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Conference partners

General partners

The current Sberbank has almost nothing left to remind us of the savings offices, in the form of which the Bank functioned for such a long period of time. What really amazes is that Sberbank is barely recognisable from itself of just 10 years ago! The ability to change and move forward means that Sberbank is currently in an excellent condition. Being the oldest and the largest Russian bank does not stop Sberbank from competing openly and in good faith with other banking market players, keeping its finger on the pulse of financial and technological changes. Sberbank not only keeps up with modern market trends, but even remains ahead of them, confidently knowing its way around drastically changing technologies and customer preferences.

VTB24 Bank — Bank VTB 24 (public joint-stock company) — is one of the leading universal banks of Russia. VTB24 is the part of international financial group VTB and focused on physical persons, self-employed entrepreneur as well as the small business enterprises. The bank personnel adheres to the values and principles of international financial group VTB. One of the main tasks of the group — maintenance and improvement of advanced Russian financial system. VTB24 activities carried out under a general license of the Bank of Russia № 1623 from 29.10.2014
  BP  — one of the largest world oil and gas companies. Every day, the company supplies customers with its products in more than 80 countries on six continents. BP is engaged in exploration and production of hydrocarbons, refining and marketing, has successfully developed a division of BP Alternative Energy, which implements projects related to the wind energy, hydrogen and natural gas. BP — one of the largest foreign investors in Russia and has been operating in Russia since the early 1990s, participating in projects of mining and processing of oil and gas, in supplying the Russian market of lubricants, as well as trading operations. BP holds a 19.75% stake in the company "Rosneft", the world's largest public company in extent of production.

Official partners

  O1 Group is an international investment company which owns and manages assets in various sectors, including real estate and finance sector, in Central and Eastern Europe. The company was founded in 2004 by Boris Mints. The strategic assets of the O1 Group are: the O1 Properties company, one of the largest owners of the A class office property in Moscow; shares in the Austrian companies CA Immo and Immofinanz which invest in European commercial real estate. The company also owns and manages the Russian Non-State Pension Funds 'BUDUSCHEE', 'StalFund' and 'Telecom-Soyuz', being one of the biggest players on this market.

Zimin Foundation is a nonprofit organization established by Zimin family that supports education and science. Historically,  Zimins’ philanthropy was focused on Russia and carried out mainly by Dmitry Zimin Foundation "Dynasty". But Zimin Foundation does not limit its activities to Russia only, it supports projects in different countries, and partly continues "Dynasty" Foundation work.

 The museum "SOBRANIYE" is a unique cultural and educational project. Exhibits of the museum are works of art of various directions of international and Russian culture.

As of today, it is one of the largest private collections of the world's cultural significance, art fund of which totals about 20 000 exhibits. The basis of the collection are self-playing mechanical musical instruments and mechanical rarities, including music boxes, organs, orchestrions, hurdy-gurdies, mechanical pianos and grand pianos, phonographs and gramophones, accordions, clocks and automatons. The museum funds also combine items of decorative and applied art, painting and graphic arts, and the comprehensive collection of Russian bronze, including small statuary, created by the best artists of XIX-XX centuries, a collection of ancient Russian and foreign silver, glass and crystal. The separate attention is claimed by the extensive collection of clocks, comprised of all kind and type of clockworks

The unconditional pride of the museum "Collection" is a unique collection of rare sound: more than 30 000 different musical media. More than 30 000 various music storage devices — from paraffin cylinders and paper rolls on which music was applied by perforating, to gramophone records of the beginning of the XX century with the first live records for gramophones and phonographs.

Besides the organization of the permanent exhibition, it is planned to hold themed events, musical evenings, art exhibitions and various educational programs at the site of the museum "Collection". Nowadays the work on the development of the content of the museum site is underway, in the long term – elaborating of an interactive site for collectors and forum for experts-restorers, different mobile applications.

The museum is located at the intersection of the Solyanka street and Yauza Boulevard. Now, exterior facade works are finished; works on interior decoration and preparation of the exhibit display are carried out. The opening of the museum is scheduled for the next year.

Founder of the museum "SOBRANIYE" is Russian businessman David Iakobachvili

Renova Group of companies is a leading, international, private business group that consists of asset management companies and direct and portfolio investment funds owning and managing assets in the high-tech machine building, metals, mining, chemical, construction development, transport, energy, telecommunications,  public utilities and financial sector globally.

The strategy of Renova Group is targeted at the acquisition of assets in industries with significant growth and consolidation potential. The Group aims to invest in large projects where there is an opportunity to take up control and engage in managing such projects in order to drive value creation. Renova Group’s strategic focus is on partnerships and alliances that enable maximization of the effect of joint investments.

Renova Group is a stakeholder and strategic investor in a number of world-class companies such as UC Rusal, Oerlikon, Sulzer, SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH. 


 Mars, Incorporated is a private, family-owned business with more than a century of history and some of the best-loved brands in the world including M&M’S®, PEDIGREE®, DOUBLEMINT® and UNCLE BEN’S®. Headquartered in McLean, VA, Mars has more than $33 billion in sales from six diverse business segments: Petcare, Chocolate, Wrigley, Food, Drinks and Symbioscience. More than 75,000 Associates across 73 countries are united by the company’s Five Principles: Quality, Efficiency, Responsibility, Mutuality and Freedom and strive every day to create relationships with stakeholders that deliver growth we are proud of as a company.  
Insurance company “Sberbank Life Insurance” is the leader of Russian life insurance market. We are an affiliate company of Sberbank of Russia that focuses on term-life, endowment and investment life insurance programs.

Life insurance market development is one of the key business lines of Sberbank of Russia. In 2012 Sberbank bought a life insurance company and appointed as it’s CEO Maxim Chernin, Chairman of the Life Insurance Development Committee of the All-Russian Insurance Association. In September, 2012 the company was named “Sberbank Insurance” (actually “Sberbank Life Insurance”) and launched the sales of voluntary credit life insurance program. On November, 12 2012 the company launched endowment and investment life insurance programs.

Since 2014 the company remains the Russian life insurance market leader. As for the end of 2014, the company’s accumulative life insurance premium reached 44 billion rubles.

“Sberbank Life Insurance” products are sold by all bank offices. Since 2012 long-term programs are offered in 1700 Sberbank Premier zones, 70 offices Sberbank First and in Sberbank Private Banking office. Term-life programs are also sold by a Sberbank affiliate bank “Cetelem”.

According to Sberbank Life Insurance CEO Maxim Chernin “the company’s mission is in developing the life insurance market in Russia, restoring the culture of endowment life insurance in our country and doing our best to become a player that sets trends on the market and forms this market sector”.
The main purpose of the Alumni Association of Higher School of Economics is not only to maintain relationships with the Alma Mater and assist in preserving its traditions and prestige, but also to develop the community of graduates, whose amount reached 40,000. The key objective of the Association is to promote the professional unity, sharing of experiences, as well as support of ambitious initiatives of graduates. In recent years, an increasing number of graduates are involved in the implementation of joint projects with the University. The range of various communities including graduates is increasing every year.