (Annotation)

A. Nepp (UrFU), P. Krjuchkova (MSU, HSE)
Investment Risks of Funded Pension Systems. Values ​​of Restrictive Investment barriers for Pension Institutions (Annotation, full version)

03 April, Thursday
Room 125
Session A-05. Economic Integration in Europe and the Former Soviet Union
Session moderator: M. Dabrowski (CASE)

J. Schulz (University of Bremen)
Searching for a new economic paradigm in the Central Europe. (Annotation)

V. Salnikov (CMASF, IEF RAS), A. Gnidchenko (CMASF, IEF RAS)
Estimating the sector priorities and effects of countries' integration, Russia/Belorus/Kazakhstan case (Annotation, full version)

K. Tochkov (Texas Christian University)
Transition, Integration, and Catching Up: Income Convergence between Eastern Europe and the EU (Annotation, full version)

V. Sokolov (HSE)
Regional Inflation and Financial Dollarization (Annotation)

Room 125
Session A-06. Emerging Market Problems
Session moderator: L. Polischuk (HSE)

R. Shakhnovich (SibUCC)
Political Freedom, Economic Inequality, and Inflation in Transition (Annotation, full version)

S. Tokunova (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Corruption effect on FDI, comparative study (Annotation)

C. Hartwell (IEMS)
Do (Successful) Stock Exchanges Support or Hinder Institutions in Transition Economies? (Annotation)

Room 125
Round table A-07. How to restart Economic Growth in Russia?
Moderator: E. Gurvich (EEG)

1. What caused a sharp slowdown in Russian economic activity in 2013?
2. What can give an Impulse for Economic Growth?
3. What doesn’t the Russian government do to accelerate Economic Growth?
4. What Recipes for Economic Competitiveness and Growth could be borrowed from International Practice or from the Recommendations of International Organizations?

Participants: A. Klepach (Ministry of Economic Development of the RF), O. Vyugin (MDM Bank), E. Gavrilenkov (HSE, Sberbank), D. Belousov (CMASF), E. Gurvich (EEG)
Room 125
Round table A-08/1. The Path to a free-floating Rouble
Moderator: E. Gurvich (EEG)

1. What problems can Russian Economy confront with due to the transition to a floating exchange rate?
2. The government forecasts say that in medium and long-term prospects a gradual Ruble weakening may happen. What are the overall benefits and drawbacks of a weak ruble?
3. What Amplitude of Ruble range can be considered as relatively safe and painless for the economy?
4. Under what Conditions and in what Form the direct or indirect impacts of Central Bank of Russia on Foreign Exchange Market could be useful?

Participants: O. Zamulin (HSE), I. Korhonen (BOFIT), B. Joshi (IMF), A. Morozov (HSBC), Y. Mirkin (IMEMO RAS), K. Yudaeva (Bank of Russia)
Room 309
Session A-08/2. Honorary Lecture of Marek Dabrowski "Determinants of "safe" state debt level"
Moderator: E. Yasin (HSE)

Section B. Special sessions and round tables
02 April, Wednesday
Room 309
Round table B-01. Russian point of view on international transport corridors
Moderator: M. Blinkin (HSE)

- Transport Infrastructure in Russia: external evaluations (The Global Competitiveness report) and objective side of the matter.
- Russia's place in the global intermodal container traffic «ATF - Western Europe ».: the actual situation and the way forward with the implementation of Baikal–Amur Mainline and Trans-Siberian Railway reconstruction projects.
- Arctic Part of national transport: Northern Sea Route, port infrastructure, railroad siding facilities to ports, Northern Latitudinal Railway.
- East Siberia airport hubs as “forward airports” for regular cargo traffic of «ATF - Western Europe ».
- Institutional Barriers to activate presence of Russia in system of international transport corridors: the actual position and prospects
- Completion of the Northern latitudinal highway

Participants: M. Sokolov (Ministry of Transport), I. Levitin (Presidential Executive Office), V. Yakunin (Russian Railways, RSPP), V. Efimov (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, Russian Transport Union), V. Savelyev (Aeroflot), O. Pleshakova (Transaero Airlines), S. Frank (Sovkomflot), L. Reznikov (Tomsk Region Administration), D. Kobylkin (Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug Administration)
Room К-327
Round table B-01/1. Round table B-01. Russian point of Meet the Editors.
The main aim is to bridge the gap between Russian and Western tradition in academic publishing process. The attendees will get first-hand experience from top world experts who will briefly comment on the publication process structure.

Questions for discussion:
• What are your main recommendations for Russian scholars at the stage of journal selection?
• How is common practice different from the journals which you edit / are familiar with?
• What are the main rules one needs to follow when targeting a journal? In this light, what are some specifics of Regional Studies and Post Communist Economies?
• How is the review process organized in Human Capital? What are your recommendations for scholars with little experience of publishing in English?
• From your point of view, what are the main reasons for rejections in the journals you are familiar with? What steps would you recommend to take after your paper has been rejected?

Participants: I. Ehrlich (SUNY), L. Morlino (LUISS), P. Hall (Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies), T. Mickiewicz (Aston Business School)
Room К-327
Round table B-02. Macroeconomic Trends in Russia and Outlook for 2014: Which growth scenarios will prevail? (With assistance of World Bank)
Moderator: B. Hansl (World Bank)

• What are prevailing growth scenarios in 2014 and in the medium term in Russia?
• What are the sources and potential risks of these scenarios implementation?
• What are the options for Government and Central Bank macroeconomic policy?
• Which structural measures could be recommended for increasing economic growth?

Participants: B. Joshi (IMF), E. Gurvich (EEG), A. Morozov (HSBC), P. Tabak (EBRD), V. Yasinskiy (EDB), N. Orlova (Alfa-Bank, HSE), C. Weafer (Macro-Advisory)
Room 311
Session B-03. Egor Gaidar Award for young economists 2014
Room 311
Session B-04. National Award on Applied Economics Ceremony. Honorary lecture: L.Solanko (Bofit) “The Composition and Interests of Russia’s Business Lobbies: Testing Olson’s Hypothesis of the ‘Encompassing Organization” (based on the article-winner of National Award on Applied economics: Pyle, William, and Laura Solanko. “The Composition and Interests of Russia’s Business Lobbies: Testing Olson’s Hypothesis of the ‘Encompass)
03 April, Thursday
Room 311
Session B-06. Honorary lecture by Peter Hall «The Economics and Politics of the Euro Crisis»
Moderator: A. Melvil (HSE)

Room 311
Round table B-08. Government and Business Collaboration: Creating a Favourable Business and Investment Environment
Moderator: A. Shokhin (HSE)

- The current state of collaboration of Russian Business and Government;
- Investments Attracting Special Aspects: Regional Vision;
- Training of Personnel for Investing Activities Field: Challenges and Incentives;
- The Business Climate as a Factor of Attracting Foreign Investments;
- Future Development Of Entrepreneurs’ Rights Protection;
- The Role of United Business as Promotion of the Interests of Small and Medium Business in modern Russia;
- Legal Regulation of Investing Activities: Constant Conditions, Minimization of Risks and Protection Mechanisms

Participants: P. Aven (Alfa-Bank), K. Androsov (Altera Capital), S. Borisov (Sberbank), A. Varvarin (RSPP), M. Glukhova (RSPP), D. Zimin (Dmitry Zimin Dynasty Foundation), V. Kirillina (HSE), I. Kotelevskaya (RSPP), D. Krylova (Business Perspective), D. Kouzmin (RSPP), M. Mamuta (OPORA), Z. Navrotskaya (OPORA), L. Polyakov (HSE), V. Senin (Alfa-Bank), V. Stolyarenko (Evrofinance Mosnarbank), I. Yurgens (INSOR)
04 April, Friday
Room 311
Round table B-09. A Status and Prospects of the Development of Social Studies Market in Russia
Moderator: A. Chepurenko (HSE)

Papers for disscussion (based on projects of Association “Group 7/89” and IIMS HSE):
• S. Protsenko (general manager of South-Russian Research Center “Factor”, Rostov-on-Don, chairman of Association of Regional sociological centers “Group 7 / 89”)
• A. Yakovlev (director of IIMS HSE, vice-president of ARETT)
 Changes in the structure and development trends in sociological research in the 2000s
 Main types of participants of social studies market and the mechanisms of interaction between them
 Issues, challenges, solutions of social studies market
 Development prospects of social studies market in the next 3-5 years

Participants: A. Grazhdankin (Levada center), A. Demidov (GFK), I. Zadorin (ZIRCON), V. Zvonovskiy (Social surveys fund, Samara State Economic University), A. Oslon (Public Opinion Foundation), A. Oslon (Public Opinion Foundation), V. Tokarev (Center "ANALYST", Volgograd State Technical University), V. Fedorov (VCIOM), V. Tsvetkov (Marketing and Investment Projects)
Room 311
Session B-10. The Logic and Reasons of Economic Reforms in Russia. (Organized Jointly by HSE and the Association of Independent Centers of Economic Analysis (ARETT))
Session moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

S. Chernavskiy (CEMI RAS)
Reforms of Russian Energy Development – Success and Failure (Annotation)

N. Zubarevich (MSU)
Interbudgetary Relations: Economic and Institutional Aspects (Annotation)

E. Gurvich (EEG)
Where does the Sustainable Pension Reform lead? (Annotation)

A. Auzan (MSU)
Alternative Optimisation Strategies for Government Presence in Economy (Annotation)

Room 311
Session B-11. Russian reforms - interim diagnosis. Organized Jointly by HSE and the Association of Independent Centers of Economic Analysis (ARETT)
Session moderator: E. Gurvich (EEG)

S. Shishkin (HSE)
Healthcare in Russia: Reform? Evolution? Crisis? (Annotation)

Y. Simachev (IAC)
Institutes for development in Russia: unexpected problems, unexpected success, undereducated lessons ... (Annotation)

G. Satarov (INDEM)
From reform to re-content (Annotation)

V. Polterovich (CEMI RAS )
Russia's Failure to reform. Why? (Annotation)

Room 311
Round table B-12. Criminal law for businesspeople: Issues and Prospects
Moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

Based papers:
• A.G. Nazarov (Delovaya Rossiya )
About the work of the Center of public procedures for “Business against corruption”

• G.A. Esakov (HSE),
Analysis and evaluation of the results of Amnesty for entrepreneurs

1) Issues of qualifying offenses in entrepreneurship: old and new standards of Criminal law.
2) Liberation from criminal responsibility refers to crime in economic affairs: Does the standard work?
3) «Economic amnesty»: origins, progress and consequences.
4) “Elitist Justice“ for businesspeople: is there any and what prospects may occured?

Participants: A. Nazarov (Delovaya Rossiya), G. Esakov (HSE), R. Zinovyev (Moscow Chamber of Lawyers), S. Ivantsov (Moscow University MVD RF), V. Kitsing (Moscow college of lawyers "Knyazev i partnery"), B. Kozhemyakin (Central college of lawyers of Moscow, Moscow Chamber of lawyers), L. Lyalin (Moscow regional chamber of lawyers), D. Kravchenko (Development Fund of Law), V. Radchenko (Kutafin Moscow State Law University)
Section C. Statistics
Moderator: A. Ponomarenko (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
college hall
Round table С-01. Education in Statistics. The round table will take place at: Russian Statistics, Myasnitskaya st. 39, college hall
Moderator: J. Olenski (Lazarski University, Warsaw)

• Place of Statistics in Russian State Educational Standards at all levels;
• Possible Conformation of Statistics Teaching Practices in Russia with Global Movement;
• Possible Interaction between Russian Universities and World Centres of Statistics Education.

Participants: V. Karpov (NASAA), I. Kostevich (Belstat), V. Sokolin (CIS Statcommittee), A. Surinov (Rosstat), O. Bashina (MESI), I. Eliseeva (FINEC), I. Polyanskiy (Rosstat), S. Nikitaev (Rosstat), Y. Shokamanov (EEC), V. Afanasyev (OSU), Y. Sazhanin (MSUO), O. Bakanach (SSEU), V. Glinskiy (NSUEM), V. Salin (Financial university), I. Mamiy (MSU), O. Obrazcova (RSSU), E. Zarova (PRUE), M. Simonova (MGIMO), V. Proskuryakova (ITI of Accounting and Statistics), M. Efimova (State University of Management), T. Kamakura (Japan Statistical Society), I. Antokhonova (ESSUTM), A. Panuykov (SUSU), L. Nivorozhkina (RSEU)
college hall
Round table C-02. Formation of the Statistical Community in Russia. The round table will take place at: Russian Statistics, Myasnitskaya st. 39, college hall
Moderator: A. Ponomarenko (HSE)

• Positioning of Statistics in Society, Science, and Educational Activities;
• Institutionalization of Russian Professional Association in the area of Statistics;
• Experience of World Statistics Professional Associations
• Messages to the Russian Statisticians from R. Wasserstein (American Statistical Association) and J. Pullinger (Royal Statistical Society

Participants: I. Kostevich (Belstat), V. Sokolin (CIS Statcommittee), A. Surinov (Rosstat), O. Bashina (MESI), I. Eliseeva (FINEC), Y. Shokamanov (EEC), V. Afanasyev (OSU), Y. Sazhanin (MSUO), O. Bakanach (SSEU), V. Glinskiy (NSUEM), V. Salin (Financial university), I. Mamiy (MSU), O. Obrazcova (RSSU), E. Zarova (PRUE), M. Simonova (MGIMO), V. Proskuryakova (ITI of Accounting and Statistics), A. van Krimpen (ISI), M. Belkindas (Open Data Watch), Y. Ivanov (MSU), B. Ryabushkin (Journal "Voprosy Statistiki", HSE), T. Kamakura (Japan Statistical Society), I. Antokhonova (ESSUTM), A. Panuykov (SUSU), L. Nivorozhkina (RSEU), A. Ivanter (Journal "Expert"), M. Efimova (State University of Management)
03 April, Thursday
Room 238
Session C-07. Statistical modeling of macroeconomic processes
Session moderator: M. Simonova (MGIMO)

L. Strizhkova (IMEI), S. Slobodyanik (IMEI), L. Tishina (IMEI), S. KAshirskaya (IMEI )
Import and export forecasting tools in the multisectoral IO model of FBNU "IMEI" (Annotation, full version)

E. Baranov (HSE), D. Piontkovski (HSE), E. Staritsyna (HSE), I. Kim (HSE)
Methodology of constructing time series of Input- Output Accounts based on the international classifications (Annotation, full version)

V. Bessonov (HSE)
What the Modern Russian Statistics will Save for History? (Annotation, full version)

G. Popova (TSTU)
The growth rate of the tax potential of the regions of Central Federal District: classification and models (Annotation, full version)

Room 238
Session C-08. Statistical Analysis of Economic and Social Processes
Session moderator: V. Mhitaryan (HSE)

E. Smirnova (ISU), A. Filatov (ISU)
The forecasting of main characteristics of the Day-Ahead-Market and the working out the agents' strategy at the wholesale market (Annotation)

O. Kuchmaeva (HSE)
Revealing of the factors influencing the choice of the model of inclusive education in Moscow (Annotation, full version)

N. Kuznetsov (Alfa Bank)
Review of applications of copulas to the Bayesian classification in machine learning (Annotation)

V. Onishchenko (HSE)
Application of copula models for modeling one-dimensional time series (Annotation)

I. Antokhonova (ESSUTM)
Methodology of measurement of transformations in consumer behavior (Annotation)

Section D. Theoretical Economics
Moderators: A. Zakharov (HSE), S. Izmaikov (NES)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 102
Session D-01. Microeconomics
Session moderator: A. Filatov (ISU)

N. Arefiev (HSE)
Identification in Linear Models using Concentration Analysis (Annotation)

E. Podkolzina (HSE), A. Khmeleov (HSE), A. Balsevich (HSE)
Does Structure of the Private Gasoline Market Influence Prices in Public Procurement? (Annotation, full version)

A. Skolkova (HSE), D. Pokrovsky (HSE - St. Petersburg)
Heterogeneous agents, Entrepreneurship, and Trade under Monopolistic Competition (case of CES-preferences) (Annotation, full version)

A. Filatov (ISU), O. Khairutdinova (ISU)
The model of a diferentiated good market (Annotation, full version)

Room 309
Session D-02. Public lecture by Sebastian Galiani « Causal Inference in Social Sciences»
Moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

Room 102
Session D-03. Political Economy
Session moderator: A. Zakharov (HSE)

A. Sobolev (UCLA), D. Dagaev (HSE), K. Sonin (HSE), N. Lamberova (UMCP)
Techonological Foundations of Political Instability (Annotation)

M. Nikitin (HSE)
Agency Problems and Third-Party Litigation Funding (Annotation)

I. Denisova (NES, CEFIR)
Preferences for redistribution in post-communist countries (Annotation)

Room 102
Session D-04. Honorary lecture by Isaac Ehrlich "Why Nations Succeed – A Human Capital Perspective"
Moderator: V. Gimpelson (HSE)

03 April, Thursday
Room 102
Session D-05. Firms, institutions, and economic development
Session moderator: S. Kokovin (HSE, IM SB RAS, NSU)

E. Malkov (HSE), L. Polischuk (HSE), P. Dower (NES), W. Pyle (Middlebury College)
De Soto Revisited: Land Ownership and Performance of Russian Firms (Annotation)

A. Yarkin (HSE)
Rent-seeking intensity and Economic Development: Assets Distribution and Property Rights Protection as a Politico-Economic Equilibrium (Annotation)

A. Dementiev (HSE)
Organisational choice in public sector (Annotation, full version)

Room 102
Session D-06. Microeconomic analysis
Session moderator: S. Stepanov (HSE)

M. Galashin (NES), S. Popov (QUB)
Teamwork Efficiency and Firm Size (Annotation, full version)

V. Marakulin (IM SB RAS)
Differential Information Economies: Contract Based Approach, Core and Equilibria (Annotation, full version)

A. Friedman (HSE)
Incentives for adoption of water conservation technologies (Annotation)

S. Stepanov (HSE)
Biased Performance Evaluation: Incentives versus Selection (Annotation, full version)

Section Da. Special seminar. Diversity, social interaction and economic development (Jointly organized by HSE and NES)
Moderator: S. Weber (Southern Methodist University, NES)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 445
Session Da-01. Diversity, social interaction and economic development - 1
Session moderator: D. Kadochnikov (St. Petersburg State University, International Centre for Social and Economic Research – Leontief Centre (Russia))

M. Alexeev (Indiana University), A. Cherniavsky (HSE)
Natural Resources and Economic Growth in Russia’s Regions (Annotation)

D. Vorobyev (UrFU)
Participation in Fraudulent Elections (Annotation)

A. Shapoval (Financial University), V. Goncharenko (Financial University)
Variability of economy, uncertainty, and market imperfection (Annotation)

D. Kadochnikov (St. Petersburg State University, International Centre for Social and Economic Research – Leontief Centre (Russia))
The economic logic of the state language policy in Russia: a historical overview (Annotation)

Room 445
Session Da-02. Diversity, social interaction and economic development - 2
Session moderator: S. Weber (Southern Methodist University, NES)

A. Belyanin (HSE)
Xenophobia in the lab (Annotation)

M. Onorato (IMT Lucca)
Military Conflict and the Economic Rise of Urban Europe. (Annotation)

G. Gokmen (NES)
Clash of Civilization, Culture and Conflict. (Annotation)

R. Kamalova (HSE)
The Main Approaches to Measurement of Ethnic Heterogeneity (Annotation, full version)

Room 445
Session Da-03. Diversity, social interaction and economic development - 3
Session moderator: A. Savvateev (NES)

D. Musatov (MPTI, Yandex), M. Osipov (MPTI), A. Savvateev (NES)
Six Degrees of Separation in Social Networks Generated by the 'Hitchhiker' Model (Annotation)

A. Zakharov (HSE), O. Bondarenko (NES), R. Enikolopov (UPF, NES), M. Petrova (UPF, NES)
Media Exposure and Pro-Social Behavior in Economic Games (Annotation)

S. Izmalkov (NES), G. Kosenok (NES)
Market structure of online advertisement (Annotation)

A. Savvateev (NES)
Nash Equilibria (Migration-Proof Group Structures) in Multidimensional Location Problems (Annotation)

Section Db. Special seminar. Imperfect Markets Analysis and International Trade (Organized by HSE Center for Market Studies and Spatial Economics)
Moderator: J. Thisse (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 238
Session Db-01. Industrial organization and trade - 1
Session moderator: F. Ushchev (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)

T. Gokan (IDE-JETRO)
The location of manufacturing …firms and imperfect information in transport market (Annotation, full version)

A. Sidorov (HSE; IM SB RAS), J. Thisse (HSE, CORE)
Revisiting the relationships among Cournot, Bertrand and Chamberlin: On Tendency to Perfection. (Annotation, full version)

F. Ushchev (HSE - Saint-Petersburg), M. Parenti (UCL), J. Thisse (UCL)
Towards a "General" Model of Monopolistic Competition (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Osharin (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Room 238
Session Db-02. R&D, FDI and quality
Session moderator: V. Verbus (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)

I. Bykadorov (IM SB RAS, HSE, NSU), S. Kokovin (IM SB RAS, HSE, NSU), E. Zhelobodko (HSE)
Investments in R&D under Monopolistic Competition: Large-Market Advantage in International Trade (Annotation)

T. Ratnikova (HSE), A. Gladysheva (HSE)
Observed and unobserved determinants of FDI to Russian food industry enterprises (Annotation)

V. Verbus (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Love the quality of consumer goods (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: E. Besedina (Kyiv School of Economics)
Room К-327
Session Db-03. Empirical urban and regional economics
Session moderator: E. Kolomak (IEIE SB RAS)

V. Ivanova (HSE)
Spatial interaction of Russian cities: an empirical study (Annotation)

V. Vakhitov (Kyiv School of Economics)
Effect of negative clusters on productivity of manufacturing firms. (Annotation)

E. Kolomak (IEIE SB RAS)
Evolution of urban system in Russia: tendencies and factors (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: M. Kashcheeva (IDE-JETRO)
Room К-327
Session Db-04. Determinants of firm-level productivity
Session moderator: O. Shepotylo (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)

A. Nifo (University of Sannio)
Firm productivity and institutional quality. Evidence from Italian industry. (Annotation, full version)

E. Besedina (Kyiv School of Economics)
Performance of Exporters and Domestically Operating Firms: Corporate Governance Perspective (Annotation)

O. Shepotylo (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Deregulation and productivity: selection or within-firm effect (Annotation)

Discussant: R. Zakharenko ( HSE)
03 April, Thursday
Room К-327
Session Db-05. Heterogeneity and inequality.
Session moderator: F. Trionfetti (AMU/AMSE, CNRS & EHESS)

D. Pokrovskiy (HSE), K. Behrens (UQAM)
Unequal cities: Self-selection, matching, and the distribution of income (Annotation)

A. Osharin (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), V. Verbus (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Interregional trade and heterogeneous preferences (Annotation, full version)

F. Trionfetti (AMU/AMSE, CNRS & EHESS)
Firm-Level Comparative Advantage and Inequalities (Annotation)

Discussant: F. Ushchev (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Room К-327
Session Db-06. Political economy and trade
Session moderator: R. Zakharenko ( HSE)

M. Kashcheeva (IDE-JETRO), K. Tsui (John E. Walker Department of Economics, Clemson University)
Political Limits on Oil Trade: Firm-Level Evidence from the US (Annotation, full version)

R. Zakharenko ( HSE)
Trade Costs, Conflicts, and Defense Spending (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: V. Vakhitov (Kyiv School of Economics)
Room К-327
Session Db-07. Cross-country studies
Session moderator: O. Demidova (HSE)

B. Chokaev (Gaidar Institute), A. Knobel (Gaidar Institute)
The economic impact of the RF-EU free trade agreement (Annotation, full version)

O. Demidova (HSE), M. Signorelli (University of Perugia)
Spatial effects for North and South of Italy and Russia (on the example of regional youth unemployment rate) (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: E. Aleksandrova (GSOM SPbU)
04 April, Friday
Room К-327
Session Db-09. Spatial issues
Session moderator: A. Filatov (ISU)

N. Davidson (GSEM, UFU)
The impact of foreign firms’ spatial concentration on national enterprise performance in Russia (Annotation, full version)

S. Sardadvar (Vienna University of Economics and Business), E. Vakulenko (HSE)
The Impact of Distance on Interregional Migration in Russia: A Spatial Econometric Approach (Annotation, full version)

A. Filatov (ISU), I. Samoylov (ISU)
The spatial factor of Russian economy development (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: O. Shepotylo (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Room К-327
Session Db-10. Industrial organization and trade - 2
Session moderator: S. Kichko (HSE)

N. Aizenberg (IMEI ISU)
The consequences of bilateral import tariffs under monopolistic competition general form (Annotation)

S. Kokovin (HSE, IM SB RAS, NSU)
Distortion in Screening and Spatial Preferences (Annotation)

S. Kichko (HSE)
Factor structure and market integration under two-factor monopolistic competition model (Annotation)

Discussant: F. Trionfetti (AMU/AMSE, CNRS & EHESS)
Section E. Financial Institutions and Markets
Moderator: A. Karminskiy (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 124
Session E-01. Bank lending
Session moderator: A. Vernikov (HSE)

L. Weill (University of Strasbourg), Z. Fungacova (BOFIT), J. Fidrmuc (Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen)
Does Bank Liquidity Creation Contribute to Economic Growth? (Annotation)

Z. Fungacova (BOFIT), A. Kochanova (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods), L. Weill (EM Strasbourg Business School, University of Strasbourg and BOFIT)
Does Money Buy Credit? Firm-Level Evidence on Bribery and Bank Debt (Annotation)

M. Mamonov (CMASF)
Bad Management, Skimping, or both? The Relationship between Cost Efficiency and Loan Quality in Russian Banks. (Annotation, full version)

E. Lugachev (HSE)
The connection between income inequality and over-indebtedness in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: M. Stolbov (MGIMO)
Room 124
Session E-02. Bank Safety & Soundness
Session moderator: Z. Fungacova (BOFIT)

L. Solanko (BOFIT), A. Karas (University College Roosevelt)
Bank asset dollarization and bank stability: some micro-level evidence (Annotation)

M. Leonov (Humboldt University of Berlin)
The Banks’ Network on the Russian Debt Capital Market (Annotation)

D. Ilinskiy (CEMI RAS ), V. Polterovich (CEMI RAS), O. Starkov (CEMI RAS)
Stability of the Savings and Loan Programs of Mortgage Crediting. (Annotation, full version)

I. Andrievskaya (HSE), M. Semenova (HSE)
Does banking system transparency stimulate bank competition and reduce concentration? Cross-country evidence (Annotation)

Discussant: V. Sokolov (HSE)
Room 124
Session E-03. Financial Risk Management
Session moderator: A. Karminskiy (HSE)

P. Gantenbein (University of Basel), A. Rehrauer (University of Basel)
Volatility products in diversified portfolios (Annotation)

M. Stolbov (MGIMO)
Post–bailouts causal linkages between sovereign, quasi-sovereign credit risks and global volatility: the case of Russia (Annotation, full version)

V. Arzamasov (MIPT), G. Penikas (Alfa-Bank, HSE)
Construction of the aggregate financial stability index in the absence of "learning": the case of Israel (Annotation, full version)

A. Poroshina (HSE), A. Karminskiy (HSE)
Credit risk modeling on the mortgage residential market (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: H. Penikas (Alfa-Bank, HSE)
Room 124
Session E-04. Mathematical finance
Session moderator: A. Gushchin (Steklov Institute of Mathematics, HSE)

M. Zhitlukhin (Steklov Mathematical Institute RAS, HSE)
Von Neumann – Gale dynamical systems and hedging of financial contracts (Annotation, full version)

S. Gelman (HSE), D. Borisenko (University of St. Gallen)
Idiosyncratic risk and indirect transaction costs (Annotation)

A. Travkin (HSE)
Pair copula constructions: An application to Russian stock market (Annotation, full version)

A. Gushchin (Steklov Institute of Mathematics, HSE)
On the upper hedging price of nonnegative contingent claims (Annotation)

Discussant: P. Katyshev (HSE)
03 April, Thursday
Room 124
Session E-05. Financial Markets and Price Formation
Session moderator: T. Teplova (HSE)

D. Borisenko (University of St. Gallen), S. Gelman (HSE)
Liquidity, asymmetric information and asset pricing on the Russian stock market (Annotation, full version)

A. Fasano (LUISS), C. Boido (University of Siena - Richard Goodwin)
Market Premia for BRIC Countries: Local Models vs. Global Models (Annotation, full version)

P. Gantenbein (University of Basel), B. Harasta (Deutsche Bank)
Cross Market Analysis: The Effect of Rating Events on Bonds, CDS and Equities (Annotation)

T. Teplova (HSE), T. Sokolova (HSE)
Analysis of investment attractiveness of emerging markets corporate bonds in national currency (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Stolyarov (HSE)
Room 124
Session E-06. Financial Markets and Assets Management
Session moderator: M. Nikitin (HSE)

A. Abramov (HSE), K. Akshentceva (Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn)
The Determinants of Mutual Funds Performance in Russia (Annotation, full version)

E. Gilenko (SPbGU), E. Fedorova (State Finance Academy)
Estimating internal and external spillover effects for the BRIC countries (Annotation, full version)

P. Parshakov (HSE - Perm)
Russian mutual fund managers' skills (Annotation)

V. Rodina (HSE), T. Teplova (NRU HSE)
RTS and MICEX Merger: Assessing the Efficiency of Structural Changes via Macro- and Microenvironment Parameters (Annotation, full version)

A. Shemyakin (University of Santo Tomas), N. Kangina (ASU), A. Kniazev (ASU )
Bayesian copula models for statistical dependence of national stock indices (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: V. Evstigneev (HSE)
Room 309
Session E-07. Honorary lecture by Y. Kabanov “Mathematical options pricing models»
Moderator: A. Karminskiy (HSE)

Section Ea. HSE PhD Seminar in Finance
Moderators: I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE), A. Karminsky (HSE)

04 April, Friday
Room 125
Session Ea-09. New Topics in Finance
Session moderator: I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE)

P. Gantenbein (University of Basel)
Financial Crises, Real Estate Markets, and Banking Regulation (Annotation)

F. López-de-Silanes (EDHEC Business School)
Growth, Institutions and Human Capital (Annotation)

Room 125
Session Ea-10. Banking and Financial
Session moderator: A. Vernikov (HSE)

V. Kiselev (Bank of Russia)
System's Generating of Bank Crisis Indicators (Annotation)

K. Totmyanina (Sberbank RF)
Assessment of Default Probabilities in conditions of cyclicality (Annotation, full version)

I. Sukhareva (CMASF)
Monetary policy versus Economic Growth (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Vernikov (HSE), P. Gantenbein (University of Basel), A. Karminsky (HSE)
Room 125
Session Ea-11. Financial Markets
Session moderator: Y. Dranev (HSE)

D. Udina (SSEU)
Mass residential property insurance against the risks of natural disasters in Russia (Annotation, full version)

E. Battisti (University of Turin)
The Role of Finance into Real Estate Corporate Strategies. Towards a New Business Model? (Annotation)

Discussant: Y. Dranev (HSE), A. Fasano (LUISS), I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE)
Room 125
Session Ea-12. Corparate Finance
Session moderator: A. Fasano (LUISS)

S. Li (University of Groningen)
Cyclical behavior of funds’ capital flows (Annotation)

S. Fomkina (HSE)
Size Effect Impact on the Cost of Equity in Emerging Markets (Annotation)

I. Rabotinskiy (HSE)
Corporate Governance and Cost of Debt: Evidence from Emerging Markets (Annotation)

Discussant: Y. Dranev (HSE), A. Stepanova (HSE), S. Stepanov (HSE)
Section F. Law and Economics
Moderators: E. Salygin (HSE), A. Yakovlev (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 216
Session F-01. Competition and Industrial Policy: General purposes, Different approaches.
Session moderator: A. Shastitko (HSE)

S. Golovanova (HSE)
Comparative analysis of price indicatives for incentive regulation on the Russian domestic gas market (Annotation, full version)

D. Tsytsulina (HSE), S. Avdasheva (HSE)
The assessment of competition policy effects in Russian metal industry (Annotation, full version)

A. Shastitko (MSU, RANEPA), A. Kurdin (HSE)
Support For Innovation Activity: Searching for an Effective Balance of Competition Policy and Protection of the Intellectual Property Rights . (Annotation, full version)

N. Pavlova (MSU)
Easing of Penalty Programs and their Impact on Cooperation Agreement (Annotation)

T. Radchenko (RANEPA)
Expected and Actual Effects of Antitrust Regulation of Trade Practices of a Private Company (Annotation)

Discussant: S. Avdasheva (HSE)
Room 216
Session F-02. Developing and Transition Economies: Economic and legal aspects
Session moderator: K. Totyev (HSE)

N. Ulchenko (IAAS MSU)
Some aspects of Instıtutional Support of Economic Stabilization process in Turkey (Annotation, full version)

A. Troshev (Nazarbayev University)
Suing the State in Russia: Judicial Discretion and Bureaucratic Compliance (Annotation, full version)

K. Totyev (HSE)
Legal settlement as an object and means of legal regulation of economic relations (Annotation)

Room 216
Session F-03. Pharmaceutical Market: Economic and Legal aspects
Session moderator: R. Belkovich (HSE)

R. Shabrov (Law firm "BRAS")
Legal consequences of the accession of Russia to WTO for pharmaceutical sector (Annotation)

M. Tsutsiev (Budget magazine)
Legal Regulation of Public Procurement of Pharmaceuticals in Russia: Key Problems (Annotation, full version)

A. Panov (HSE)
Legal regulation of pharmaceutical marketing (Annotation)

D. Mazaev (HSE)
Patent protection of drugs (the russian experience on the international background): status and prospects (Annotation, full version)

Section G. Urban and Regional Studies
Moderators: N. Zubarevich (MSU), A. Puzanov (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 513
Session G-01. Regional institutions and competition (Jointly Organized by HSE and the Association of Independent Centers of Economic Analysis (ARETT))
Session moderator: S. Artemov (HSE)

D. Ivanov (HSE)
Transition and path-dependence in knowledge-intensive industry location: case of Russian professional services (Annotation, full version)

S. Panikarova (UrFU), M. Vlasov (IE UrB RAS)
Role of informal economic institutions in development of national territories (Annotation)

T. Lyubimova (ISU), N. Kalyuzhnova (ISU)
The promotion of micro-enterprises as a diversification factor of the regional economy (Annotation)

S. Artemov (HSE)
Formation of system of cooperation of universities and the enterprises during implementation of programs of development of innovative territorial clusters (Annotation)

Room 513
Session G-02. Measurement of Regional Development
Session moderator: N. Zubarevich (MSU)

V. Nefedkin (IEIE SB RAS)
On the quantification of the impact of major resource corporations on regional development (Annotation, full version)

N. Petrov (HSE)
Ratings of Democracy in regions of Russia, 2000-2011: calculation and analysis (Annotation)

S. Zemtsov (RANEPA)
Assessment of innovation diffusion rate and innovativeness of Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

N. Zavizena (SRI EMEDTU)
Assessing the level of transparency of regions of Ukraine (Annotation, full version)

P. Vorobyev (Severstal)
Measuring informal economy share in Russian regions (Annotation)

Room 513
Session G-03. Regional policy
Session moderator: C. Leonard (HSE)

I. Semykina (IEIE SB RAS)
Problems of regional socio-economic effects management in implementing oil and gas projects in Eastern Siberia (Annotation, full version)

L. Mel'nikova (IEIE SB RAS)
Prospects of Russian regions in the mirror of the long-term development strategies (Annotation)

I. Glazyrina (INREC SB RAS)
Modernization of forest sector and "Chinese factor" in the development of near-border Russian regions (Annotation)

C. Leonard (HSE), A. Akhmedjonov (Zirve University), I. Il'ina (HSE), E. Plisetskij (HSE), Z. Nazarov (Cornell University), E. Vakulenko (HSE)
Russia’s Regions: Governance and Growth 2000-2011 (Annotation)

Room 513
Session G-04. Growth Drivers of Russian and Foreign Cities in Modern Economy
Session moderator: S. Gorushkina (Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region)

L. Limonov (Leontief Centre), A. Kauffmann (IWH), M. Nesena (Leontief Centre)
Demographic and economic dynamics of big Russian cities in post-soviet period (Annotation, full version)

K. Krinichansky (South Ural State University), A. Unrau (South Ural State University)
Urban World Trends and The Russian City (Annotation, full version)

K. Baranova (GRIPA)
Rhineland-Palatinate: Tax Harmonization instead of Tax Competition at the Local Level in Germany (Annotation, full version)

03 April, Thursday
Room 309
Round table G-06. Accumulated deficit of investment in housing sector in Russia: Threats and Prospects
Moderator: N. Kosareva (The Institut of Urban Economics, HSE)

1. Reasons and dynamics of accumulated deficit of investment in the housing sector in Russia in the last 70 years
2. Current, and investment expenditures in housing sector in Russia
3. Budget expenditures in the housing sector in Russia compared with developed countries: the level and effectiveness
4. Possible sources of investment deficit recovery in housing sector in Russia
5. Accumulated deficit of investment in housing as a strategic challenge to state housing policy

Participants: T. Polidi (HSE), S. Vasilyev (Vnesheconombank), A. Vysokovskiy (HSE), A. Novikov (Thomson Reuters), O. Rurin (Housing and communal reform Fund), A. Braverman (RHD Foundation)
Room 124
Session G-07. A spatial organization of Russian cities
Session moderator: A. Vysokovskiy (HSE)

A. Vysokovskiy (HSE)
Spatial Structure of Universities in Moscow (Annotation)

N. Kostko (TSUWEML)
Strategy development of social space of urban (Annotation)

M. Malakhovskaya (TSUAB)
Connectivity urban processes: urban development as a reflection of the quality of the urban community (for example, changes in the practice of the Tomsk public spaces). (Annotation, full version)

Y. Epanova (SSU)
The roofs of the contemporary city: the legitimation of new cultural spaces (Annotation, full version)

Room 124
Session G-08. Social challenges of the modern cities
Session moderator: A. Pilyasov (SOPS)

Y. Shitova (State University of Dubna)
Socio-economic analysis of population living standarts in the cities of Moscow region (Annotation, full version)

I. Timakov (Institute of Economics Karelian Research Centre RAS)
Factors of municipal housing markets development in the Republic of Karelia (Annotation)

M. Likaj (Hëna e Plotë Bedër University)
Migration and Urbanization Challenges: Albanian case of Social Integration and Migration (Annotation)

A. Kotov (SOPS), N. Zamyatina (SOPS), A. Pelyasov (SOPS)
Not diversify, but comfort: A new approach to the development of predictive instruments northern cities centers (experience of the socio-economic development of the city of Khanty-Mansiysk) (Annotation, full version)

Section Ha. Economic History
Moderator: A. Markevich (NES)

03 April, Thursday
Room 234
Session Ha-05. The Impact of Technology on Economic Growth
Session moderator: T. Valetov (MSU)

S. Bespalov (ISISS RAS)
Discussion about prospects of development of the Russian agricultural mechanical engineering in the end of 1890th (Annotation, full version)

A. Akimov (MSU)
Pricing policy of domestic pipe mills at the beginning of XX century (Annotation, full version)

E. Kochetkova (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Transfer of Foreign Technologies and Soviet Modernization in 1950s - 1960s: The Case of Cellulose and Paper Industry (Annotation, full version)

N. Terekhova (HSE)
"The best contract of the century: FIAT and political preconditions of Soviet-Italian affair. (Annotation, full version)

Room 234
Session Ha-06. Economic history of pre-modern and early modern Europe
Session moderator: E. Korchmina (RANEPA)

P. Lanaro (University "Ca' Foscari" of Venice)
Foreigners and the labour market in Venice (pre-modern age). (Annotation, full version)

N. Nenovsky (UNWE, UPJV), P. Penchev (UNWE)
Money without a State (Annotation, full version)

Room 234
Session Ha-07. Political convulsions of the 20th century and their economic consequences and causes.
Session moderator: O. Pavlenko (European University Institute)

I. Kuga (HSE)
Revolutionary activity and yield of the Russian 5% 1906 loan bonds (Annotation)

Y. Golitsyn (Moscow Exchange), A. Sokolov (RSREU)
Russia`s sovereign debt: forgiveness and restoration (1918-1928) (Annotation, full version)

N. Rogalina (MSU), I. Goncharova (Ogu)
Russia's agrarian reforms of the twentieth century: the institutional aspect (Annotation, full version)

Room 234
Session Ha-08. The Great Depression and Stalin's industrialization
Session moderator: A. Markevich (NES)

R. Andreev (UNWE)
State monopolies in Bulgaria during the Great Depression (Annotation)

D. Shestakov (HSE)
USSR Foreign Trade Policy, 1928-1940: Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis (Annotation, full version)

Y. Goland (IE RAS)
On possibility of alternative to Stalin industrialization (Annotation)

04 April, Friday
Room 234
Round table Ha-09. First World War Centenary. Living standards dynamics in Russia during the First World War
Moderator: Y. Goland (IE RAS)

1. Inflation during the First World War.
2. The role of State in maintaining living standards.
3. Living Standards Dynamics of peasants in 1914-1917.
4. Living Standards Dynamics of workers in 1914-1917 with entrepreneurship support.
5. "Prohibition law" and its impact on living standards.
6. Financial Institutions and profit oriented business during the war.

Participants: L. Borodkin (MSU), B. Mironov (StPGU), M. Davydov (IE RAS), Y. Bokarev (IE RAS), P. Kyung (RSUH), P. Lizunov (NArFU), A. Volodin (MSU), N. Rozinskaya (MSU), I. Shilnikova (HSE)
Room 234
Round table Ha-10. First World War Centenary. Living standards dynamics in Russia during the First World War (resumption)
Moderator: Y. Goland (IE RAS)

1. Inflation during the First World War.
2. The role of State in maintaining living standards.
3. Living Standards Dynamics of peasants in 1914-1917.
4. Living Standards Dynamics of workers in 1914-1917 with entrepreneurship support.
5. "Prohibition law" and its impact on living standards.
6. Financial Institutions and profit oriented business during the war.

Participants: L. Borodkin (MSU), B. Mironov (StPGU), M. Davydov (IE RAS), Y. Bokarev (IE RAS), P. Kyung (RSUH), P. Lizunov (NArFU), A. Volodin (MSU), N. Rozinskaya (MSU), I. Shilnikova (HSE)
Room 234
Session Ha-11. Soviet Economy
Session moderator: Y. Goland (IE RAS)

V. Mokhov (PNRPU)
Political factors of economic development of the USSR in 1960-1980's: the problem of institutional constraints (Annotation, full version)

Y. Khromov (SSPU)
The problems of personnel manning the governing body Councils of National Economy of the RSFSR in 1957-1958 (Annotation, full version)

V. Nekrasov (SurGPU)
Gosplan USSR and planning practices in the economy (1957-1965): microanalytic modeling (Annotation)

Section Hb. Social History
Moderator: A. Kamenskiy (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 236
Session Hb-03. The logic of institutional development: state, ideology and infomation in Russia of modern age
Session moderator: I. Kurukin (RSUH)

Y. Kotsonis (NYU)
Transitions: Taxation and the Russian State from Premodern to Modern Times (Annotation)

I. Khristoforov (IRH RAS)
Ideology and information: Russia's economists and the public policy in the age of the Great reforms (Annotation)

I. Fedyukin (HSE)
"Projectors" and the early modern state building in Russia: The case of the first petrine schools (Annotation)

E. Korchmina (RANEPA), A. Markevich (NES)
Poll tax collection as an indicator of Russia's state capacity in the 18th century ( Pereslavl' Ryazan case) (work in progress) (Annotation)

Room 236
Session Hb-04. Social structures and practices in Russia in XVI - early XX centuries
Session moderator: A. Kamenskiy (HSE)

V. Uspenskiy (HSE - St. Petersburg)
Decamouflaging the Hierarchies of the Late Medieval Russia: Royal Court in 16th century Russia as a Social Network (Annotation)

A. Selin (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Social dynamics of small groups in Swedish-Russian borderline after 1617 (Annotation, full version)

E. Blagodeteleva (HSE)
The Moscow Bar Association: A Perspective from the Moscow University Archive (Annotation)

O. Rafalyuk (MAMI)
Journey practice of Russian writers-modernists in Europe in the late XIX - early XX centuries as a way of self-knowledge and cultural self-identification (Annotation, full version)

03 April, Thursday
Room 236
Session Hb-05. Social History issues of Soviet time
Session moderator: O. Budnitskiy (HSE)

A. Suslov (PGGPU)
Special exiles’ family life after Great Patriotic war: the right or the object for a government regulation (Annotation, full version)

V. Shabalin (HSE)
«The imagined enemy» (from history of the intra nomenclature conflicts in the Urals in the 1920th) (Annotation, full version)

S. Bykova (UFU)
Offiacial Soviet Rhetoric of Innovation and Bush Telegraph: Transgression of Linguistic order in the 1930s (Annotation, full version)

Room 236
Session Hb-06. Social values and Cultural memory
Session moderator: L. Novikova (HSE)

E. Rozhdestvenskaya (HSE)
Virtualization of the Afghan war memory (Annotation, full version)

V. Balakin (SUSU)
The social history of Russian science in the second half XX-early. XXI centuries. : Context, institutions, socio-cultural values ​​of researchers (Annotation)

A. Kimerling (HSE)
Stalin's agitators as the designers of the Soviet social identity (based on electoral campaigns of 1946-1947.) (Annotation, full version)

A. Chashchukhin (HSE - Perm)
"Do not know", "no clear idea", "not stated". School teachers and students of the 1950s in the discourse of employees of departments of public education. (Annotation, full version)

Room 311
Session Hb-07. Honorary lecture by Richard Pipes "Property and Freedom"
Moderator: E. Yasin (HSE)

Section I. EACES-HSE PhD Seminar
03 April, Thursday
Room 242
Session I-06. Opening and Keynote Speech
Session moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

T. Mickiewicz (Aston Business School, EACES, journal “Regional Studies)
Where do Entrepreneurs Come From? (Annotation)

Room 242
Session I-07. Institutions, Regulation and Growth
Session moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

M. Endrich (University of Hamburg)
Government Activity and Economic Growth - One Size Fits All? (Annotation)

H. Jabotinsky (Hebrew University Law School )
Consolidation or Fragmentation for Financial Regulators? A Story of Information Flow. (Annotation)

C. Timm (PFH Private University Goettingen)
Economic Regulation and State Interventions. Georgia's Move from Neoliberalism to State-managed Capitalism (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: C. Sprenger (HSE), G. Garifullina (HSE), M. Rochlitz (HSE)
Room 242
Session I-08. Comparative Empirical Studies
Session moderator: M. Rochlitz (HSE)

E. Semerikova (HSE)
Differences in Spatial Effects Between West and East: The Case of Regional Unemployment in Germany (Annotation, full version)

A. Schultz (Frankfurt School)
The location choice of retail chains in Russia: The role of the regional bureaucracy (Annotation)

V. Vynaryk (HSE)
Quality management system certification in manufacturing: research of the empirical effects (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Sirchenko (HSE), Z. Kotelnikova (HSE), E. Catonini (HSE)
Section J. Methodology of Economics
Moderator: V. Avtonomov (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 236
Session J-01. Methodology of "mutual problems": development, reforms, and place of Government in Economy
Session moderator: A. Zaostrovtsev (HSE - St.Petersburg)

V. Polterovich (CEMI RAS)
Designing Interim Institutions : How to Reduce Transformation Costs (Annotation)

V. Shironin (FINEC)
Cognitive Sociology (Annotation)

V. Kokorin (Lan-project)
Some aspects of optimal methodology for the study of government - economy interactions in the information age. (Annotation, full version)

E. Malkov (HSE)
Conceptual Development of Equilibrium Theory and Related Problems in the USSR (Annotation, full version)

A. Zaostrovtsev (HSE - St.Petersburg)
Beliefs, culture and institutions as determinants of development: analysis of alternative approaches (Annotation, full version)

Room 236
Session J-02. History and Methodology of Economics
Session moderator: V. Avtonomov (HSE)

D. Melnik (HSE)
"Battles for history": interpretations of D. Ricardo in Russian economic science (1870s-1920s) (Annotation)

N. Nenovsky (UNWE, UPJV)
Ivan Kinkel's (1883-1945) Theory of Economic Development (Annotation, full version)

T. Gaidai (Taras Shevchenko NU of Kyiv )
Comparative analysis of the research programs of institutional economics (Annotation, full version)

V. Avtonomov (HSE)
Model of man for economic liberalism (Annotation)

Section Ka. International Affairs
Moderator: M. Larionova (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 240
Session Ka-01. Complex systems analysis of the BRICS countries development
Session moderator: G. Toloraya (BRICS)

A. Akaev (RAS)
Present situation and future of BRICS (Annotation)

L. Grinin (IOS RAN)
Will the Explosive Growth Of China Continue? (Annotation)

S. Malkov (Academy of Military Studies)
Modeling of the economic grows and international trade (Annotation)

M. Larionova (HSE)
BRICS in the System of Global Governance: Emergence of Health Agenda (Annotation)

Discussant: V. Panova (MGIMO), L. Okuneva (MGIMO)
Room 240
Session Ka-02. Types of Power in the East in a Comparative Perspective
Session moderators: L. Gorizontov (HSE), A. Korotaev (HSE), B. Shlyakhta (Jagiellonian University)

A. Ryabinin (HSE)
Secular and Religious Powers Relation in the East (Annotation, full version)

L. Alayev (IOS RAS)
Oriental Despotism: Indian version (Annotation, full version)

K. Asmolov (IFES RAS)
On power system & administrative culture of the Korean states (Annotation, full version)

I. Sledzevsky (IAfRAS)
Geocultural crisis in Arab World and its international implications (Annotation)

Discussant: M. Karpov (HSE), E. Volchkova (IAAS MSU)
Room 240
Session Ka-03. Evolution of Global and Regional Governance Architecture
Session moderator: M. Larionova (HSE)

S. Mikhnevich (HSE)
Evolution of the Security Architecture in the Asia-Pacific Region and its political-economic dimension at the turn of the 20th - 21st Centuiries. (Annotation, full version)

M. Rewizorski (Koszalin University of Technology)
Role of the Market in formation of Global Governance (Annotation, full version)

A. Leonov (HSE)
The transformation of world politics under the influence of information technology and the balance of power in the cyber international relations. (Annotation)

M. Bratersky (HSE)
Political Functions of Regional Trade Agreements (Annotation)

O. Korneev (University of Sheffield)
International Organizations in the Absence of a Global Migration Regime: Towards Governor-Centred Research on Global Migration Governance (Annotation)

Discussant: D. Suslov (HSE), A. Pyatachkova (HSE)
Room 240
Session Ka-04. Collaboration and Competition in post-Soviet Space
Session moderators: A. Suzdaltsev (HSE), V. Pereboev (EDB)

C. Weiner (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
The Contest for Gas Resources and Markets in Post-Soviet Space: Dependence and Diversification

K. Entin (HSE)
Russia and the EU: after Maydan (Annotation, full version)

E. Balli (Cukurova University), G. Guresci Pehlivan (Dokuz Eylul University)
Determinants of Foreign Direct Inverstments for Central and Eastern Europe Countries after the European Union Accession (Annotation)

P. Tamas (Institute of Sociology)
Dependent Capitalism and Deindustrialization in "New Eastern Europe" (Annotation)

Discussant: S. Bespalov (Institute of Scientific Information for Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences), O. Korneev (University of Sheffield)
Section Kb. World Economy
Moderator: A. Kuznetsov (IMEMO RAN)

03 April, Thursday
Room 240
Session Kb-05. World Development
Session moderator: A. Kuznetsov (IMEMO RAN)

A. Zaytsev (MSU)
International comparisons of sectoral labor productivity in 1991-2008 period (Annotation)

A. Savelyeva (HSE)
Food power in the contemporary world economy (Annotation, full version)

T. Mitrova (ERI RAS)
Global and Russian Energy Outlook Up To 2050 (Annotation)

V. Kryukov (HSE)
Study on "critical mass" of institutions (case of "shale gas" revolution in USA). (Annotation)

A. Maltsev (Ural State University of Economics )
Why Nations Fail: An Alternative View (Annotation, full version)

Room 240
Session Kb-06. WTO Regulations and regional agreements
Session moderator: A. Kuznetsov (IMEMO RAN)

A. Adgamova (HSE)
Ways to ensure Russian trade and economic interests in the WTO (Annotation)

M. Shugurov (SSLA)
WTO: the principal directions of rules modernization in the sphere of government procurement and Russian interests (Annotation, full version)

V. Maltseva (USUE)
Estimate of support to agriculture in the Urals region based on the WTO methodology: possible ways of restructuring (Annotation, full version)

A. Kravchuk (Independent expert)
Impact of regional economic blocs on trade flows (Annotation, full version)

L. Nemova (ISCRAN)
Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada. A New Stage of the Trade and Investment Liberalization (Annotation, full version)

Room 240
Session Kb-07. New Challenges of International Economic Relations
Session moderator: A. Kuznetsov (IMEMO RAN)

E. Makarova (HSE)
Natural Disaster Risk-Management as a Potential Area of International Cooperation (Annotation, full version)

K. Tochkov (Texas Christian University)
Trade, Integration, and Border Effects in the Eurasian Customs Union: Evidence from Kazakh Provinces (Annotation)

S. Gusarova (HSE), I. Gusarov (MSU)
Importance of Banking Systems of BRICS Countries for their Innovative Development (Annotation)

E. Pavlov (HSE), V. Kryukov (HSE)
An approach to social and economic assessment of resource regime in an oil and gas sector (the case of the USA and Russia) (Annotation, full version)

D. Marshuk (UrFU)
Political and economical presence of China in Africa in XXI century (Annotation, full version)

Section L. Firms and Markets
Moderators: N. Volchkova (NES), T. Dolgoptatova (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 522
Session L-01. Risk and Information Asymmetry
Session moderator: N. Volchkova (NES)

Y. Dranev (HSE), M. Babushkin (Ernst&Young)
Asymmetry of Exchange Rate Exposure in Emerging Markets (Annotation, full version)

E. Kuzmicheva (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
The influence of attitude towards risk and real options on corporate investment policy under uncertainty (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: S. Stepanov (HSE)
Room 522
Session L-02. Enterprise's Cost factors
Session moderator: N. Volchkova (NES)

E. Shakina (HSE - Perm), A. Barajas (University of Vigo), M. Molodchik (HSE - Perm)
Exploring value creation through intangibles: managers' decisions vs investors' expectation (Annotation, full version)

E. Rogova (HSE - Saint Petersburg), X. Boyko (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
Market reaction at IT-investments of Russian companies (Annotation, full version)

S. Dzuba (ISTU)
Goodwill and efficiency of M&A activity (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Suvorov (HSE)
Room 522
Session L-03. Enterprises in Energy Markets
Session moderator: B. Kuznetsov (HSE)

N. Aizenberg (ESI SB RAS)
Sustained interaction between generating companies in the wholesale electricity market of Russia (Annotation)

E. Meltenisova (IEIE SB RAS)
Investments in electric utilities on liberalized market: cross-country analysis of significant factors (Annotation, full version)

A. Afanasyev (CEMI RAS)
Econometric study of production functions for the gas production forecasting and evaluation of the Russian gas business efficiency (by example of Gazprom) (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Bremzen (NES)
Room 309
Round table L-04. Problems of the Electric Power Market Development in Russia and how to solve them
Moderator: I. Volkova (HSE)

• Key Issues of the Current Electricity Market and Measures to address them;
• Competitive Advantage of Advanced Technology of Combined Production of Electricity and Heat Energy based on Local Heating Systems;
• Issues of non-discriminatory Intergration in Electric Power Market of Distributed Generation (or non-discriminatory Access to Electrical Power Consumers) based on Heating Systems;
• Distributed Systems of Electricity Generation, Real-life Experience of participation in Electric Power Market: Issues and Solutions;
• Improving the Efficiency of Electric Power Market based on Electric Power System Intellectualization and Marketing Model Launch based on Procedures of free Competitive Trade of Electricity and Services of UES of Russia;

Participants: E. Yasin (HSE), V. Kolesnik (HSE), A. Kudrin (Presidential Economic Council), I. Grachev (The State Duma of Russia), V. Kravchenko (Russian Ministry of Energy), A. Golomolzin (FAS Russia), I. Kozhuhovskiy (Rosenergo), O. Barkin (NP "MARKET COUNCIL" ), G. Kutovoy (The State Duma of Russia)
03 April, Thursday
Room 309
Session L-05. Honorary lecture by Paul D. Reynolds "Tracking Business Creation: Understanding Organizational Emergence"
Moderator: A. Chepurenko (HSE)

Room 522
Session L-07. Internationalization and Business Efficiency
Session moderator: T. Dolgoptatova (HSE)

D. Shcherbakov (PwC Russia), I. Ivashkovskaya (HSE)
Going internationally and value creation: the evidence from emerging capital market of Russia (Annotation, full version)

V. Golikova (HSE), B. Kuznetsov (HSE)
Domestic versus Foreign Partnerships: empirical analysis of impact on innovation activity of Russian manufacturing firms (Annotation, full version)

O. Valieva (IEIE SB RAS)
Routines of management practices: the evolution and innovations in the Russian context (Annotation, full version)

I. Ipatova (CMASF)
Efficiency Analysis of Russian Firms: the Sector of Plastic and Rubber Production (Annotation)

Discussant: E. Bessonova (CEFIR)
Room 522
Session L-08. Entrepreneurship and Institutions
Session moderator: V. Golikova (HSE)

A. Chepurenko (HSE)
Varieties of transition – varieties of entrepreneurship (Annotation, full version)

A. Panibratov (SPbU), M. Goshka (SPbU), A. Sergeeva (SPbU)
The impact of political connectedness on the internationalization of Russian firms (Annotation)

A. Minguez-Vera (University of Murcia), D. Abad-Diaz (University of Alicante), M. Lucas-Perez (University of Murcia)
Gender diversiy on the board and asymmetry information: an empirical analysis for Spanish listed firms (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: L. Ruzhanskaya (GSEM UrFU)
Section M. Political Processes
Moderator: A. Melvil (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 116
Session M-01. Russian contentious movements in comparative perspective - 1
Session moderator: I. Soboleva (HSE)

I. Silova (CISR)
The transformation of common Russian protest movement (Annotation, full version)

M. Turovets (HSE)
Sustenance of protest continuity in movement against coper-nickel mining in Voronezh region (Annotation)

I. Soboleva (HSE), Y. Bakhmetjev (HSE)
Collective action in homogeneous society: push-in and push-out of protest mobilization (on the example of the Russian LGBT-community in 2010-s) (Annotation)

Room 116
Session M-02. Russian contentious movements in comparative perspective - 2
Session moderator: M. Zavadskaya (European University Institute)

M. Goroshit (HSE)
Determinants of political participation in European countries (Annotation)

A. Makarin (Northwestern University), L. Polishchuk (HSE), M. Petrova (UPF), R. Enikolopov (UPF)
Social Media and Protest Participation: Cross-city Evidence from Russia (Annotation)

M. Zavadskaya (European University Institute)
Contingent democrats vs genuine democrats: a study of cross-national variation (Annotation)

Room 309
Session M-03. Honorary lecture by Leonardo Morlino "How to Assess a Democracy. What Alternatives?"
Moderator: A. Melvil (HSE)

03 April, Thursday
Room 513
Session M-05. Problems of Russian politics: the regional dimension -1
Session moderator: G. Garifullina (HSE)

C. Podyachev (IS RAS)
Russian Polical Parties and Social Movements as Elements of the Feedback System in Regional Government. (Annotation, full version)

A. Shishorina (HSE), S. Karandashova (HSE)
The institutionalization of the party system in Russia: opportunities and threats at the elections of governors (Annotation, full version)

A. Shubenkova (HSE), G. Garifullina (HSE), O. Reuters (University of Wisconsin), N. Buckley (Columbia University, New York)
Factors of Mayoral Elections Cancellation in the Russian Cities (Annotation)

Room 513
Session M-06. Problems of Russian politics: the regional dimension - 2
Session moderator: A. Sungurov (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)

I. Okunev (MGIMO)
The role of regional disparities in the formation of Russian statehood (Annotation, full version)

M. Rochlitz (HSE)
Bureaucratic Appointments under Limited Political Competition: Evidence from Russian Regions (Annotation)

Y. Pustovoit (SibSIU)
Urban political regimens: the incentives and priorities of interaction in large industrial cities (Annotation, full version)

A. Sungurov (HSE - Saint-Petersburg), A. Nezdyurov (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
What is results of partnership of public mediator institutes: the case of Permsky kray (Annotation, full version)

Room 226
Session M-07. Economic Regulation and Political Processes in Transition Economies
Session moderator: O. Troitskaya (MSU)

T. Sokolova (ISPI RAN)
Civil Society and Control of Corruption in Russia (Annotation, full version)

O. Troitskaya (MSU)
Scenarios for Russia's Migration Policy: Restriction vs. Liberalization (Annotation)

Room 226
Session M-08. Problems of Efficiency of State Power in the Russian Federation
Session moderator: G. Garifullina (HSE)

E. Yureskul (MSU)
Institutional qualities as a factor of social efficiency of public administration (Annotation)

G. Garifullina (HSE)
Groups and networks in the Russian federal-level consultative bodies (Annotation)

Section N. Third Sector and Civic Self-Organization
Moderator: I. Mersianova (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 242
Session N-01. The Problems of Civil Society Genesis in terms of the Comparative Approach
Session moderator: I. Mersianova (HSE)

V. Benevolenski (HSE)
The evolution of institutions in the third sector in countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the 1990s - 2000s and the future of institutionlalization of civil society in Russia (Annotation, full version)

A. Mochalov (USLA)
Deliberative democracy in local societies: Russian and foreign experiences (Annotation, full version)

A. Tumanova (HSE)
Civil society in the conditions of increasing public activity in a historical perspective: case of Free Economic Society (Annotation)

I. Kuklina (IMEMO RAN)
Evolution of of Civic Self-organization in Russia (on examples of Russian Human Rights NGO) (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: E. Pamfilova (HSE), A. Kupreychenko (HSE)
Room 242
Session N-02. Third Sector and innovations in non-commercial organizations management
Session moderator: V. Benevolenski (HSE)

S. Oxenstierna (Swedish Defence Reseach Institute)
Civil Society: Different Functions and Importance for Economic Development (Annotation, full version)

C. Fröhlich (Södertörn University)
“Attraction and rejection“ - Diffusion of global models of disability and advocacy into Russian civil society organizations (Annotation)

S. Suslova (HSE - Perm)
The contribution of nonprofit organizations to Russian economy: a macroeconomic dimension (Annotation, full version)

I. Korneeva (HSE), I. Mersianova (HSE), N. Ivanova (HSE)
Determinants of the performance of fundraising in the Russian non-profit organizations (Annotation)

I. Krasnopolskaya (HSE)
The state and role of corporate social responsibility in institutional structure of Russian society (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: G. Minnigaleeva (HSE), S. Efremov (HSE)
Room 242
Session N-03. Civil Society Experience: Stability and Novelty
Session moderators: N. Ivanova (HSE), C. Fröhlich (Södertörn University)

Y. Skokova (HSE)
The movement of election observers in the Russian regions and capitals: general and special (Annotation, full version)

K. Demakova (Center GRANY)
The participation of urban communities in decision-making: a communication problem (Annotation, full version)

A. Kupreychenko (HSE)
Trust and loyalty as indicators of corporate social responsibility (Annotation)

I. Khaliy (IS RAS)
Environment as tha Factor of Political Parties Activity at the Local Level (Annotation, full version)

I. Shagalov (VyatSU)
Evaluating the effectiveness of self-organization of the Institute of residence (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Tumanova (HSE), I. Krasnopolskaya (HSE)
Section O. State and Local Government Challenges
Moderators: A. Klimenko (HSE), M. Kolosnitsyna (HSE), S. Kordonskiy (HSE)

03 April, Thursday
Room 224
Session O-05. Economic mechanisms of cultural practices
Session moderator: V. Gordin (HSE - Saint Petersburg)

A. Rubinstein (IE RAS), E. Haunina (State Institute of Art Research), V. Muzychuk (IE RAS, State Institute of Art Research )
"Patronized" goods in the arts and culture: the institutions of public support" (Annotation, full version)

T. Abankina (HSE), P. Derkachev (HSE), L. Filatova (HSE)
Accessibility of Russian Museums: internal and external factors of influence (Annotation)

E. Khaunina (The State Institute for the Arts Research)
The Models of Supporting Museum Activities in the Context of Global Economic Crisis (The Case of European and American Museums) (Annotation, full version)

I. Borovskaia (HSE - Saint Petersburg), D. Alexandrov (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
Hostels: new culture of hospitality (case of St.-Petersburg) (Annotation, full version)

V. Gordin (HSE - Saint Petersburg), M. Dedova (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
Comparative study on cultural events' impacts in small towns’ development (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: S. Gorushkina (Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region)
Room 224
Session O-06. Public Sector Management
Session moderators: B. Rudnik (HSE), A. Lavrov (Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation)

N. Lisin (Finance Department of Moscow)
Estimating costs of public service delivery: practice and evolution (Annotation)

O. Yastrebova (Ecorys-NEI)
Standard costing and its role in the develoopment of higher education market (Annotation)

A. Ermishina (SFedU)
Housing Tariffs and Electoral Behavior of the Population (Annotation, full version)

A. Matskevich (HSE), V. Romanova (HSE)
Regional experience in implementing normative financing in culture within the Federal Law of 08.05.2010 № 83-ФЗ (Annotation)

Discussant: S. Solyannikova (Financial University)
Room 102
Session O-07. Development of the Institution for Regulatory Impact Assessment
Session moderator: D. Tsugankov (HSE)

A. Yefremov (VSU)
The potential of using of the conclusions of the regulatory impact assessment in trials (Annotation)

A. Didikin (NSU)
The practice of applying a "mixed" model of regulatory impact assessment in Novosibirsk region (Annotation)

D. Pavlov (NISSE)
Results of monitoring of introduction of the Institute for Regulatory Impact Assessment in a decision-making mechanism in subjects of the Russian Federation (Annotation)

O. Shestoperov (NISSE)
Change of the model of conducting regulatory impact assessment: the occured risks (based on the analysis of materials published on the portal regulation.gov.ru) (Annotation)

Room 102
Round table O-08. Ten Years of Administrative Reform and Challenges for the Future
Moderator: A. Klimenko (HSE)

1. Appraisal of Main Directions efficiency of the Reform.
2. Place of Administration Reform in the System of Russian Institutional Reforms.
3. New Administration Reform Priorities

Participants: O. Fomichev (Economy Ministry of Russia ), A. Sharov (Sberbank), L. Jakobson (HSE), A. Khersontsev (Economy Ministry of Russia ), V. Zhivulin (Economy Ministry of Russia ), M. Ivankov (Rostrud Russia), V. Korochkin (OPORA), A. Zhulin (HSE), N. Dmitrieva (HSE), S. Plaksin (HSE), V. Yuzhakov (RANEPA), A. Campbell (University of Birmingham)
04 April, Friday
Room 116
Session O-09. Public Sector Management - 1
Session moderators: E. Markina (Financial University), A. Blokhin (Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation)

V. Klimanov (IPFR, RANEPA), E. Kosendyak (IPFR)
Methodological Approaches to Unification of Programming Tools in a Public Sector (Annotation)

S. Solyannikova (Financial University)
Responsible budgetary policy: the problems of development and realization in the Russian Federation (Annotation, full version)

L. Bogdanov (HSE)
History of Programming in Modern Russia (Annotation)

Room 116
Session O-10. Issues of Civil Service Development - 1
Session moderator: A. Barabashev (HSE)

N. Guseva (HSE)
Internal control in the public sector – problems of theory and practice. (Annotation, full version)

A. Medenkov (MAI)
Structure of the actual tasks and problems of state officers professional development (Annotation, full version)

A. Kochneva (EEC)
Assessment of candidates for the vacant position (Annotation, full version)

Room 116
Session O-11. Issues of Civil Service Development - 2
Session moderator: A. Barabashev (HSE)

M. Filatkina (The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation )
Motivation of the professional development of civil servants (Annotation, full version)

T. Nesterovich (RSUH)
Social resources professional development of civil servants (Annotation, full version)

T. Natkhov (HSE), L. Polischuk (HSE)
Measuring corruption: social status and license plate (Annotation)

Room 116
Session O-12. Problems of the local government and municipal enterprises development
Session moderator: S. Kordonskiy (HSE)

E. Kameneva (Financial University)
Management of Financial Stability in Housing-Municipal Economy (Annotation, full version)

N. Voroshilov (ISEDT RAS)
Local government reform in the estimates of heads of municipalities (on the materials of the Vologda region) (Annotation, full version)

O. Aksenova (IS RAS)
Role of the regional and local administration in the modernization process of Russian regions (Annotation)

Section Oa. Public Procurements
Moderator: A. Yakovlev (HSE)

03 April, Thursday
Room 224
Session Oa-07. Public Procurements - 1
Session moderator: A. Ivanov (SPSU)

M. Ostrovnaya (HSE), E. Podkolzina (HSE)
E-auctions as a way to eliminate favoritism in public procurement (Annotation, full version)

A. Bashina (HSE)
Factors Connected with Bribery level in Public Procurement in Russia: Regional and Temporal Aspects (Annotation)

A. Ivanov (SPSU)
Policy Implications in the Quasi-Corruption Model (Annotation, full version)

Room 224
Session Oa-08. Public Procurements - 2
Session moderator: E. Podkolzina (HSE)

K. Belokrylov (SFedU), S. Tsygankov (SFedU), S. Nalivaiko (SFedU)
Enforcement of State of the Contract: Practice of Southern Federal District (Annotation, full version)

A. Tkachenko (HSE), A. Yakovlev (HSE), O. Demidova (HSE)
An impact of reforms and different regulatory regimes on public procurement effectiveness. (Annotation, full version)

O. Vyglovskii (HSE), A. Yakovlev (HSE), O. Demidova (HSE)
Repeated transactions in Russian public procurement: guarantee of contract performance or corrupt collusion? (Annotation)

A. Balsevich (HSE), E. Podkolzina (HSE)
Information transparency and public procurement (Annotation)

Section P. Demography and Labor Markets
Moderators: V. Gimpelson (HSE), M. Denisenko (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 230
Session P-01. Sexual, reproductive and family relations: the changing reality in the focus of public and political attention. (Jointly organized by the HSE Laboratory for comparative studies in mass consciousness and the Institute of Demography)
Session moderators: V. Magun (IS RAS, HSE), S. Zakharov (HSE)

O. Isupova (HSE), A. Belyanin (HSE), A. Gusareva (Independent researcher)
Modernization of "social roots and foundations": family and new reproductive technologies (Annotation, full version)

M. Fabrykant (HSE)
Traditional and modern views on family and gender relations: Russians as compared with other Europeans (Annotation, full version)

E. Bakhrenkova (Initiative group "Pro Feminism")
The public draft of The Concept of State Family Policy in Russian Federation: the legal view (Annotation)

A. Kondakov (CISR, EU SPb)
Reshaping Moral Boundaries of Citizenship in Russia: Discourse on Homosexuality after the fall of the USSR (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: L. Borusyak (HSE)
Room 230
Session P-02. Migration and Labor Markets
Session moderator: L. Karachurina (HSE)

N. Mkrtchyan (HSE)
Internal labour Migration in Russia (Annotation)

Y. Florinskaya (HSE)
Invisible beings on a labor market: domestic workers - migrants in Russia and Kazakhstan (comparative research analysis) (Annotation, full version)

T. Kuzmitskaya (IE NAS of Belarus), L. Shakhotska (IE NAS of Belarus )
The role of migration in addressing the demographic development of the Republic of Belarus (Annotation, full version)

Room 230
Session P-03. Demographic processes in the post-Soviet Space
Session moderator: S. Vasin (HSE)

I. Kashnitsky (HSE)
Cohort research on Russian youth intraregional migration (Annotation, full version)

N. Privalova (ERI of the Ministry of economy of the Republic of Belarus)
Modern trends and development prospects of the Belarusian familry (Annotation, full version)

A. Tyndik (RANEPA)
Moscow versus Russia: up-to-date information concerning fertility behavior of the population (Annotation, full version)

Room 230
Session P-04. Mortality from External Causes as a Factor of low Life Expectancy in Russia
Session moderator: A. Vishnevsky (HSE)

E. Kvasha (HSE), T. Kharkova (HSE)
Mortality from accidents and violence in Russia and in the West (Annotation, full version)

V. Yumaguzin (HSE)
Trauma mortality: causes and reducing (Annotation, full version)

I. Aminov (HSE), A. Ramonov (HSE)
Dynamics of self inflicted injuries mortality in Russian federation since 1990 (Annotation)

03 April, Thursday
Room 230
Session P-05. Labor Market: Wages, Productivity and Employment
Session moderator: S. Roschin (HSE)

I. Voskoboynikov (HSE), R. Kapeliushnikov (HSE)
Labour composition and labour productivity growth rates in Russia and Eastern Europe (Annotation)

S. Kapelyuk (SibUCC)
Determinants of Minimum Wages in Russian Regions (Annotation)

P. Koistinen (UTA), P. Virtanen (UTA)
Employment trajectories of the early leavers, displaced and remaining workers after workforce reductions (Annotation, full version)

A. Sharunina (HSE)
Public-private wage gaps in Russian regions (Annotation, full version)

Room 230
Session P-06. Employment and Demographic Processes
Session moderator: R. Kapelyushnikov (HSE)

O. Sinyavskaya (Maastricht University), S. Billingsley (SU)
The Importance of Job Characteristics to Women’s Fertility Intentions and Behavior in Russia (Annotation, full version)

C. Mihaescu (Bucharest University of Economic Studies ), R. Caplescu (Bucharest University of Economic Studies), I. Niculescu-Aron ( Bucharest University of Economic Studies)
Labour Market Influence on Fertility in Romania. A Panel Data Analysis (Annotation, full version)

R. Caplescu (Bucharest University of Economic Studies), I. Niculescu-Aron ( Bucharest University of Economic Studies), C. Mihaescu (Bucharest University of Economic Studies)
Influence of Socio-Economic Factors on Fertility Behaviour. A Case Study on Romania (Annotation, full version)

V. Agadjanian (Arizona State University), E. Gorina (The University of Texas at Dallas)
Income, Wage Fairness Perceptions and Job Satisfaction among Migrant Women in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Section Q. Media and Communications
Moderator: A. Kachkaeva (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 228
Session Q-01. Important Questions of Communicative Identity and Globalization
Session moderator: A. Kachkaeva (HSE)

A. Calabrese (University of Colorado-Boulder)
Cosmopolitan Localism: The Ambivalent Mediatization of the Local Food Movement (Annotation)

E. Panchenko (RANEPA)
Russian identity and discourse in state Mass Media (Annotation)

A. Novikova (HSE), I. Kiriya (HSE)
Not urbanized identity (Annotation, full version)

A. Kolchina (HSE)
Role of Radio Liberty in preserving the cultural identity of Russian emigration in 1950 (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: O. Baysha (HSE)
Room 228
Session Q-02. Identity of the New Media
Session moderator: S. Bodrunova (SPbU)

M. Pilgun (HSE)
Main online communication strategies in Russia (Annotation, full version)

O. Koltsova (HSE)
“Livejournal Libra!” The Influence of Political Blogosphere on Russia’s Political Mobilisation in 2011-12 (Annotation, full version)

A. Frame (University of Burgundy)
Creating an Alumni Identity Online through Social Media - the Case of “uB-link” (Annotation)

O. Gurkina (MSUPE), E. Novikova (MSUPE)
Using of social networking sites:is there a choice for today's teenagers? (Annotation, full version)

S. Williams (University of Wolverhampton)
How Public Sector Workers in the UK Leverage Collective Identity to Engage Local Communities (Annotation)

Discussant: E. Lapina-Kratasyuk (HSE)
Room 228
Session Q-03. Discourse of Political Identity in the Media
Session moderator: M. Pilgun (HSE)

A. Stefanel (University of Bucharest), L. Cernat (University of Bucharest ), F. Alexe (University of Bucharest)
Moldavian, Romanian or Pan-Russian: The Construction and the Deconstruction of the National Identity in the Republic of Moldova in the 2.0 media (Annotation)

A. Potsar (HSE)
Public speech strategies of Russian authorities in crisis (Annotation, full version)

S. Shomova (HSE)
"The Insider," "Alien" and "No One": markers of cultural identity in the pre-election campaign of the mayor of Moscow (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: I. Kiriya (HSE)
Room 228
Session Q-04. Identity of TV and Transmedia
Session moderator: A. Novikova (HSE)

E. Petrova (DSTU)
Journalism functions in the context of the media system transformation (Annotation, full version)

A. Tarasenko (HSE)
Dramaturgy of TV formats in the context of the transformation of television viewing in Russia (Annotation, full version)

Russian Mocumentary TV as a Presentation Language: What are we talking about? (Annotation, full version)

R. Rampazzo Gambarato (HSE)
Transmedia Storytelling in Russia: The Moral of the Story (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Kachkaeva (HSE)
03 April, Thursday
Room 228
Session Q-05. Social and Cultural Issues in Social Media
Session moderator: O. Koltsova (HSE)

I. Yasaveyev (Kazan Federal University), V. Ignashin (KFU)
Constructing the police violence and prison violence problems in the Russian blogosphere (Annotation, full version)

S. Bodrunova (HSE - Saint Petersburg), S. Nikolenko (HSE - Saint Petersburg), A. Shimorina ( HSE - Saint Petersburg )
'Political actor' vs. 'ritualized Other': mapping ethnic discourse in the Russian-language blogosphere (Annotation)

P. Meylakhs (HSE - Saint Petersburg), Y. Rykov (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
Online community of AIDS-dissidents in social network "VKontakte": structure and rhetorical strategies (Annotation, full version)

S. Bodrunova (SPbU), A. Litvinenko (SPbU), A. Yakunin (SPbU), I. Blekanov (SPbU)
The Twitter discourse upon migrants: comparative analysis of Russia and Germany (Annotation)

Discussant: I. Dzyaloshinsky (HSE)
Room 228
Session Q-06. Study of the Internet as a Sociocultural Phenomenon
Session moderator: S. Bodrunova (SPbU)

O. Koltsova (HSE)
Mining and understanding comment-based communities in Livejournal (Annotation, full version)

S. Koltcov (HSE), O. Koltsova (HSE)
What and how much popular and ordinary bloggers say: spin doctors vs vox populi (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: S. Davudov (HSE)
Section R. Management
Moderators: O. Tretyak (HSE), N. Filinov (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 234
Session R-01. Modern Marketing Practices
Session moderator: O. Tretyak (HSE)

T. Vetrova (HSE)
Contemporary marketing practices: a comparative analysis of advanced and developing country (Annotation, full version)

E. Novatorov (HSE)
Redistribution based concept of marketing for public organizations (Annotation)

O. Tretyak (HSE), V. Rebyazina (HSE), T. Vetrova (HSE)
Contemporary Marketing Practices in Russia (Annotation)

Discussant: M. Smirnova (GSOM SPbU)
Room 234
Session R-02. Design of New Business Models
Session moderator: O. Tretyak (HSE)

A. Holm (Aarhus University), F. Günzel-Jensen (Aarhus University)
Managing Market Exploration and Economic Exploitation through Creating Co-Existing Business Models in the Venture Creation Process (Annotation)

A. Rozhkov (GSOM SPSU), M. Smirnova (GSOM SPSU), V. Rebiazina (HSE)
Customer Orientation in Emerging Markets: new research perspectives (Annotation)

V. Rebiazina (HSE), M. Smirnova (GSOM SPbU)
The Role of Market Orientation in Development of Product Innovations by Russian companies (Annotation)

Discussant: O. Yuldasheva (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Room 234
Session R-03. Networks, Inter-company Interactions and Relationships
Session moderator: A. Sterligova (HSE)

N. Kolesnik (HSE)
Interfirm value creation (Annotation, full version)

A. Sterligova (HSE), I. Denisov (HSE)
Development of a performance improvement technique of the companies entering into interorganizational networks (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: O. Tretyak (HSE)
Room 522
Round table R-04. Models and business practices in the Russian market (with participation of representatives of McKinsey, Nielsen, Bain & Company, IBM, Yandex, etc.)
Moderators: O. Tretyak (HSE), G. Kleiner (CEMI RAS)

1. Technical Innovation in Management: Do we copy or we create something new?
2. Is the Russian market customer-oriented and what forms it acquires?
3. May customer orientation be a source of competitive advantage in the Russian market?
4. Which Business Models are the most successful in the Russian market?

03 April, Thursday
Room 522
Session R-05. Management in BRICS Countries: existing Features and New Trends
Session moderator: V. Kabalina (HSE)

A. Yusupova (NSU),
Large Corporations: Sustainability of Market Position and Regional Differences (Annotation, full version)

N. Bek (HSE), M. Bek (HSE)
Innovative development in BRICS countries: conditions, results and objectives to improve governance (Annotation)

A. Veselova (GSOM SPbU), A. Kazantcev (GSOM SPbU)
Typology of Organizational Structures of Russian Industrial MNCs (Annotation)

Y. Berlizeva (HSE)
Impact of employee loyalty on the business result of the company (Annotation, full version)

E. Prosvirkina (HSE)
Human Resources Management in the Russian Banking Industry: Key Characteristics, Effectiveness, and Influence on Organizational Performance (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: M. Bek (HSE)
Room 522
Session R-06. Russian Corporate Governance
Session moderator: A. Vernikov (HSE)

Y. Dulyak (Sberbank-Technology)
The impact of the boards of directors structure and composition on corporate performance of Russian companies: empirical analysis (Annotation, full version)

E. Ivanova (Vienna University of Economics and Business)
Corporate Code of Ethics as an Attribute of the Civilized Business in Russia (Annotation, full version)

A. Vernikov (HSE)
Does Corporate Governance Really Predict Firms’ Market Values in Emerging Markets? The Case of Russian Banks (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: O. Yuldasheva (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Section S. Science and Innovation
Moderators: A. Sokolov (HSE), L. Gohberg (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 121
Session S-01. Problems of science, technology and innovation policy
Session moderator: G. Kitova (HSE)

N. Smorodinskaya (IE RAS)
Cluster approach in economic growth policy vs. reindustrialization (Annotation)

A. Frolov (CMASF)
The problems of coordination actions of innovation policy (Annotation, full version)

I. Nikiforova (HSE - Saint-Petersburg), A. Veikher (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
Vying for a Nobel Prize: Analysis of Nobel Prizes in the sciences (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: V. Roud (HSE)
Room 121
Session S-02. Regional Development of Innovations
Session moderator: M. Goland (Center of Innovation Development Moscow)

A. Polezhaeva (HSE)
Governance of innovation development of region (by the example of Moscow region) (Annotation, full version)

G. Golobokova (Magadan Regional Administration)
The logistic approach to development of northern regional innovative sistem (Annotation, full version)

S. Khalimova (IEIE SB RAS)
Rating of regional differences in the development of innovation (Annotation, full version)

E. Nechaeva (HSE), E. Kutsenko (HSE)
Measuring innovation at the regional level: comparative analysis of foreign and domestic papers (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: E. Kutsenko (HSE)
Section Sa. Special Seminar. Long-term Forecast for Science, Technology and Innovations: Challenges for Science and Technology Policy (Organized by HSE Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge (ISSEK)
Moderators: L. Gokhberg (HSE), A. Sokolov (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 311
Session Sa-01. Meeting of the Interdepartmental Commission on Technology Foresight of the Council under the President of the Russian Federation on economic modernization and innovative development of Russia
Session moderator: D. Livanov (The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)

Room 311
Round table Sa-02. Technology Forecasting System - Organization and First Results
Moderator: L. Gokhberg (HSE)

• The role and place of Technology Forecasting in the government strategic planning system. Institutionalization of Technology Forecasting
• Technological Forecasts for the federal and branch level - Accordance issues
• Using the Results of Forecasts in Practice of Public Policy and Corporate Governance
• Creation of Expert Networks in Science and Technology

Participants: G. Nikitin (Minpromtorg Russia), L. Ogorodova (The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia), A. Povalko (The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia), A. Klepach (Economy Ministry of Russia), A. Ponomarev (Skoltech), I. Agamirzyan (RVC), V. Pershukov (Rosatom), M. Alashkevich (The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)
Room 116
Session Sa-03. System Organization of Technological Forecasting - 1
Session moderator: P. Shapira (University of Manchester; GeorgiaTech)

A. Havas (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
S&T Foresight in Central and Eastern Europe (Annotation)

A. Chulok (HSE)
Technology Forecasting System: Methodological, Organizational and Information Support Problems (Annotation)

P. Rudnik (Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation)
The Role of the Technology Forecasting in creating Innovation and economic policies (Annotation)

A. Sokolova (HSE)
Evaluation of Foresight studies at the national level (Annotation)

Discussant: O. Karasev (HSE)
Room 116
Session Sa-04. System Organization of Technological Forecasting - 2
Session moderator: J. Linton (University of Ottawa, HSE)

A. Sokolov (HSE)
Priorities creation in Science and Technology: Critical Technologies at federal and branch level (Annotation)

O. Karasev (HSE)
Sectoral technology roadmaps: methodological approaches (Annotation)

E. Christofilopoulos (Phemonoe Lab)
China Research 2025: Trendscanning (Annotation)

A. Grebenyuk (HSE)
The Forecast of Science and Technology Development for the period through to 2030: the Results and their Use. (Annotation)

Discussant: I. Miles (University of Manchester, HSE)
03 April, Thursday
Room 116
Session Sa-05. Sectoral priorities for science and technology - 1
Session moderator: D. Meissner (HSE)

O. Saritas (HSE)
Monitoring of Technological Trends: Sectoral Aspects (Annotation)

P. Shapira (University of Manchester; GeorgiaTech)
21st Century Manufacturing: Manufacturing Realities, Futures, and Strategies in the United States (Annotation)

K. Vishnevskiy (HSE)
Foresight of Space Navigation (Annotation)

Discussant: J. Linton (University of Ottawa, HSE)
Room 116
Session Sa-06. Sectoral priorities for science and technology - 2
Session moderator: A. Havas (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

J. Linton (University of Ottawa, HSE)
Non-Gaussian Returns of High Tech Firms (Annotation)

S. Filippov (ERI RAS)
Priorities creation in Science and Technology: Critical Technologies at federal and branch level (Annotation)

I. Miles (University of Manchester, HSE)
Healthcare Foresight in Great Britain (Annotation)

T. Thurner (HSE)
Innovation Priorities for Oil & Gas Sector (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Chulok (HSE)
Room 116
Session Sa-07. Scientific, Technical and Innovation Policy Tools: Support for Technological Development
Session moderator: A. Sokolov (HSE)

S. Zaichenko (HSE)
Special Aspects of Government Scientific Organisations Participation in Innovation Process (Annotation)

Y. Simachev (IAC), M. Kuzyk (IAC), V. Feygina (IAC)
University-Industry Interaction in Russian Innovation System: Can the State Help, and How? (Annotation)

M. Gershman (HSE)
Effective Contract in Science (Annotation)

V. Roud (HSE)
Intensity and efficiency of innovation - estimates of knowledge production function for Russian enterprises (Annotation)

Discussant: O. Saritas (HSE)
Room 116
Session Sa-08. Scientific, Technical and Innovation Policy Tools: special aspects of regions
Session moderator: I. Miles (University of Manchester, HSE)

M. Goland (Center of Innovation Development Moscow)
Development of Innovative Regional Clusters in Russia (Annotation)

K. Fursov (HSE), Y. Markova (HSE)
Knowledge clusters: measuring R&D performance of Russian cities (Annotation)

E. Kutsenko (HSE)
The practice of governance and management in the pilot innovative clusters of Russia (Annotation)

I. Wade (University College London)
Problems of Innovative Development: Regional Aspects (Annotation)

Discussant: P. Shapira (University of Manchester; GeorgiaTech)
Section Ta. Social and Cultural Processes
Moderators: V. Magun (IS RAS, HSE), E. Ponarin (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 224
Session Ta-01. A social construction of creative occupations in Soviet Russia and USSR in the late 1910's - early 1930's. (Organized by RANEPA School of current humanitarian Studies)
Session moderator: M. Mayofis (RANEPA)

M. Raky (SIAS)
Finding identity: "Soviet musicology" in the Stalinist Era (Annotation)

G. Belyayeva (Radishchev museum)
Social constructing of art educational milieu in Saratov (1918-1932): actors and strategies (Annotation)

E. Rubakova (RANEPA)
"The word conservatory": Soviet writer as literary invention of Bryusov Higher Literary- Art Institute (Annotation)

Discussant: I. Sirotkina (IHST RAS)
Room 224
Session Ta-02. Religious Nationalism in Theory and in Practice (Organized by the HSE Center for the Study of Religion and Secularism)
Session moderator: J. Kormina (HSE)

M. Efremova (HSE)
The role of religious identity in intercultural communication strategies of migrants and the host population (Annotation, full version)

S. Shtyrkov (EUSPb)
Orthodoxy as the traditional Ossetian ethnic religion: ethisation of religion in Republic of North Ossetia (Annotation, full version)

V. Kostenko (HSE)
Gender attitudes and democracy at the Middle East: Islam, nationalism and modernisation (Annotation, full version)

J. Kormina (HSE)
Saint Martyrs in Rhetorics and Practice of Contemporary Russian Orthodoxy (Annotation, full version)

Room 224
Session Ta-03. Cultural Regulators of Social Behavior
Session moderator: A. Belianin (HSE)

M. Rudnev (HSE), A. Savelkayeva (HSE)
Parent-Child Transmission of Basic Values: Theory and Exploratory Study (Annotation, full version)

V. Magun (IS RAS, HSE), M. Rudnev (HSE)
Alternative structure of the Schwartz value variables (Annotation)

S. Tarasova (PI REA)
Social and psychological aspects of bullying (Annotation, full version)

A. Belianin (HSE)
Xenophobia in the Lab: the case of Russia (Annotation)

Room 224
Session Ta-04. Social Capital and Economic Behavior. (Organized by the HSE International Scientific-Educational Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research)
Session moderator: A. Tatarko (HSE)

A. Mironova (HSE)
Trust as a factor of individual subjective well-being (Annotation, full version)

J. Häuberer (Universität Hamburg)
Individual Social Capital in Culturally Diverse Settings: Comparing Czechs, Russians, Dagestani and Chechens (Annotation)

M. Lukmanova (RII)
Social Capital and Government Regulation in Kazakhstan: Ethnic Features (Annotation)

S. Breugelmans (Tilburg University)
Poverty and Decision Making (Annotation)

A. Lipatova (HSE)
Stability of intention to start one's own business from perspective of the Theory of planned behavior (Annotation, full version)

A. Tatarko (HSE)
Socio-psychological capital as a factor of entrepreneurial activity of the person (Annotation, full version)

03 April, Thursday
Room 216
Session Ta-05. New Cultural Practice and Technology.
Session moderator: I. Klimov (NES, HSE)

A. Zapolskaya (HSE)
Social production of a visual mass media product (the case of news photography in major wire services) (Annotation, full version)

N. Maslenkova (SSU)
The codex and the reader: the evolution of the readers practices (Annotation, full version)

S. Nikitin (HSE), M. Avdonina (Moscow State Linguistic University)
Urban code formation in the Velonotte international project (Annotation)

I. Klimov (NES, HSE)
Social innovation as a cultural product (Annotation)

Room 216
Session Ta-06. Values, creativity and innovation in different contexts. (Organized by the HSE International Scientific-Educational Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research)
Session moderators: N. Lebedeva (HSE), P. Schmidt (Justus Liebig Universität Giessen)

A. Mustajoki (University of Helsnki, Academy of Finland)
Research universities as producers of new knowledge and innovations (Annotation)

P. Schmidt (Justus Liebig Universität Giessen)
Values and innovative behavior in organizations (Annotation)

M. Bulatova (HSE)
Values and motivation underlying visual creativity (Annotation)

N. Lebedeva (HSE), E. Bushina (HSE)
Values and domains of cretivity (Annotation)

Discussant: S. Yakogolovsky (HSE)
Room 216
Session Ta-08. Work values and culture challenges
Session moderator: G. Yastrebtsov (HSE)

V. Magun (IS RAS, HSE), G. Monusova (IMEMO RAS, HSE)
How personal activity and public goods are related in the minds of the Europeans (Annotation, full version)

S. Korotaev (HSE)
Creativity: the Problem of Concepualization and the Preliminary Results of a Survey of Foreign and Native Professionals Working in Multicultural Teams in Russia (Annotation, full version)

K. Medvedeva (HSE)
Labour discipline in the Orthodox sisterhood (Annotation)

Section Tb. Society and Social Policy
Moderators: L. Ovcharova (IISP), T. Chetvernina (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 524
Session Tb-01. Problems of Economic and Social Stratification
Session moderator: L. Ovcharova (IISP)

E. Avraamova (RANEPA)
Sociad dynamics trends: city fops or generation of optimists (Annotation, full version)

C. Sanchez (World Bank)
Economic Mobility and Emergence of the Middle-class in Russia (Annotation)

L. Nivorozhkina (RSEU), T. Sinyavskaya (RSEU), T. Toropova (RSEU)
Disposable income and savings and credit behavior of households (Annotation)

Room 524
Session Tb-02. Problems of Economic and Social Stratification (resumption)
Session moderator: L. Ovcharova (IISP)

O. Rakauskiene (MRU)
Social Economic Unequality: Lithuania - Leader in the European Union (Annotation, full version)

A. Pishnyak (HSE)
Lifestyle and social well-being of the middle class in Moscow (Annotation, full version)

O. Borodkina (SPbSU)
Social Issues of the Well-being of Youth in Russia (Annotation)

Room 524
Session Tb-03. The Standards of Living and Quality of Life
Session moderator: T. Chetvernina (HSE)

D. Popova (European University Institute in Florence)
Distributional impacts of child allowances: a microsimulation analysis for Russia and Europe (Annotation, full version)

L. Alfonsas (MRU)
Socio-economic Development and Tendencies of Lithuanian Population Welfare (Annotation, full version)

S. Ter-Akopov (HSE)
Estimation of the socio-economic factors which contribute to child birth in different types of families based on the comparison of current and retrospective condition of the families with newborn children (Annotation, full version)

S. Mareeva (IS RAS)
Values of Russian Poor (Annotation, full version)

Room 524
Session Tb-04. The Pension System and Pension Reform in Russia
Session moderator: O. Sinyavskaya (Maastricht University)

A. Solovyev (HSE), M. Korzhov (HSE), A. Kurmanov (State Fund of Social insurance)
Vectors of influence of new pension strategy on labour and financial behaviour of the population (Annotation, full version)

L. Rzanicina (IE RAS)
Whether the new pension formula is so good (Annotation, full version)

A. Kurmanov (State social insurance fund)
Complex estimation of efficiency of pension system on the basis of system of the international indicators as the factor of maintenance of success of realisation of pension reforms (Annotation, full version)

O. Sinyavskaya (Maastricht University)
New Russian pension reform: winners and losers (Annotation, full version)

03 April, Thursday
Room 524
Session Tb-05. Social Support and Family Policy
Session moderator: L. Prokofyeva (HSE)

C. Lefevre (Centre Population et Developpement), I. Korchagina (HSE), L. Prokofyeva (HSE)
Recent changes of family policy and the families opinion on it in Russia and France (Annotation, full version)

E. Grishina (RANEPA)
Improvement of social assistance of poor in Russia (Annotation, full version)

S. Biryukova (HSE)
Non-institutional care for orphan children: Russian approach and European experience (Annotation, full version)

L. Balastryk (Taras Shevchenko NU of Kyiv )
The implementation of the principle of social justice in a system of government minimum social guarantees (Annotation, full version)

Room 524
Round table Tb-06. Social Support and Family Policy
Moderator: L. Ovcharova (IISP)

• What social policies may become drivers of economic development;
• Increasing allowances and salaries in the public sector due to low economic growth: the effects of impact on household income;
• Welfare and education in the new economy;
• New inequities and their impact on consumption and social support

Participants: E. Arzhanykh (MSUPE), E. Bazueva (Perm State National Research University ), O. Gurkina (MSUPE), O. Krakashova (RC EMM), D. Loginov (RANEPA), I. Manakhova (MSU), A. Rudberg (HSE), D. Salnikova (HSE), E. Skobleva (ASU)
Section Tc. Sociology
Moderators: L. Kosals (HSE), S. Barsukova (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room 226
Session Tc-01. Civil society, power and political activity
Session moderator: E. Petrenko (FOM)

E. Petrenko (FOM), J. Kot (FOM), I. Ivanova (FOM)
A set of social roles of civil society actors (according to The Public Opinion Foundation researches) (Annotation)

N. Savin (HSE)
Discursive Rationales of Political Passivity in Russia (Annotation)

G. Romashkina ( TGU), V. Davydenko (TGU)
Power and civil society: the problem of duality estimates (Annotation, full version)

Room 226
Session Tc-02. Living standards and social well-being of the Russian population
Session moderator: T. Cherkashina (NSU, IEIE SB RAS)

E. Slobodenyuk (HSE)
The processes of social dynamics in a group of poor people in Russia. (Annotation, full version)

T. Cherkashina (NSU, IEIE SB RAS)
The behavioral patterns of involvement in the health care system (Annotation, full version)

O. Isupova (HSE), N. Rusanova (ISEPP RAS)
Voluntarily or involuntarily: who is responsible for 17-20% of expected level of childlessness at age 50 in young generations of Russian women? (Annotation, full version)

Room 226
Session Tc-03. Living standards and social well-being of the Russian population - 2
Session moderator: L. Borusyak (HSE)

L. Borusyak (HSE), G. Nikolayshvili (HSE)
"Drink Less or Be Treated Better? Key Social Problems in Russian Regions" (Annotation, full version)

A. Aistov (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), A. Rassadovskaya (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Corruption expectations and trust in social institutions (Annotation, full version)

Y. Krasheninnikova (HSE)
Beyond healthcare system: the development of alternative health services in urban and rural areas (Annotation, full version)

Room 226
Session Tc-04. Social Problems of Economic Development – 1
Session moderator: N. Pliskevich (IE RAS)

N. Pliskevich (IE RAS)
Concept of North-Wollis-Waingast and the threshold Conditions for the Society (Annotation, full version)

V. Kharchenko (USPU), O. Zheleznova (Serebro lab)
The "Third Places" in Russia: Sociological Analysis of Working Space (Annotation, full version)

A. Shevchuk (HSE), D. Strebkov (HSE)
The impact of human capital on income and satisfaction of self-employed professionals (freelancers) (Annotation, full version)

03 April, Thursday
Room 226
Session Tc-05. Ethics, Anomie and Development
Session moderator: L. Kosals (HSE)

A. Shirokanova (BSU)
Islamic Work Ethic? In Search of Empirical Evidence (Annotation)

E. Lytkina (HSE)
Anomie - normlessness or lack of moral norms? Revisiting the empirical capability of the concept (Annotation, full version)

V. Karacharovskiy (HSE), G. Yastrebov (HSE)
Foreign Professionals (Expats) in Russia – Influencers or Modernizers? (Annotation, full version)

Room 226
Session Tc-06. Integration of migrants on the local level: micro-perspective
Session moderator: A. Rocheva (RANEPA)

P. Becker (Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity)
Social Capital and adaptation strategies of African migrants in Russia (Annotation)

E. Varshaver (RANEPA), A. Rocheva (RANEPA)
Integration to Migrant Communities based in Moscow “ethnic cafes” from the Micro-Perspective (Annotation)

04 April, Friday
Room 226
Session Tc-09. Social Problems of Economic Development – 2
Session moderator: M. Chernush (IS RAN)

N. Lytvynenko (National Mining University), H. Pylypenko (National Mining University), E. Prushkovskaya (NUK Taras Shevchenko )
Sociocultural aspects of economic consciousness of the Ukrainians in the context of the structural modernization of the economy (Annotation, full version)

A. Pishnyak (HSE), N. Khalina (HSE)
Meanings of economic action: parent’s and children`s perceptions of the intrahousehold exchange of money and goods (Annotation, full version)

D. Maltseva (ZIRCON Research Group)
Market entities of sociological research in Russia: state and prospects of development (main results of the study) (Annotation, full version)

Section Td. Social Organisation of Economic Life
Moderator: A. Efendiev (HSE)

03 April, Thursday
Room 121
Session Td-06. Social Structure of the modern Village in terms of Transformation in economics
Session moderators: T. Nefedova (IGRAS), S. Barsukova (HSE)

A. Efendiev (HSE)
Social organization of contemporary Russian village in the context of development of new forms of agricultural production and economic change (Annotation, full version)

S. Barsukova (HSE)
New trends in agricultural policy in Russia as result of accession to WTO (Annotation)

C. Dufy (Institute of Political Sciences)
Food Safety policy in Russia: from liberalization to local resistance? An insight on the Agriculture reform in the Sverdlovsk Region (Annotation, full version)

R. Hervouet (Université de Bordeaux)
The (post)Soviet type paternalism: an ethnography of the kolkhoz condition in Belarus (Annotation, full version)

P. Sorokin (HSE)
Reduction in the standard of living in the villages of the Belgorod region in the years 2000-2013 as a social problem: the factors and consequences (Annotation, full version)

Room 121
Session Td-07. Social organization of firms - Russian and foreign practice
Session moderator: A. Efendiev (HSE)

A. Gogoleva (HSE), A. Efendiev (HSE)
Mutual obligations in employment relations: an empirical study (Annotation, full version)

E. Balabanova (HSE)
Finding Jobs in Russia: "Professional" and "Clannish" Social Networks (Annotation)

M. Sippola (University of Eastern Finland)
Can we speak of 'moral' in association with multinational companies' behaviour? Lessons learned from Nordic companies in the Baltic States and Russia (Annotation, full version)

C. Sandru (Transilvania University of Brasov), F. Nechita (Transilvania University of Brasov )
Business Associations in Brasov.The Case of German and Magyar Ethnic Intrepreneurship (Annotation)

Room 121
Round table Td-08. The Modern Village: Problems of socio-economic Development
Moderator: A. Efendiev (HSE)

1) Modern Village: from homogeneity to multistructurality
2) The structure of rural employment
3) Economic independence and personal responsibility in rural people’s perception and notion
4) Social Attitudes and Attitude to the Future

Participants: T. Nefedova (IGRAS), M. Mukhanova (IS RAS), M. Kozlova (HSE), G. Mainguy (Université Bordeaux Segalen), C. Buzea (Transilvania University of Brasov)
Section Te. 4th LCSR International Workshop “Social and Cultural Changes in Cross-National Perspective: Values and Modernization”
Moderator: R. Inglehart (University of Michigan, HSE)

28 March, Friday
Room 101
Session Te. Disentangling Trust, General and Institutional Trust
Session moderator: L. Kosals (HSE)

A. Almakaeva (Higher School of Economics), N. Griesshaber (Humboldt University Berlin)
Disentangling Trust and Perceived Trustworthiness. Towards a more distinguished analysis of trust (Annotation)

T. Balazs ("Sapientia" Hungarian University of Transylvania)
The interconnection between the institutional trust and welfare attitudes in the former communist countries of Europe (Annotation)

E. Selezneva (Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung (IOS)), F. Sarracino (STATEC, GESIS, LCSR)
Internet use and gender differences in general trust (Annotation)

Discussant: C. Swader (HSE), E. Ponarin (HSE)
Room 101
Session Te. Plenary Session 1 Diversity, Segregation and Trust
Session moderator: C. Welzel (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research)

E. Uslaner (University of Maryland)
Diversity, Segregation, and Trust (Annotation)

Room 101
Session Te. Modernization, Values Change and Racial Intolerance
Session moderator: F. Sarracino (STATEC, GESIS)

E. Lytkina (HSE)
Alienation and group-focused enmity in European context (Annotation)

A. Hoevermann (HSE), A. Zick (Bielefeld University)
A Multi-Level Analysis of Assumptions of Institutional Anomie Theory with Data of the European Social Survey (Annotation)

M. Ravlik (Georg August University)
A Cross-National Evaluation of the Sources of Anti-Trafficking Enforcement and Migrant Vulnerability to Trafficking (Annotation)

Discussant: T. Balazs ("Sapientia" Hungarian University of Transylvania), H. Duelmer (GESIS)
Room 101
Session Te. Perceived legitimacy, distrust in public institutions and corruption
Session moderator: A. Nemirovskaya (HSE)

H. Mazepus (Leiden University)
Perceived legitimacy of national authorities in comparative perspective: Evaluating political authorities in democratic and mixed regimes (Annotation)

M. Kravtsova (HSE)
Distrust in Public Institutions, Interpersonal Trust and Corruption (Annotation)

A. Dubova (National research university Higher school of economics)
Corruption and balance between public and private interests: micro-, meso- and macro- levels (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Almakaeva (HSE), E. Uslaner (University of Maryland)
29 March, Saturday
Room 101
Session Te. Corruption
Session moderator: A. Shcherback (HSE)

E. Uslaner (University of Maryland)
The Bulging Pocket and the Rule of Law: Corruption, Inequality, and Trust (Annotation)

M. Kravtsova (HSE), A. Oshchepkov (HSE)
Of two Evils Choose the Lesser: Network and Market Corruption? (Annotation)

T. Karabchuk (HSE), R. Almuhametov (HSE)
Propensity for Corruption in Police: comparative study of Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria and Latvia (Annotation)

Discussant: C. Welzel (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research), L. Kosals (HSE)
Room 101
Session Te. Plenary Session 2: Explaining Corruption
Session moderator: E. Ponarin (HSE)

A. Rattner (University of Haifa)
Macro and Micro Perspectives Explaining Corruption Is Something Missining (Annotation)

Room 101
Session Te. Trust in Police
Session moderator: T. Karabchuk (HSE)

A. Almakaeva (HSE), C. Swader (HSE)
Trust in police (Annotation)

A. Domanov (MGIMO)
Trust in the Police: Interaction and Stereotypes (Annotation)

A. Dubova (HSE)
What Makes People Feel Safe? The Role of the Police (Annotation)

Discussant: E. Uslaner (University of Maryland), A. Oshchepkov (HSE)
Room 101
Session Te. Corruption, Crime and Police
Session moderator: E. Uslaner (University of Maryland)

A. Domanov (HSE)
Commitment to Nationalism: Predictors of Popular Political Euroscepticism about Common Immigration Policy in the EU (Annotation)

C. Swader (HSE)
Loneliness and Urbanization in Europe: A Multi-level Approach (Annotation)

Discussant: R. Inglehart (University of Michigan, HSE), E. Selezneva (Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung (IOS))
Room 101
Session Te. Guest Presentation on project FP7 ArabTrans
Session moderator: T. Karabchuk (HSE)

H. Cristian (University of Aberdeen), K. Kizilova (University of Aberdeen)
Political and Social Transformations in the Arab World (Annotation)

30 March, Sunday
Room 101
Session Te. Happiness and Subjective well-being
Session moderator: C. Welzel (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research)

I. Vartanova (Institute for Futures Studies)
Subjective Well-Being of Knowledge Workers: Multilevel Analysis (Annotation)

M. Kainu (University of Turku), M. Niemelä (Kela)
Attributions for Poverty in Post-Socialist Countries (Annotation)

R. Foa (Harvard University)
Governance of the Frontier (Annotation)

Discussant: E. Ponarin (HSE), K. Kizilova (HSE)
Room 101
Session Te. Plenary Session 3: Happiness in economic systems and context in Multilevel analysis
Session moderator: R. Inglehart (University of Michigan, HSE)

F. Sarracino (STATEC, GESIS and LCSR)
For a socially sustainable economic system. (Annotation)

Room 101
Session Te. Loneliness and Subjective Well-Being
Session moderator: H. Duelmer (GESIS)

T. Zaydanli (Paris School of Economics: Nova School of Business and Economics)
Elections and Subjective Well-Being in Sub-Saharan Africa (Annotation)

A. Nemirovskaya (HSE)
Standards of Life and Subjective Well-being in the Regions of Russia (Annotation)

M. Mikucka (Universite catholique Louvain), F. Sarracino (STATEC)
How do economic growth and social capital shape subjective well-being? Old question, new method. (Annotation)

Discussant: F. Sarracino (STATEC, GESIS), C. Welzel (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research)
Room 101
Session Te. Session9
Session moderator: C. Haerpfer (University of Aberdeen)

F. Sabatini (Sapienza University of Rome, Department of Economics and Law, and LCSR)
The Internet, Social Capital, Subjective Well-Being (Annotation)

F. Sarracino (STATEC, GESIS)
Economic growth, social capital and poverty traps (Annotation)

Discussant: A. Almakaeva (HSE), H. Duelmer (GESIS)
31 March, Monday
Room 101
Session Te. Modernization, stratification and values
Session moderator: T. Karabchuk (HSE)

A. Seymer (University of Salzburg)
Stratification and Values – potential for an integrated measure of societal position? (Annotation)

M. Zavadskaya (European University Institute), A. Gilev (CCHPS)
What makes everyday clientelism? Modernization, institutions, and values (Annotation)

M. Meyer-Schwarzenberger (University of St. Gallen)
The deep structure of values: How grammar determines attitude (Annotation)

Discussant: C. Haerpfer (University of Aberdeen), P. Schmidt (University of Giessen)
Room 101
Session Te. Plenary Session 4: Modernization, Values and (In) equality
Session moderator: P. Schmidt (University of Giessen)

H. Duelmer (GESIS)
Modernization, Culture and Morality in Europe: Universalism, Contextualism or Relativism? (Annotation)

J. Delhey (Jacobs University)
Is equality better? Some remarks and empirical findings on the Spirit-Level-theory (Annotation)

Room 101
Session Te. Preferences for redistribution and perception of inequality
Session moderator: V. Magun (IS RAS, HSE)

I. Denisova (NES)
Preferences for Redistribution in Post-Comunist countries (Annotation)

E. Yamamura (Seinan Gakuin University)
Subjective perceptions about inequality, redistribution, and tax burden: a comparative analysis (Annotation)

G. Monusova (IMEMO RAN), V. Gimpelson (HSE)
Perception of Inequality and Social Mobility (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: J. Delhey (Jacobs University), H. Duelmer (GESIS)
Room 101
Session Te. Social Justice and Perceptions about Inequality
Session moderator: C. Haerpfer (University of Aberdeen)

J. Zelikova (HSE St. Petersburg Bransh)
Welfare State, Well-being and Social Justice (Annotation)

O. Griaznova (European University Institute)
Social position, values and support of different government welfare programs. A comparison of six types of welfare cultures (Annotation)

Y. Savelyev (National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv)
Modernization and Variations in Values Change in European Societies in 1995-2008 (Annotation)

Discussant: R. Foa (Harvard University), R. Inglehart (University of Michigan, HSE)
02 April, Wednesday
Room 101
Session Te-01. Honorary Lecture by Ronald Inglehart: Cultural Change and the Decline of Violence: Economic Development and the Long Peace
Moderator: E. Ponarin (HSE)

Room 101
Session Te-02. Human values and value changes
Session moderator: M. Shteiwi (University of Jordan)

P. Schmidt (University of Giessen)
Human values, legal regulation, and approval of homosexuality in Europe: A cross-country comparison (Annotation)

C. Haerpfer (University of Aberdeen)
Cultural, Social and Economic Values and Modernization in Russia and the CIS 1994 – 2011 (Annotation)

Room 101
Session Te-03. Gender Attitudes and Gender Inequality
Session moderator: E. Uslaner (University of Maryland)

N. Soboleva (HSE)
Gender attitudes in post-crisis Europe (Annotation)

V. Kostenko (HSE)
Patterns of Gender Inequality in 47 European Countries (Annotation)

M. Shteiwi (University of Jordan)
Attitudes towards Gender Equality in the Arab Countries (Annotation)

Discussant: M. Mikucka (Universite catholiqu´e de Louvain ), R. Inglehart (University of Michigan, HSE)
Room 101
Session Te-04. Religiosity, Work Ethic and Attitudes
Session moderator: C. Swader (HSE)

A. Shirokanova (Belarus State University)
Islamic Work Ethic? In Search of Empirical Evidence in the WVS (Annotation)

O. Popova (Institute for East and Southeast European Studies)
Suffer for the Faith? The Impact of Parental Religiosity on Children’s Health (Annotation)

A. Wojcik (University of Warsaw)
The religious sources of pro-environmental attitudes (Annotation)

K. Zhirkov (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Looking for a Universal Measure of Religiosity: A Latent Variable Approach (Annotation)

Discussant: E. Prutskova (HSE), E. Ponarin (HSE)
03 April, Thursday
Room 101
Session Te-05. Understanding Democracy and Polarization
Session moderator: C. Haerpfer (University of Aberdeen)

A. Andreenkova (Institute for Comparative Social Research (CESSI))
Understanding and evaluation of democracy in Europe and Russia (Annotation)

R. B. Firat (University of Lyon)
Coalitional psychology: the missing link between ethnic polarization and well-being (Annotation)

B. Sokolov (HSE)
Polarization Measurement through Ordered Latent Class Analysis (Annotation)

Discussant: K. Zhirkov (HSE - Saint-Petersburg), E. Ponarin (HSE)
Room 101
Session Te-06. C. Welzel (Leuphana University, Germany; HSE LSCR, Saint-Petersburg, Russia). The author presents his new book “Freedom Rising: Human Empowerment and the Quest for Emancipation”. New York: Cambridge University Press. 2013
Session moderator: E. Ponarin (HSE)

C. Welzel (Leuphana University)
Presenting a public lecture within the session author meets critiques on the book "Freedom Rising: Human Empowerment and the Quest for Emancipation" (Annotation)

Discussant: H. D. Klingemann (Social Science Centre), C. Swader (HSE), P. Schmidt (University of Giessen), E. Athanasiou (NES), P. Dower (NES)
Room 101
Session Te-07. Civic and Political Involvment
Session moderator: F. Sarracino (STATEC, GESIS)

S. Khutka (Kyiv-Mohyla Academy)
Civic Political Involvement: Values and Protest Behaviour in Ukraine and Post-Socialist Societies (Annotation)

D. Khutkyy (Kiev International Institute of Sociology)
Proactive Orientation and Individual Activism as Causes of Personal Achievement and Subjective Well-Being (Annotation)

Z. Ybrayev (Nazarbayev University)
What factors explain divergent paths of political regimes in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan? (Annotation)

Discussant: B. Sokolov (HSE), C. Haerpfer (University of Aberdeen)
Room 101
Session Te-08. Public lecture by Hans-Dieter Klingemann (Social Science Research Centre (WZB), Germany) On “Dissatisfied Democrats” Support of Democracy in Europe 1999-2008
Session moderator: C. Welzel (Laboratory for Comparative Social Research)

04 April, Friday
Room 101
Session Te-09. Parenthood, Job stability and Fertility
Session moderator: P. Schmidt (University of Giessen)

T. Karabchuk (HSE)
Job stability and fertility in Europe: do the labour market institutions have any impact? (Annotation)

M. Mikucka (Universite catholiqu´e de Louvain )
Parenthood and life satisfaction. Russia in comparative perspective (Annotation)

A. Ryabchikova (HSE)
Mismatch between desired fertility and observed fertility: cross-cultural comparison (Annotation)

Discussant: I. Soboleva (HSE), V. Kozlov (HSE)
Room 101
Session Te-10. Genetic Adaptation to Environment and healthy life
Session moderator: A. Nemirovskaya (HSE)

A. Shcherbak (HSE)
Does Food Matter? Genetic Adaptation to Environment: The Effect of Food Intolerances on Cultural Change (Annotation)

V. Kozlov (HSE)
The main determinants of the healthy life at the age of 60 and older (Annotation)

Discussant: E. Ponarin (HSE), H. D. Klingemann (Social Science Centre)
Section U. Healthcare System Development
Moderator: L. Popovich (HSE)

03 April, Thursday
Room 228
Session U-07. Organization or motivation - how to improve efficiency of the healthcare facility?
Session moderator: L. Popovich (HSE)

M. Yugay (HSE), F. Kadyrov (HSE)
Process approach as a tool to increase efficiency in medical organization (Annotation, full version)

F. Kadyrov (HSE), M. Yugay (HSE)
Issues of realization of new legislative rights by governmental (municipal) medical organizations within system of compulsory medical insurance (Annotation, full version)

J. Mamytova (The Kirghiz national university of Z.Balasagyna)
Current state of educational preparation of the medical personnel in the Kirghiz Republic (Annotation, full version)

A. Temnitskiy (MGIMO)
The Motivation of Moderate and Inflated Claims of Health Workers to Wage (Annotation, full version)

E. Selezneva (HSE)
The impact of new forms of cost-sharing in health care financing (Annotation, full version)

Room 228
Session U-08. Investing In Healthcare - how to make investments from expenses?
Session moderator: L. Popovich (HSE)

I. Zarochintseva (HSE)
Economical efficiency of budget management for medicines procurement (Annotation, full version)

M. Sirotko (SamSMU), M. Kolosnitsyna (HSE), E. Strebkova (SamSMU), I. Shirokov (HSE)
Medical and economic evaluation models of chronic viral hepatitis (Samara region) (Annotation, full version)

A. Veikher (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
Evaluation of hidden morbidity by representative surveys: the need, possibilities and limitations (Annotation, full version)

E. Tarasenko (HSE)
Doctor 2.0: Physicians' Communicational Interventional in Social Media in Order to Promoute Patients' Health and Quality of Life. (Annotation)

Section V. Development of Education. The Section meetings will take place at: Milutinskiy pereulok, 13, room 406, 410
Moderators: I. Fedyukin (HSE), I. Froumin (HSE), M. Yudkevich (HSE)

02 April, Wednesday
Room МИЛ-406
Round table V-01. Renewal of pedagogical personnel
Moderator: V. Bolotov (EAOKO)

• Possible ways to obtain pedagogical education.
• Effective contract as a factor in improving the quality of teachers and heads of educational institutions.
• Frameworks for upgrading training and certification of teachers on the basis of a new professional standard for teachers.

Participants: P. Sergomanov (The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), E. Yamburg (Center of Education № 109), G. Andruschak (The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation), I. Remorenko (MSPU), T. Abankina (HSE), E. Rachevskiy (Educational Center № 548 «Tsaritsyno»), M. Alashkevich (The Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation)
Room МИЛ-406
Session V-02/1. Teachers: Evaluating the effectiveness of teaching and the role of international surveys
Session moderator: V. Bolotov (EAOKO)

K. Leka (UAMD)
Teacher evaluation system and its effects on teaching quality (Annotation)

K. Trasberg (University of Tartu), V. Trasberg (University of Tartu )
Teachers’ labor market, PISA and wages (Annotation, full version)

A. Zakharov (HSE), T. Khavenson (HSE)
Effect of teacher characteristics on students' outcomes in PISA-2012 with control for TIMSS-2011 results. Evidence from Russia (Annotation)

G. Larina (HSE), Y. Tyumeneva, (HSE)
Which factors of schools and teachers are connected with ability to apply subject knowledge in non-academic context? (based on PISA and TIMSS) (Annotation)

Discussant: I. Remorenko (MSPU)
Room МИЛ-406
Session V-02/2. Education and Migration
Session moderator: T. Chetvernina (HSE)

L. Fang (The University of Hong Kong)
School Experience of Migrant Children in Urban China: Role of Migrant Characteristics and Intrapersonal Variables (Annotation, full version)

A. Blyakhman (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), N. Serova (HSE)
Educational migration of regional universities entrants: the correlation between the academic success of students and their high school environment (Annotation, full version)

T. Natkhov (HSE), L. Polischuk (HSE), N. Kozina (HSE)
Determinants of international migration of PhD holders (Annotation)

N. Radina (HSE)
Educational migration in a context of a new migratory policy of Russia (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: D. Aleksandrov (HSE)
Room МИЛ-406
Session V-03-1. Strategies of University Development in new competitive environment
Session moderator: I. Froumin (HSE)

O. Perfilieva (HSE)
University Strategic Development and the Territory (Annotation, full version)

I. Abankina (HSE), L. Filatova (HSE), T. Abankina (HSE), E. Nikolayenko (HSE)
Universities’ Revenues: a New Resource Configuration (Annotation)

A. Talonov (Institute of International Education (USA))
The magic of University Rankings. Should the Russian Universities catch up MIT? (Annotation)

S. Khalimova (IEIE SB RAS), E. Meltenisova (IEIE SB RAS)
Analysis of opportunities of increasing competitiveness of Russian universities on global level (case of “classical” Siberian universities) (Annotation, full version)

M. Sharova (IE RAS)
Financial indicators of the functioning of universities: the relationship of the revenue shortfall universities, the dynamics of prices for educational services, pay and productivity of employees (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: O. Alekseev (Council to improve the competitiveness of the leading universities of the Russian Federation)
Room МИЛ-410
Session V-03/2. Formal education as a factor of socio-economic inequality
Session moderator: O. Lazareva (HSE)

A. Burdyak (RANEPA)
Household welfare and schoolchild education in Moscow (Annotation, full version)

D. Chugunov (HSE)
Education Quality as a Neighborhood Characteristic: Analysis of its Impact on Housing Prices in Moscow Districts (Annotation, full version)

T. Petrova (SESL), D. Alexandrov (SESL)
Socio-economic factors of educational inequality: cross-country analysis of PIRLS data (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: L. Kosova (HSE), S. Kosaretskiy (HSE)
Room МИЛ-406
Session V-04. School and society
Session moderator: V. Bolotov (EAOKO)

E. Arzhanykh (MSUPE), E. Novikova (MSUPE)
A place of spiritual and moral upbringing and education in the school curriculum (Annotation, full version)

A. Silaev (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), V. Silaeva (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Methods of correction of inflation of standardized tests scores (Annotation, full version)

A. Serkin (MGPU)
The dynamics of the results in international comparative studies and the historical context of the development of educational systems (Annotation, full version)

A. Valdman (ICME RAE), Y. Tyumeneva (HSE), M. Carnoy (Stanford University)
What does subject knowledge give for its applying in new context? The results from studies TIMSS-2011 and PISA-2012, conducted on the same sample of Russian students (Annotation)

K. Tenisheva (HSE - Saint Petersburg), D. Alexandrov (HSE - Saint Petersburg), V. Ivaniushina (HSE - Saint Petersburg), V. Titkova (HSE - Saint Petersburg )
Students' achievements and attitudes: gender effects. (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: A. Zakharov (HSE), I. Abankina (HSE)
03 April, Thursday
Room МИЛ-406
Round table V-05. Key issues in education in Russia (based on the results of international studies of education quality)
Moderator: I. Froumin (HSE)

What do international surveys of education quality say and do not say? What is measured? What are the opportunities and constraints for the interpretation of results are the characteristics of their design and tools?
• What are the findings based upon international surveys on quality of education can be done about education in Russia?
• How to react to the results of international surveys of educational policy and educational practice in the country?
• In-depth analysis will be useful for the development of educational policy

Participants: G. Kovaleva (ISMO RAO), Y. Tyumeneva (HSE), A. Zakharov (HSE), I. Valdman (EAOKO), V. Bolotov (EAOKO)
Room МИЛ-406
Round table V-06. Evaluation issues of Russian scientific journals used to evaluate academic activity in universities
Moderators: V. Radaev (HSE), M. Yudkevich (HSE)

- Discussion of the methodology and preliminary results of a HSE pilot project of peer evaluation Russian scientific journals in sociology, history and economics.
- Quantitative and qualitative approaches to the evaluation and ranking of scientific journals

Participants: I. Devyatko (HSE), A. Kostinskiy (HSE), A. Muravuev (SPbU), I. Sterligov (HSE), I. Fedyukin (HSE)
Room МИЛ-406
Session V-08. Students: Factors of Academic Success
Session moderator: A. Sidorkin (HSE)

O. Gulevich (HSE)
Social Beliefs and Motivation for Learning: Role of Organizational Justice (Annotation, full version)

A. Yessimova (SKSPI), Z. Valitova (KSU)
Educational and Professional Strategies of Students in Kazakhstan: Prestige vs Demand (Annotation)

A. Morozova (HSE - Perm), E. Plotnikova (HSE - Perm)
Independent Work of Students: Problems, Means of Organization and Control (Annotation, full version)

J. Du (The University of Hong Kong)
The Promotion of Culture in Citizenship Education and its Influences on Students’ Multiple Identities in China (Annotation, full version)

V. Elkina (HSE)
What factors determine institutional loyalty of Russian academics? (Annotation)

E. Leontyeva (PNU)
Leaning disability students as a social base of mass Russian universities (Annotation, full version)

Discussant: I. Gruzdev (HSE)
Section Y. Instrumental Methods in the Analysis of Social and Economic Processes
Moderator: F. Aleskerov (HSE)

03 April, Thursday
Room 445
Session Y-05. Instrumental Methods - 1
Session moderator: D. Potapov (HSE - Perm)

E. Sushko (CEMI RAS), A. Bakhtizin (CEMI RAS)
Simulation of the region as a complex socio-ecological-economic system (Annotation, full version)

I. Grinets (HSE), V. Krukov (HSE)
The study of "critical mass" accumulation in the institutional environment (Annotation)

O. Krutova (UTA), L. Lipiäinen (UTA), P. Koistinen (UTA)
Employment Transitions and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants in Finland (Annotation)

I. Shafranskaya (HSE - Perm), A. Bozhya-Volya (HSE - Perm), D. Potapov (HSE - Perm)
Which factors influence city quality-of-life perception: the interaction between city and life satisfaction. (Annotation)

J. Martín-Ugedo (UM), C. Hernández-Nicolás (UM)
Gender and Financial Decisions: Evidence from Spanish Small Start-Up Firms (Annotation, full version)

Room 445
Session Y-06. Instrumental Methods - 2
Session moderator: G. Zakhodyakin (HSE)

Y. Veselova (HSE)
Modeling group preferences: IC, IAC, and IANC (Annotation)

V. Gorbunov (UlSU)
The combined method of construction of differentiable utility functions on trade statistics (Annotation, full version)

J. Nekrestianova (GUU)
The Principle of least Action as a Tool for Calculating Optimal Values of Weight (Annotation, full version)

H. Asadov (IFMR)
The using technique of parameters of Industrial modernization programs for prediction feasibility technological coefficients in the "Input-Output" models (Annotation)

G. Zakhodyakin (HSE)
Strategic network design tools for oil and gas industry with environmental considerations (Annotation)

Room 445
Session Y-07. Instrumental Methods - 3
Session moderator: A. Lepskiy (National Research University - Higher School of Economics)

O. Michasova (UNN), Y. Kuznetsov (UNN), S. Markova (UNN)
Mathematical modelling of generations change dynamics for telecommunication services (Annotation, full version)

N. Ibragimova (IFMR)
Taxes on Income and Consumption: Assessment of the Effectiveness in Stohastic Frontier Model (Annotation)

E. Maltseva (HSE)
Health Impact on Labour Supply of Russian People in Pensionable Age (Annotation, full version)

A. Lepskiy (HSE), R. Bobrov (HSE), A. Trifonova (HSE)
Comparison of universities based on histograms of Unified State Exam and the study of universities system nonuniformity (Annotation, full version)

Section Z. Special seminars with presentation of the results of HSE’s studies
Section Zm. Political Processes
Moderator: A. Melvil (HSE)

04 April, Friday
Room 124
Session Zm-09. Russian Policy: Impact factors
Session moderator: A. Akhremenko (HSE)

T. Barandova (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
Ombudsman and Biopolitics in the Contemporary State: Penitentiary and Migration Segments (on Russian Regions' Materials) (Annotation, full version)

A. Titkov (HSE)
Democracy Index for Russian Regions: Dynamics from Mid-1990s to Early 2010s (Annotation)

S. Medvedev (HSE)
Biopolitics as instrument of power in modern Russia (Annotation)

A. Akhremenko (HSE), A. Petrov (KIAM RAS)
Investment of resources in politics and social system's reproduction: a dynamic formal model (Annotation, full version)

Room 124
Session Zm-10. Comparative Political Studies
Session moderator: A. Korotaev (HSE)

A. Korotaev (HSE), L. Issaev (HSE)
"Afroasian zone" of political instability: preliminary analysis (Annotation)

S. Ragozina (HSE)
Migration policy of Qatar: exclusion, adaptation and construction of national identity (Annotation, full version)

Room 124
Round table Zm-11/1. Social Movements and Ideological Values
Moderator: Y. Bakhmetjev (HSE)

• Searching for a new Definition for Enemy,
• Stability Problem of Ideological Values,
• Social Movements and Political Participation,
• The ratio of faith and politics (Orthodoxy and democracy)..

Participants: Y. Bakhmetjev (HSE), A. Kumankov (HSE), A. Rotmistrov (HSE), B. Korneychuk (HSE - Saint-Petersburg), M. Bogachev (HSE)
Room 513
Session Zm-11/2. Parties and electoral competition
Session moderator: R. Turovsky (HSE)

R. Turovsky (HSE)
Sub-National Electoral Competition in Russia: Legitimacy, Centralization, and Clientelism. (Annotation, full version)

E. Sirotkina (HSE)
Institutionalization of party systems: test by the external challenge (Annotation, full version)

O. Khlopovskikh (HSE), Y. Guyvoronsky (HSE)
Managing electoral competition and consolidation of regional political regimes (case of Siberian Federal District gubernatorial elections) (Annotation, full version)

Room 124
Round table Zm-12. Property, power and society in Russia
Moderator: A. Degtyarev (HSE)

Changing the system of relationships between political power and private property in the Russian society: will tomorrow be different than it is today and yesterday?What is the "special way" of formation of the Russian lobbying: between East and West?Civil society between "Scylla of pre-privatization of the state" and "Charybdis “around-the-nationalization” of business

Participants: G. Tulchinskii (HSE - Saint-Petersburg), V. Abelinskaite (HSE), A. Marin-Ostrovskiy (HSE), A. Kazun (HSE), A. Degtyarev (HSE)
Section Zta. Social and Cultural Processes
Moderator: V. Magun (IS RAS, HSE)

03 April, Thursday
Room 216
Session Zta-07. Understanding the Soviet Legacy
Session moderator: V. Kasamara ( HSE)

E. Nikishina (HSE)
Letters of recantation and Soviet ideology (based on readers' letters to "Pravda" and "Izvestija" newspapers in 1920ths) (Annotation, full version)

I. Papushina (HSE - Perm)
The Soviet in the Post-Soviet: "Kulturnost'" in the Apprehension of Urban Art Festival “White Nights in Perm” (Annotation, full version)

V. Kasamara ( HSE), A. Sorokina (HSE)
The Syndrome of political nostalgia among Russian students: the basic components and specific features (Annotation)

04 April, Friday
Room 522
Session Zta-10. Migration and multiculturalism in Europe. (Organized by the HSE International Scientific-Educational Laboratory for Socio-Cultural Research)
Session moderators: I. Molodikova (Central European University), V. Galyapina (HSE)

N. Lebedeva (HSE), J. Berry (Queen's University), A. Tatarko (HSE)
Multiculturalism and migration in post-soviet Russia (Annotation, full version)

S. Chuvashov (HSE)
The relationship of socio-psychological capital and emigration intentions of youth (Annotation, full version)

T. Ryabichenko (HSE)
Individual Values as Predictors of Acculturation Strategies of Ethnic Minorities (Annotation, full version)

L. Grigoryan (HSE), S. Schwartz (HSE)
Values and Attitudes towards Cultural Diversity in the Russian Context (Annotation, full version)

V. Galyapina (HSE)
From compatriot to alien: constracting the image of migrants in modern Russia. (Annotation)

Room 522
Session Zta-11. Social Change and Youth. (Organized by the HSE Center for Youth Studies)
Session moderator: E. Omelchenko (HSE - Saint Petersburg)

Y. Krupets (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
Youth in Saint Petersburg and Ulyanovsk: beyond the Unified Civic Identity (Annotation, full version)

L. Borusyak (HSE)
"(Un)safe Sex Advertisings as a Mirror for Political Changes" (Annotation)

S. Spencer (HSE)
Studying the Converse of Social Change: A Theoretical Synthesis (Annotation)

E. Omelchenko (HSE - Saint Petersburg)
Solidarities and Cultural Practices of Russian Youth at the Beginning of XXI Century: Theoretical Context and Empirical Findings (Annotation, full version)

Section Ztc. Sociology
Moderator: L. Kosals (HSE)

04 April, Friday
Room 513
Session Ztc-09. Financial behavior of Russians
Session moderator: O. Kuzina (HSE)

O. Kuzina (HSE)
Consumer Credit and Over-indebtedness in Russia (2009-2013) (Annotation, full version)

N. Khalina (HSE)
«New» means of payments: use of cashless payments in Russia. (Annotation, full version)

A. Vernikov (HSE), O. Kuzina (HSE), D. Ibragimova (HSE)
Which banks do Russian households (dis-)trust more? (Annotation)

Section Zv. Development of Education
Moderators: I. Fedyukin (HSE), I. Froumin (HSE), M. Yudkevich (HSE)

03 April, Thursday
Room МИЛ-406
Session Zv-07. Students' Behavior in academic environment: decision-making models
Session moderator: K. Zinkovskiy (HSE)

S. Polyachenko (HSE), J. Nye (HSE)
Does Education or Underlying Human Capital Explain Liberal Economic Attitudes? (Annotation, full version)

O. Poldin (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), M. Yudkevich (HSE), D. Valeeva (HSE)
Social Networks and the Choice of Major at University (Annotation, full version)

I. Prakhov (HSE)
The barriers of access to higher education of a high quality under USE: family and school as constraints (Annotation, full version)

A. Pronin (HSE - Saint-Petersburg), E. Veretennik (HSE - Saint-Petersburg )
Reorganising study groups: social network analysis approach (Annotation, full version)

M. Yudkevich (HSE), O. Poldin (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Effect of tuition fee discount on student achievement (Annotation)

Discussant: D. Kurakin (HSE)
Section Zy. Instrumental Methods in the Analysis of Social and Economic Processes
Moderator: F. Aleskerov (HSE)

04 April, Friday
Room 524
Session Zy-09. Instrumental Methods
Session moderator: A. Koldanov (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)

E. Ozhegov (HSE - Perm)
Semiparametric estimation of demand function for differentiated product with endogenous characteristics (Annotation, full version)

V. Pyrlik (HSE - Saint-Petersburg)
Outliers detection in combination of nested models forecasts (Annotation, full version)

H. Penikas (Alfa-Bank, HSE)
Hierarchical Copulas Use in Market Risk Modeling of Equity Portfolio (Annotation)

V. Kalyagin (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod), A. Koldanov (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod ), P. Koldanov (HSE - Nizhny Novgorod)
Market Graph and Markowitz model (Annotation)